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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

Angry Black-White Girl

"Nia is through with messing around. She is tired of the gentle questions and ignorance surrounding her mixed race identity. So this is her standing
up to all the awkward encounters with co-workers and folks who just don't fucking get it. This is her calling out racism on "liberal" white folks
and dealing with her own identity struggle." -quoted from
Nia King
PO Box 9009
Oakland, CA 94613
oxette (at) riseup (dot) net
(added 02/11/2008)


Aunt Julie's Anxiety Attack
Julie Marie Cherokee.
PO Box 20536
Castro Valley, CA
(added 20/3/2008)

Ana Castro
"'Ana Castro' and various contributors focus on the objectification of women of color as "exotic" and the allure of interracial relationships in this personal and political zine. Also profiled are mail-order bride sites that specialize in Asian, Latina, and Eastern European women, and an African-American sex worker." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
(added 2

Adventures in Pregnancy
"Rebekah, a PhD student in Philadelphia who also publishes the zine "Emma Goldman," writes about her difficult and eventful pregnancy." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Rebekah Buchanan
Philadelphia, PA
(added 26/7/2007)

575. "This one page folding zine is a series of phrases illustrated with art and drawings. It features haiku and fortune cookie fortunes." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Gilian Beck
Art/literary zine
(added 25/7/2007)

The Air I Breathe
"Prozac user and college student Laura B. writes a personal zine about her feelings of depression, her love of Madonna, and her relationship problems in this collaged zine in which she intersperses song lyrics by bands such as Cat Power, Belle and Sebastian, and Bjork to describe the stories. Also included in issue 2 is a concert review of Cat Power and zine and music reviews."
Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Laura B.
Northampton, MA
(added 25/7/2007)

Anarcha Feminism: and introduction
"This political zine by the Cuntrol AnarchaFeminist Collective and Agitate Press explains the benefits of combining radical feminist beliefs and anarchist practice to combat sexism in society and the dichotomies that it wreaks. Also included is an anarcha-feminist manifesto." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Articles by Laura Lib, Siren, Red Rosia, and Black Maria.
(added 25/7/2007)

Accountability now: economic policies, poverty and women's health
"This trilingual zine (articles are written in English, French, and Portuguese) compiles the thoughts of women of African descent from around the world. They discuss economic issues in Africa as well as issues of health (especially HIV/AIDS), poverty, and activism through essays, poems, and photographs. One of the contributors, Courtney Keene was a Barnard College student at the time the zine was published." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Issued as a special issue of YOWLI magazine.
Dakar, Senegal
Political Zine
(added 24/7/2007)

"Arty is an independent art fanzine started by the artist Cathy Lomax in 2001. Arty is devoted to art girls. Each issue has a different theme, such as "Boys", "Girls", "Martin", "Romance", "Anarchy" and many others, since quite a few issues have been released. Featured are artists such as Lady Lucy. Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

"Antonym is a brand new zine that publishes anything creative.
Antonym accepts fiction, non-fiction, poetry, experimental, and any art that is easily reproduced on a copier. The third zine is currently in print. Submission info is available on Antonym's webpage." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

Alphabitch Afterbirth
"Beginning as a feminist/grrl zine, poetry was a common feature that became more prominent as the grrl articles receded. The main "editrix" was a woman named Rael OneCloud, although regular contributors to the zine included people like Sea Creature, Ozzy and *~K. is a zine that was active throughout 1998 to roughly 2004." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

Alive On the Inside "The idea for Alive On the Inside zine was conceived in the summer of 2006, when Lenore von Ange was inspired by stories of sideshow freaks that appeared in the pages of Weird New Jersey. The idea to create a resource of information on circus and sideshow history was born, and in the months that followed, the articles were penned, edited and complied." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)


This "is a passionately written zine by Karijane from Duluth, Minnesota. Aliencola is a combination of surreal prose and black and white visuals that mixes poetry, prose, and collage all together." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

AK Ink
"AK Ink was a zine put out by Jenn in Anchorage, Alaska from 2002 to 2005. The zine was known for its beer reviews." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

321 Go!
"321 Go! is a perzine by a girl named Jade. It's based from New Paltz, New York.
It started in 2005 and is still going." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

