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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

Woman Writers: A Zine
"An E-Zine dedicated to Women Writers. We have some regularly contributing columnists and folks who drop in every now and then with some new work, which helps make this site the definitive guide to women writers on the 'Net."

We Like Poo, Lycheenaut
Tara Sin. "I love Little Miss Robot. Get everything she has and your life will never be the same." Quoted from Race Riot Zine.
San Francisco, CA
(added 20/3/2008)

Wolverette Zine
"Wolverette is a grrrl zine that aims to involve, encourage and support grrrls of any kind. Read the blog entries or - even better - get an issue and find out." Quoted from
Germany: 3,50€ /1 zine or 5€/2 zines
UK: £ 2,50/ 1 zine or £5/ 3 zines
Rest of Europe: 4€/zine or 10€/ 3 zines
USA: 5$/zine
wolverette.zine [AT]
(added 16/1/2008)

William Wants a Doll
"William Wants A Doll is a zine published in New York by Arielle. Published in the early 1990's, four issues were released. William Wants A Doll features the celebrated girls of fiction such as Eloise and Really Rosie on the front and back covers; inside is filled with zine, recording and live show reviews." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 19/7/2007)

What is Riot Grrrl?
"What is Riot Grrrl? was a short, full-sized zine published by the 1992 Riot Grrrl DC chapter. They also published the zine Riot Grrrl DC. What is Riot Grrrl? featured the famous article "Riot Grrrl is...", listing the reasons why Riot Grrrl is necessary." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 19/7/2007)

When I Grow Up I Want to be Bobby Gillespie
This is a music fan-zine about Mambo Taxi, Bratmobile, Heavenly, All About Chad, Biki Kill, Take That, My Boyfriend's Dead, Madder Rose.
Manchester M13 9LU
(added 26/5/2007)

What's The Rumpus?
"Scrapbooks in black and white." This is a music fan-zine which combines lyrics from the bands being reviewed and the reviews themselves in a very cut n paste format.
Cardiff CF2 5EW
(added 26/5/2006)

The World is Broken
"#5:Zine taken from a journal about travel up and down the west coast in 1998. Good illos -- and apparently has good rates for illustrating your zine/t-shirt/patches." Quoted from and reviewed in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet,
Zine by Bri.
Scituate, MA 02066
(added 16/5/2007)

Werewolf Express
"A wonderfully monstrous compilation of writing, poetry, and art devoted to werewolves. Edited and designed by Trinie Dalton with numerous contributions by various authors and artists." Quoted and available to order from
(added 15/5/2007)

Wendy Magazine "#6. This humor zine, when it makes any sense at all, focuses on cheeseball celebrities and smelly physical affairs, with a molestation-themed gag ("Do You Trust Your Gynecologist?") thrown in as a bonus...." Reviewed by Emerson Dameron. [$1, 24 pp., digest, colored] Wendy & Wendy." Reviewed at
wendy [AT]
(added 3/5/2007)

"Deanna gave herself a little assignment. Make one zine a day for an entire week. Thusly, we have Week. Seven mini-zines crammed into one nice little envelope. Content of each zine varies, but a consistent style is ever-present. Cut-out photos and magazine imagery is mixed with hand scribbled and type-written words, giving the reader a nice visual to the somewhat random, yet entertaining, thoughts being communicated. Self-reflection and dealing with heart-break seem to be common themes, as lines of text take on a poetic feel as pages are rhythmically turned. Overall, a cool, and a fun pack of zines to flip through." Zine by Deanna Michaelson. Quoted and available to order from Loop Distro.
(added 19/2/2007)

What I Like - the mini zine that turned into a zine
"This was supposed to be a mini zine. supposed is the key word, seeing as it ended up at 96 pages. still, the content is very mini zine-ish, it consists entirely of things i like. 96 bloody pages of that makes for either entertaining or boring reading, but whatever your viewpoint, it's still cute and fun and you should order it, if only to find out if it really is entertaining or it's just pretty damn boring." Quoted and available to order from Distro-e, which is run by Erika, the author of this zine.
(added 16/2/2007)

