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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

muscle cat / you know i can take you
"muscle cat / you know i can take you is a split comic zine. "muscle cat" (the cover scaned really weird) is done by micha {and she accepts trades!} um, yeah. its 1/6th size, 26pages. [$1us or $1cdn + a stamp]." Quoted and available from
_44 [AT]
(added 13/7/2006)

(me), life, the universe, and everything

"'Sometimes people change, sometimes people change but want everything else to be the same when they come home and usually it's not.'
A series of emails and other things that Karolyn has written, strung together to form a picture of who she is. Thoughts on individuality and being self-centered. An interesting look into one girl's life. Each one comes with a greeting card." Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
$1 / 60p / quarter / 3 oz
(added 29/06/2006)

The Ms. Films DIY Guide to Film & Video
"Did you ever dream of making movies? I didn't but then I picked up this zine & well, now I want to & not only that but I feel I can! This is a totally inspiring do-it-yourself take on making movies. With topics that include "DIY Drive In", "Cameraless Filmmaking" & " Get Your Film to the Fest" (not to mention plenty of others) this is a great guide for anyone interested in learning about making films!" Quoted and available to order from My My Distro.
98p & 1/2 letter > $3.00
(added 28/06/2006)

Mine: An Anthology Of Womens Choices "Exactly what the title says. Merrydeath complied a huge comp zine with first hand experiences of abortions and the history of it to try and combat the stigma surrounding the topic." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

"...This was made from the summer of 2002-2003 it basically details my transition from an artist into wanting to be a midwife and is filled with stories of me leaving Connecticut, my battle with oppressive people in my life, prose, and a brief little piece on my hypochondria told thru the time I thought I had SARS. also yummy vegan recipes and diy how-to's!" Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

My Newest Insomnia "#4 Short discourses on how some movies influenced Meredith's life, Shopping with Sisters ("A Fashion Crisis Story, About Family"), insomnia, a really bad shower, and the end to a truly great zine." Written by Merrideth. Quoted and available to order from Tastes Like Newsprint Distro
(added 21/06/2006)

My Pet Growth
"This is a comic-zine about a compassionate girl named Sabrina. Sabrina is lucky. She has two pets. You can read all about her adventures in this sweet zine entitled My Pet Growth." Quoted and available to order from Echo Zine Distro .
$1, 1oz
(added 20/06/2006)

Ms. Direction
"Ms. Direction's marriage issue is a mixed bag. There are a number of thoughtful essays by several contributors, all considering marriage from a feminist perspective. Especially interesting is one by Colette, expressing some scepticism about gay marriage. But since none of the contributors have actually been married, their views remain strictly theoretical... After all, the divide between academic theory and the real lives of women is currently one of feminism' biggest challenges." Quoted and available to order from Echo Zine Distro .
$3, 4oz
(added 20/06/2006

The Media Whore Feminist Literature Review
"It's odd to be writing a review of reviews, especially for a zine that doesn't normally emphasize its review section. However, this zine is worth reading in its own right, even if you don't plan to go out and buy the books they're talking about. There's a nice little piece on feminist science fiction writers (though I thought Octavia Butler deserved more than a passing nod), and a good plug for Juicy Mother. But for my money, the zine's high point is Johanna Eeva's fascinating discussion of the book, Fresh Lipstick, by Linda Scott Palgrave. This is a great piece of writing and it alone is worth the zine's two buck price." Quoted and available to order from Echo Zine Distro .
$2, 2oz
(added 20/06/2006)

"#1: voluntary human extinction/individualist anarchism/punkrock-nursing/scene-corruption/." Quoted and available to order from Tilt Distro.
35 /0,75
(added 19/06/2006)

Morgenmuffel “#12 Girl made komix about an anarchist activist life, demonstration, cooking foof on for protesters a lot of funny situations and nice artwork. 28pgsA5) 4zł. #14 28pgsA5) 4zł
\ latest issue and another bunch of stories inside. 28pgsA5) 4zł." Quoted and available to order from Emancypun
x Distro.
(added 16/06/2006)

Marriage and Love "E.Goldman Kerspledebed. 12pgsA5) 6zł
first published in 1914, classic anarchist-feminist writer!" Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Ditsro.
12pgs A5, 6zł
(added 16/06/2006)