2-Way Freak "2-Way Freak was published in 2002 by Robin J. In the zine, Robin discusses how she got into sex work and the personal and class implications of doing phone sex for a living. There are also stories about the more strange calls she received while working." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

20 Bus
"20 Bus was a zine started in 1992 by Kelli Callis (stage name for Kelli Williams, per That Girl #11) of the zine That Girl (formerly That Grrrl). 20 Bus chronicled the people and things that Kelli encountered while riding the 20 busline in San Francisco." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

12 Items or Less
"12 Items or Less, 'A Grocery Shopping Zine'. This one shot, the 2nd installment in the "Low Hug Life Maintenance series" is a collection of 23 writers and comic artists all pondering about grocery shopping, from both sides of the counter. Great layout, smart engaging writing, plus fine illustrations and cartoons. Read about the 2 worst odors in a grocery store (one is bad watermelon), or why one customer asked "Is there any cheese that's particularly Christian?' or about Kevin, the check out guy who would cease scanning in the 10 item or less aisle after the 10th item! And what about plastic or paper you may ask? The zine is wrapped in a paper bag with a limited edition of 200. All this produced by Zinester A.J. Michel, from Champaign, Il. The first edition of "12 Items or Less" was produced in Feburary 2003. A second printing of 500 (without the paper bag) was printed in August 2003." This zine is now out of print. Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

"ArtaudMania is a zine by Johanna Fateman. Released in 1996, Artaudmania centers itself around the life and work of writer, artist, poet, theatre director and actor Antonin Artaud. Fateman employs the use of the diary format to examine his legacy and the response to that legacy during a number of Artaud related events in New York." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

Aunt Franne
"Aunt Franne was a punk zine created by Anne Franne. Published in New Jersey, this cut and paste, photocopied zine ran from 1995 till 1997, during which time five issues were produced, each with a different colored cover featuring artwork done by different artists each issue. The focus was mainly on punk music of all kinds; older punk, hardcore, queercore and punk by girls." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

April Fools Day
"April Fools Day was a zine written by Kathleen Hanna in 1995 about recovering from an alcohol addiction. It included a lengthy interview with Brian Sparhawk from the band Fitz of Depression, who was a recovering heroin addict. Hanna also discusses "natural highs" and things you can do when you feel that you are going to be tempted by your vice." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 30/5/2007)

AnneZine "In this issue [#47]:
WNBA Seattle Storm Coach Anne Donovan... and more!" Quoted and available to order from Atmoic Books. Zine by Anne Elizabeth Moore, 1996.
(added 22/5/2007)

After School
"The collected adventures of an art school drop out. AFTER SCHOOL is a personal zine about art school, dropping out, Baltimore, family, relationships, and more.
Collecting AFTER SCHOOL issues 1-3." Quoted and available to order from Atmoic Books.
Zine by Nia King, 2007.
(added 22/5/2007)

Adorable Pancreas
"Theresa believes that it's time to reinvent and subvert the overwhelming and offensive standards of beauty imposed upon women. in the first issue of her zine, she analyzes and shares her thoughts on what she sees on tv, dress codes and the "women's" clothing industry, her relationship with her father, a history of her eating habits and dieting attempts, body hair as a feminist issue, body issues that center specifically around being handicapped and the invisibility and stereotyping of handicapped people in the media. what i enjoyed most about theresa's zine was her ability to be humorous even when talking about infuriating subjects." Quoted and available to order from Not Sorry Distro.

Asses Your Weapons: Omnibus
"This is collection of pieces from manifesta's original collective zine, selected from issues #1-#3.
Featuring: gender dysphoria, tori amos, an anti-pleasure dissertation, revolution, liberation, gender, feminism, dead women you should know about, erase errata, kristin hersh, the indigo girls..." Quoted and available to order from Manifesta Distro.
(added 21/2

Anecdotal Evidence
"Limited print run, as the horribly personal dates quickly as new melodramas happen.
Heavily aesthetic, typewritten perzine offering, amongst other things, suggestions as to why sleeping with your co-worker is a bad idea." Quoted and available to order from Manifesta Distro.
(added 21/2

"For all your music needs, if you're into punky kinda stuff. ampallang has good interviews with lots of bands (the amount is excellent: i don't know the normal amount of interviews but steph's amount cover!). crazy fun for musicheads, as well as the free factor :D." Quoted and available to order from Distro-e.
(added 16/2/2007)

