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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

Two By Four: on Being Fat
"'Sometimes my body is acceptable. Sometimes I hate it. Other times I love it. Occasionally other people love it. There is not enough representation of fat in the media and this is my little dent in the system.'
Personal pieces about how it feels to be fat, an article on fat sex, info on fat girl dance troupes and more." Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
$2.50 / 60p / half / 4 oz
(added 29/06/2006)

"If there was anything that would make me want to quit my job & start working at a grocery store it would be the chance at witnessing things you might not believe after reading Truckface #7. However, it's true, they are true & these people, they exist. This is a brilliant & funny zine from one of my favorite zinesters!" Quoted from My My Distro.
(added 28/06/2006)

This is a Fog
"Go ahead, judge this zine by it's cover. You won't be dissapointed. Ok, there is much more to this zine than just the fabulous color cover featuring mis-matched chairs that somehow seems so beautiful & comforting. Inside Claire opens up to us in a way only saved for the best of friends & a nice warm cup of tea. Claire tells us about forced feelings, letting go & the fear of never being loved as much as she loves someone else. This just skims the surface of this most perfect example of a personal zine. Get this zine, find your own comfy chair & let yourself become a part of Claire's world." Quoted from My My Distro.
(added 28/06/2006)

Twelve True Animal Facts Vol. 1
"Everything you've ever wanted to know about some of the slimiest & coolest animals ever. Did you know rabbits can't read? This zine is handprinted in color & totally awesome!" Quoted and available to order from My My Distro.
12p & 1/8 letter > $3.00
(added 28/06/2006)

A Tenderness So Painful I Thought My Heart Would Burst
"There is something comforting in Karen's words, her reflections & memories seem so familiar. At the same time it's almost haunting how much she knows without realizing it. How right-on she is about so many things within those reflections & memories. They are hers, these are her words but I can't help but feel as though if you change things around a bit, maybe names & places, that these could be my reflections & my memories with a few of my hopes & dreams thrown in for good measure. There is something both comforting & haunting in a personal zine that borders on being too personal as in, wait this is about me!" Quoted and available to order from My My Distro.
34p & 1/2 letter > $2.00

(added 28/06/2006)

This Is My Blood, Your Body
"Another comp By The Scarlet Tide Brigade, this one more focusing on general womens health. included along with personal expriences of mensturation are essays on the dangers of Depo-Provera, how osteoporosis is linked to dairy consumption, body image, diy cloth pad tutorials, experiences with the keeper and more!" Quoted from HousewifeXcore Distro.
2 stamps
(added 26/06/2006)

This Is My Blood, This Is Your Blood
"A comp zine from the Scarlet Tide Brigade about peoples experiences with mensturation. Full of poems stories reminidies resources (reading lists and websites). a map of abortions clinics in Canadian Provinces. A good read for someone who wants a more personal approach to radical mensturation." Quoted from HousewifeXcore Distro.
2 stamps
(added 26/06/2006)

Theta is an Angle "Tales about kittens, college life, zines, and other such ordinary occurences are soon revealed to be anything but." Written by Merrideth. Quoted and available to order from Tastes Like Newsprint Distro
(added 21/06/2006)

"This zine is about stuff Ilana finds cool. There's an interesting picture to color from a hole coloring book, she interviews a Victorian sweetheart artist named Dame Darcy, talks about her favorite music, interviews The Fizz, enjoys teatime properly, reviews a lot of different things, and explains nicely why we're all fucked. Plus oh so much more you won't believe your eyes." Quoted and available to order from Echo Zine Distro .
$2, 1oz
(added 20/06/2006)

"Megan's illustrated Trabant,, No. 1 chronicles January 2005, and her decision to pursue her dreams on the flying trapeze. She thinks out loud through all the possible things that could go wrong, and go right, with this change in career (she's a children's book editor by day) and life. There are wonderful descriptions of the whole process of setting up and flying the trapeze, intermingled with stories of Megan and her girlfrind Heathers' adventures in Booklyn. At the end is a booklist, info on Megan's other zines, and a poem entitled, '"Almost an Italian Major.'" Quoted and available to order from Echo Zine Distro .
$2, 3oz
(added 20/06/2006)

Take Back your Life: A Wimmins Guide To Alternative Health Care (MN/US) "Take Back your life was one of the first zines that really changed my perception of my body, i was 16 suffering from an unknown menstural disorder and getting the run around from every doctor i went to. This zine did just what it says it took back my life, it showed me I could be in control of my body watch what it does and find ways to prevent or curb my symptoms. This zine basically goes on the lowdown of really general cunt health, diet, has part of the article Witches, Midwives, and Healers, which is a history of womens health history and the downfall due to modern western medicine in the turn of the century. also has a very extensive article on AIDS." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.

