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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

Danger! hole
"Anyone who supports independent media, other zinesters, feminists, bloggers, free-thinkers. Opinionated kids who can take and give criticism. Zine trade(r)s in the tri-state area. Goddamn you, New Jersey." Quoted from
Write to Lucy:
Grrrlriots8me [AT]
(added 16/1/2008)

Diary of a Deer Caught in Headlights
A personal zines by Candy, of NYC.
(added 27/7/2007)

Dropping Out (for students)
"Cavegirl's DIY zine documents her decision to drop out of school and how it has affected her life. She provides among other things, advice on dumpster diving, shoplifting, panhandling, and squatting." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Olympia, WA
(added 27/7/2007)

Deconstructing My Hollywood Dreams
"USC film student Star Blue writes about going to college at an exclusive private school and the class discrimination and assumptions that entails. She includes a “You know you attend college in LA” list, a piece on skate boarding, a themed mix tape, and several original poems."
Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Star Blue
Occidental, CA
(added 26/7

"Doraeman is a popular anime and manga character. He is a robot cat from the future with a magical pouch and no ears. The author includes little drawings and writings from her English as a Second Language students, as well as her own sketch of the character." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
(added 25/7/2007)

Deviant recipes
"This personal zine by a couple of radical dykes focuses on gender "deviants" and the problems that Althaea and Mara face as a result of intolerance of their fluid identities. There are comix, art, poems, and advice, in addition to the short essays." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Mistress Althaea, Mara Schnookums
is, CA
Feb. 2005
Personal Zine
added 25/7/2007)

"Alisa, an isolated teenager from Massachusetts, writes a hand drawn and cut-and-paste zine about reclaiming women’s bodies, feminism, pro-choice and illegal abortion, and self-identity. There are also zine ads, collages, poems, and clip art." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
hampton, MA
al Zine
dded 24/7/2007)

Dumpling Diary

"Creating this zine was an awakening experience. The world becomes more interesting when you have an artistic purpose for the way things make you feel. I don't know how to classify this zine; maybe 1/2 per, 1/3 art, 1/6 lit. The first and only print run occured in Oct. 2005, and consisted of 16 copies, plus one tester kept as mine." Quoted from
28 Sept. 2005 - 6 Oct. 2005
Distributed through:
fatcheeks distro
Wasabi Distro
(added 6/6/2007)

Don't Look "Using the single page lay out created by Elizabeth Genco, Don't Look publishes on the web. An experiment in viral distribution, Don't Look offers contemporary, quirky short poems, flash fiction, photography, drawing, art and columns. Created by Jack Lee and Mary Lewys, the zine is free save for printing costs. Public distribution by the readers is encouraged. The first issue premiered in November 2006. It is published bi-monthly." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

Don't Bring Me Flowers
"Don't Bring Me Flowers! is a split zine by Webly Bowles and Alex Wrekk. The split was written in one night, the night before Webly went in for surgery and Alex was there to take care of and offer support to Webly." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

Death Ship
"Death Ship (or Death Ship of the Free Press) is an oversized zine published by Violet Jones. It is focused on zine reviews, correspondence with other zinesters, and related material. Its production values and ideological outlook are similar to those of The Match. Its name is taken from the novel Death Ship: The Story of an American Sailor by Bruno Traven." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

Dear Utah
"Dear Utah was a one-shot mini-zine written by Alex Wrekk as a letter to the state she once called home." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

"Dangerfox was a perzine published published by Julian Myers out of Ithaca, NY during the 1990's. From the introduction of issue #3 "This zine is about the fact that fun--not violence, not essays, not words, not whining--is the most fuckshitup revolutionary experience available to us." Each issue of Dangerfox included personal stories from Julian and his friends, an anarchist and anti-corporate bent to it's editorials, thoughts on sexuality, goofy comics and zine reviews. At times both funny and angry." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

"#2,The "I Love Pussy Issue." Factoids, lots of good information, piece on Annie Sprinkle, and a recipe. Tiny, pink, and like a lot of the zines here, fun!" Quoted from and reviewed in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet,
Ducky Doolittle
PO Box 1474
NY, NY 10009
(added 21/5/2007)

Dangerous Love
"Krystal writes about her intense affair with anorexia in the form of a love story, from the early stages of flirting with the disorder to the painful break-up. she also writes about how eating disorders are quickly becoming seen as normal and how dangerous it is. the clever writing and lovely layout (crafty and heavy on collage) make this an incredibly unique zine experience." Quoted and available to order from Not Sorry Distro.

