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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

(Czech Republic)
This is an independent webzine about women, men, feminism, and gender studies. In Czech and English
redakce [AT]
(added 5/3/2007)

annabelle magazine "annabelle magazine is a quarterly-ish Web-based lifestyle magazine, dedicated to the proposition that we don't have to have a lot of money to have a fulfilled life. annabelle reflects the interests and whims of the editorial staff with contributions from emerging and established artists, musicians and writers." Quoted from
annabellemagazine [AT]
(added 10/1/2008)

Stay Free!
"Stay Free! is a nonprofit, Brooklyn-based magazine that explores the politics and perversions of mass media and American (consumer) culture. We've been around for over ten years, in one form or another. Stay Free! is published once or twice a year, depending on how ambitious we are feeling."
temporary181 [AT]
(added 21/6/2007)


"1-up is devoted to videogame culture. Each issue has a silk screened cover and includes personal stories, criticism, art work and comics. Editor Lee has said that, with her zine, she wants to 'explore video games from a more critical perspective, as a cultural phenomena.'" Quoted from ZineWiki.
Raina Lee
P.O. Box 361135
Los Angeles, CA 90036
raina [AT]
(added 30/5/2006)

GLU Magazine

"Girls Like Us (GLU) magazine was founded by Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero in 2005.
It was created as an antidote to the vanilla representation of contemporary lesbian culture: where's the fun, the wink, the subversiveness and the class? The magazine is made in Amsterdam, published in New York and available in the bigger cities worldwide."
Girls Like Us
PO Box 10717
1001 ES Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
info [AT]
(added 29/5/2007)

Girlistic Magazine

Girlistic Magazine is "a new and quickly growing free online feminist quarterly magazine. It's in conjunction with our website,, that offers a ton of free feminist resources like an events calendar where you can add any events you're hostessing and find out about feminist events in your area, feminist clipart, links directories, a forum, a blog, and a whole, whole lot more... Please feel free to download the latest issue of Girlistic Magazine at We also have an email newsletter that lets you know when new issues appear, so please join up if you'd like to get notices...We have a myspace profile, at, and a livejournal profile at If you have a profile too, please say hello!! Girlistic Magazine has a zine review column, so if you want to have your zine considered for review, please let us know and we can give you the address for our reviewer. We only print positive reviews, so if you make the cut, you'll get great press."
(added 23/03/2007)

Media Cake eMagazine "Media Cake eMagazine is a media exchange: it is a purposeful occupation of meanings, interpretations, textual and visual gestures, interrogations, and proposals. We view all media as both discourse and artifact. As such, we are interested in the possibility of media to simultaneously disrupt, sustain, and (re)invent seemingly fixed narratives. We consider media an opportunity to politicize / enter into / scrutinize / destabilize / produce ideas. Media is a conversation: dial in."
(added 27/2/2007)

Enigma Magazine "I don't usually accept magazines (the word Magazine usually turns me off in the first place) but this one is interesting. There are tons of things in it. There's a lot of fiction, poetry, art, photography, and comics too! My favorite comic is Tunnel 128. Enigma Magazine has a lot of stories that are quite different, they make you escape to another dimension, I swear!" Quoted and available to order from Gimme Brains!!! Distro.
(added 31/01/2007)

Velvetpark Magazine
Dyke Culture In Bloom.
In latest issue:
Derby Girls
Martina Navratilova
Queer Health
Diane Dimassa & Daphne Gottlieb
:.. and more.
(added 30/01/2007)

Off Our Backs
"off our backs is a newsjournal by, for, and about women. It has been published continuously since 1970, making it the longest surviving feminist newspaper in the United States. It is run by a collective where all decisions are made by consensus. Check out our timeline to learn more about our history."
(added 30/01/2007)

"Packed with articles about arts, culture and current events, Shameless reaches out to readers who are often ignored by mainstream media: freethinkers, queer youth, young women of colour, punk rockers, feminists, intellectuals, artists, activists — people just like you! We tackle teen life with wit and wisdom."