Three Into One "By Klaus Viehmann. The triple oppression of racism, sexism and class." Quoted and available to order from Diffusons Distro
diffusons [AT]
44 p A5, 60 g

(added 16/06/2006)

"from the writer: #1(the mass issue) includes - the story of twigmama. 23. elizabeth. interview. best swimming spots. found mail. and more. #2 includes - souls of our traveling shoes. clyde. clippings. pit of death. joyrides. lots of art.#3 punkrockmonday. top 9 things i would not recommend. forget knot. interview with thor bueno. placemat drawings. #4 (the virginia issue) includes - survival tips. interview with jimmy. things frank has eaten. drawings and stories from a summer in the blue ridge." (Quoted in Fatcheeks Distro) Zine created by Suzie . Available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
$2 AU/CA - $1 US
(added 02/05/2006) 

Tune Out

"This is a perzine from Maria in Canada, who writes simply and elegantly about her life. In this issue, Maria talks about her feelings about her bisexuality, childhood memories, misunderstandings and joining a gym. She also includes some of her wonderful B&W photography." (Quoted in Wasabi Distro) Issue #15 available to order from: Wasabi Distro.
105 yen
22pp - 1/4 size
(added 01/05/2006)

Technicolor Polkadot
"After class I went over to her apartment and we got high, listened to Polyester Bride on repeat while she told me about Romania. It didn’t take long for us to become inseparable- both girl slutbag stoners obsessed with films and completely shit to the wind unstable. I’d go to her house almost every day that semester. Sometimes lying on her bed while she edited her films, always on drugs together, always chain smoking. Her anger at men was taken out regularly on her long time friend and roommate Naked Boy. She yelled at him to cook her food and then made him art when she felt bad for her yelling. The house was filled with this art and it was stunning to look at when she would put me in the awkward situation of listening to her call Naked Boy a twat. It was a cycle neither one of them cared to end. The first time I witnessed this was when we were all out of weed. Both of us, addicts, freaked out and she commanded Naked Boy walk 4 miles to the pawnshop and trade in her guitar for cash so we could hook up with my dealer; a punk rock goddess named Love. Naked Boy finally agreed to pawn some shit for us and Leena threw cigarettes at his face as reward. I never understood why he put up with her bullshit but he never seemed phased by it, and now six years later they are still living together somewhere in Arizona."
To order issue #3, write to:
hannah neurotica
PO Box 1895
grantham, NH
$2 + 2 stamps
(added 18/04/2006)

"This is a neat idea. You send Christine a half page ad for your zine - describe back issues, describe yourself, and she compiles them all in a zine. #2 is a really good source for UK girl zines. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 20 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #2, write to:
PO Box 11843
Olympia, WA 98508-1843
(added 31/03/2006)

"This is a cute mini put out by Sewan of Tullycraft and formerly of Crayon. There’s a tour diary of the Tullycraft/Bunnygrunt tour and tons of reviews. Essential for all you budding indie rockers. 4 1/2” x 5 1/2”, 36 pages.."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #17, write to:
PO Box 20639
Seattle, WA 98102
a stamp?
(added 31/03/2006)

"This is another installment of Meghann’s passionate writing, along with some stuff by Puma Navarro. . Alot of Meghann’s writing seems to revolve around irony, in work ethics, in consumption, in values, and life. She also writes about missing the time to read all day, a profile of Emily Dickinson. Puma’s pieces, about urban American society and dictated bauty via magazines are really powerful. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 44 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #6, write to:
5369 Fox Run Road
Sarasota, FL 34231
$1 + 2 stamps?
(added 31/03/2006)

The Coma

"Favorite lists, thoughts on rape in movies, a letter to an old friend, dream analysis, and other bits round out this zine. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 14 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #1, write to:
c/o KC
PO Box 7618
Tacoma, WA 98407-0618
$1 + 2 stamps or trade
(added 31/03/2006)