Wicked Concrete Luxury
"I was surprised when I found out this was her first zine. It's always nice to have a fresh outlook, and when someone has brand new ideas to bring to the table. This is a collection of essays, stories, and thoughts from both ends of the economic divide. When she was little, Penny thought about money way too much, and this zine is her soap box. There's also the cutest comic about someone paying off their student loans." Quoted and available to order from Gigglebot Distro.
(added 15/2/2007)

Word Salad
"A journal of Mental Health Questions, New Directions, and Insurrections. The title Word Salad is a twist on the psychiatric term describing an incoherent mixture of words from a patient in a schitzophrenic state. The zine itself is a compilation with pieces by people on both sides of the mental health service delivery system. 'This publication will serve to air a variety of alternative views on mental illness, mental health treatment, and most especially personal life experience.'" Quoted and available to order from Gluestick Distro.
(added 1/02/2007)

Working Women and Their Organizations "A brief history of the rise of women getting organized, especially in unions." Zine by Joyce Maupin. Quoted and available to order from feed your head books.
(added 31/01/2007)

Women & Imprisonment In The United States: History & Current Reality "A superb essay from one of the organizers of the Committee To End The Marion Lockdown. This first appeared in the anthology Cages Of Steel." Zine by Nancy Kurshan. Quoted and available to order from feed your head books.
(added 31/01/2007)

What Comes Around Goes Around Zine by Melanie, creator of "Rebel in Magenta" and "I Want My Baby".
rebelgirl89 [AT]
(added 15/09/2006)

What's her Deal? "I felt that Samantha portrayed herself as "what you see is what you get" when writing about her likes and dislikes. I respect that. Her zine, What's Her Deal?, contains a happy list, a list of annoying things, her love for tv shows like Gilmore Girls and Angel, why she refuses to pluck her eyebrows, and a music list. Samantha also writes about her relationship with her sister, taking cymbalta and she shares a craft on how to make a tambourine. There is much more inside!" Issues #1-#3 by Samantha. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

A Woman Without A Country by Emma Goldman. Available to order from Diffusons Distro
diffusons [AT]
(added 16/06/2006)

Well It Won't Solve Itself
"Under most circumstances, it is very important to me that the views expressed in the zines I carry reflect my own. However, there are some instances where this rule does not apply, and this zine is a good example of that. ‘Well it won’t solve itself’ is made up of emails exchanged between two friends, Tom M and Shakira, with the reader acting as a fly on the wall. Initially they discuss everyday things like going to shows, getting upset about message board comments & personal insecurities. Further into the zine these exchanges get longer and longer and start to take on the subject of mental illness, how they both deal with their own, how it affects their work, their relationship with their families, their social life. Ultimately, this zine becomes a discussion of what they feel mental illness means. So more of a philosophical discussion if you will. As I stated in the beginning, these views do not necessarily reflect my own, but to me that isn’t important. What is important is to keep dialogue & discussion circulating on mental illness in all its forms. I feel this zine does that well." Quoted and available to order from Cause & Effect Distro.
(added 28/7/2006)

Woven "Woven is a slightly themed poetry comp which I put together every so often. The zine's webpage has details about themes for future issues, and things. #4 is the secret issue, and features submissions from me, Lauren, Sarah, Layla, Glenn and Jolie." Quoted and available to order at
woven [AT]

(added 25/7/2006)

The Wishbone, Your Majesty? The Wishbone, Your Majesty?
by Liz Mathews is available to order from
(added 25/7/2006)

Words Like Thieves "Words Like Thieves is a personal zine by Krystina, who also makes the craftcore/ veggiecore buttons in the button catalogue.
Krystina writes about dropping out of school and being happy about it, but a little lonely now that all her friends are in college, being a heartbreaker, assessing her life and what makes her happy, recording music with friends, going to the Portland Zine Symposium, notes on Greyhound bus stops across the country, editing your past, her hometown and more. This issue also includes recipes for vegan french toast and chocolate bars." Quoted and available to order at
(added 25/7/2006)