Dry Martini
"This first issue of Dry Martini is a zine full of high school poetry from Miss Alexis. Emotional poems, dealing with things like love and love-lost, each page offers a new set of verses, all of which are laid out over various pictures and pieces of clip art. The layout pattern is very regular, and works really well, making it easy to read through each heart-felt stanza. This zine is half size, 28 pages. Oh, and each cover features a glittered olive sitting in a martini glass." Quoted and available to order from Loop Distro.
(added 16/2/2007)

Darkend Stars
"Tortured fiction and some illustrations... stories of abandonment and lonliness, and pain. it also features a few reviews: white oleander and lost & delirious. sad acrostic poems and those awesome illustrations make it good. not exactly for those days when you're all happy & shit but for the days you're all depressed and sad... and you need to know someone's having a worse day than you... yeah. so if you're into this kind of thing, you'll love it. get it." Zine by Jessi and Lara. Quoted and available to order from Distro-e.
(added 16/2/2007)


"Digress is a print zine (although the first four issues are archived online at based in Riverside, California and features art and artists from surrounding communities (I use the term “artist” loosely as to me it includes musicians, writers, activists, and anyone else who considers what they do to be art.). It features the works of local artists along with interviews regarding their artistic process. Digress’ title speaks for itself. You never know what you may find in the next issue." Check out the interview Elke did with Annie Knight.
digress [AT]
(added 14/2/2007)


"Durga is a feminist personal punk zine about going to library school, death of a loved cat, Eugene's activism and reputaion, and more. This issue is twenty-four pages."
Winter 2006. Zine by Eugene. Quoted and available to order from Blank Page Distro.
(added 2/2/2007)

Dildo Zine "With a name like this, how can it not be good? Nadja has put together a zine that an adorable cover, well written essays about ethnicity, & volunteering at a film festival, to name a few. She also has included a well-drawn comic about Stinky Mike, which is definately a must read." Zine by Nadja. Quoted and available to order from Avocado Tree Distro.
(added 1/02/2007)

"The new zine from Molly 'focuses on anarchist/punk issues, with an emphasis on feminist issues.' This issue talks about anarchy as a viable alternative to traditional government, biofuel, poems about lack of equality and revolution, and a piece about going to Boston for the anarcha-feminist festival La Revolta! This zine is educational and informative, but also beautifully creative.
Quoted and available from Sweet Pea Distro.
(added 10/10/2006)

Dirty Jeans
"Dirty Jeans [issue 1] is very much a cut and paste zine. It includes my poetry, as well as a few poems by my friends. + a short story, random thoughts, a rant and a Sid Vicious picture! :D Start emailing!" Zine by Ivana. Quoted from
vulvanella89 [AT]
(added 14/09/2006)

Dimanche "Dimanche is a great mix of food talk plus Sabrina's favorite things like buying used books, eating out and collecting interesting things. She writes a fun piece about Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals. Sabrina and her mother chose a recipe for a 30 minute meal and prepared it to see if in fact the meal could be made in 30 minutes. As a bonus you'll get a quarter size zine that is 16 pages full of recipes!" Issues #1-#3 by Sabrina. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Do Not Bend

"Nicci is one of the most creative people I know and I was really pleased to see that she participated in the 24 hour zine challenge!  "Do Not Bend" was made in 24 hours and contains five tutorials for  photographic assignments, she writes about her job at the library and like her other zines, Nicci includes her artwork which is always great!" Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Dear Stepdad

"This zine is made up of a handful of letters that Neely has written to various step dads that she has had through out her life. An excerpt: 'dear stepdad: you are the newest in a long line of fuck ups my mom has decided to take into her life and home. you don't seem too bad. good luck. i bet you will not last five years.'" Zine by Neely. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Dropping Out
"A zine originally put out by the CrimethInc ex-workers collective, this is a part personal story, part guide to dropping out of school, living on your own or being homeless. Written by a sixteen year old at a time when she was living with the xEvasionx kid (same sort of thing) this is a short but informative start if you're thinking about going it alone & living without working. A lot of the stuff in here is america-based, but the main points are still valid. A cheap start if you're toying with the idea." Quoted and available to order from
Dead Trees and Dye Distro.
(added 28/7/2006)