Teenage Whoremoans

"This is almost like two or three zines stuck together. The first part is prose about sexual violence and the loss of meaning. Also, there is a Sylvia Plath poem that rocks, of course, thoughts on her personal definition of feminism, writing on what she’s been like throughout her teenage years, a poem about reclaiming her self-love, thoughts on why she hasn’t shared her zine with any boys yet, a rant on The People vs. Larry Flynt, which is also given coverage in Suki Girl zine. affirmations, and more. Endearing. 4 1/2” x 11, 28 pages."(from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #4, write to:
1806 Medina Street
Coeu D’Alene, ID 83814
$1, stamps, or trade
(added 30/03/2006)

Tazwell´s Favorite Eccentric
"#2 has stuff about moving home/making peace, the suddenness of death, love/distance, my imaginary dad, a few reviews, orignal art and more.Freshly cut, coalated and stapled, Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric is ready for trade or purchase. ($1+1 stamp by mail, $1.50ppd via paypal). But I seriously prefer trades. It's quarter size, b&w, 22pages." To order issue #2 write to: Sarah/TFE po box 816, north tazewell, VA 24630
piratesarah [AT] gmail dot com

(added 7/3/2006)

Tails of the Altered Earth (3rd Edition)
" An all new lit/furzine, Tails of the Altered Earth is an Illustraited story complete in one issue. In the future, anthropormorphic animals rule the earth, and many different factions exist. Join Jason, a young Bear Cub and his Mentor, Royal as they travel from Jason's home, away from his family for him to join the The Guardians, a monastic group of furs dedicated to serving the Earth Mother. A great zine for any furry/lit fan." Digest sized, $2.00
To order issue #1 write to: Caroline Tigeress
PO Box 2267
Longview, Washington 98632
(added 6/3/2006)

Take back the news
"To survivors of sexual violence,
Many survivors feel the burden of keeping their stories hidden from a public scrutiny that often tends to disbelieve, discredit, and stigmatize them. Perhaps you have felt this, but sexual violence is not a rarity. According to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, one in three women and girls in the world will be beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime. This is an epidemic. To the discredit of the mainstream media, rape is under-represented and mis-represented. There is something you can do to change this... TAKE BACK THE NEWS! It takes courage to share your story, but by adding your voice, your story, to the news, you revolt against the stigma. You release the shame that survivors are often told to carry. This is your opportunity to share your own un-edited words and help others understand what rape is and how it affects real people.
emily [AT]

Tenderfoot: A compilation zine about firsts

TENDERFOOT is a compilation zine (one with multiple contributors) about firsts. It is a sporadically-published print zine; the website does not contain any of the content that appears in the zine, just information so that you can get your hands on the actual thing. Size and format will differ from issue to issue. This is a mama-made zine that doesn't deal directly with parenting; contributors include parents, non-parents, and kids. There are quite a few zines out there that do explore parenting listed on the links page. Check 'em out! To order a copy of TENDERFOOT via snail mail or online (paypal). Currently available to order:
TENDERFOOT #1: first day of school
(spring 2003, 36 pages, half-legal size, $2.00 USD)
TENDERFOOT #2: first kiss (description and contents coming soon)
(summer 2004, 72 pages, half size, $3.00 USD)
jenna weiss,
PO Box 321, fanwood NJ 07023, USA

tenderfootzine [AT]
(added 11/04/2004)

Teen Mama Zine
"The zine for and about teen mamas. Teen Mama is dedicated to improving the lives of other teenage mothers. We have each been there, we feel that our knowledge and experience can benefit the lives of other young mothers.
Teen Mama is a division of Mama Specific Productions, a company founded in August 2000 by Trula Breckenridge, a mother who had her first child as a teenager. Mama Specific Productions provides products and services to communities of mothers. We feel that with help and encouragement teen mothers can finish their education, pursue their dreams and raise happy, well-adjusted children." Mama Specific Productions
Div: Teen Mama
PO Box 110393
Cleveland, OH
info [AT]

(added 06/6/2003, updated 13/02/2006)

talking to spirits
Billie is a survivor of incest, ritual abuse, government mind control and medical experiments. This zine (2001) by Billie Rain who also runs the planting seeds community awareness project talks about child abuse. Billie tries to overcome her painful past: "spiritual healing is connected to revolutionary truggle in every way."
billierain [AT]
You can order her zines at:
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT]
(added 05/16/2003)

Transfeminism: A Collection
"This 28-page collection contains materials from three older 'zines: "The Transfeminist Manifesto," "An Open Letter to Alix Dobkin," and "Whose Feminism is it Anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate." Emi has "retired" her older 'zines, because much of the contents became outdated. You do not need this one if you already have Emi's first three 'zines, but this compilation is ideal for you if you are new to Emi's writings."