(added 30/01/2007)

Women's News & Feminist Views.
In the latest 2007 issue:
Are Women Human? Catherine Mackinnon on globalization and human rights
Sex Trafficking
Afghan Women
Fed Up With Being Nice?
... and more

(added 30/01/2007)


In the latest 2007issue:
THE L WORD's Luscious Helena
The Sex Issue
10 Powerful Lesbians In The South
Babes of Burlesque
... and more.
(added 30/01/2007)

Blood & Thunder
All-Girl Roller Derby.

(added 30/01/2007)

"Packed with intelligent essays, articles, fiction, poetry, and art, iris is a biannual magazine for progressive young women. iris brings together contributions from writers, artists, and university scholars from all over the world. Since the first issue in 1980, iris has steadily developed a national and international reputation in academic and nonacademic circles alike."

(added 30/01/2007)

A magazine by the artist Regina Moeller (from Germany).
(added 30/1/2007)

Black Velvet
"Issue 35 includes interviews with Midtown, Finch, Taking Back Sunday, The Reunion Show, Queen Adreeena, JJ72, Sebastian Bach, Hell Is For Heroes & Jesse James, plus reviews of Manic Street Preachers, Papa Roach, Murderdolls, 3 Colours Red, Doro & more. Includes everything rock - emo, glam, punk, hard rock... Heaps of album, single, demo, concert & fanzines reviews & more."
Shari. Quoted from
(added 18/09/2006)

"Subtext is written and managed entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. We're here to provide an alternative to mainstream women's glossies - a space that's challenging, supportive and engaging. There'll be plenty of much needed feminist critique too. Subtext is a place where women can voice their opinions, sound off and promote the great things that they're doing or that they respect in others. Men are welcome to join the fun too."
gill [AT]
(added 25/7/2006)

"Uplift! is a new alternative women's magazine. We're not one of those women's glossies that advocates the starvation tips of top models and tells you how to copy the look of some Z-lister...Instead, Uplift! offers intelligent views, questions the media around us, promotes creativity and is full of gorgeous art! Uplift! is stocked in various boutiques in a few lucky cities (listed in the blog), but would love more! If you are a shop owner and would like to stock Uplift! please contact s
For those further affield, the magazine will soon be available to buy online!" Quoted from:
sarahcharms [AT]
(added 13/7/2006)

"Magazine for women on the net".
Text: Sabine Fischer, Melanie Wieland, Daniela Künne, Mercedes Bunz, Miriam Rauh, Claudia Langeneck, Claudia Thomas, Gabrielle Hauser-Allgaier, Vicky Tiegelkamp
Flashanimation: Katja Kamm + Karthik Swaminathans
Design + Programming: Vicky TiegelkampInformation:
Boltz & Tiegelkamp GbR
Wollinerstrasse 18-19
10435 Berlin
+49 (0)30 41714640

tiegelkamp [AT]
(added 12/7/2006)


"Spread is a new independent magazine that works to 'illuminate the sex work industry.' Coming from a strongly pro-sex work perspective, the magazine is forum for sex workers to openly discuss the work that they do and challenge a system that marginalizes and oppresses them. The magazine is comprehensive covering issues from a male/female/trans perspective, as well as looks at sex work and sex trafficking on the global scale. In this issue: Richard Merrit, Tax Tips, Foot Play, Gulf Coast Report, Stripper v. Chris Rock, Hookers Debate Pimps and More!" Quoted and available to order from Microcosm Publishing.
(added 26/06/2006)

Sage Woman
"Sage Woman is an excellent independent magazine. This particular issue has a lot of writings on the ocean and the sea. Stories of nature and goddesses. Also has some good recipes and great product reviews on books, tarot cards, etc." Quoted and available to order from Dreamers Distro.
$5, 8oz
PO Box 641
Point Arena, California 95468
info [AT]
(added 20/06/2006)