Men, sexism and the class struggle "(Men against sexist shit) Working class men discuss their relationships with women and other men in a sexist society." Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Distro.
32pgsa5) - 10zł
(added 16/06/2006)

Marked for Life

"This zine is written by Sage of Tattooed Memoirs and Sweet Candy Distro.  It's the result of a 24 hour zine project where you must write, copy, and put together a 24 page zine in 24 hours.  I wish I could write something this good in that short amount of time!  In this zine, Sage writes about turning 26 and moving from Georgia to Philadelphia, a mishap at a Garbage concert, and her relationship with her grandmother and remembering the day she passed away." (Quoted in Driving Blind Distro) Available to order from Driving Blind Distro.
(added 1/06/2006)

"Victoria writes about the troubles she has in trusting people (after being burned in the past), the importance of educating oneself and encouragement, her identity and discovering who she is, her love of writing, and more." (Quoted in Driving Blind Distro) Available to order from Driving Blind Distro.
(added 1/06/2006)

My Zine
"...Jessica’s journal entries, many of them reflecting familiar high school situations...She even reprints them straight out of the notebook she wrote them in with pictures she stuck on the pages, as well. Definitely worth checking out! 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 16 and 20 pages, respectively."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issues #1 and#2, write to
Jessica Barnett
4 Butler Dr.
South Burlington, VT 05403
a few stamps?
(added 30/03/2006)

"Welcome to the world of Nisha and Jamie. This issue opens up with interviews with Tamra of Lucid Nation and Jody Bleyle of Team Dresch/Hazel, stuff on women’s history and identity,.... clippings, recipes (not vegan, though), tampon info, rape facts, poems, obsessions, and more. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 36 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #1, write to
1556 Aldercreek Place
Westlake Village, CA 91362
$1.50 or trade
(added 30/03/2006)

"Stuff about anarchism, ...observations of government control and life under fascist control... There’s also a great deal of stuff on women’s history and rights and health issues. 4 1/2” x 5 1/2”, 128 pages." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #1, write to
PO Box 586
Accord, NY 12404
$1 or trade
(added 30/03/2006)

"...writing about moving, losing control, vegan, DIY pest control and deoderant, and other bits. This is really instrospective, gives off the illusion of living in Maresa’s head while she goes down to Powell’s books. 4 1/2” x 11”, 24 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
5, write to:
PO Box 1495
Portland, OR 97207-1495
(added 30/03/2006)

"This zine is really romantic - full of beautiful prose about literary snobbery and how some people are left out, crushes, and aesthetic value.. 6” x 8 1/2”, 20 pages." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #5, write to:
Muffie White
U.S. Embassy - IPC
PSC 98 Box 34
APO AE 09830
$1 or trade
(added 30/03/2006)

Mutant Life

Girls writing about sci-fi: "A Sci-Fi litzine, this issue is the introduction to the major characters and their perspectives. In the year 2054, Mutants are used by the military for the, 'public good' and are trained to become heroes. Join young Charlie McComber as he is 'drafted' at the tender age of fourteen. In exchange for his father's life, he will be taught to be a hero that the public will come to adore." Digest sized, $2.00
To order write to: Caroline Tigeress
PO Box 2267
Longview, Washington 98632
(added 6/3/2006)

Mama Specific Productions Zines

6 mama zines written by Trula Breckenridge with some guest writing: Afro Mama, Dread Mama, Mixed Mama, Supple Mama, Teen Mama, and Veggie Mama."We focus on publishing books and zines for select groups of mothers. Other projects include producing a fitness video for moms and animated CD-ROMs for kids. Our moms address their parenting goals from a unique viewpoint!" All zines $3.00. info [AT]
(added 11/16/2004, updated 09/02/2006))


one mom's ups and downs in the suburbs


"Momtime is one mama's zine from the suburbs, dealing with the ups and downs of parenthood with humour whenever possible.
each issue is filled with essays, reviews, cartoons, pics, veggie recipies and more... i print 4 times a year for $2 an issue or trades (generally i stick to other parenting zines for trades)
for ordering info you can contact me at
kgoulash at aol dot com."
(added 11/16/2004)



A website with resources for support on mothering, created by Andrea, mother of 2 boys. She launched this website in 2001 which offers reviews of the Mama zine scene, a list of mothering message boards, and much more. Email her at andria [AT]

(added 11/16/2004, updated 09/092/2006))