All Strings Attached
"#1 features two actual stories and five other articles that aren't exactly fiction but... they're close enough. the two pieces of fiction in this issue are the ultimate surprise and lady and dog. the other features include 15 Reasons For Being Late Or Missing Class (my personal favourite is "i had to milk the cow"), Band Of The Issue (this has actually become a regular feature now... this issue's band is the Ramones), Song Most Likely To Stick In Your Head (another regular feature - this issue's is the Living End's song Uncle Harry), What Goes On In The Mind Of My CD Player (a supposedly humorous piece from the point of view of - guess what - my cd player. fun times) and Crack A Grin (also a regular item now)." Quoted and available to order from Distro-e, which is run by Erika, the author of this zine.
(added 16/2/2007)

As She Counts the Spiders
"As She Counted the Spiders is a fun little perzine, written Manga Style (She explains: "I've done this zine Manga Style. Manga are Japanese comics that come in volumes. You read them from left to right.") Mostly handwritten, with drawings and pasted images, takes a look into this young woman's life."Quoted and available to order from Gigglebot Distro.
(added 15/2/2007)

The Anarchist's Victory Garden

"This zine is all about DIY gardening with complete instructions for creating, planting, finding, growing, and harvesting. She includes a map of her garden plan, and all the basics you need to know to help your garden grow." Quoted and available to order from Gigglebot Distro.
(added 15/2/2007)

Alien She! Another Bikini Kill Fanzine "This is a really great little zine. When I got it in the mail, I wasn't sure if I'd like it much--the word 'fanzine' just immediatly puts me off. But I had to trust Joyous (with a name like that, how could I not?). And I'm glad I did. This zine was much different from my expectations. a fanzine. But it is not bizzarre or scary (heehee); it is very personal and well-done. Here's an excerpt: 'I let the cd play. After a few bland and dragging tracks, it finally comes to a song that immediatly caught my attention, it was blasting, loud!....I was inspired that day. And absolutely anxious.'" Zine by Jouyous Ladi. Quoted and available to order from Blank Page Distro.
(added 2/2/2007)

"In the introduction to Aubade #1, Katie writes 'this one is about connections. Connections between people, things, and events. Places, memories, and songs. It's about losing connections and creating new ones. It's about the connections that are painstakingly established over long periods of time and those that are forged in seconds, seared into your life like a lightning strike.' Well-written and beautiful; includes talented, analytical personal writing and consistent background visuals." Quoted and available to order from Parcell Press Distro.
Katie Ash, 2005.
(added 1/02/2007)

Aubergine "'The slight headache I have right now reminds me somewhat of all my identity struggles. It hasn't all been a headache, though. Some of it's been very beautiful and awakening and powerful. But sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I'd never gone down this long road of questioning.' Claire's zine is like a peephole into the internal struggle towards owning one's identity: longing to be a genderfuck drag queen, the difficulty in coming out as queer, her aesthetic rather than sexual attraction to men." Quoted and available to order from Gluestick Distro.
(added 1/02/2007)

Anatomy of You
"'The memory of living holding its breath in the hot air hanging in this apartment. The way tears fill my eyes looking out the window and cleaning my sister's cigarette ashes off the counter. The way the voice recording on the machine isn't mine anymore, and my blankets and frying pan are somewhere in the mail. The way my address books are filled with names I won't forget even in a new state. The way I am afraid of the 3,000 miles leaning in on me and the way I want it just as bad.' Nicolle has made an amazing zine about moving across the country and leaving her hometown (New Bedford, MA) and family behind. This is one of my favorite zines ever, so personal and filled with beautiful drawings. Very highly recommended." Quoted and available to order from Gluestick Distro.
(added 1/02/2007)

Axis of Evil Banquet
""Axis of Evil" was a phrase G.W. Bush for describing Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Claiming how they are the "enemy". Lauren shows us a zine that can deconstruct the myth of "the enemy". These countries that Bush thinks of evil are people too- with their own culture, history, songs and dances. Lauren gives history of each country and how it ties in with U.S. policy along side are recipes from each country as well. Recipes like eggplant wrapped meat, wrapped dolme leaves, Korean pancakes, rice with bananas and Venezuelan bread." Zine by Lauren Eggert-Crowe. Quoted and available to order from Gimme Brains!!! Distro.
(added 31/01/2007