Don't Fall Asleep don't fall asleep #5
Zine created by Christina. It is available to order from
(added 25/7/2006)

Don't Be a Scab
"don't be a scab #4 is a perzine by Carmen Keck. it has little stories about knitting, vacations at the beach, day trips, cookie baking contests (with a recipe), being short & more! its also accented throughout with her lovely drawings." Quoted and available from
(added 13/7/2006)

Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Family Lessons to Unlearn
"A perzine about bringing a transgender boyfriend home to meet the family on Thanksgiving. This tale of a not-so-liberal family and a search for acceptance is presented with humor and cute illustrations." Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
Denver, CO,
shortandqueer [AT]
(added 29/06/2006)

"Subtitled "a zine of of discontentment" this is a zine depicting the life of a once overly sensitive girl who grew up to be a cold heartless bitch who feels nothing...or at least tries to. What happens when you reach the social breaking point." Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
(added 29/06/2006)

Day Xanadu

"Kristen DeLuca’s perzine that started the entire MyownBrain revolutoion! An imperfect, extremely personal literary magazine that is out to prove art is everywhere! You just have to know where to look for it. Full of poetry, stories artwork and the occasional fiction piece and angry letters. Old skool, cut n bleed layout, keeping the spirit of DIY alive." Quoted and available to order from MyOwnBrain Productions.
(added 29/06/2006)

Dear Diary: Mostly True Stories
"The way Stephanie talks to her "diary" is the way a best friend talks to you. It's like finding that vinyl Jem and the Holograms diary with the mini lock unlocked & flipping through & only reading the good stuff, the almost true journal entries that span a period of two years of one girl's life. Don't forget to put it back where you found it or she might know you looked!" Quoted and available to order from My My Distro.
(added 28/06/2006)

Damn Engine
"A truly well-written perzine by Meredith of Sweet Anthem Press & Distro. These zines are oh-so-poetic and simply beautiful. Meredith is open and willing to share her experiences, and by the end of this zine, you will know that there is common ground between you." Quoted and available to order from Tastes Like Newsprint Distro.
(added 21/06/2006)

Dusty wing
"This is an all ages zine. Six to thirteen years old. Theres so many cute drawings in here and stories. It has recipes and the history of the old school game Hopschotch. The comic is smart/ funny and the art is cool. This zine even has a word search!" Quoted and available to order from Def Crew Distro.
(added 2/06/2006

Doris Anthology

"Many zinesters have told me how I just *HAD* to have this book.  I finally purchased it and eagerly opened up to the first page.  I was amazed, floored, and in love. Inside, you will find a collection of writings from Cindy's zine "Doris" that date from 1991 to 2001.  After reading her stories about abortion, rape, depression, introspection, and moving on with life to become a great person, you truly feel like you know Cindy.  This was published by Microcosm Publishing, and even has an ISBN number." Quoted and available to order from Driving Blind Distro.
(added 1/06/2006)

Domestic Violence Info Zine
"A quarter sized info phamplet/zine created from the West Coast Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Inside you'll find the following topics:
Domestic Violence and people of Color
Saftety Plan for Victims of domestic violence
Lesbian and Gay Relationships and Domestic Violence
People with disabliFties
As well as national stats.
Note: this regular phamplet has been reduced to smaller text to save on printing costs." Quoted
and available at CS Distro.
(added 25/05/2006)

DIY Bath & Body: How to Cold Process Your Own Soap "Brooke's description: It covers the chemistry of soap and dangers of lye, the equipment you'll need, what the ingredients do and where to find them. The instructional is very matter-of-fact - a "how to break the rules" tutorial because so many soap instructionals are way too complicated. After that, there are 9 different vegan soap recipes, whose additives and "fun stuff" can easily be swapped with other soap bases. Bonus instructions for vegan lip balm & body butter, and a useful list of resources/books and where to find ingredients (especially vegetable wax, which can be hard to track down and is the biggest obstacle to making vegan balms)." Quoted and available at CS Distro.
(added 25/05/2006)

"This is a one-shot comic by Abby Denson, with a full-color cover and B&W art. It's the story of what happens to a ballerina barbie-type doll when she decides she doesn't want to marry Ken and live happily ever after. She meets up with an AWOL GI Joe, and goes to Dolltopia, where the renegade dolls live. This comic is very cute and fine for all ages." Quoted and available to order from Wasabi Distro.

