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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

Recluse Zine

"#2 A collabrative project based in Columbus, Ohio, which focuses on a variety of topics including social and political awareness, animal welfare and equality issues. This issue includes articles on NASA, RU-486, animal rights and what you can do, New Model Army, reflections on the punk scene and more. $1.25/ 40p / half / 2.5 oz
#4 A little more personal zine with the same great social examinations as past issue. This issue takes a look at September 11th, Femme Revolution, the Ohio Zine Fest, family violence, animal rights, poetry, and zine and music reviews. $1.25 / 40p / half / 2.5 oz SOLD OUT."
Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
(added 29/06/2006)

A Renegade's Handbook to
Love and Sabotage

"Different in layout and focus. In fact. in general a more focused theme than previous issues. The majority of this issue deals with womens' health and Ciara studying to become a midwife. She talks about her personal life and her family as well. The stories are accompanied by her drawings. Voted #11th favorite zine among females in Zine Guide #6." Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
#5 / $1.50 / 72p / half / 3.5 oz
(added 29/06/2006)

Radical Pet

"This zine is by my friend and fellow collective member Margarat. She runs a dog training business and works at a pet health food store. See a lot of Women in the radical community carry around little toy lap dogs, not that this is a bad thing, but they dress it up give it a carrier and name it ala Paris Hilton, and where is the radicalness in that? A dog is a living thing, not an accessory. So she created this zine which I LOVE. While mainly its about dogs there a few cat tips here and there. Mostly talks about flower essences for you and your pets, the downfalls of vaccinating, dog behavior in really awesome detail and how to respond to it (calming signals), and the benefits of raw food for your pets. like seriously this is the best thing I've read all year." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

Radical Cheerleader Handbook
"Thinking of starting a RC Chapter or just need some new cheers? Well this zine is dedicated to it! DIY tutorial on how to make yr own gear. Cheers in different languages, cheers from anything from GW Bush to Pirate Radio to Gender fucking, cheers for evrey protest and even a space to add your own!!" Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

Rough Lines

"Melonie's exploration of her queerness is interrupted by a quite enterprising man in her life. Melonie relates the impact through letters to various friends. Also touched is people's reaction to 9/11, Melonie's recovery from an injury, her first experience at Canzine and more. Melonie is a very endearing writer that questions herself and lets us in her reflective process. Genial!" Quoted and available to order from Great Worm Express Distro
Size: half-letterl, 56 pages, $2.50
(added 21/06/2006)

"#2 On the inside cover, Bree reports 'I still like to take pictures.' And it shows. This zine is a collection of high contrast, beautifully reproduced black and white photographs. The subject matter runs the gamut between somewhat staged portraits of people to somewhat staged portraits of objects to wholly unstaged snapshots of nature. A personal zine in the true sense, Bree allows us to step back, slow down, and absorb the beauty in which she encounters in her corner of the world." Quoted and available to order from Echo Zine Distro .
$2, 2oz
(added 20/06/2006)

Riot Grrrl Belgium
"#4 Body hair, Ladyfest Amsterdam 03, Jeanne Spicuzza,Let’s smash patriarchy together,Ladyfest Belgium 03, rape and torture in Iraq, art& activism reports, bender gender, reviews. #5 Interviews: RIOT NOT DIET, girl run labels like Porca Madonna, Emancypunx, Echo, Candy,...Texts about : Le Tigre vs diy electropunk , mini rebelfest, how to make patches,riot grrl & anarchism,quilombo, Mc Donlad, independet & lternative media and reviews." Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Distro.
#4 64pgsA6) 4zł
#5 64pgsA6) 4zł
(added 16/06/2006)

Resistance Is Possible "Rote Zora, interview with 2 members of the german women's armed struglle group." Quoted and available to order from Diffusons Distro
diffusons [AT]
4 p A5, 8 g
(added 16/06/2006)

The Remainder of Zero:
What's Left Behind
"A beautiful fiction zine by Korinna, who also writes the zine Rock Star With Words.  She is an absolutely marvelous writer, and her stories are captivating.  The stories she includes in this offset printed zine deal with friendship, Portland, bars, new people, and more." (Quoted in Driving Blind Distro) Available to order from Driving Blind Distro
(added 1/06/2006)

Radical South "Radical South is compiled by Niku stemming out of North Carolina. She's put out a few other resourceful-filled zines and when she saw that there wasn't one comprehensive place to look for resources in the South, she created one, naturally. Niku says "it's a resource zine to find and connect the radical south, plus stories, recipes, and souther zine listings." Yes, believe it or not, people in the south can be radical." (Quoted in CS Distro) Available to order from CS Distro.
Half size, 32 pages, with stenciled covers.
2 oz. $1.