West Star Land
"Subtitled a most excellent adventure, West Star Land tells the stories of Kerry(Help, My Snowman's Burning!)'s travels across the great big United States of America. She visits family and friends and checks out vegan eateries, record shops and places of interest in San Francisco, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Memphis & Santa Monica. Kerry also includes a fold-out board game, a couple of very American-sounding vegan recipes (Buffalo Wing-Dings?) and a reference list of places, zines and projects related to the places she visited." Quoted and available to order at
(added 25/7/2006)

When Sky Sees Itself In Ocean
"Of yearning, of discovering, of writing a novel. A profound look into Jaki’s life. If you’ve ever suffered from depression you’ll understand her pain and relate to her thoughts. If you haven’t maybe it’ll be an eye-opener. I think this zine is really important. What struck me the most is that even through the sadness, there is hope and revelation, which is an important part of the cathartic process. There’s also zine and book reviews and it’s printed on alternating pink and white paper. Beautiful." Quoted and available from Smitten Kitten Distro.
(added 18/7/2006)

Whalebone "How to describe it? it's filled with photographs and fragments, short anecdotes described in such lyrical poetic glory. beautiful." Written by Evelyn. Quoted and available to order from Fortune Cookie Distro.
(added 21/06/2006)

"The porn-industry/the porn-debate/Feminists Against Censorship/car-culture/6 months in S.Africa/." Quoted and Available to order from Tilt Distro.
(added 19/06/2006)

Women in the Zapatistas "Red And Black/Kersplebedeb.
A short compilation of texts relating to the experiences of women in the EZLN." Quoted and available to order from Emancypun
x Distro
(added 16/06/2006)

The way it is
"This zine opens up with the story of a birth. The author's birth of her son Killian was a profound experience. Even though it was at a birthing center she felt it was still not how she wanted her son to be born. Thus begins the zine which is about the authors experiences in dealing with raising her son the way she wants to raise him, not the way mainstream society deems. Why does a mother have to justify at every turn that she wants to raise her son vegan for his first year? This zine is journal of a first time mother....appropriate for anyone." Quoted and available to order from Desert City Death Distro
(added 1/06/2006)

Wonka Vision
"'Your source for independent music and thoughts' is on their front cover. A music magazine with a little twist of teenzine additives (im still not sure if this is a joke). We have interviews with Anti Flag, Sean Na Na, The Faint, Stike Anywhere, and a bunch of other bands. Teen homosexuality, and ending racism are some article topics." Issue #15. Quoted and available to order from Beyond a Joke Distro

Wire Sparrow
"distro review: [#2] I always love the content of sarah's zines. she talks about bits and pieces around her which i find fascinating & endearing. more text-heavy than the last issue."Quoted and available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
(added 02/05/2006) 


"Lovely perzine from goth fairy princess Jade in Australia. Jade writes with frank honesty about her battles with depression and love lost & found. There's some personal narratives, fiction, poetry, her thoughts on DIY publications and being a goth." Quoted and available to order from: Wasabi Distro.(Japan)
(added 01/05/2006)

What the ladies have to say- interviews with activists in Palestine, Indonesia and the Philippines

"In 1999, Ronica and Ronni traveled around Asia and the Middle East and interviewed female activists there-- incredible people who are out risking their lives to try to give everyone basic human rights. This is a few years old, but these peoples' stories are worth a read." Quoted and available to order from: Wasabi Distro.(Japan)
(added 01/05/2006)

We Love Food

"This is a short and cute one-shot comic collaboration by Abby Denson and Yuko Koyama (co-authors of Just a Guy/A Piece of Mutton and Love). Half the comic is in English, half in Japanese. Both artists show how important food is in their lives." Quoted and available to order from: Wasabi Distro.(Japan)
(added 01/05/2006)