Artist Edition of Philly Zine Fest Diary 2005
"*handwritten and illustrated Philly weekend trip diary *zines from Philly Zine Fest that I Love *22 pages with mini zine, "PS" attached with yarn *5" x 6.5" including themed goodies: mini color pencil, mini higlighter pen, mini paper & cloth clips, stack of number diecuts, metal alphabet tag, 2 tickets, and "I Read Zine" color sticker *handbound with yarn *handmade cover with open slit on back cover for "PS" zine" Zine by Elsie Sampson. Quoted and available to order from feed your head books.
(added 31/01/2007)

About A Week in June
"About a Week in June is a short comic that weaves a tale between a gentleman and an aging lady. It takes place over 7 days in June. This comic is black and white and a whopping 2" by 5-1/2."" Zine by Angee Lennard. Quoted and available to order from feed your head books.
(added 31/01/2007)

And Everything Nice "A comic covering the topic of abortion. A wonderful example of all that is excellent in the genre of "personal" zines." Zine by Annie La Ganga. Quoted and available to order from feed your head books.
(added 31/01/2007)

A Ape
"A amazing adventure all about a ape! Awesome!"
Zine by Missy Kulik. Quoted and available to order from feed your head books.
(added 31/01/2007)

As Soon As You're Born, They Make You Feel Small "Reprint of the classic collection of liberation articles for kids. From theory to motherhood to school to resistance and beyond. A vital introduction to a largely ignored topic." Quoted and available to order from feed your head books.
(added 31/01/2007)

"Authentic Experience is a very well-done zine where the author artfully describes experiences in the bedroom. (Or not!) At the end she says: 'Writing about sex makes me break my own taboos about what can't be discussed and find language to describe moments during which the language area of my brain doesn't seem to be functioning.' Explicit language and hand-drawn photos." Quoted and available from
weet Pea Distro
. This zine is free.
Green Lacewing
greenlacewingwoman [AT]
(added 10/10/2006)

The Angry Red Planet
info [AT]
PO Box 55110
Atlanta, GA 30308
(added 18/09/2006)

abre los ojos

"abre los ojos is a perlitzine. full of pieces we have written well we struggle to try and make sense and understanding about the world." Zine by Michelle Broder Van Dyke and Laura Mason. Quoted from
(added 15/09/2006)


Personal zine by Leah.
drugfacts [AT]
(added 15/09/2006)

All Slay

"All Slay 2 ·lesbianism and the buffyverse; btvs and nursery rhymes; the best stand-alone epsiodes; defending season six (pt2); episode reviews; spangeley slash comic... and more ·A5; black and white; 32 pages; text heavy." Zine by Katy Stevens. Quoted from
PO Box 310
Northcote, Vic 3070
katy [AT]
(added 15/09/2006)

Agent J's Guide to Living a Healthy, Balanced Life
"Issue #1 includes articles on why pop-punk vocals suck, my infatuation with stupid band names, my love for ikea, how i got into sewing, & more. quarter/14 pages/printed on neon colors because i'm jazzy like that." Zine by Jackie Marhoff. Quoted from
Norco, CA,
girlnowisedom [AT]
(added 14/09/2006)

24 Recipes, 24 Stories

"This is a terrific little cookbook filled with recipes from Sabrina's childhood. She splits the recipes up into sections like Breakfast, Sides/Appetizers, Dinners and Desserts. There is something in here for everyone regardless if you are strictly veggies or enjoy meat! Just a few of the recipes inside are: Dad's Fried Chicken,  Crock Pot Beef Stew, Broccoli Casserole, Coconut Pie and Jewish Apple Cake!!" Zine by Sabrina. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Assert Your Inadequacy

"Lauren writes short excerpts from her past dealing with  relationships and travels. There is a bit of poetry with her intimate feelings about wanting to be pregnant. She includes b&w photography with these thoughts as well as a recipe for vegan pizza. An excerpt: 'maybe he loved my mother when he was dying. how convenient. so i sat there on rob's bed thinking. is this a warning, a justification for him to seek enlightenment elsewhere? or, will he respectfully end this all right now?'" Issue #2 by Lauren. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Art Seeds