(added 1/05/2006)

Diamond in the Rough

"The continuation of my perzine, I'm still in Mexico in this stage, and have changed format to an all hand-written, illustraited format. I tell my struggle and obsession with food and how I got to be the size that I was from a single perspective. I get to visit a Mexican Mall and am introduced to the, well, frailties of Mexican plumbing (complete with flies and water you shouldn't drink). A must read!" To order, write to Caroline Tigeress
PO Box 2267
Longview, Washington
98632 USA
(added 27/03/2006)

"...mostly essays...I´v also reprinted my research paper on Riot Grrrl I did about three years ago. But by no means is this an academic zine...." Issue #1 of this zine is available at Maybonne distro and shop, as well as in Effect Distro (UK) and Valiant Death Records & Distro (VA, USA). Zine by Sarah.
(added 27/02/2006)

Don't Be AfraMid of Feminism

"Don't Be Afraid of Feminism: An introduction for men, women, boys, ladies, girls, studs, and everyone in between. This zine is an attempt to provide a concise, factual, and accessible door to feminism. Free, you just pay for shipping." By Meg who also runs Gladys Sells Things.

Email: meg [AT]
(added 06/12/2004)

Dwan the Third Solanas Supplement to Dwan
"Donny interviews the manager of the building in New York where Valerie Solanas lived (!); Donny interviews three men who know Solanas; a bibliography of man-hating, sex war, utopia; Donny's take on the SCUM Manifesto; various correspondence about Solanas. By the way, Dwan usually publishes poetry." (review from queer zine explosion #20)
(free to prisoners)
Donny Smith,
PO Box 411,
Swarthmore, PA 19081.

(added 04/07/2004)

Donkey Lady Road

"Donkey Lady Road which is about being a queer
secondary school teacher, local legends and superstitions, interesting and little known sidelights in Texas history, gender issues, road trips, etc." Right now it is available through
Echo Zine Distro. I also do trades. Anyone wanting to see samples can read some of the posts on:
By Opal

(added 08/15/2003)

4th The Writers Fanzine

"For ages I've read other fanzines with claims of superiority so may I just add at this point if their are such things as fanzine battles, (I am luckily unaware of such pastimes) we will surely entertain you all in being the grand masters of word play, with confidence I write. We have achieved a place for writers to compare, express, battle, respect and create without boundaries, no fences to climb. IN ISSUES We envision and create alternatives to the bullshit way of doing things. JUST IN are the latest pickings, we have delicious social observations for your perusal." Poppyc has just published her writers fanzine 4th degree. She is looking for more contributions form like minded peeps! Check it.
poppyc [AT]

(added 02/22/2003)

Dead Jackie Susan Quarterly

"This is the home page for the ezine Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly. The only zine devoted to preserving the memory of Jacqueline Susann." 4# issues of DJSQ inspired by dyke/feminist/grrrl writers/poets/performers.

Disgruntled Housewife
"Your guide to modern living & intersex relationships"


“I was not sure I should write it. I thought I should write a comic book instead called how to not deal with your mother’s death, complete with truth life examples of how to fuck up your life completely. But honestly, it is not funny and trying to laugh only makes me mad." Write her at:
PO Box 1734,
NC 28802, USA

Don't Stop

Gillian lives in Japan, teaches English there and is "not so proud to be American." Her writing not only covers her personal experience of living in the Japanese society, but also lots of political (anti-war) pieces. Her zines (3 in 1) come in a small envelope with a great image. Check it out!
ggb98 [AT]


PO Box 26
Watertown, MA 02471-0026
deelish77 [AT]