"This is my pen pal Maggie's zine and it  is chock full of amazing show photography (pictures of bands/shows like Limpwrist, Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney,  The Gossip, Spitting Teeth, Cold Sweat, and tons more) and not only will you find amazing band photography you will also find little blurbs about each band, her feelings on feeling like an outsider in the hardcore scene, articles/How-Tos on how to silkscreen, vegan photography developing, making patches using the transfer method, as well as a piece on knocking religion and why it's lame, an interview with Bis, and more more more. Very yummy and chock full of eyecandy, although it sort of made me sad that there just is NO scene where i live and shows are almost unheard of. Each cover has a unique photo glued onto it as an added personal touch" (Quoted in Basement Freak's Distro) Zine created by Becky. Available to order from Basement Freak' s Distro.
$2.50, 55pgs, full sized ( 8 1/2 by 11)
assorted cover pictures


Random thoughts
while working in a
computer factory,
volume one

"distro review: a cute little zine consisting of, you guessed it, random thoughts that went through becky's mind during her job at a computer factory. a quick and thoughtful read." (Quoted in Fatcheeks Distro) Zine created by Becky. Available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
$1 AU/CA - 50c US
16pp, 1/4 sized, 10g

(added 02/05/2006) 

Ruby Sparkles
"...a really cathartic, emotional zine with intense writing on depression, suicide attempts, her control-freak dad, what happened when she ran away from home, wanting love, being afraid to tell people she’s bi, and more. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 32 pages." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
3, write to:
Jessica Speer
8 College Circle
Stratford, NJ 08084
$1, 2 stamps, trade, or “starry objects”
(added 31/03/2006)

Red Hanky Panky
"... tons of funny/ironic comix about miscommunication in the queer community, commentary on Julie Brurchill, a scary anti-bi columnist (?), hating the comic boy club, balancing different aspects of her life, sex stories, the wonderful word "gamahuche", bi marginalization, and more! Very cool, worth checking out, especially if you dig comix or are interested in bi politics. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", 36 pages." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
4, write to:
Rachael House
23 Whateley Road
East Dulwich SE 22 9DA
London, England
(added 31/03/2006)

"This issue has stuff about Cheryl’s creepy ex-karate teacher, being intimidated and threatened on the subway, thoughts on domestic violence, abuse, and arpe, comix by Barbi of Oh Boy, a piece about catharsis by destroying pictures, instructions for a cake walk (I did that in 4th grade!) and a vegan cake recipe, and finally, a really long piece that examines Cheryl’s realtionship to food and how being a feminist complicates the issue. Also, good reviews and graphics. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 32 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
2, write to:
Cheryl Tapper
535 Main Street Apt 1A
Metuchen, NJ 08840
$1 + 2 stamps
(added 31/03/2006)

Random Ponderings
"El[l]za seems to have a penchant for graphics more than text, since the bulk of her zine is pictures of decoarted rooms and drag queens, but there is also an aimless quiz, poems, “Why Everyone Should Shave Their Heads”, an information (not preachy) on Universal Unitarians. 7” x 8 1/2”, 24 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
5, write to:
Elzza Gurl
The Evergreen State College
S 108 E
4215 indian Pipe Loop 108E
Olympia, WA 98505
$1 + a stamp or trade
(added 30/03/2006)