Abolishing the Borders from Below

"# 23. Anarchist magazine from germany all about eastern Europe anarchism. – especially about the anbarchist federations. This issue is all about women and LGBT issues. You can reports and articles from all over eastern Europe except Poland – our the a-fem movement is described there by weird people). A lot of quite interesting texts on patriarchy, women traffic and interviews especially the one with a postitute." Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Distro.
(added 16/06/2006)

CaucAsia "The CaucAsia Electronic Magazine features gender journalism for the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Russia." (cross-posted from AWID Resource Anouncements)

Women's Dialogue International Magazine "Women's Dialogue International Magazine is published in Tbilisi, Georgia,by Gender Media Caucasus Journalists Association supported by National Women Program Open Society Institute." In Russian. (cross-posted from AWID Resource Anouncements)

Lola Press "The international feminist magazine edited by an editorial group, living in three continents. And with lots of authors from all over the world. Lolapress is the magazine that deals with women's lives, the regional, the political, the cultural experiences of women, the different kind of feminism and with a lot of other subjects.Our objective is to diffuse and promote the international debates, informing o the circulating ones and stimulating others." In English and Spanish.
lola-europe [AT]
(added 29/03/2006)

Revista de las Mujeres en Cultura. México. Magazine published by and for women in México. There are many articles, reviews, literature pieces, biographies and more. Mostly in Spanish.
(added 29/03/2006)

Debate Feminista
(D.F., México)
Feminist debate magazine which publishes essays, articles, round table discussions, studies and research work, interviews and more which deal with feminism and its debate especially in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. "Una publicación semestral que lleva catorce años y 28 números en existencia. Hemos publicado ensayos, artículos, reseñas, mesas redondas, entrevistas, debates, estudios, avances de investigación, relatos, canciones y recuentos, en una amplia gama de temáticas alrededor del feminismo, pero que no se agotan en el feminismo. Nuestro campo de acción quiere abarcar una región enorme: desde México y América Latina, hasta Oriente, pasando por el mundo industrializado, por lo que publicamos traducciones de los textos que revitalizan y amplían el debate en el mundo, pero también publicamos trabajos realizados aquí, y muchas veces escritos especialmente para nuestra revista." Mostly in Spanish.
Callejón de Corregidora núm. 6 Col. Campestre Tlacopac, San Angel
Delegación Alvaro Obregón. C.P. 01040
México, D. F.
correo [AT]
(added 29/03/2006)

MUJER- Totalmente Interesante
This magazine is directed to working women with families who are interested in their self development and improvement. "MUJER Totalmente Interesante es una publicación dirigida a la mujer que trabaja y tiene familia (a todas la mujeres), procupada por la superación personal, obteniendo por ende, un beneficio para su entorno laboral."
(added 2

Feminist Journal
Articles, reviews, poetry, blogs, links on domestic violence, women in entertainment, sexual harassment, child rape, women PMS and hormones, and more.
Editor [AT]
(added 28/03/2006)

La Republica de las Mujeres Articles, reviews, news on feminist issues.
(added 28/03/2006)

Moxie Magazine "Moxie inspires women to live boldly, pursue adventures, take risks, and provide others with vibrant role models in the process."

(added 27/03/2006)


FemBio is a biographical database that contains information about more than 30,000 notable women around the world. The website is both in English and in German.
(added 27/03/2006)

Multiple Shades of You Multiple Shades of You Online is a e-magazine for women of color. "black content for black people."
(added 27/03/2006)

Tertulia This is a space where you can let your voice be heard. It is a platform where women can denounce, inform and share. This can be seen as a step towards the democratization of the gender. "Tertulia nació con una idea básicacontribuir a difundir información sobre mujeres que fluye por Internet y con ello ayudar a democratizar la comunicación sobre y hacia nuestro género.Es un espacio de posibilidades abiertas y una tribuna: aquí tienes la oportunidad de soltar tu voz para darte a conocer, para informar, denunciar, compartir... Basta con que envíes un mensaje a mi dirección. "