By Emi Koyama,
PO Box 40570, Portland OR 97240.
emi [AT]
(added 05/14/2003, updated 13/02/2006)

These Nations Forgotten
This "is a 24-page collection of poems by Lamya Amir el-Chidiac about love, war and resistance."
By Emi Koyama,
PO Box 40570, Portland OR 97240.
emi [AT]
(added 05/14/2003, updated 13/02/2006)

Teaching Intersex Issues

"A 16-page booklet by Emi & Lisa Weasel, the assistant professor of Biology at Portland State University. Discusses why we need to change how we teach intersex issues in Women's, Gender and Queer Studies classrooms, and exactly how to do that. Includes a sample course unit as well as anotated biography. Also distributed by Intersex Society of North America."
By Emi Koyama,
PO Box 40570,
Portland OR 97240.
emi [AT]
(added 05/14/2003, updated 13/02/2006)

Turtle and Gorilla
"This 32-page "family 'zine" is made up of writings and artworks by Leslie and Stacey Bull and their five children, two of whom write from within the prison. Includes "p.o.w." and many other powerful pieces". $ 6.00 at
Order via Emi Koyama,
PO Box 40570,
Portland OR 97240.
emi [AT]
(added 05/14/2003 updated 13/02/2006)

Laundry Basket: Tales of Washday Woe
A Low Hug Mini Zine from Anita j Michel. This is a compilation one-shot mini-zine about doing the laundry, mending clothing, Laundromat disasters, and other fiascoes. Seventeen different contributors, including Celia Perez (I Dreamed I was Assertive zine), Jake Bloom, Erin Payne, Andi Estrada, Tricia Shore, Miranda Celeste (, Arielle Davis, AmberMarie, Cali Ruchala (, Hanne Blank (, Nicole Maes-Keating, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Kirsten Hudson (, Matt Holdaway (A Multitude of Voices zine), and Quail (Persephone Is Pissed). April 2002, $1.A.j. Michel,
PO Box 2574,
Champaign, IL 61825.
lowhug [AT]

(added 05/09/2003, updated 13/02/2006)

Tuhia: A Manifesto
(New Zealand)

“I won’t be written off because I’m not published by a mainstream publisher. I barely break even, if not lose money on my zines, who cares? A big name on a fancy cover won’t make boring-as-fuck, uninspired writing any better.” In this zine Amanda repeatedly demonstrates her passion for writing. She makes several points on the importance of writing and what it means to her.
PO Box 7793
Wellesley St.
New Zealand

(added 11/30/02)

"Trans-Fuse! - making mischief online since 1999. This site is transgender positive. It is also anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic. Trans-Fuse! puts the emphasis squarely on politics. It aims to play a small part in promoting awareness, discussion, debate and increased activism amongst the trans community." It also has a directory of websites, zines and mailing lists offering more political trans and queer resources...
(added 1/10/03, webpage inactive 13/02/2006)

Three a.m.

“This is immediacy. If I don’t write it now it won’t be so true, I will never feel like this again never have these thoughts or scribble these lines. This is not about another person. It is about me." In Issue#6 Lisa shares with us how she rescued Bobby Taylor, her hideout the photobooth, her broken camera and several other important life stories. I personally enjoy her layout art. By Lisa
newwaverevolution [AT]
(added 11/17/02)