"Fed up with lack of access to resources for “emerging” and politically motivated artists, editors Felix Gato, Em Sixteen and L.N.R. have created riffRAG to serve as a forum for inspiration and creativity. The launch of riffRAG comes at a particularly crucial time for artists and members of politically progressive communities. The launch party is all ages will provide artists, activists and media makers a chance to build community. riffRAG highlights the extraordinary work that emerging artists across the country are creating which often slips under the radar of the art world. The website features artists working in different mediums and contexts who have distinguished themselves through political activism, artistic vision and creative determination. From whimsical works on paper by mixed-media artist Muffie White to an interview with James Spooner, the creator of the 2003 documentary film Afropunk, riffRAG places artists working in different communities in conversation with each other. It brings innovative aesthetic practice with cultural criticism, a pairing rarely seen in current artistic publications."
Contact: riffrag [AT]
(added 06/14/2005)

Riot Not Diet
"This zines was born during a workshop about zines at the Riot Not Diet action day organised by the Riot Grrrl Collectief in Hasselt. It includes our opinions on beauty standards in collages and drawings. Also photos of the Riot Not Diet action and exhibition are included.
flapper_grrrl [AT]

(added 01/9/2005)

roswitha is looking for freedom


"The first issue (#0) was out in january 1999. in there are articles and interviews about several not so very interesting things from some people around 2o - 25 living together in a house in a small town in southern germany.(...) the third one (#2) was much about moving to hamburg and new people got involved. (...) there is the first comic story rita did in it and it's about trying to shout in a punk rock band instead of going to university... there are also some interviews with trans am, diavolo rosso, the sorts and some other things. number 2 1/2 is the "ego"-issue and in there are several drawn stories and other things about an ego-trip to survive post-teenage-depression. it was out in january 2oo1. this is r.i.l.f.f. # 3 from december 2oo2. featuring an extraordinary short story by rosetta and a drawing/poem by isa. plus some weird mutations rita did in 2oo2 and about (re-)learning to read... #4 is an silent-short-8 mm-animation-film called "das monument" (the monument) from may 2oo3. it is shown with live musical arrangement at concerts of a band named tschilp. the film is about meeting the childhood-giant and the (im)possibilities to live along with him. it is available as >video on demand< with english subtitles. 6 is maybe just some recycling of my paper stuff, but should also work as a not so darkish thing in opposite to the other one above. and it is various papers put together with a left over from a printed poster around it. no stories just drawings. or one can find a story by her/him self... the other one is very small and is called "on peut aller" which is french and means something like "one can go". there is a text in it in english/french/german and the text is about leaving or maybe not. like the clash or something. my zines are also available via rilff [AT] antipolis.or."

(added 09/14/2004)

Road Trip
"This zine contains highlights from my summer roadtrip to Colorado in the form of an accordion book! Read about the Tower Museum (the most amazing museum ever), the Reservoir (possibly my favorite place in the world), the Six Billionth Baby, and more. The covers are made from maps". By Meg who also runs Stalker Distro
meg [AT]

(added 06/12/2004, updated 10/02/2006)

Ring of Fire

Issue 3 : "This zine promotes queer sex, genderfuck, and the advancement of amputees everywhere." Hellery Homosex talks about her experience of being an amputee and queer woman. She also comments on the connection she feels with Frida Kahlo, who was also injured by a train; and much more. A great zine!
$2 to Hellery Homosex,
PO Box 23036,
Seattle WA 98102-0336
92 pages, digest

(added 04/07/2004)

Riot Grrrl International Message Board"For this project to grow and really become alive we need you all grrrls around the world. This board is born with the idea of setting up this place as a meeting space for communication, discussion, revolution, ideas, creation, all what you want it to be for the enrichment of our World Comunity. Please, Join In and start contributing and enjoying!!!" Says Diana. Join in!

(added 02/02/2004)

Riot Grrrl World newsletter
(coming out of Europe)
Unite the riot grrrls, on paper and online:
Go check: the INTERNATIONAL RIOT GRRRL message board!!! The "Riot Grrrl World newsletter" website is brandnew and under construction. It will contain all issues
of the Riot Grrrl World newsletter, ready to print. links to RIOT GRRRL WORLD newsletter #1 (frontpage) + RIOT GRRRL WORLD newsletter #1 (backside). You can make copies of the newsletter and give them to people who might be interested.Contact Nina: flapper_grrrl [AT]

(added 02/02/2004)