(added 27/03/2006)

Tint Magazine

In a world largely dominated by the mass media that makes women feel worthless, unattractive, invisible, and excluded: culturally and physically, Tint Magazine was created to speak to and celebrate women of every color, culture, size, personal belief, and socioeconomic background. Tint Magazine redefines the beauty of women, recognizes the importance of cultural, spiritual, physical, and intellectual diversity, and promotes strength, global & self awareness, human rights, tolerance, and respect for all people.
PO BOX 52004
Livonia, MI 48152


"QueerRamblings is a fabulous monthly publication featuring the creativity of queer women. I started this magazine because of the abundant talent in our queer community that often goes unrecognized due to limited amounts of paper publications that will feature queer-themed creativity. QueerRamblings is a safe space for all queer women! Promoting awareness. Encouraging creativity. Instilling pride. Please do send me your work to include in QueerRamblings. If I include your work, I’ll send you a free copy. Don’t forget that your work inspires many. Websites are fabulous, but you can't snuggle up in bed with one. Have QueerRamblings delivered right to your home every month. Don't forget to send a gift subscription to someone you love. It comes in a discrete package for your safety and comfort." Since November 2000.
QueerRamblings Publication
12800 Florence Blvd
Blythe, CA 92225, USA
For questions about the journal, contact Sandy --

sandy [AT]
(added 02/23/2003)

Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism
Rain and Thunder Collective is a small non-profit collective of radical feminist women in the US who put out the journal Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism.
(webpage offline 4/12/2006)

Lavender Lens

Lavender Lens: California's News, Academic, and Life-style Magazine for Lesbians and Friends is published by Bixi B. Craig. "Conceptualized in March 2001, Lavender Lens is the world's only glossy cover news, academic, and lifestyle magazine that reaches at no cost an ethnically diverse readership of 30,000 monthly. The publication has become known for combining progressive content with amazing visual presentation in its regular health, political, human-interest, arts and entertainment sections. With an annual growth of 400%, Lavender Lens has become the premier cutting-edge lesbian brand, serving and representing the regional community of over 150,000. The magazine is a resource for affluent readers ages 15 to 90, as well as for LGBT friendly businesses across California."
editor [AT]

Verbalisms Magazine
"VERBALISMS is an e-publication dedicated to women, hip-hop and women in hip-hop. We represent hip-hop's forgotten face. Bi-monthly, we will bring you articles, reviews and commentary about women shining their light in hip-hop including emcees, writers, b-girls, DJs and more. We travel underground and mainstream to reveal another side of hip-hop culture. VERBALISMS gives you a look at how women are affected by the climate of the industry specifically and the world in general."

Fabula Magazine
This ain't your mama's feminism


"Fabula is a forum for the exploration of identity in a world after feminism, a real world where women and men are constantly making choices of personal and cultural import. We talk about these choices while exploring politics, health, books, music and film. Fabula presents insightful, current thoughts in a provocative format, and in a voice our readers recognize as one of their own: This ain't your mama's feminism." Member of chickclick network. (Oakland, CA)
(webpage offline 4/12/2006)

YELL- Oh Girls!
Emerging voices of Asian-American girls

"YELL - Oh Girls! advocates creative self-expression as a form of empowerment among girls who are of Asian descent. Coupled with the anthology of writings by Asian American girls, which was released by HarperCollins Publishers in August of 2001, girls and women can and will engage in a dialogue about culture, identity, and growing up."