(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
"Maya #1 :(it's starting to taste like your spit on the piano) is now available. it's 30 pages with a stencilled insert with a peach cover (subject to change, I'm running out fast, meh), stitched in red. I write about what maya is, how life = a pack of cards, the aesthetic pleasure of words, an odd dream, a two=part appreciation list, my two days in Weybridge (UK) and include parts of a dear-penpal letter that discusses the somewhat fantastical life here in dubai (in the United Arab Emirates, yup).It's mostly text heavy but there are a few photos/illustrations, and is $2.00 including postage (anywhere in the world, since it's the same for me - except if you live in the greater Arab region/the subcontinent). Email me for the address (or comment with email), or it's on my distro site. I'll also accept trades but email me first please." Rahel also runs the Thaili distro! EMAIL: distro [AT] MSN: ieatpropaganda. SNAIL MAIL: Rahel,
PO Box 1989,
Dubai, UAE.
(added 9/21/2004, webage inactive 09/02/2006))

Mamalicious: A magazine for the fierce mama in us all

"The alternative to your usual parenting magazine, Mamalicious speaks to the fierce mama in us all. Mamalicious is for mothers who are serious about mothering, and about being themselves. We're young and young-at-heart, politically aware, way tuned-in to pop culture and, of course, hip as all get-out. Love your mama!" Edited by Catherine Levy and Candace Walsh. Editorial:
contact [AT]
(added 11/04/2004)


"Mosaic-ezine is a women's collaborative artists online magazine. Mosaic is an online arts magazine created by women. Its purpose is to create a space for women to share and exchange their energies and insights, creativity and beauty, strengths and gifts…to collaborate and network, educate and inform, encourage and empower…a celebration of womankind. MOSAIC is a publication that celebrates diverse opinions and beliefs. We support and encourage self expression. While we cannot possibly all agree, we live in an open and free society, we all have a voice, and should not be afraid to use it." Bridget Hodge, Editor: editor [AT]
(added 09/08/2004, webpage inactive 09/02/2006)

"E. Cable Landry presents writing and photography. Motherload is a journal of essays that I've composed over the five + years of my son's life. It includes photography, poetry, tirades, prose and humour."

(added 08/08/2004)

march for women's lives zine

The March for Women's Lives was the largest march of its kind in American history! So, why did the media downplay, misrepresent, or downright ignore it? It’s becoming increasingly obvious that we have to tell our own stories; the media is not going to do it for us! This zine is 38 (half) pages and includes march stories and photographs from over twenty contributors. It also comes with a CD-ROM that contains dozens of additional photos, a video, and a computer copy of the zine (so you can make and distribute your own copies). We really want to get the word out about this amazing experience, to commemorate the march for those who were there and to give the REAL story to those who were not. Get a copy of the March for Women’s Lives Zine and CD-ROM, only $3 postage paid. Then make and distribute copies everywhere. SPREAD THE WORD!! For info email marchzine [AT]
(added 08/08/2004)

Ma Generation

"Ma Generation: Adventures in Mothering and Beyond from an inept multi-tasker and her two smarty-pants side-kicks in a Midwestern hamlet called Appleton. In this issue: (an issue so late I have effectively skipped and issue)
Life Lessons Learned: A summer without wine, women or song.
Neighborhood Treasure: Where Time Stands Still
Mama Gathering Round-Up
Tribaby: Holy Shi**, I finish a Triathlon!
The Penis Chronicles
Celebrity Gossip
Fun With Foliage
My Refrigerator: A Still Life
Issues available for $3 a copy or $10/year (4-issues). Get a taste of what a Midwestern mama trying to raise the next generation of mini radicals is all about. Contact me at lee_snodgrass [AT] for more information." By Lee Snodgrass
(added 06/12/2004)

Media Whore
"Media Whore is a feminist zine about the media. It covers feminist media as well as critiques of mainstream media from a feminist perspective. Issues have included articles ranging from an interview with Amy Schroeder, founder of Venus magazine, to an exploration of women in comics to a guide on self-publishing. Each issue also contains editorials, reviews, and more. For more information, e-mail randie [AT] or check out

(added 03/25/2003)