The Real Insider

"The mission of the insider is to relay art and information directly from you, the reader. Most articles and art will be submitted by readers of the insider. Here you will be able to oppose, agree and give your opinions about anything. If you hate our president, write an article and I will put it in the zine for everyone to read. No questions asked. Here you don’t need to be an experienced journalist, but just someone who wants your voice heard. My goal is to have this publication extend beyond the Maryland border and make it a national publication and hopefully an international publication. The first issue of the insider was put to print back in May of 2003 and I hope to get the next issue out by September. If you would like either read what your peers are thinking or you have strong opinions about something yourself go to the submissions page or subscriptions page and get IN to the INSIDER!" Creator and publisher: Christina Jennings: therealinsider2003 [AT]

(added 12/08/2003)

Record of a Girl

The writings (online journal-like) of Elizabeth S. Peña who also runs Red Jewel Distro. Embodying the identities of "feminist, antiracist, socialist, anticolonialist, antihomophobic, antisexist, vegetarian, queer, and of color", she writes about revolutionary and social justice issues. "I write articles, both scholarly and otherwise, resistance poetry and spoken word, as well as music." Great stuff!!

Radical cheerleaders
"Once upon a time, there were two sisters in Florida who thought that protests were too boring. So one day, they thought up some cheers and went out and made noise! Now there are Radical Cheerleading groups all across North America. The Victoria chapter has been active and growing since 1999. In March, 2001, Radical Cheerleaders from all over North America converged on Ottawa for the first ever Radical Cheerleading Convention. (After this, Radical Cheerleaders will take over the world, eliminating patriarchy, capitalism, inequality and poverty, and we will all live happily ever after.) Radical Cheerleading is protest and performance! It is activism with pom-poms and combat boots! It is non-violent direct action in the form of street theater. And it's FUN! To be a Radical Cheerleader, you do not need to be an actor, a singer or a dancer - you just have to want to yell! (Sign Language included). Each Radical Cheerleader decides for themselves which events they will participate in. There is no more commitment than each member is willing to give. Most of us wear skirts, boots and hooded sweatshirts, but there's no uniform - you can wear what you want. No restrictions, just bring your fantastic self! There's no tryouts or popularity contests (sorry). If you're in the Victoria, BC area and you want to join us (and we KNOW you do), get in contact with us by email. If you live somewhere else, try checking out the links page for information about a squad in your city-- or start your own!" karaokestar [AT]
(added 07/04/2003)

Riot Grrrl ArgentinaThe web zine of Riot Grrrl Argentina, soon to be in English and German too.I have heard that they have also done a print zine.
(added 05/26/2003)

Reflections on women in prison

"A small booklet on the current issues surrounding women in prison. in this zine you will find an analysis of how "criminality" is defined in the us (from a radical point of view!) and a short history of women's prisons in america. the majority of the zine is a brief summary of human rights violations that are being carried out in the nations women's prisons. me and summer hope you enjoy it and if you have any feedback please email jenn (jennbowman25 [AT] thanks!" By Jenn Bowman and Rae Thomas. You can order this zines at:
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT]
(added 05/16/2003)

Race Riot
"Evolution of a race riot is a compilation zine I edited in 1997 by, for and about people of color in various stages of p-rock writing about race, "identity," and community. I'm proud of this, even though looking back I was way harsh in the introduction, but I think that's understandable. It's also available from Stickfigure, Tree of Knowledge ( ) and lastly, from me for $3 ppd. You can find it at various stores, sometimes. The second issue is in the works, and includes a directory of projects (mostly zines) produced by people of color, past and present. It's supposed to be both a historical record (we were here) and a networking tool (we're still here), complete with descriptions and contact information. Reprints and more original essays about race politics are included again." The second issue is out now! By Mimi Nguyen, slander13 [AT]
Race Riot; PO Box 11906; Berkeley, CA 94712-2906; USA

(added 05/14/2003)

Riot Librarrrian
"Riot Librarrrian: Breaking the Binding of Patriarchy since 2001" is a zine about feminism, the library, library workers and the spaces where these things collide. "this zine is written by feminist librarrrians for feminists of all kinds." issue #1 features a feature on dewey, (ms.)adventures in library school, annotations galore, and more, more, more. hell, yes, report to the front desk and request this hilarious zine! By Sara and Jenn (Chicago and Olympia)
riotlibrarrrian [AT]
(added 05/08/2003)

Real Women
An online zine about real work, play, health, and body under the motto "Fuck You Calvin Klein!" By Nancy Lee Sayre.