Women of Techno: EARNOISES
"This online 'zine originates from a  project on female Djs and techno. The current focus is on Torontonian and Canadian techno artists, and many  international djs and producers in interviews and articles. Some topics explored are sampling, postmodern quotation, artists'  involvement in the international music industry, and critiques of corporate control. You will also find the home of Die Maschine on CIUT radio, and  other great projects about Canadian techno, art, and culture. delivers you EARNOISES: a new e-zine, aiming to deliver a hand-picked selection of news, sounds, and original articles to the culturally-minded socially-conscious electronic-music community. "
(added 30/032006)

Witches, Midwives and Nurses: a history of women healers "The title just about says it all - Euro-american history of the medical system that has imperislised the world, showing that women have received the short end of the deal for centuries. Well researched and illustrated but easy to ready, it’s a great introduction to the politics of the medical industry, complete with an early 70’s feminist gung-ho that makes it interesting piece of hystory that need not get lost in “post-feminist” amnesia." Written by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English.
Now distributed by blood sisters (Canada):
(added 28/032006)

Wrinkle Zine: life, love, and parenting

"Autumn 2004:
- Moving to the country ... cows, corn, and crickets
- Weaning: after 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days. Not that anyone was counting
- What Would Mr. Hooper Do? How I ignored Sesame Street and let my daughter down and the torments of mama-guilt that followed
- Listen Up: What NOT to say to Infertile folks (Advice on keeping your well-meaning foot out of your mouth)
- Parenting tips from SpongeBob lookalikes and other people that piss me off. Plus more of the poor penmanship and crappy drawings you've come to love." The web site also offers Wrinkle Zine's Free-For-All Mama & Papa Zine Links!
k4kara [AT]

(added 11/16/2004)


"WE NEED TO EAT, a conscious guide to cheap vegan eating and feeding contains a piece about organic food for cheap originally printed in Compost This Zine by Liz Defiance, an interview with Phx Food Not Bombs, another on gardening, and yet another about cooperative economics, over 75 recipes, advice and tips on getting free food and saving money other ways. All this from an anarchist angle with some commentary on food politics, and how food is so intertwined with our everyday lives as well as with systems of power."
PO Box 3438
Tempe, AZ 85280-3438
gettingloudereveryday [AT]
Stacy also created the resource site Anarcha-Feminsm & Gender Anarchy:
(added 08/15/2003)

2 Way Freak #1/Doing Maria #1
"What you are about to read is a rundown of my life in the sex industry, specifically the phone sex industry. I've been a phone sex operator since last summer, and my life has changed a lot since then. While my politics and outlook on life are generally the same as they've always been, certain aspects have shifted dramatically." 2 Way Freak describes Robin's experience of how she went from a typical wage worker to a phone sex worker. She also has tips on how to get into the phone sex industry. Doing Maria by Tricky is also about her job as a phone sex worker, particularly her decision to play upon her ethnicity and Big Beautiful Woman-ness. She also writes about how she got into the phone sex industry and her previous jobs. A split zine by by Robin & Tricky.
(added 5/8/2003)

Women's Self-Defense: Stories and Stratigies of Survival

This zine is about, “ how women have kept themselves safe during and after sexual harassment and assault. The authors write about a wide range of situations including stranger assault, sexual harassment, on the streets and at work, multiple assailants, assailants with weapons, known assailants, date rape, and domestic abuse.” Ariel sent out several fliers asking other women for their stories on self-defense. This first issue is a compilation of those testimonies. Ariel does several zines: Women'sSelf-Defense: Stories and Stratigies of Survival; Riveter; DIY Guide To Booking Shows (for grrrls), as well as a small music/zine distro called Riveter. She is also ccalling for submissions for the second issue of the women's self-defense zine (comming out in January!). This is an incredible powerful zine with stories about different ways women have defended themselves and other women. Ariel.
mspippilotta [AT]
Ariel Clemenzi
PO Box 2433
Champaign, IL 61825-2433

