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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Dop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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A Grrrl Zine Lounge (Salzburg, Austria)

As part of the group exhibition "ongoing: feminism & activism" Steffi Mueller (from Munich) and I (Elke of Grrrl Zine Network) put together A Grrrl Zine Lounge. The opening is on June 29, 2005 at 7pm. On June 30, 2005 from 5-7pm we are having a "Do It Yourself - ein [maga]ZINE Workshop" . The exhibition runs until August 6, 2005 at the Galerie 5020. Stop by! Galerie 5020, Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 12/1 - A-5020 Salzburg / Tel: 0043 662 848817 / galerie5020 [at] / Di - Fr 14-18, Sa 10-13,, email me if you would like to know more at elke [at]
(added 6/24/2005)
images from the exhibition opening and the workshop

Fanzines - Do It Yourself!
Ausstellungstour vom 11.06. bis 27.06.2004. Die Ausstellung wird kombiniert mit Vorträgen im Juni 2004 auf Deutschland-Tour sein. "Fanzines in Bierbüchsen oder Filmdosen, eingenäht in aufwendige Stoffumschläge oder kunstvoll bedruckt – die Vielfalt dieses Mediums scheint unerschöpflich. Ihre Bezeichnung, die erstmals in den 1930er Jahren auftauchte, setzt sich aus den englischen Begriffen „Fan“ und „Magazine“ zusammen. Das erklärt bereits, um was es sich dabei handelt: Um selbst verlegte und vertriebene Publikationen von Fans für Fans, die gemeinsame Interessen haben oder der gleichen Szene angehören. Fanzines sind radikal subjektive Veröffentlichungen. In den letzten zwanzig Jahren löste sich ein Teil dieser Medien vom Kontext der Fankulturen, um noch stärker die eigenen Ansichten und Erlebnisse zum Thema zu machen. Gemeinsam ist all diesen Heften, Video-, Kassetten- oder Online-Zines, dass sie zuallererst aus Leidenschaft und nicht aus kommerziellen Gründen produziert werden. Do It Yourself, das Prinzip des Selbermachens, ist die zentrale Idee, die hinter diesen Medien steckt und sie zu einem autonomen Bereich der Presselandschaft macht. Sie gründet auf dem Gedanken, dass man selbst am besten über die Themen schreiben kann, die einen betreffen. „Fanzines – Do It Yourself!“ - tourt als Ausstellung mit Vortrag durch siebzehn deutsche Städte (Termine). Die kleine Fanzineschau wird die materielle und gestalterische Vielfalt dieser Publikationen präsentieren. Ähnlich dem Layout früherer Hefte wird der Vortrag verschiedene Schnipsel zusammentragen: Geschichte der Fanzines, kulturelle und politische Dimensionen dieser Medien, ihre veränderte Bedeutung in Zeiten des Internets, Fotos, Videos und O-Töne. Die Tour möchte Fanzines dabei nicht nur ausstellen, sondern dazu auffordern, selbst Initiative zu ergreifen und ein eigenes Heft heraus zu geben: Do It Yourself!

This must be zine! Explore the world of feminist
do-it-yourself publishing

(Milwaukee, WI, US)
This must be zine! Explore the world of feminist do-it-yourself publishing has been on display at the National Women's Studies Association conference in Milwaukee, WI. The exhibit was organized by JoAnne Lehman, Women's Studies Librarian's Office, University of Wisconsin System.
Women in the Middle: Borders, Barriers, Intersections
June 17 - 20, 2004, Milwaukee, WI

Access a pdf file with all zine listings (updated July 2004)!

Art of Zines 04
(San Jose, CA, US)
San Jose Museum of Art & Anno Domini invite you to submit your zine for the Art of Zines 04 to be held at SJMA in conjunction with the exhibition Yoshitomo Nara: Nothing Ever Happens. 07.24.04 - 10.31.04. Deadline for submissions is June 28th. Read more on
the ArtDaily website.Please submit up to 5 copies of your zine to:
Art of Zines 04
c/o San Jose Museum of Art
110 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113, USA
Please note that submitted zines will not be returned. Following the exhibit, San Jose Museum of Art will donate all zines to Anno Domini's Art of Zines library. Zines must be received by July 1, 2004.