(added 4/9/2003)

The Rabbit Fodder Addict. - a cookzine

The Rabbit Fodder Addict is a quarter-sized cookzine with 20 vegan recipes (no meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin or honey). Each one is hand-bound and has a unique cover made from a page of a retro cookbook (like the Better Homes and Gardens ones with the really revolting photographs of food). It's $1 plus a stamp ($2 international) to:
PO Box 715
Weatherford, TX 76086
email her at: the_cube82 [AT]
(added 2/4/2003)

Rock Out! Ideas on Booking DIY Shows

"Some Chicago women formed a women's booking collective to raise $$ for a health center by putting on independent, DIY, punk, hardcore, hip hop, and spoken word events. This zine, put together by several of the collective members, outlines "lessions leanred" and tips on booking shows. It covers everything from fding housing for bands, working with venues, ideas to get people dancing, fun stuff to have at a show besides music, and lots of stories and ideas on how to address sexism in the music scene." (Ariel who does also "Women's Self Defense" is involved in this excellent zine too!) It's $2 post paid to:
Megan Wells
PO Box 5027
Chicago, IL 60680, US
or email them at:
chicapalta [AT]
(added 02/13/2003)

Rag Hag

“Here are a few hints/ guidelines to stuff I’d like to have here: witchy stuff, menstrual info/ zines. Alternatives, herbal info, hand made items, crafts, buttons, shirts, other clothing, dreamy stuff, body art/ tattoo stuff, jewelry, unique zines and books.” Hag Rag Catalog #1 is a distro that also offers merchandise that you may purchase as well as trade.
PO Box 1661
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
(added 11/16/02)


Rainbow Angst

“I came into the world on May 4th 1986, at 7:15 pm in a refugee camp hospital in the Philippines. My parents had made the dangerous journey from their home country Vietnam to the Philippines a year before." This is Hanh’s first zine and it you will find what she loves and what she doesn’t it. Among her writings is a letter she wrote to President Bush where. In it she demonstrates her concern for his close call to death when he almost choked on a pretzel. Price: $1.00 each issue plus stamps or trade. Hanh, Germantown, MD, USA
(added 11/16/02) 

Reclusive Zine

"Anna a columnist for Reclusive who is a Legislative Aide for the Ohio House of Representatives wrote a piece on the love of animals, and had this to say, “ I came here with one goal of working on legislation to increase the penalties for acts of cruelty against animals. I was well aware of the fact that there had been numerous attempts over the past ten years to pass such a bill, and all had failed immensely.” Reclusive Zine Issue #6 offers three articles, a section on creative art, columns, reviews, and other stuff. Price: $5.00 for one year, $1.25 each copy, or $0.75 cents wholesale for orders over 5.
PO B ox 09558
Columbus, Ohio 43209, USA (webpage inactive 10/02/2006)
info [AT]

(added 11/16/02)

Red Alert

“To the up rise when we stop popping tampons, and popping big business medicines, when we fuck the poisons that kill our free remedies, when we fuck the complacency, to build the uprising, to bleed and use weeds, to stop feeding the corporate greed, when we ax tampax and what it embodies.” Red Alert #3 is highly recommended for all of those who bleed on a monthly basis, and are looking for alternative methods to pain caused by the menstrual monster. This zine is utterly a piece of art. Price: $5.50 each
Montreal, Canada

bloodsisters [AT]
(added 11/16/02)

Rejected Band Names

“For some people, the sudden death of a loved one is a wake up call. It enlightens them that life is short, that time isn’t worth wasting on trivial matters. It encourages them to find ways to make life as joyful and meaningful as possible.” Loosing someone forever is permanent damage. While there is no strategy to cope with the swirls that are brought on by immense emotions you can count on Rejected Band Names # 7 to reconsider your position in life.Price: Issue# 1-6= $1.00 each, Issue #7= $2.00 each. By Jerianne
PO Box 330156
Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0156, USA
(added 11/16/02)

Relax Baby

“It’s just that male icons are more fun. Who wants to be a bombshell?” This is an eight-page zine done in a comic style.
p.o box 354
Brunswick, 3056