Mamaphiles, the mother of all zines, is available NOW! If you are addicted to mama made zines or are curious about what a mama zine is, then Mamaphiles is for you! Mamaphiles is a special compilation zine with the theme "birth." There are over thirty contributors, each of whom does her own zine. In addition to fabulous essays, comics, poems, and photos, Mamaphiles features a subjective history of zines and comprehensive information about each contributor's zine.
To order, send $5 to P.O. Box 4803, Baltimore, MD 21211, or paypal $5 to staleyg [AT] (For orders outside the U.S., please add $2 for postage.)
Mamaphiles is a not for profit production by the mama zinesters of (In other words, any proceeds will be fed back into the project, to make additional copies & pay for postage.) Donations are most appreciated!
(added 08/15/2003)

my silence was golden, but now it's gone
Billie is a survivor of incest, ritual abuse, government mind control and medical experiments. This zine (1999) by Billie Rain who also runs the planting seeds community awareness project talks about abuse: "you tried to take my mind and steal my soul and you used every trick in the book and i didn't die and i didn't become one of you. you underestimated me! i am stronger than you thought i was!"
billierain [AT]
You can order her zines at:
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT]
(added 05/16/2003)

Moving Images: One girl’s incredibly strange search for celluloid and coaxial comrades

"Growing up in the 80s, I longed for media role models that weren’t the brat pack. I found them instead in movies like Rock ‘n’ Roll High School and Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains. But where would a fifteen-year old me find solace and comrades in today’s media? This essay is a rumination on the movies I used to watch late at night in the dark as a teen and how I related to them as an outsider. I also write about what’s available to the fringe and outsider teens of today on the movie and television screens. A bit difficult to describe, but surely worth a read. Limited edition first run packaged in an individually printed envelope!"
Low Hug Productions, A.J. Michel, Station A,
PO Box 2574,
Champaign, IL 61825-2574

lowhug [AT]
(added 05/14/2003)
Mamaphonic, a hipMama production. " is a web zine offering monthly content from emerging writers and poets. Designed for and by artists who are also mothers, Mamaphonic provides an active discussion board community with practical advice, resources, and opportunities to interact with writers, visual artists, zinesters, musicians, actors, and filmmakers." Bee Lavender is the founder and publisher of Mamaphonic.
(added 05/09/2003)

"This issue of multi-kid is brought to you by: jeep, echo, g.rrr, jm, a-bomb, wind-up girl: please let us know if you find the little black box. We would really appreciate it. xoxo the multikid crew." (#2) Articles include: "How to survive in an all white, upper middle-class non-profit world," "El Regreso' a Mexico," and "North Korea Reports." P.O. Box 414, Berkeley, CA 947091. multikid [AT]
(added 05/08/2003)

Mine: an anthology of women's choices
"For women living in the united states, we are facing an administration that wants to return to an era where women had to seek out contraceptives and abortion illegally. when women's bodies belonged to men, their partners and the government. "mine" is an anthology of women's experiences of unplanned pregnancy. including stories of herbal and clinical abortion, menstrual extraction, and women working in clinics or overseas to make abortion accessible. it is a reminder that the struggle is not over, that we must reduce the stigmatization of our various choices. it is about our rights to live, and to decide when, if and how many children we will or will not raise. it is $3.00 postpaid from
Meredith St.
6784 Stump Road
Pipersville, Pa 18947, USA
or email at merrydef [AT]
issue #2, focusing on our rights as women; including a history of forced sterilization and restrictions on our bodies, will be out in late may."

"Once upon a time there was a lass named Audra Estrones who wanted to start her very own mega-zine. She was so inspired by Bust magazine that she wanted to create the Canadian equivalent...Marigold is broken up as follows:
1. The Lives of Girls and Women - Online journals from far and wide 2. Suffragette City - Political news, views, and how tos. 3. Whoa Nellies - Rabble rousers past, present and future 4. Re:Views - Our take on pop culture and real life, too. 5. Surfacing - Artists in electronic residence. 6. What's that Marigold? - The forums. Talk to us, and each other." (Canadian)
(webpage inactive 09/02/2006)

Magickal Teen
"Magickal Teen is a brand spanking new homemade miniature magazine for Pagan teens and others who are interested in Paganism, Mythology, Nature, and the Occult. The zine also deals with teen and political issues too, such as divorce, drugs, racism, and discrimination. Magickal Teen is written for and by young adults, and anyone is welcome to submit their work for publication. Online features include exclusive articles, message board, mailing list, contests, links, faq, and more!"
PO Box 3782
Southfield, Michigan 48037-3782

MagickalTeenMag [AT] (
webpage inactive 09/02/2006)

Multiple Shades of You Online
"Multiple Shades of You Online is an interactive web zine for young women of color, ages 5-25. The content ranges from animated shorts, to features of releveant web sites for both young girls and women to articles, images, games, and much more. It's a variety of different mediums all serving to create postive reflections for young women of color."