My zine Woami #1 is out in Melbourne, Australia. It's a music based grrl zine with interviews with Sarah Dougher, indie rock band Origami, articles on Sleater-Kinney, and the local music scene, youth radio, etc.. Shaz x0x
fieryrockbabe [AT] i

(added 1/5/2003)

Wasabi Star

“When it comes to useless gifts I embrace the idea that it’s the thought that counts and choose only to keep the thought, not its material product. I won’t live my life among objects that mean nothing to me.” Moira in this issue rejoices with life, and at the fact that she has moved to a bigger room. I’ll highlight wasabi as the true theme for this one.Moira
PO Box 7754
Wellesley St
(added 11/30/2002)

Who's That Bitch?

‘It’s disgusting. The product of a troubled mind’ – Diana Ross
Issue 3 includes: anti-war, The Hysterics, w/c women and feminism, Princess Headbutt interview, ‘arrested for wearing a shirt’ interview, disability and sexuality, Liz Lochead, The Mombies, Ladyfest Manchester, diaries from Palestine & much much more.SAE +
14 Longbrook,
Shevington, Wigan WN6 8 DB..
thelovelymarion [AT]

(added 05/06/2003)

We Are Warriors (Canada)

“We are warriors is project coming out of a zine workshop with the theme of anti-oppression. Participants created art pieces, wrote, and discussed several of anti- oppression principles and practice. They answered such questions as what is anti-oppression? What is identity? What is the connection between zines and anti-oppression? What is the political practice of anti-oppression?” “ A compilation about anti-oppression.”
(added 11/30/02)

I Went To Punkfest And All I Got Was This Lousy Zine
(New Zealand)

“My main purpose for producing this was to showcase a bunch of people doing things on a number of levels which relate to a punk ethos. I’m looking at what punk means beyond music or fashion to the people involved. “ This is what fifteen people had to get together, to show and tell. Fuck corporate sponsored expos telling the kids what punk was. Where telling you what it is now, what it means for us! This is a documentary and an exercise in self-representation.”
PO Box 14562
New Zealand

the_mystery_set [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

Why So Pissed

“Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All events transpiring herein are untrue, especially when people do bad things, that they are not supposed to do.” “ Eulogy for a band called “durga” and account of my hate-love affair with a thing called “tour.”
catsandbabies [AT]
(added 11/30/02)


The Wicked Which

“I write for psychological change and not for political motivations. I write for writing and not for condemning or condoning.” In Issue#2 you get poetry and daily summaries of what occurs in our author’s life." #2 is out of print but #3 should be out soon. Contact izz for the next issue coming up:
(added 11/30/02)

(Hong Kong)

Chan wrote this piece #15 based on people she has come across and places she has visited. She also runs the fabulous Livinghood Distro!
bonnie [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

With Heart in Mouth

“When I was little I was often mistaken for a boy. I looked a lot like my brother, and my hair was short. I guess maybe I looked a little boyish.” The second issue of With Heart In Mouth offers various ideas. You have Anna’s download on her thought of high school Army recruiters, verbal abuse, and a resource list of Domestic Violence Organizations. By Anna.
(added 11/30/02)

Women’s History Information Project

“The Women’s History Information Project formed to present the largely inaccessible and marginalized history of women in the United States who questioned the dominant society, not solely as women, but as women of color, white women, queer women, workers and other oppressed groups. We hope to broaden the definition of women’s history to include the struggles of women for justice and equality and against oppression.” Lucy Parsons: Woman of Will is based on her fight for “the rights of the poor and oppressed in the face of an increasingly oppressive economic system.”
Industrial Workers of the World
PO Box 40485
San Francisco, CA 94140

robin_W [AT]
monica [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

World Within

“There are many ways to welcome change in life, not just by things such as traveling. Welcoming change, opening oneself up to it, is in the mind, not in the physical surroundings you are in. So just because you do not think you can wander around the world, like I am doing, does not mean you cannot experience change.” Our author is out and about traveling, and during this phase of her life she shares with us how the world within her feels.
DIY Publishing
PO Box 3607

worldwithin [AT]
(added 11/30/02)