(added 11/16/02)


“The real reason why there hasn’t been a zine in so long is because I needed a creative hiatus. I felt like I had run out of ideas and inspiration, and I figured it would be better to wait until I had real good material than to just fill a zine with a bunch of soulless crap. Quality before quantity, you know.” You want to keep writing a zine, and you decide to take your zine outside those four white walls. You take a trip, and now you have more to add to your next zine.
PMB #17 A
12541 A S. Western Ave.
Blue Island, Il 60406, USA
(added 11/16/02)

Round Things Roll

“Coming home to Portland, with chips, hummus and apples for the 7-hour drive. Tour distills life down to some simple pleasures: a shower, a bed, a breeze, and decent coffee. An appreciative crowd, a sweet flirtatious glance from a stranger, a short drive, a great vegan meal.” "This is primarily a travel zine. I decided to include some great interviews with acoustic punk musicians, on the premise that music and travel are inextricably linked.”
PO Box 11384
Portland, Oregon 97211
RomegRecords [AT]
(added 11/16/02)

"Riveter zine is a little bit of everything: Music,
life, radical history, feminism and ecology! Issue #1
includes in depth interviews with Nika from the band
"Post Regiment" (Poland), and Grzesik from the band "Stracony" (Poland), practicle guide on how and why to depave your driveway (break out the pick-axes and sledge hammers!), rants on life in Chicago, info on the Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service: Jane and more." By Ariel who does also the great zine
"Women's Self-Defense: Stories and Stratigies of Survival". Contact Ariel at mspippilotta [AT]
Write her at:
Ariel C.
PO Box 2433
Champaign, IL 61825-2433

Riot Kittens Zine

Riot Kittens is a UK based grrrl zine aimed at grrrls everywhere (and maybe even some bois).
(added September 2002)

retard grrrl
"An online riot grrrl zine" by Leily with great layout!

Revolution Grrrl Style Now!
Its manifesto: "How long are you going to sit silently by as your fellow women are still hunted like animals? (...) Stand up for your rights and for your sisters rights. If we continue to fight each other, we will never get anywhere. (...) Its time we stood up. REVOLUTION GRRLS!! NEVER BACK DOWN!! (...) REMEMBER: WELL BEHAVED WOMEN RARELY MAKE HISTORY!" (webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

"It's Grrlie Spirit!" Archives it's articles since 1996, so if you one want to see your here, contribute! Lots of stuff (mailing list, forum,...)!

(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

Riot grrrl Montreal fanzine

A print zine by Riot Grrrl Montreal (since 1999): "some of our conversation topics are sorta serious, others sorta silly, but they mostly revolve around our main goals which include: seeing more girls in bands -by encouraging- and making sure they aren't condemned for wanting to do so because of their gender. taking action to curb unhealthy images of beauty imposed by society. culture jamming. female solidarity. fighting sexism. encourageing girls to stand up and speak out."

Riot Grrrl Europe

Riot Grrrl Europe is a very active chapter and has also published a zine. You must have a look at their extensive site with links to all European chapters and grrrl sites, polls, surveys, tourdates, reviews,...!!!
(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

Riot Grrrl is dead or so they say…
"This is the chapter site for riot grrrl dc. riot grrrl is a on-hierarchal movement. we do not necessarily speak for, or represent riot grrrl as a whole. we are all individuals from different cultures, backgrounds, and ways of thinking. do not attempt to limit us by categorization, we will knock you down every time." (Last update 1999)

(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

riot grrrl retrospective
(by emplive)
"The EMP Collection houses a wide array of artifacts from the riot grrrl era - recordings, posters, photographs and fanzines, some of which are on display in Northwest Passage, a gallery that traces the history and development of a variety of Northwest musical movements. The Riot Grrrl Retrospective is an in-depth online exhibit that seeks to document and offer new insight into this important musical phenomenon." Uses streaming audio and video as well as artifacts and performance footage and presents the history of riot grrrl as told by the participants." (Not a zine!!)