"This is a lovely zine written by Andrea who is an art therapist. Art Seeds is about healing through creativity and I find it to be extremely inspirational. She writes about how humans have used the healing properties of art for centuries, the inner journey, how to tap into the healing effect, she defines an art therapist, art therapy resources and tutorials on art interventions that you can do!!" Issue #2 by Andrea. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Already Too Much, Never Enough #2/Fat Girl In (and on top of) the Kitchen Table

"This issue of Already Too Much, Never Enough is text heavy which is a delight because it is all about food and sex.  Andie writes," This zine has been an experiment in that: getting comfortable with being a sex-positive prude who likes to cook and eat, and getting comfortable enough to allow them to inform each other and the rest of my life ." Some of Andie's friends contributed stories to this issue as well as recipes! Andie also added some books about cooking she enjoyed, being fat and vegan plus snack ideas." Zine by Andie Lyons. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Alphabet Zine

"I always find mini zines to be very interesting and I like the variety of topics that are written about within the small space. Bree decided to document some of her favorite things, this is the A issue." zine by Bree. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Art Missive
"This is a beautifully produced art zine from Lauren of Quantify. Lauren introduces this zine by describing how she wants to recreate the energy she gets from viewing and making art, and capture it in a zine form. She also discusses art as a voice and as a catalyst for creativity in its audience. In this issue she documents three artists, book making artist Emily K. Larned, painter and women’s rights activist Hana Ahary and political artist Jonathan Culp. She also includes urban landscape photography of her own and information on further projects. This zine combines a high standard of writing with insightful interviews and each copy has impeccable handmade binding. Highly recommended." Quoted and available to order from Cause & Effect Distro.
(added 28/7/2006)

At the Senior Center "A perzine detailing Fawne's experiences of being a volunteer at her local senior center." Quoted and available to order from Distro 42.
(added 28/7/2006)

Anarchist Survival Guide
"Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games Staying Free by Shutting the Fuck Up! Does exactly what it says on the tin." Quoted and available to order from Distro 42.
(added 28/7/2006)

Almost Everyone I Love Lives In New Jersey
"Almost everyone i love lives in new jersey is a zine of short stories by Andrea, who's also written the personal zines Love Fades and What are you still sad about? Andrea runs Five Minute Romance distro.
All of these stories are about people and friendships, and how growing up changes both. Andrea writes that some of these stories are based on real people while others are completely fictional, and others are somewhere in between.The covers of this zine are photo proof sheets from an old yearbook." Quoted and available at
(added 25/7/2006)

Adjective Stories
"Following on from Shopping List Stories and Dictionary Stories comes the latest instalment of character pieces from the talented and consistent Vanessa. This is also her most aesthetically pleasing zine yet. She has Janet Walker of Soggy Boots zine on board to dazzle the pages of this zine with her awesome artwork. The concept this time around goes something like this: Vanessa uses random adjectives to describe fictional characters and then writes about them. There’s Wincing Vince, Amorous Malcolm, Jealous Bella and many more. These are my favourite set of Vanessa’s stories so far." Quoted and available from Smitten Kitten Distro.
(added 18/7/2006)

Around the World

"'A chronicle from a Yo-Yo A GoGo'. Jenna documents her girlie roadtrip adventures from Arizone up to Olympia for summer music fests. Each contains a homemade picture postcard." Quoted from Moon Potatoes Distro.
(added 29/06/2006)

Andrea's Real-Life Animal Adventures
"Andrea decided she was going to write about the animals that she encountered but she thought that might be a problem since she lived in the city. She soon found out, there was plenty of wildlife in her life, even living in the city! The first issue of her zine features striped skunks & squirrels & mice & more. With great illustrations & info about all sorts of creatures, this zine is great for you & even for your little friends wanting to learn about all the fabulous animals hiding out in your city!" Quoted and available to order from My My Distro.
(added 28/06/2006)