Wrongs of Passage

“I am in a period of transition in my life.” In Issue#1 Danielle shares with us the confusion she feels, and the newly found freedom of moving away from Ohio. She also courageously shares with us the name of the ASSHOLE that violated her body.
wrongsofpassage [AT]

(added 11/30/02)

Why So Pissed

“Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All events transpiring herein are untrue, especially when people do bad things, that they are not supposed to do.”
(added 11/17/02)

W.H.O.R.E.M.O.A.N.A.L. T.Y.R.A.N.N.Y.
Houses the wonderful "Jigsaw Youth " article by Kathleen Hanna, info from the book WOMAN HATING by Andrea Dworkin, info on STDs and much more incredible riot grrrl articles! Defintiely a site that rocks!

Worse than queer
Mimi Nugyen makes zines since she is 15! Now, at  26, she is doing her PhD, teaches Women Studies in Berkeley and does still her zines… The title from this site comes form a Bikini Kill song ("Suck My Left One"). The site is also home of her zine Slander (formerly Slant). Mimi has also edited "evolution of a race riot" (1997), "a compilation zine (...) by, for and about people of color in various stages of p-rock writing about race, "identity," and community."

Welcome to Sunny Camp Trans
"Brought to you by Butch Dyke Boy Press and the Lesbian Avenger Zinery, written and drawn by Stacey Montgomery-Scott. Join our cartoonish navigatrix as she takes you through the basics of Camp Trans, the Pro-trans mini-festival that takes place outside of the Michigan Women's Music Festival. This is a rather personal explanation that provides insight into Camp Trans and some of the thinking behind it." (updated 13/02/2006)

Word Association

Word Association is writen by Susan and still available from Bonnie's Livinghood Distro
Susan R.,
El Cajon, Ca, USA
vibrate_my_eardrums [AT]


"Less than a month ago I saw a homeless man lying face-down under a shopping cart in a San Diego parking lot, and I think it's nothing short of criminal that yuppies should have more house than they could ever possibly know what to do with while millions of Americans have sub-standard housing or none whatsoever."
PMB 200
32158 Camino Capistrano, A
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(webpage inactive 13/02/2006)

We Said We Didn't Have A Life…Now Here's Proof.

"Crazy world of sex, dyke bus drivers, candy and a new apartment."Jessika and Sheila
30 Speers Apt#1907
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 2E4

I Wrote a Letter To You Getting Over Myself

“A zine I made about my train of thought.”
Jen V.
4434 Huddart Ave.
El Monte, California 91731
webmaster [AT]

What Are You Doing With Your Life
(New Zealand)

darrans [AT]

When the Sky Sees Itself In the Ocean

“I was born, I was star found, I saw the universe, I saw the universe, thank the Goddess I saw the universe.” 2 Australian dollars plus stamps = Issue#1
Jaki L.
PO Box 16
Broke NSW 2330


"Welcome to Woami! - a website based on the new zine coming to Melbourne soon that celebrates female queer culture, alternative music and feminism. The first issue of Woami is being cReAteD and will include interviews with: Portland (USA) singer/songwriter, feminist and lesbian activist - Sarah Dougher, Melbourne band - Origami, Flea from The Homewreckers, also the editor of Thunderpussy zine, Feracia!, more Melbourne grrl reviews (live and cd), performance reviews
rants, things to do in Melbourne. Also there will be articles on: Sleater-Kinney, SYN fm, Stagefright, and some short fiction.
Please contribute your ideas, stories, poems, drawings, articles, reviews, rants, anything! Just email them to me at
fieryrockbabe [AT] Don't be shy! Even if you just have a question feel free to email me. iT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE! so no excuses!" Email: fieryrockbabe [AT]

(added 10/11/02)

Wives Tales
A zine full of information on women's health issues by Britton Neubacher (San Diego). Now distributed by blood sisters (Canada):


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines:


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