Tenacious: Writings from Women in Prison

"Tenacious: Writings from Women in Prison"
was conceived by several women incarcerated in
Oregon's first (and only) female prison, Coffee Creek
Correctional Facility. Because prisoners have either
extremely limited or no access to scissors, xeroxing,
staplers, stamps, etc., one of the women, Barrilee
Bannister, asked if I would be the outside person to
do the layout, copying, collating and distributing. I
agreed. Most of the articles in the three existing issues of "Tenacious" deal with the difficulties of parenting from prison, losing a child (either through death or through state intervention) while incarcerated, health care, sexual assault by prison staff, the lack of educational and vocational programs for women (even more so than for men in prison) and the lack of rehabilitative programming and support services for women in prison. Thus far, "Tenacious" is the only zine exclusively by women in prison. There are more zines by male prisoners that may (or, more often, may not) have a female voice and even more that have no female voices whatsoever. People on the outside can get copies by
sending $2 in well-concealed cash or stamps to:
PO Box 20388
Tompkins Square STation
New York, NY 10009
It's free to women in prison and 2 stamps for men in
prison. " Tenacious" is also being distributed by the South Chicago ABC Zine Distro and was recently picked up by Dreamer's Distro. Email Vikki at:
cradlecap00 [AT]

(added 02/02/2003, updated 13/02/2006)

Tastes Like Chicken

“I got a job at Sears selling children’s clothes during the holidays. I was not looking forward to it. I was not impressed with being paid 60 cents above minimum wage.” Issue #10 includes, “work stories, praise for the Padres, my first time, and lots of random crap.”
chicken.lady [AT]
(added 11/17/02)



“Zines should be exposed as widely as possible.” Issue #4 will give you several things that you can post up on your wall for example: 20 things that Rock the House, The Roommate Manifesto, At The Convenience Store and Tv Haikus.
punkgrrrl81 [AT]
(added 11/17/02)


“I want to be in a place where people can share and declare their impractical dreams and embryonic plans.” No.4 of this zine concentrates on poetry, articles, and fast thoughts for a fucked up world.
PO Box 332
Kingsgrove, NSM 2208

(added 11/17/02)

Tight Pants

“The following may be shocking, so put down your soda/ beer/slushie and listen up to this one statement and this one statement only: EMO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TERRORIST ATTACKS.” Tight Pants Issue #9 will make you contemplate other possible reasons to who could of committed this crime. Let us not forget that Madeleine proposes these theories by emphasizing her dislike for Emo Music. By Madeleine.
(added 11/17/02)

Torque the Alphabetical

“The object of this zine is to say something otherwise kept to myself. This is the first and only issue of my zine.” “This issue ids dedicated to the grrrls of Quality Bad and includes pieces on the Nashville Independent Film Festival, hemming and howling, creative nonfiction by the Illustrations of Jen G, lies about the medieval period and much more!!
southernfemme9 [AT]
(added 11/17/02)

Tremors That Hold Us

“You know I miss you. You are the only girl I’ve ever cried over. You still have the power to make me cry.” Issue#6 is about love, and finding a hiding place when life gets complicated. Price: $1.00
(added 11/17/02)

An archive of riot grrrl information

riot grrrl writings (articles, papers, books)

Twinkle Eye Fizzy

Getting this zine requires 2$ and an A4 sae:
Rainy, Essex, UK

Tim Tum
A Trans Jew Zine
As the title says, this zine tangles with trangender and religious questions. For example, it gives basics tipps on respect/etiquette/support of trans persons and provides definitions of Jewish terminiology and history. It's a wonderful and eye-opening zine. Order it viaemail:
micahrebelprince [AT]

That girl
Kelli has moved around a lot, some issues (like #7) report from her travelling to Europe, #11 traces her to San Franciso and travelling through America. #11 is really about living in San Francisco and Kellis disillusion with the "forced political and cultural snobbery of the city, the naivete and cliqueishness of the indie rock scene,..." I believe you'd enjoy this zine as much as I did! Write to Kelli:
PO Box 27894
Los Angeles, CA 90027
email: kellicallis [AT]

There are not enough hours in the day for all the bitching I have to do!
This personal zine, edited by Lynette in Singapore, deals with the death of her grandfather, introduces Lynette's movie favorites, discusses racism (in the zine community and in broader society) and closes with "Oh, zines! What have you done to me!" Write to Lynette.
email: lynk666 [AT]