Adventures in Menstruating
"We here at Microcosm have a lot reading material about being on the rag, but nothing quite like this zine by Chella Quint (Chart Your Cycle). Funny and heart wrenching stories are interwoven between hilarious analysis of menstruation product ads (which are sometimes funny and sometimes painful). It's really good to see humour injected into this subject, done in a smart and clever way. This issue is perhaps a little less light-hearted than the previous one, with several personal accounts of trauma/horror stories related to periods. A very fun read - pick this up in addition to serious period zines in our catalog." Quoted and available to order from Microcosm Publishing.
(added 26/06/2006)

Ax Wound: Gender and Horror

" is my hope that Ax Wound will start a dialogue about gender in the horror/slasher/gore genre and the pyscho-social impact these films have on our culture. I want this zine to be a safe place for feminists who struggle with they're enjoyment of this brand of film, which is typically thought to reinforce patriarchal values, and try to understand why we love them so much..." Written by Hannah D. Forman. Quoted and availble to order from Powderbox Zine Distro.
Hannah D. Forman
axwoundzine [AT]
(added 21/06/2006)

Anarchism: the Feminist Connection
"P. Kornegger kersplebedeb.
Peggy Kornegger was an editor of the American feminist magazine The Second Wave. The text of this pamphlet - now an anarcha-feminist classic - first appeared as an article in the spring ’75 issue of that magazine." Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Distro.
(added 16/06/2006)

Anarchism in Turquey "A short history of anarchism in Turquey." Quoted and available to order from Diffusons Distro.
(added 16/06/2006)

Abortion "This booklet was made to encourage us to talk about our abortions, to link women to each other so we can understand our experiences"... Quoted and available to order from Diffusons Distro.
(added 16/06/2006)

"In the intro, Kate writes: I wrote Artichoke '8 as a reminder of all things I love. There is nothing profound here, just the simple things that make me excited to get out of bed every morning: video games and a full mailbox, libraries and tasty food, garage sales and knitting, road trips and smoothies, tattoos and memories...A perfect read that will definitely make you smile." Quoted and available to order from Driving Blind Distro.
(added 16/06/2006)

Aged Noise set
"The first-written in a fever induced night. Crushes, what-ifs, friendship turned addiction turned obsession. 1/6th size. 24pg. 2002.
the second-what happens afterwards. the breakup, the goodbyes, solutions, damnations, tears, falling apart, disintegrating. quarter sized. 24 pg. 2003.
the third-thoughts on forgiveness, salvation, redemption, no spirit, no soul. Winter. quarter sized. 24 pages. 2004.
...and these/those tears were just tears. and whatever i do, and the way I disintegrate/unconstruct myself
fall apart
you never understood-my words, my mind. It was about me.
it happens without you.
it happened before you.
you were only a factor in the larger picture that is me. So fuck you. I won....
from aged noise 2" Quoted and available to order from CS Distro.


"from the writer: a fairy tale feel runs through the two stories in this little zine that's nicely bound with red thread." Quoted and available to order from Fatcheeks Distro. (Australia)
(added 02/05/2006) 

"This unique zine was born when Jesse found some confidential Ph.D. applicant files from the 1960s in the dumpster at college. Each page is a photo of an applicant and a quote from their interview file. It's funny, fascinating and surprisingly compelling." Quoted and available to order from Wasabi Distro.
(added 28/04/2006)

Altar Magazine

"Politics, art, interviews and more! In the newest issue: interviews with folk artist/anarchist Utah Phillips, musician Ari Up and artist Heidi Minx, female Muslim artists and political activists, Feminists vs. Humanists, and as always, fiction, artwork, music and book reviews. Great stuff! " Quoted and available to order from Wasabi Distroi. (Japan).
(added 28/04/2006)

Action Girl Online
"Here's all you ever wanted to know about Action Girl Comics, heart of all my Action Girl Projects. Here at Action Girl Central, you'll find all sorts of Action Girl-related stuff -- info, links, fun stuff to do...and the predecessor to Action Girl, the Action Girl Newsletter is online here as well  along with other zine information. Cooking, toys, links, how-to-info, how to get the comics and what's in them -- you'll find all that and more here." Quoted in Action Girl Online.
(added 03/4/2006)

an activist approach to domestic violence

This zine by billie rain and basil "chronicles the process of organizing the 'no use for abuse' weekend of events in resistance to domestic abuse. includes concrete strategies and interviews with members of the coalition for human dignity, a grassroots organization that worked to end domestic abuse." Billie and basil are also also running the planting seeds community awareness project. You can order the zines at:
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT]
(added 05/16/2003, updated 01/02/2006 )