"Is this what a mestiza looks like? feels like? thinks like? cries like? dreams like? dies like? screams like? destroys like? survives like? yo soy mestiza y this is me... and this is what i go through." By Bianca Ortiz (August 1997).
PO Box 6884
San Pablo, CA 94806
messstiza [AT]
(added 05/09/2003)



"Mala/Insurgente is two zines in one and has approx. 90 pages covering topics such as pathologized mexicana/latina bodies, analyzing colonized education, punk rock memoirs, pop culture, navigating relationships with white folks and with white as a concept, organizing, authenticity, desire, etc etc etc."
$3 in person or $4 through the mail by writing to
Mala Zine
PO Box 6884
San Pablo, CA 94806
messstiza [AT]

"Miranda chronicles the life of a one-time teacher and traveler, who is now a stay-at-home mother, scheming for reading time, despite the demands of a vivacious toddler. Read about the nitty-gritty details of childbirth, the harowing period of sleep-deprivation that ushers in parenthood, and the fun which comes with time (and enough sleep). Regular features include tales of lost companions, book reviews, and recipes. "Charming," says Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, and Zine World calls Miranda "among the very best of the undiscovered." $2.
Portland OR, email Kate: bruceandkate [AT]

Mohawk Pussy

Jessika and Sheila, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Womyn_Riot [AT]

Martial Law Babies

"A Turbo- Boiled Pop Chronicle by Post-Marcos 'Kids'."
Dumpling Press
PO Box 1126
Makati Central Post Office
1251 Makati City
Email:clairoo [AT]
$2.00 plus postage paid


(New Zealand)

PO Box 95038
Swanson, Auckland
New Zealand
Email: Annette [AT]
$1.00 per issue or trade

Mother Rebel

"It is hard to describe my zine, but I guess it is mostly about parenting just because I personally have four children. I have a steady contributor who along with an essay does a comic trip called Radical Sluts. Which is about a group of women who are tired of the system so they seduce world leaders to get them to perform good deeds. I have a segment called "A Day in the Life of a Mother Rebel". A mother (usually me because no one else has contributed to that particular segment) journals her day. I have a "Mother Rebel Rants" where I bitch about whatever has pissed me off most in the three months that it took me to put together the zine. Once it was about people calling the police on mothers who leave their kids alone in their cars. Hello, if you are that worried hang out and keep an eye on the kid. Another time it was about assuming that single mothers are slacker mothers simply because they are unmarried. I also print essays and reviews, artwork and the like."
By Kim, Maine, US. Her email:
momrebel [AT]
(added 10/17/02)

Muppet in Training

"I've always related better to toys than humans." (from the zine) " From Kristy's web site: "Welcome to Smitten Kitten Zine Distro! Based in Melbourne, Australia; I distribute a premium selection of zines and small press by talented creators in Australia and overseas. The distro is non-profit and works through mailorder and occasionally zine fairs. All prices are listed in Australian dollars. Please read all of the ordering instructions carefully if you are ordering from outside Australia. Any questions you may have can usually be found in the 'ordering' section of the site, but please e-mail me with any queries as I am happy to help."
PO Box 1179
Blackburn North
VIC 3130
Email: smittenkitten [AT] (webpage inactive 09/02/2006)

Merge Disorder

“I’m not a slogan. I may not fit your image or try to become everyone else’s expectation of me. The zine is about me and if that is selfish, then I’m selfish.”
PO Box 5241
Somerset, New Jersey 08875
cheryl [AT]


Courtney just put out issue #4 in feb/mar 03. #4 has writings on transportation, addiction/recovery, the Southern lady manifesto, public space, race/class issues, sex education, depression/self-injury, a short fiction piece, journal entries and a lot more. it is 88pp. 1/4 sized and weighs 2oz.
it is $2 (US) from me, but it can also be obtained from these distros: burning the letters, five cent fridays, screamqueen, spy kids, flatline-imperium (within the next few weeks). hopefully more soon. here is a little excerpt from #4:"i don't want to be like this. i don't want to take zoloft for the rest of my life. i don't want people to hide sharp objects from me. i never asked for this and i am dealing the best that i can." Courtney lives in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.
her email is cobarbou [AT] (updated 09/02/2006)