Tongues -
a queer latina webzine

"Tongues began and developed with the leadership that reflects its target population. The current leadership of Tongues has been active in the Los Angeles area since October 1999 and grew out of an initial interest to create a politically and socially conscious magazine and website 'zine for Queer women of color, specifically Xicanas/Latinas. Realizing that many of the Los Angeles-area agencies dealing with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues lacked in providing a creative and political arena for the development of Queer Latina expression, leadership and community, Tongues has evolved into serving as a medium for creating said platform to dialogue and take proactive measures on a variety of issues that usually are not considered "relevant" to Queer Latinas (i.e. globalization, worker's rights, and educational justice). There is also a need to heighten dialogue on the dynamics of race, class and gender so that local LGBT and/or Latina/o organizations can engage and become better equipped to meet the needs of their Queer Latina constituents."
(webpage inactive 13/02/2006)

The Day I Quit Punk Rock
Sarah, who also runs the Screamqueen Zine Distro (formerly Curbster Zine Distro) where she carries personal, politicl, personal-poltical, feminist and some fiction story-oriented zines. did also her own little personal zine about the day she quit punk...
PO Box 2604
Chesterfield, VA 23832

jillsbrokenheart [AT]

These are the Days

"Every day a revolution begins, every breath has consequence, every step is in a direction." Kyle Bravo
PO Box 14523
Richmond, Virginia 23231
$1.50 each= Issues# 2,3

The Transmitter
(New Zealand)

"A zinester's resource" from a zine library in Auckland!
The Transmitter
p.o box 68939
Newton, Auckland
New Zealand
Email: spookies [AT]

Too Many Bisexual Rockstars and Not Enough Lesbian Hip Hop Artists

"There is always time for change…..but this is the time for a new artistic revolution."
Sarah O"donnell
PMB 910
1122 E. Pike
Seattle, Wa 98122

Thunderpussy Fanzine
A zine for queer punk grrlz and the people that love 'em!!!!
"Hey there, my name is fLEA and I'm the editor/ publisher of "THUNDERPUSSY" zine. I'm a queer punk grrrl from Melbourne Australia. My zine is aimed at young alienated dykes/queers/grrls who don't neccessarily relate to what mainstream 'gay/lesbian' publications or mainstream 'girl/women' publications shove in their face! "thunderpussy" zine is not specifically a 'queer' zine as such, it's there for women/grrls of all persuasians, regardless of sexuality!..."
Box 1071, BRIGHTON RD L.P.O,

thunderpussy666 [AT]

Trippers Zine

"Hardrockinmeanspittingpunkrockdykegrrrl zine from Singapore is here. All your lesbionic rants, music reviews and interviews with people and bands that you'd find interest in done by a dyke editor. Punkrock contradictions, gay expectations, fighting rascism and homophobia form the music scene, everything and whatever. Grit your teeth, wince, smile, show your finger, be a freak and strut your shit, fuck shit up: dykes rule! Hey, I interviewed Lynnee from Tribe 8! Get the issue before it runs out!"
(webpage inactive 13/02/2006)
trippers_tm [AT]

Tearing Down the Walls

“I’m a comic drawin, polka dot wearin bitter sarcastic nerdy girl.” $1.00 each/trade and stamps = Issue#7
Jessika, Hills, MI, USA
Email: xriotxnrrrdx [AT]


“Blow up your car and ride the bus.”
PO Box 27894
Los Angeles, California, 90027
bottle_blondie [AT]


The death of dr. pimp – a riot grrrl zine
(dead link, January 2003)
By members of the Riot Grrrl chapter Miami: “Our zine contains mostly poetry and rants/essays pertaining to riot grrrl/feminism and representing different girls' lives. sometimes we also use artwork and stories. but the whole point of us putting out this zine is to put out writings from different girls' perspectives instead of us just making it this thing were we talk only about our own views on riot grrrl and the such.”(3 issues, the third one put out in 2000)

The X-Womyn Collective
Because we believe punk rock isn't just for your boyfriend anymore
Its manifesto: "We, as punk womyn and men, are sick of seeing our scenes and communities perpetuating the hierarchy of sexism that we are supposed to oppose. (...) The X-Womyn Collective was created to establish a place where womyn are just as much a part of our scenes as anyone else. By promoting music, zines and art created by womyn, we are claiming our space in the punk rock community. This game isn't fun anymore. It's time for things to change. (...). As of now, the Collective exists purely online (unfortunately) but we encourage anti-sexist activism in all its forms, online and in our daily lives. STOP THE PATRIARCHY IN PUNK!"



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