Riot Grrrl Press
"Happily putting hammers in the hand of young girls since 1993". A few zines are listed online, check out the great image on their site! (website inactive 10/02/2006)

riot grrrl directory "I do this for a friend who complained that there were no riot grrrls near where she lived. there are many of reasons for doing this project; whether yr moving to a new town, you just want to see what's going on in yr area, or if you just want to start up a chapter,
for info on how you can submit:
please email rgdirect [AT]

No beauty tips or guilt trips

A music (maga)zine: "Women playing music is neither "trend" nor "genre" and ROCKRGRL proves this in every bi-monthly print issue. Readers are treated to intelligent interviews with exceptional women of note from Ani to Yoko as well as poignant essays penned by our own Ann Wilson of Heart." Published every two monthes in Mercer Islandes (WA) (also in print), founded by Carla A. DeSantis.

riot grrrl brampton
Houses articles on riot grrrl, a chapter list, a comprehensive list of girl-positive sites, girl focused web-rings, quotes, listings of grrrl paper and e-zine and lots more!

restoring harmony

This zine "is feminist, politically incorrect, daring, and received best by freethinkers." By Kerry, who also runs the distro pink kitty star press since 1995! (webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

Rocket Queen

This zine circles around the question "Why do women strip?" and tries to demystify and demoralize this profession. From personal experience, Janet leads you through the real strip business without a demonizing lense and analyzes the mechanisms in place as well as the basic types of customers who go to strip clubs. "After all, it's just another simulation."
PO Box 64
Asheville, NC 28802, US

rock star with words
"Like all of my writing projects, this is not a story, a zine, or a collection of thoughts...this is a scientific experiment. it is a documentation of myself, my life, my reality, and spefically how my disease (note: korinna was diagnosed with bipolar) and it's treatment are affecting "me". i'm writing this as raw as the "me" i now can write something, because i want to see if i can still do this. if the"me" i have always known is still the"me" i am now. i want to see if i can still live my concept of rock star with words (or am i a robot?)" “ A pen can be far far more powerful than a guitar. With a guitar there are a limited amount of chords. And the English language is endless.” “A pen can be far far more powerful than a guitar. With a guitar there are a limited amount of chords. And the English language is endless.” To order Korinna's zine write her at:
PO Box 4702
Portland, OR 97208, USA
dietsodapopx [AT]
visit the rock star with words' Journal at:

Rebel Grrrl Zine
"Girls with Mohawks, girls with long blond hair: black, white, brown, yellow, red, girls; hetero, homo, bi, omni, pan-sexual girls; mothers, sisters, friends, daughters; artists, doctors, teachers, WE ALL DESERVE RESPECT!" Rebel Grrrl (blanatly ripping off Bikini Kill) is all about the grrrlz who changed your life, feminism, etc. The Rebel Grrrls have released their first issue but are always looking for stories, comiz, poetry, drawings, whatever!
Rebel Grrrl Zine,
PMB 417, 6167 N. Broadway,
Chicago, Il, 60660, USA
(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)
info [AT]

Riot Girl London zine

RGL (UK)'s zine. Has articles from the members on loads of topics like what riot grrrl/feminism means to us, body image, women in music, women's history, art, street abuse and sooo much more!
Issue 1 contains: what riot grrrl means to us, female drummers, mini kat bjelland interview, body image, sexism in rock, lots of feministy rants & more!
Issue 2 contains: street abuse, riot grrrl, why we're feminists, women in history, guerilla girls/women in art, loads more feminist fabulousness!
Issue 3 contains: men and feminism, beauty, the new riot grrrl, pornography, advertising, and sooo much more!
Email: rglondon [AT] for copies.
(Updated 8/8/04)

Riot Grrrl Central England Ok, so here is the home of riot grrrl in central england (and the north a bit as well, i don't think we're too fussy who joins the chapter, as long as you're nice :o). here you will find info about when we meet, how to contact us and who exactly "us" is (or are?) and tons of other riotsome stuff. so chose a place and start surfing... rgce [AT]
(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

riot girl surrey
"The aim of Riot Girl Surrey is like most other Riot Girl chapters. We aim to promote feminism in our everyday lives through talking, writing, sharing ideas and examples, support, music and other creative means. Some of write fanzines, some of us are in bands, some of us just believe. However you express your feminism, you are free to join. Just e-mail us at riotgirlsurrey [AT] We will be arranging casual meetings aswell as chatting via e-mail... everyone is welcome. You can join us on Smartgroups..."
(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