Mad Cow

“So if you like something or want to be someone that other people tell you is wrong because your sex and your should line up or if people tell you that you are wrong for wanting to accessorize your gender with a matching body, this Mad Cow is for you.” Various articles in the Blue Issue. I’ll briefly mention some articles by title, These Boots Were Made For Stomping, Austin Powers and The Drag King Effect, My Right Eyebrow, You Might Be A Boy If…, The Kevin Spacey Diary, I Had A Gender Once.., and many others. Price: Issue#1-6=$2.00 each
c/o u of t Women’s Centre
563 Spardina Circle
Toronto ON m5S 2j7
(added 10/17/2002) 


Making of a Chicana
“This was originally put together for a group of students traveling to Texas and border Mexico to experience the “Real”, um, Mexico/Spanish experience in early 2001. So I have added selections, here and there. I hope to offend only in a good way.” In this Issue you see the impact this course has had on students who attended a six-week course. The zine is composed of excerpts, poetry and free thoughts.
PO Box 809
La Blanca, Texas
noemi [AT]
(added 10/17/2002)

The Making of a Femme
“As Always, this is intended to only speak of my own experiences. I do not mean to marginalize anyone. All stories are valid…this is simply my own and nothing more. If anything I say hurts you or makes you feel invalidated, by all means let me know. If anything else, it should spark interesting conversation.” Devon’s zine attempt #2 is a portable 46-page zine that I enjoyed. She covers all that one can write about while at work regarding her appearance, and the way society claims to rectify her by categorizing her in the appropiate gender slot. She obviously rebels and is able to live her life as she wishes.
devonfking [AT]
(added 10/17/2002)

“Our intent in publishing this zine is to honor radical parents. Mamazine is a forum for our art, our thoughts, our issues, our values, our struggle, our rants, our strengths, and everything else!” Advice for other mamas, poetry, anecdotes, and helpful resources all included in the issue Summer 2001. Price= $1.50 each
olympiamamazine [AT]

“I wanted to do this zine because I have always masturbated. It has always been a constant aspect in my life. I’ve gone through extreme periods of trying to stop doing all together because it is “WRONG.” I am a very sexually open person. I think sex is a wonderful natural thing.” Masturbation is about, “ a collection of writings from people all over the place who have a little something to say about touching our selves.”
Mastro Zine
C/o Wendianne
PO Box 264
SM, Ca
Price=$2.00 each
(added 10/17/2002) 

The Mermaid Disease
“Okay, so maybe we can’t help you with your hairy back – or hairy anything else, for that matter.” This time Mermaid Disease# 3 offers interviews with Six Part Seven, The Campground Effect, the artoonist Mary Fleener also known as Slutburger. You can also catch a little feature on the East Village Jam Session.
Price: $1.00 each or trade
PO Box 3346
Rancho Santa Fe, Ca 92067

(added 10/17/2002)


Mohawk Beaver
"A zine dedicated to the clits of tomorrow." When I discovered this zine first in Vienna (hmmm, it was 1996 I guess, in the Depot), it was one of my first encounters with a grrrl power zine. And I was intrigued by Gritt's "Mohawk Beaver"! I went home with all issues they had and read and read... In every issue (more than 10 by now) she interviews empowered women (like first feminist generation Kirsten Christensen or the band Rock Bitch), publishes poems and stories (e.g. on domestic violence among girlfriends or on sexual harrassment in our daily lives), comics, drawings - all of which deal with how women create and live their lives - and their sexuality -in today's (still partriarchal and homophobic) society. Write her at:
e-mail: mohawkbeaver [AT]
Kopenhagen, Denmark
, Europe

(link not found, January 2003)
a directory + reviews of online 'zines by women.of.color...

My Dandelion
(link not found, January 2003)
A personal site from a 16 year grrrl from Canada who says about herself: "i'm a feminist. it sucks that i even have to say that. it should go without saying that all females are feminists, but for some reason, there are still women and girls who deny being feminists. HOLY SHIT!!!"



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