Are We There Yet

"Are We There Yet is a mama zine about the reality of parenting...the good and the bad, the real deal. In the first issue: Mommy's Manic Monday, a detailed day in the life of a mom. A piece on taking a daughter to the DC peace rallies. Sick days, how much I could use them. Reviews and much more."
Baltimore MD. By Lauren.
masagelea f [AT]

(added 02/25/2003)

Astrogrrl Zine

Miss Helen has been zining for around 6 years now, and her zines seem to be getting smaller and more personal. She does a whole collection, best known for astrogrrl zine. Zines she has done:
bomb and chicken detective agency 02:
"this was a zine i made with my best friend clinton about our lives in the outer burbs. i don't know if there will be another issue. it is 1/6th A4 and cute."
secret agent chicken 99: "current: this is the working title for the zines i've been making in the past few years. personal writing etc in a very small package. i'm actually planning on a super bumper isue that will be around the size of a normal zine. contact me for details or if you have anything to contribute."
hospital for broken hearts 99- current: "its every bit as dramatic as its namesake. anxiety, love, death, breaking points. cathartic tragic and voyeristic. intensely personal and availible only to my closest pals.
spycore 3 97-98: "only one issue ever came out of this monstrosity. it is a collection of writings by myself, clinton, lou, john weeks and alex. we were some of the zine elite, back in the day. its a cute little read. loosely themed around spying and growing up.(out of print)
astrogrrrl zine 96-00: "i did this zine from 1996-2000. just before my brother died until i quit university. it was an angsty autralian grrrl zine. it had interveiws with non riot grrrl bands and contributed stories by some rad people. the zines were small and relatively well known. i will still meet someone occasionally who had read the zines back in the day :)
its over now, and thankfully, out of print."
Some zines are availible by trading other zines, or mix tapes. A nice letter is always good an almost expected.
Miss Helen
PO Box 730
Sutherland NSW 1499, Australia
nonafmecklenberg [AT]

(added 02/16/2003, updated 02/02/2006)


“The theme of #9 is drastic change.”
New York, USA
arrowzine [AT]

Alkaline Sheba
A fanzine that covers riot grrrl, reviews, rants, punk, feminism.
London, UK

alkalinesheba [AT]

I have #13 in front of me and Monica is talking about her challenging transition to medical school. She gives you a very real insight into the lonliness of studying and in the sleepiness of a graduate student.... order her zine and find out about dissections and staying awake!
vlctygerl [AT]
Madison, WI

I'm so tired… getting so tired of running along these line segments." Adorn is a very personal zine in a rough cut-and-paste DIY style. Suzanne talks about her friends, love and does very cool collages. Order her zineby writing to her:
PO Box 892
Hartville, Ohio 44632
heartlikefoil [AT]

breezilla [AT]

Antisocial Scarlet
"I am a feminist. To me, feminism seems relevant in every way - whatever certain people claim, women do not have equality to men. Its not the legal side of things that concerns me most, its the attitudes towards women that both men *and* women hold."
Antisocial Scarlet - personal/feminist zine with loads of grrrl rants, sex, poetry and more. An A5 photocopied trip into my head... 8 issues out.
ms_scarlet [AT]

Activity Girl Zine
"We all got together through meeting on the 'net, on The Void (channel 4 teletext music board) and through Riot Grrrl Lincs, which sadly folded due to mysterious circumstances..but hey we came back! Bigger, brighter and better than before! Activity Grrrl Zine is in its very early stages yet, but eventually it's gonna be a proper paper as well as an online zine, filled with a mish mash of punk/ska/ukhc/indie/ alternative etc/riot grrrl/feminism/columns/ reviews/shows/a tape trading list and general all round cool stuff :) We're from all over, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Sheffield to name a few places, which gives us even more chance of creating this mega network of people sharing music, meeting each other, starting bands and going to shows. 100% DIY is where it's at!"

All My Heroes Are Virgins

Beth T., Lancs, England
Bobbins2000 [AT]

Alabama Grrrl

"life continues on, many days it's the same-old same-old, and yet other days it whirls out with surprises at each intersection."
PO Box 297
Lawrence, Kansas
alabama_grrrl [AT]

(webpage inactive 22/8/2006)

The All Girl Summer Fun Bike Trip!!