"The internet magazine you can contribute to."
AVIVA is a FREE 'Webzine', being run by an International group of Feminists based in London. We are providing a free listings service for women everywhere, funded by advertising, and sponsorship. AVIVA is an International Women's Listing Magazine which enables women all over the world to make contact with each other. AVIVA needs the input of groups and individuals around the world to provide information for free listings. AVIVA offers to act as Website 'host' to Women's Groups and Services globally."
(website offline 4/12/2006)

Expository Magazine

"Expository Magazine, or EM, is the home of Feminist Literary Explorations, a diverse collection of writings that are centered on the feminist experience." (Thanks Lorraine for the link!)

Clamour Magazine
"New Perspectives on Politics, Culture, Media, and Life": "In clamor you will find something that interests you and connects to your life in some way. By creating a magazine that is about real people and real experiences, we are opening up the often one-sided medium and actively encouraging you, the reader, to participate in the creation of useful media." By Jen Angel and Jason who also put out the Zine Yearbook and organize the THE yearly UNDERGROUND PUBLISHING CONFERENCE

Feminista! The online journal of feminist construction
"Feminista! is a monthly electronic feminist journal. Each month we publish feminist essays, editorials, fiction, poetry, interviews, and book and movie reviews." The current issue (Volume 4, Number 4) is a collection of external links about Afghanistan. (San Francisco)

Ms. Magazine
The grand dame of feminist publications! (Publishing since 1971, bimonthly, New York)

ChickClick Heidi Swanson brought ChickClick into the web. The site functions as a roof for several magazines – like EstroNet.
(not available 4/12/2006)

old enough to know better
Seven American grrrl magazines (Maxi, Bust, Minx, Wench, gURL, Hues and Women's Room)  are collected in EstroNet. EstroNet has been initiated from women of the magazine Maxi.Geared towards women.

(not available 4/12/2006)

Wench...feminism, issues, politics and culture
"Wench is a guide to the choices of the next millennium. Full of articles and essays, frank criticism, insightful commentary and a biting sense of humor, Wench charts the social and political terrain in which women live, and helps women and men alike understand where we all need to go." Member of chicklick, too.

Women & Performance A non-profit feminist journal, available in print: "A vital forum for discussion on gender and representation, Women & Performance features essays, scripts, interviews and articles on performance from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives. We encourage dialogue between varied fields of performance scholarship (...), and explore emerging feminist critiques of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, technology and nation....With each issue, the journal seeks to reaffirm its commitment to feminist writing, and to extend and reformulate notions of performance and performativity, so as to advance, challenge or reinvent issues critical to ongoing discussions surrounding gender and sexuality. We are also committed to serving women's groups and feminist theorists at a national and international level."
(not available 4/12/2006)

Maxi Magazine
"As urban women, we have certain common experiences - from the way we see the world to the way the world sees us, from the products we buy to the media we consume, from the things we are told to the beliefs that we actually hold. Maxi is a place to talk about those experiences, where we can read intelligent thoughts on the issues and objects that have meaning in our lives, whether it's lipstick or politics or sex. We believe in looking at the positive as well as the negative. Women need a friendly environment in which to empower and inspire ourselves; in response to that need, we've created Maxi." (Member of chickclick)
(not available 4/12/2006)

Room of one's own
"One of Canada's oldest literary magazines, Room has been a forum in which, for more than 20 years, women have been sharing their unique perspectives on the world, each other and themselves.” A forum in which women can share their unique perspective on the world, each other and themselves. Room of One's Own magazine is a collection of short stories, poems, art and reviews by, for and about women.
(not available 4/12/2006)

Girlfriends Magazine
"Culture, politics and entertainment from a lesbian perspective."
staff [AT]

On the Issues - The Progessive Woman's Quarterly "On The Issues is a magazine of fresh, independent thinking. Quite simply, it is published, edited, and written because women's lives, women's thinking, women's votes, women's power...matter. We're controversial and challenging, visionary and vocal, provocative and passionate. On The Issues is at the cutting edge of ideas, policy, and activism.In On The Issues you'll find articles on international and domestic affairs, political analysis, philosophy, religion and spirituality, health and medicine, arts, culture, social and personal issues. We also report regularly on the new frontiers women are continually crossing, from science to sexual politics to sports."
ontheissues [AT]

W.I.G. magazine for [fierce] Women in General "We hope that the W.i.g. website will get you stoked on life and Women in General. Never before has there been a place that taps into women's culture worldwide, giving you the real dish on sports, art, music, and life so deeply, that you can feel its heartbeat."

