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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Nourishing Ourselves With Herbs During Pregnancy
Available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
$1.50-1oz-1/4 sized-32 pgs
(added 26/06/2006)

No Snow Here
"This is the mini A,B,C issue of No Snow Here, topics that are covered in perzine fashion are rebelliion, zines as a safe space, coming out, and much more. she keps this zine concise in page count but long in story. its a nice little peek into topics she cares dearly about." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

No Better Voice
"Jami is like one of my favourite zinesters in the sense that she talks about political shit in such a way where you totally can get it but she still has this acedemic air around her!!! ok so in here is some light ass heavy reading and diy recipies, her zines always look like they were made just for you unique and oh so carefully handcrafted, one of the bext zines out right now." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

Nazareth Sand
"On each page or two of this zine, J writes a letter to God.  These letters talk about her loss of faith, her sexuality, her mental illness, and being raped.  The words in "Nazareth Sand" are very powerful.  Here is an excerpt: 'Dear God - Ages sixteen through eighteen were my worst years.  I was promiscuous.  I hated myself.  I hated my life.  The only way I could get some relief from the nagging self doubt that plagued me was to sleep around.  I never felt it was a sin.  I didn't believe in you.  I have turned my life around completely.  I have been with Brian for four years.  I like myself, and am on the way to loving myself.  I am still pretty empty though.'  Please note that this zine may be triggering to those who have mental illness or were abused." (Quoted in Driving Blind Distro) Available to order from Driving Blind Distro
(added 1/06/2006)

Navigator, Equator
"Andee changed the name of her zine from Make Me Numb to Navigator, Equator.  However, her writing style and fantastic way with words have not changed.  Andee explains her zine in the introduction: ' This issue is about my relationships with Vermont and Pensacola.  I have been bouncing back and forth between them for the past 15 years of my life.  Vermont, then Pensacola, then Vermont, then Pensacola, then Vermont again.  There were places in between, but they were filler.  It's about dissecting why these two places are different than the others, why they're important, and what it is that keeps drawing me back.  Ocean vs. mountains, city vs. town, friends vs. family.  Finding family in friends and friends in family.' " (Quoted in Driving Blind Distro) Available to order from Driving Blind Distro
(added 1/06/2006)

"Tasha seems to have alot of frustration with f** up stuff going on in her town, which is evident in here. There are rants on male-dominance in the scene, nazis, as well as sexism in popculture, “womyn” vs. “woman”, confronting childhood emotional abuse, and an interview with Better Than your Hand. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 40 pages.."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #2, write to
21 King St. W. #3
Oshawa, ONT LIH 1A1
($1 + stamps or trade)
(added 30/03/2006)

Not Your Bitch
"... cool zine with an anarchist, punk slant and atypical articles on guns (how-to advice for girls), queer identity musings, thoughts on Native Americans in white history, a short short profile of Pearl Hart, a college graduate turned criminal from a really long time ago, prose on the fascist state we live in, celebrating pot, and a long, but nevertheless funny and engaging account of her trip to Europe. Recommended. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 24 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
6, write to:
PO Box 11843
Olympia, WA 98508-1843
(added 30/03/2006)

Nu Text
"Its very full of queer visionary prose, anti t.v.-style drama, and a great piece on learning boy skills. Really fluid writing, but with solidity and consistency in theme, and no rants in the traditional sense. 8 1/2” x 11”, 10 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order
, write to:
Meghan Lake
251 Rollingwood Drive
North Kinston, RI 02852
(added 30/03/2006)

Nourishing Endometriosis
"This is a fabulous zine about endometriosis, a disease that still has most of the medical community puzzled, written with intelligence, inspiration and insight from her own experiences with the disease. It includes the medical explanations, anatomy, conventional treatments, nutritional advice, herbal care, info on exercise and other important aspects of care that can make healing from endo a possibility." Written by Alhena Katsof. Now distributed by blood sisters (Canada):
(added 28/03/2006) 

nothin' to be said here: writings by working class students

"In this anthology, compiled in 1999 at the evergreen state college, you will find resources essays, poems, conversations, useful skills and ideas about being a working class college student." By Paula Curran: "being raised-poorm working class or a first generation college student is hard. I hope this zine sheds some light in the difficulties an also what need to change in academics. I encourage working class students to find each other and don't give up on school. we have just as much or a right to be here as any other middle class person." You can order her zines at:
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT]
(added 05/16/2003)