“It was an idea that had been in the back of our heads forever a bike trip!"
Corinna Lee Manion
PO Box 2403
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

"This is a small collection of small haiku’s about aspects of my friendship with Ms. Amber Myers.”
lowsmile [AT]

The Assassin and the Whiner

“Imagine your body is alive. It’s walking, talking, even smiling, but you, your soul, your spirit is dead. You are no longer a part of this world although your body is. That is me.”
PO Box 481051
Los Angeles, California 90048 – 9651
asswhine [AT]

Above Suspicion
"Punk, Odd, Not-ur-average-bear zine done Yeah, okay well.
Short rants, some weird articles and neat diy backrounds. i rip out my heart and smear
it on the pages of every issue ;] to get any of my issues send 2 stamps, 1$, trades, blah blah, yadda yadda to:
*Sporky*, Stanley, KS
Go0dhat [AT]

Aire de Jeux

“I am also a girl who is captivated by the French language, while being unable to speak it. I cherish my little dictionary and I use it when I am sick of expressing myself in English.” Grab a blanket; take refuge at your local park while looking for a swing to sit on. This will allow for a more realistic feel while you read this zine based on playgrounds and meandering narratives.”
PO Box 2277
Ringwood North
Vic 3134
stroke_of_luck [AT]
(added 09/18/2002, website inactive 01/30/03 )

All This Is Mine

:“I don’t understand those people who let work consume their entire lives with only very brief respites. Maybe I should commend them as martyrs for sacrificing themselves for sacrificing themselves for Work-something I should never do. But for me such a sacrifice is not worth it.” Issue #6 covers Sugene’s life. She covers themes such as walking, which is her method of transportation and why she considers jury duty as being “fun”. In terms of returning to graduate school to satisfy others she states, “ Despite opportunity, I’m waiting for a compelling reason.”
Sugene, Oakland, CA, USA
ATIMzine [AT]
(added 09/18/2002)

Alternative Menstruation

“I’ve realized over the past few weeks that all of the resources I’ve come across concerning radical menstruation (including the ones I have written) seem to neglect two really important facts: 1. Not all women menstruate and 2. Not just women menstruate.” The Southern Ontario Bathroom Action (S.O.B.A) crew put out this resource sheet in March of 2002. Alternative Menstruation informs those of us who do menstruate on feminine hygiene health safe methods. It provides various resources that emphasize the importance of our health. It also gives way to a rarely mentioned topic, trans-inclusion in menstruation.
sobacrew [AT]
(added 09/18/2002)

Anywhere But Here

“This month, I spent some “ family time.” My family really doesn’t understand my paradigm, o.k. The older I get, the less things I can tell them. Spending too much family time leaves me like a pot boiling over or something. I just can’t take it. Better to have small doses, and keep things in perspective.” Issue #3 covers Caitlin’s life in terms of sex and enjoyment intertwined with the gain and loss of friendships. Adding to her non-monogamous ventures in life is the lack of connection she has with her family.
603 W. 13th St. #1A
Austin, Texas 78701-1795
abh_zine [AT]
(added 09/18/2002)


“A women’s magazine cannot deny its feminist responsibility. We chose the name “artsy” as a way of turning a negative into a positive. The use of this tongue-in-cheek word stems from the misconception that women’s art is “artsy and crafty.” Finally a magazine that truly represents women artist, because we are not an extinct group that unexplainably recently surfaced.
Artsy Magazine
PO Box 413
Amherst, MA 01004

(added 09/18/2002)

AMP Minizine

"An elegant pink pamplet dedicated to the finer things in life. For chicks and dicks and... just about anybody, really. For a 4-issue subscription to AMP Minizine, please send £2 (post paid in UK) to AMP, PO Box 30639, London, E1 6GA, UK. AMP has also insisted on infecting clubland with its dubious visions. 'Girls Need Modems' club nights were held at the ICA, the Scala and the 291. There were bellydancers, clothes swop shops, and ooh, ten kinds of fun. Will there be more? Who knows? Oh, we do. But we're not telling."

dead link May 2002
Although this zine by Sarah is dead, it has lots of great links!


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