riot girl kent
"The aim of Riot Girl Kent is like most other Riot Girl chapters. We aim to promote feminism in our everyday lives through talking, writing, sharing ideas and examples, support, music and other creative means. Some of write fanzines, some of us are in bands, some of us just believe. However you express your feminism, you are free to join. Just e-mail us at riotgirlkent [AT] We will be arranging casual meetings aswell as chatting via e-mail... everyone is welcome. You can join us on Smartgroups..."
(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

riot grrrl Birmingham
"For grrrls who aren't girly and bois who aren't manly . . . Our aim is to unite grrrls in our area to exchange ideas and inspiration. R G Bham Zine in process at the mo... if you've got anything personal and / or political to say to do with being riot grrrl send it to Loocy at loocy_n [AT]
Esp. looking for thoughts on irony and feminism at the mo - join in the discussion at our smartgroup."
(webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

Red Scare
"This little zine is called Red Scare TM cuz it's all about how advertisers play on womyn's fears about their bodies, breasts, breath, hips, various odors, naughty bits, and probably most of all, their menstruation, to sell 'em a lot of superfluous - and sometimes harmful - crapola. So if yoiu like to drown your insecurities, you NEED Red Scare TM like a hole in the head. So buy, buy, BUY!"
Red Scare
PO Box 646
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

A Renegade's Handbook to Love and Sabotage
“It quickly became a much more personal document, serving as a direct channel linking some of the more private aspects of everyday life – my private life – to the political and culture upheavals occurring around me.”
$1-3.00 each/ stamps
PO Box 100
Medford, Ma 02153
Email: myriotxine [AT]
$1 to $3 or two to six stamps

(New Zealand)

PO Box 68506 Newton,
Auckland, New Zealand

Red Hooded Sweatshirt

“My main reason for making a zine is that it’s important to me to have a way of telling stories in a way that feels natural to me (with words and pictures). I really like the idea of having an outlet that’s based entirely on my choices and what I think is important or interesting.” "Red-Hooded Sweatshirt #6:
Tiny drawings abound! This issue recalls my summer adventures visiting the home of Lizzie Borden and several attractions in Salem, Massachusetts. I also write about being impatient about the future, missing Ice Broomball, and why my CD-purchasing habit can be considered hereditary. This is the first zine I have ever made that has an index."
$2.00 each Issue
PO Box 15214
Boston, Ma 02215
Email: little_luz [AT] (webpage inactive 10/02/2006)

Repeat Our Names Until They Rhyme

"This is the product of spilled guts, unintentional and unsent letters, uncooperative typewriters and run – on sentences.”
$1.00 = Issues #1-2
Email: u_n_i_c_o [AT]

“I’m Evita Ruby. I am Filipino, and eventually hope to be a part of economic and political revolution in the Philippines.”
$1.00 each stamp or trade
Sandy, Utah, USA
Email: uncommonbeat [AT]

"Why not profile all those lovely women who keep astonishing me on a daily basis? Rather than rationing out one Rockerchick per month, why not do a WHOLE ISSUE devoted to their pretty faces and perfect charm? I wouldn't have to bribe anyone to write content, I'd just do interviews. A perfect issue, a perfect plan. All I had to do was compile a list of ladies, and presto -- here they are. I can't get over how cute they are. I can't get over how much they squeeze into every day. I can't believe they all said yes to my little zine and my little interviews. It just gets me giddy inside. So read 'em and weep, you'll feel giddy, too -- and then please, please, support their sites. Support their projects. Buy their magazines, their bags, and their cds. Listen to their radio shows and wear their clothes. They're doing it for real; help them keep it that way."
By Dahlia Schweitzer who also runs Rockerchick, a site for girls in bands and their supporters, providing a valuable resource for the exchange of information and networking (NYC).

riot grrrl!
(defunct, January 2003)
A brand new site with lots of info and links to RG chapters (by Jenny)

(defunct, January 2003)
"It's Grrlie Spirit!" Archives it's articles since 1996, so if you one want to see your here, contribute! Lots of stuff (mailing list, forum,...)!

(defunct, January 2003)


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