“Sometimes I just want to trade it all in for city hopping and low-rent housing.”Namaste#2 looks at the pride and joy a group of kids takes in their beloved suburbia.
kristinaface [AT]
(added 10/17/2002) 

Nervy Girl
“Nervy Girl!! Strives to create a magazine for women that: Creates a forum for debate and the exchange of ideas among women, recognizing the depth and diversity of women’s interests and concerns. Encourages readers to accept and celebrate people of all races, ethnic origins, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and classes. Promotes positive and realistic body images for women. Encourages women to participate in positive change for their communities.” The May/June 2002 issue is divided into four categories. This one covers couplings, the regular section, columns and arts and entertainment. The articles and the advertisement posted are both worth the read.
PO Box 16601
Portland, Oregon 97292

(added 10/17/2002, webpage inactive 10/02/2006))

Not Quite Israfel

“We used to sing songs in our underwear, listen to Lou Reed records on the stereo, and forget everything our parents ever told us.” There are 56 entries in Issue# 8 of N.Q.I. There are collage like pieces equipped with poetry, anecdotes and life, life and more life. Some of the pictures and pages look like those homemade postcards one finds themselves making on a rainy day. Now in its 9th issue: "this issue features lots of sad stories by corinna and a few uplifting ones, both fiction and non-fiction. riley contributed some photographs and papercuts. some other contents include drawing games, the best jokes of 2002, introduction to our friend paul, anatomy diagrams and handmade stamps."
not quite israfel
1013 South Madison
Bloomington, Indiana 47403

(added 10/17/2002) 


"A zine about anything and everything. The current issue is about home, travel, being chinese-american and about where one really "belongs", visiting china, skateboarding in china, chinese punk rock, getting lost in shinjuku, tokyo and the red light district, and much more. $2 US $3 elsewhere, trades welcome." Write to Xiaowei at:
c/o JDonahue English Dept.
80 Skillings Rd.
Winchester MA, 01890
nosuchzine [AT]
Winchester MA,USA
(added 11/13/2002) 

Naughty Secretary Club
Have a look at their Girl Band List!

Nicotine Scars

"Nicotine Scarsstarted off as a personal/somewhat political zine but has boiled down to become primarily more personal.. with things like journal writings, etc.
Kelly, Fremont, CA
nicotinescars [AT]

Not Sorry

"Hey grrrls, how do we expect there to be a grrrl-revolution, when we can't even get past our own grrrl-hate?" Jenny is not only the brains behind the growing and growing and growing distro GRRRL STYLE! but also the editor of "Not Sorry", her first zine. Both are really wonderful pieces of work!!! In her zine, Jenny discusses for example stereotypes against "fatness"and criticizes the exclusive policy of the Michigan women's music festival. I really enjoy reading her thoughtful pieces! Order her zine at her own distro at: (webpage inactive 10/02/2006)
or email her:
grrrlstyle [AT]

Normal People Are On Prozac

"Sleep? Who needs sleep?!!"
This zine is FREE like everything should be, according to the author Julia.
Email: chickpee [AT]

Not Your Bitch

notyourbitch is expanding like a dead celebrity:
+ new issue of bitter pie (#12) is now available online
+ new deletist video is streaming like pee into the street
+ new deletist/drowning dog split 7" has been released from its cage
+ new debut cd by the deletist is coming out 01.23.03
+ bitter pie will be at A.P.E.** on 02.01.03 and 02.02.03
+ new not your bitch underwear will cover yer ass
+ new not your bitch hoodies all cottony and soft
+ the last entartete kunst edinburgh castle show will occur on 02.22.03
+ the entartete kunst european tour will begin on 06.01.03
+ unemployed, broke and happy
+ how are you?
thanks for listening.
bitter pie (webpage inactive 10/02/2006)
pob 411194
San Francisco, CA94141-1194

No Aplogys
(dead link, January 2003)
"An online info source on women in rock, San Diego bands and riot grrrl by Em who also plays in the band "Sarahs Blue Diary"(California).


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines :


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