Do It Yourself


"We need to build a community in which we can share resources and rely on each other." "The new DIY Guide is here. 56 pages of newsprint tips and advice about all kinds of important and fun shit. Paper copies of the first DIY Guide are still available for a donation from CrimethInc. Urban Pirates, address." A download PDF file is available at the web site.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Do Not File Under Manifesto

"I know I am alive to inspire people and to create change. It’s about traveling, being a kid, heartbreak and things that inspire me. Most of this is taken from my journal or letters I’ve written.”
Jessika, Farmington Hills, MI, USA
typewritercore [AT]

Document One

"I hate that hierarchy in art that says music (white boy with guitar is the most important and most interesting kind of punk art, and it deserves the most attention and all the other forms of art needs to take the backseat). I want to destroy this- I think I can be a rock star with my words. No guitars."
PO Box 4702
Portland, OR 97208
riotnotdiet [AT]


"Everything is worth my time of looking and looking I can now close my eyes and know perfectly and exactly where everything lays in my life."
Rhe, Monterey, CA, USA

Driving Blind
"I am a vegeterian, a feminist, a Virgo, and a devoted Superman fan. I’m also disabled- in a wheelchair- and have home care nurses 24 hours a day. A very personal zine. I discuss what it is like to be disabled and not being able to communicate with other disabled individuals. Also included are journal entries, letters (issue one has a letter to my deceased grandfather), and more." The bottom line of Issue# 1 of Driving Blind is to APPRECIATE YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL. Check out the interview we did!
PO Box 656
Keyport, NJ 07735

Daisy's Sewer
"Daisy's Sewer is my zine that's just about whatever: it's 60+ pages of drawings, rants, stories, DIY, emotion, thoughts. The first issue is everything I wrote thru the 2002 summer, and the currently being typed issue #2 is about hpw all that became fake in my whole existance and who I am becoming. The 1st issue is a dollar, but my plans are to no longer charge money for my zines after that. Thanks to everyone and anyone who orders or even just says hi or reads this." A very personal zine by Kit about her private and school life. If only I would have known zines when I was 14...
Daisy's Sewer, Rochester Hills, MI

The Day I Quit Punk Rock

“The day I quit punk rock was the day I realized that it was just like high school. I will never be cool enough to fit in. I give up.” (out of print, copies no longer available from Sarah but Moon Rocket Distro in New Zealand might have some copies left)
Sarah -
PO Box 14556,
Richmond, VA 23221 USA
e-mail address is antarcticist [AT]

Death of a Psyche


“There were a lot of outside influences while I was making this issue, all of them telling me what I should write about & focus on. I tried to listen to them for so long that I lost the sound of my own voice.” Liz, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
lovehermadly18 [AT]

Don’t Forget the Bread!

“A zine conceived by my obsession/ fascination/ relentless collection of found grocery list.”
Corinna, Bloomington, IN, USA

Don’t Send Me Flowers

“This is a time capsule. This is me and my sister creating together.”
PO Box 14332
Portland, Oregon 97293
brainscanzine [AT]

Dust Bunnies

“Thoughts collect in the head like dust bunnies collect in the corner. This is the result of some spring-cleaning I did in some free time I had.”
leannetan [AT]

Dust Dances In Sunlight

“Dust Dances In Sunlight is my first comic zine effort.”
babybluedots [AT]

Double Plus Ungood/Soft and Sweet
Split zine.”I like tattoos and zines and coffee shops, trains and cigarettes and guinness, big cities and books and orgasms. I like them all but I love Dan."
Jessica, Racine,WI
disobedience [AT]

Dictionary Stories

”So, maybe I went through the dictionary and wrote a story for each letter to make up for all those years of forcing myself to write dull sentences and fearing their ridicule by the sinister band of prepubescent girls I shared a classroom with.” Dictionary stories are an array of interpretations based on random words. All of the words chosen for this zine are by Vanessa, who purchased a 1968 dictionary for $2.00. This zine is reminiscent of an elementary activity, where one had to write a sentence per vocabulary word.
PO Box 1879
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
howodd [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