Page Me! the art of zines, comix and other artist-made books
Page Me was an exhibition of artist-made books, self-published zines and alternative comics on view from January 10 - February 21, 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio. "Curated by Christa Donner (SPACES, Ladyfriend Zine) and Chris Conti (Wexner Center for the Arts), this exhibition features the work of over 100 artists from Ohio and across North America who create books as works of art, including selections loaned from the extensive artists' book collection at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Curl up in our reading room and sample everything from high tech internet book projects to low-budget xeroxing to one-of-a-kind sculptural books. "

"It's a touring exhibition of Australian self-publishing, specifically, zines, ezines and comics. There are over 100 publications exhibited, though this may vary from state to state depending on the Literature Classification guidelines and laws of each state.
The Cutnpaste website is made up of:
1. ABOUT CUTNPASTE: what cutnpaste is all about, the design perspectives of the people who worked on it, censorship of publications, credits, sponsors and friends.
2. TOUR: dates, venues + the virtual tour that evolves as the tour progresses
3. EXHIBITION: - profiles of all exhibited publications
- highlights from the National Young Writers Festival
- a search engine that lets you search the content of exhibited publications
- 'zine etiquette' information, like how and where to get zines and comics
4. FEEDBACK: send your comments, questions or contributions here and read other people's in the Mailbag.
5. RESOURCES: online self-publishing resources and information from zine directories to copyright to zines in libraries. These will be regularly updated, feel free to send in contributions.
6. SITE MAP: the whole cutnpaste site at a glance"

Grrrl Zines: 'No
Beauty Tips or Guilt Trips'

""Grrrl Zines: 'No Beauty Tips or Guilt Trips'" (by Elke Zobl) was part of “First Story – Women Building/New Narratives for the 21st Century” in Porto/Portugal ( (If you search under 'Pictures from the Exhibition' you can see how the exhibit was done.) The zine exhibit displayed contemporary Portuguese and international (written in English) zines with a feminist viewpoint. There was also a Video that showed Kara Harold's "Grrrlyshow". Have a look at some pictures. FIRST STORY - WOMEN BUILDING/NEW NARRATIVES FOR THE 21st CENTURY, a project curated by Ute Meta Bauer, took place October 14th - December 16th 2001 at the Galeria do Palácio Cristal / Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett in Porto, Portugal. First Story exhibition taking place in Porto, Portugal.

Drive Slowly, Appear Quickly
The Bookmobile also had an preview exhibit called
"Drive Slowly, Appear Quickly": "The preview exhibition for the projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project opened it's doors to the public in January 2001 at Space 1026 gallery in Philadelphia PA. The show featured a juried collection of bookworks as well as a host of artist talks,
workshops, and video screenings."

Bound... books make better friends
The Bookmobile project was inspired by an exhibition
entitled "Bound... books make better friends" which
took place at Concordia University's VAV Gallery in

Print ROOM
(The Netherlands)
Print ROOM - zine exhibition - Feb. 14, 2003 - The
Netherlands: "ROOM artists run initiative based in
Rotterdam is hosting a thematic project called the
PrintROOM, starting on the 14th of February. It is
being created out of the necessity for a better
platform of exchange print material done by artists":

Zine Museum at Bumbershoot
An upcoming zine exhibit at Bumbershoot, Seattle's annual arts festival (which takes place Labor Day weekend, 2003). It is a pretty big event -- lots of nationally known and more obscure bands, poets, artists, and other performers come together and do their thing. This year (2003), the folks running Bumbershoot have given us at ZAPP (THE ZINE ARCHIVES & PUBLISHING PROJECT) an entire building to showcase zines and zine creators. Along with spoken word performances, readings, and workshops, we plan to have a small "zine
museum" up so folks can see the some of the amazing creations zine publishers have made over the years.


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines :


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