Dream Catcher "DREAM CATCHER is a magazine for girls by girls and about girls to express their spirit, courage, fear and strength. We hope this magazine will light the way for every girl to be themselves in a world thats trying to make them like everyone else.

If you are a girl or know of a girl who wants to make the most out of her life, then this is the magazine for you. You might be trying to figure out what's most important to you, or you might want to discover what really makes you the person you are. Maybe you feel like you've got most of those things pretty much figured out. No matter what is on your mind, as you read through the pages of Dream Catcher, the stories, articles and pictures will inspire you, make you think and most importantly leave you with the impression that, no matter what you are experiencing in your own life, you are not alone.

Our premier issue features stories about looking good and feeling good, mothers throughout time, the best summer camp experience, living in a large family, how to host a full moon party, crafts and games you can do with your friends and family, gift ideas for Mother's Day and Father's Day, and much much more."

Published by Ayana, 11, Kierra, 11, Genisis, 12, Feleighsha, 11, Katherine 10, Michelle, and Rona

Dream Catcher, Miami, FL, United States

dcmag [AT]
(website offline 4/12/2006)

Lone Star Ma: The Magazine of Progressive Texas Parenting and Children's Issues
"Lone Star Ma is my new (there've been three issues) magazine Texas parenting and children's issues. It is very left-leaning political and attachment-parenting oriented; sort of Mothering meets the Texas Observer, I like to say. To entice folks to subscribe, I will send a free sample issue (while supplies last) if they send me their address:
Lone Star Ma
PO Box 3096
Corpus Christi
Texas 78463-3096

Women Who Rock Celebrating women in music.

LA's Feminist News Magazine

"Alice magazine isn't named for one woman-certainly not me-but rather a whole multicultural collective of women who find themselves represented by the word "other." We don't care if you're African American, Latina, Asian American, Middle Eastern, Jewish, or Italian. We don't care if you're gay or straight or adventurous enough to not label yourself. We don't care if you're 16 or 64. If you're a woman who hears the word other and thinks of yourself, if you live in a world where wonderland co-exists with day-to-day living, if you insist upon viewing the world through your own looking glass, then Alice magazine is for you. Regardless of your name."

(website not available 4/12/2006)

The Magazine of New Girly Life


"A stylish blend of activism, academic glamour, porn and pop trash! Muffy, the magazine of New Girly Life, is chock full of pop quizzes, horoscopes, book, music, and film reviews, DIY projects, blushingly honest narratives, potty-mouth sex talk, and political analysis that actually has something to do with your life. Muffy is based in Sarasota, Florida and San Francisco, California."

(website not available 4/12/2006)

"Withitgirl is, first and foremost, an ideology: being yourself, doing the best you can at everything you do and having fun, independence and consideration, knowing that goals are made to be challenged - not just reaching but going beyond your potential, learning through a combination of experience and attention to the successes and failures of those who have come before. The ideology is asserted through action. withitgirl is about people doing things with the support of other people doing things, in a long chain of causes and effects that does not begin or end anywhere in particular. withitgirl arrives somewhere along that path - here and now - to participate in the development of ideas and action. is part of this assertion. Through writing, imagery, design, and technology, we will be providing resources and outlets within our Sports and Lifestyle categories. You will find all kinds of perspectives here expounding on all kinds of topics: professional athletes, artists, musicians are featured alongside those just starting out, and budding writers share the same space as those with extensive experience in the field."


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines:


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