“There are fucked times when everything in your mind is chaotically racing in circles and you are pacing the best way possible and all of a sudden, things shut off- that’s natural.” Pnanay is an art student who shifts in accordance with locations, sunlight, and her views on art.
PO Box 931333
Los Angeles, California 90063
(added 10/04/02)


“Dedicated to the my parents, teachers, schools, institutions, cops, televisions, fashion magazines, and to everyone who left more shit than they healed, without these inflicted neurosis I might not be such an … interesting person.” Feeling ambivalent or to anarchist to adore a page with your views? DON”T!!!! This zine defines the POWER and IMPORTANCE of self-expression.
gravel [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

Do It Yourself: Zine Advice

"Don’t sell yourself short. Charge what you need for your zine. Don’t charge one cent just because you think no one will want it otherwise.” This issue titled Zine Advice will provide suggestions on how to seize the means of production.
madcowzine [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

“I’m off the lush, feeling strangely calmer on some days and other days I feel like alcohol was freezing over a huge lake of emotions that are resurging now, rage and sadness and joy all rising over their shores.” In issue #5 our protagonist shares why she killed alcoholism in her life and traded it in for yoga and the mosh pit. We also learn about her cousin, Zack and his experience as a peaceful protester who was wrongly accused. What I got from Zachary’s testimony is that IGNORANCE is when those in power consider your voice a crime. So, keep hollering!!
PO Box 50181
Washington, D.C 20091-0181
dodogrrl [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

Don’t Fall Asleep

“I just really want a hug. I really want to be hugged.” You try understanding yourself and find lunacy to be a word that describes you. Well, that’s NOT the case, because reading Christina’s zine just put into perspective that one makes decisions in life according to what you want, and what you need.
allscrapedup [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

Dreemy Kreem

“One of the most troubling elements of my personality is the complete “schizophrenia” I have of loving people and being totally terrified of them at different points in my life.” Vol. 1, no. 5 covers articles on having your eyes betray you in elementary school to the point where you have to wear glasses, movie reviews, comics, fear for antique dolls, growing fond of solitude, views on cloning and other articles.
PO Box 6304
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(added 10/04/02)

“Life is no more than a job- everything is a job- must have a fucking job can’t pay bills without a job- work- work- work. No more jobs…job…job. Where does all my money go? …Ahhhh!!!" Issue #3 is based on the customary necessity of survival, like it or not it’s about money. Yeah, whether we have enough or just enough to lounge you still can’t live an entire life’s worth waiting for it to fall out of the sky. Just the mere fact you breathe is a finance crisis.
Overland Park, Kansas
morningsex [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

Drunken Logic

“I feel as though I’m naked when I read over some of the writings that are in this zine. I’ve completely ripped off all of my disguises and clothing and exposed myself, the real me. The me that I feel shame to admit exist. Should I?” This issue draws on various elements that are vital to Jamie’s life, such as what is on her stereo, commitment, Slitter –Kinney, the importance of Punk Rock and other stories.
Jamie, Alger, Ohio, USA
SemolinaPi [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

by & for ladies in the biz

"Danzine is a Portland-based non-profit created by and for sex workers and those who love us (don't we all?). We share the resources we need to make informed personal and professional decisions. Danzine is for any person who works in the sex industry (commercial or survival), or who is an ally who actively wants to particpate in our movement towards progressive social change. We offer support to co-workers on related issues like health care, renters rights, cleaning up our working conditions, domestic violence, drug use, fighting racism/homophobia, self defense, money mangement, switching fields in the industry, furthering our education, life after the business, and basically, empathy. In addition, we publish danzine, the independent publication by and for sex workers." Issue #18.
PO Box 40207
Portland, OR 97240
(503) 234-9615
danzine [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

Digital Chicana

Noemi, who is also editor of, puts out zines:
¦aged noise¦
"A 1/16 mini zine about a crush turned obsession turned more.
Hermana, Resist is filled with past journal entries, sexualidad and viewing myself as a strong mujer, the term mujer, short stories, poetry, thoughts on home and isms, how my body is infected with the "white" enemy and more.
Making of a Chicana more goodness from me, detailing when I came from Chicago to south Texas, the use of the term Hispanic in the area where I live, and poetry."
PO Box 809
La Blanca, TX 78558

(website not active, 3/22006)


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