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Here you can find feminist zine distros in the US/Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia, distributing grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of distros not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible distro yet!!

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Zine Distros:


Australia/New Zealand
Latin America
Middle East


distrokids Community @ "Distrokids is a community at for distro owners. It is a community that is basically a support group for current, new, and former distro owners. Here, distro owners can discuss everything from how to store merchandise and postage rates to dilemmas and annoyances to zine recommendations to happyhappy things."

Wasabi Distro
(Tokyo, Japan)
Distributing independent and underground magazines. "I'm an American office lady who has been living in Tokyo for a few years. I am also a JET refugee. I used to buy zines at Tower, but when they went bankrupt, they stopped selling them. So, I decided to sell them myself. I'd be really grateful if you'd buy one or ten..."
(added 09/10/04)

Dumpling Press distro
"Dumpling Press is the friendly neighborhood publishing company that brings Jawbreaker to life. Claire and Paolo run this joint, and we've been actively releasing zines since 1999. And with Jawbreaker as our #1 priority right now, we hope to be delivering the goods for years to come."
Claire and Paolo
Dumpling Press
PO Box 1126
Makati Central Post Office
1251 Makati City
dumplingpress [AT]

email: halohalozine [AT]
dumplingpress [AT]

Australia/New Zealand
Spine distro
"Spine is a brandbrandnew zine distro that lives in my bedroom in melbourne, australia. I carry what I enjoy. So: perzines/ political/ comics, mostly focusing on sex & gender.. there's a lot of american stuff in the catalogue, but i'm trying to build up australian (&particularly novocastrian!) stuff. I'd really prefer to work with trade, not cash." Quoted from
rina.spine [AT]  
(added 17/7/2006)

fatcheeks distro
(Sydney, Australia)
"OI! welcome to fatcheeks distro, based in sydney, australia, distributing zines from around the world. BREAKING NEWS! we've recently added a paypal shopping cart for our international buyers. we recommend aussies, NZers and the asia-pacifics to use the normal paypal button for more accurate shipping prices. wanna get distributed? send along samples to:
PO Box M182
NSW 2050
Email: distro [AT]

Smitten Kitten Zine Distro
"Hi. I'm Kristy and I started this distro in late 1999 because I felt that there was a serious lack of fanzine distributors in Australia. Compared to the myriads overseas, we barely had a handful. I love zines so much as a means of artistic expression, and it makes me so happy to provide this service as a means of getting these amazing creations out there.(...) My passion is for zines...

Moon Rocket Distribution
(New Zealand)
"Moon Rocket is a small [just me], not-for-profit organisation, so will only distribute things which I personally like and which suit my aims in starting Moon Rocket. I don't have the resources to promote every independent media project which is sent my way - this is realism, not snobbery or elitism." Stocks personal, political, musical, special interest and general zines, fiction, poetry, drama, general lit zines as well as comics adn music. Has also a fantastic link section with zines, American and Non-American distributers, people distributed by Moon Rocket, New Zealand comics and zines!!

red letter distro
(New Zealand)
red letter distro is based in wellington, new zealand and run by kerry ann lee who does the zines of help and my snowman's burning zine. send a NZ 40c stamp or 2 international reply coupons to PO box 14562, Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand for a catalogue.
the_mystery_set [AT]

"ROKU (rho-koo: meaning ‘six’ in Japanese and ‘in the year’ in Polish) was started with frustration and pity; a feeling of pity that zines were rare beasts, ones that had to be hunted or that were stumbled across quite by accident. Rare beasts, and magical. Unicorns, gryphons and rocs." Quoted in

Flat Five
The Sunday School
West Yorkshire
OL14 6LJ
rokupress [AT]

Paper & Thread
Great Distro From the UK, carries different kinds of zines including those dealing with feminist issues.
contact [AT]
orders [AT]

Paper and Thread  c/o Janet Wilkinson
1 Ashbrooke Court
Hutton Henry
TS27 4QY
(added 14/7/2006)

Distro 42
"A UK-based zine distribution and publication site and record label. The distro is still relatively new but we've got some groovy DIY merchandise [including grrrl zines] so feel free to make yourselves at home and to have a poke around." Quoted from Distro 42.
erin [AT]
(added 14/7/2006)

Dead Trees and Dye
Distro from the UK which distributes art, personal and feminist zines.
Dead Trees & Dye Distro
11 Glebe Way
deadtreesanddye [AT]
(added 14/7/2006)

Cause & Effect

"This distro exists because I love zines and have a strong belief in D.I.Y culture and creativity as a form of resistance and empowerment. I am here to cater to your zine/badge/music/etc desires. Cause & Effect specializes in personal zines, lit zines, art zines and some academic zines. The majority of these are directly concerned with feminist and queer politics, which reflect my own. You can find zines that deal specifically with mental illness, domestic violence, race, activism, body politics and a whole range of other things." Quoted from Cause & Effect Distro.
causeandeffectdistro [AT]

60 Marshall Road
S8 0GP
(added 14/7/2006)


"An online catalogue of the zines we have for sale at manifesta gigs, clubnights and other local DIY events. The distro is not-for-profit.
With zine sizes, "full size" is equal to A4, "half size" to A5 and "quarter size" to A6. The number of pages is counted to include the front and back covers." Quoted from:
c/o emily graves
email: distro [AT]
post: 17 well close road, Leeds, LS71HT
(added 13

This distro from Spain is dedicated to the diffusion of contra-culture. They have an online catalogue which includes some grrrl zines. This is not a grrrl-specific Distro but it is cool. "Oxígeno es  un proyecto que busca la difusión del antagonismo cultural y político como forma de transformar la actual forma de no-existencia, a través de la subversión de la vida cotidiana. Nuestra actividad se centra en la edición y distribución de material y en la acción política en un sentido más amplio." Quoted from Oxigeno.
oxígeno [proyecto antagonista]
apdo 40 26080 logroño (la rioja)

oxigeno [AT]
(added 10/7/2006)

La Idea
Open to the public, La Idea acts as an archist meeting point and bookstore with fanzines, music and books.

"Cualquier medio es bueno para contrarrestar las 'verdades' del pensamiento capitalista: libros, discos, videos, comics y como denominador común algo que nos negamos a que nos silencien: la palabra.
Son varias las actividades que realizamos, siendo la más visible el mantenimiento de un local abierto al publico, en el centro de Madrid, que funciona como librería anarquista, tienda de ruido (punk, HC, Crust, extremo, Power violence...) y punto de encuentro para la gente interesada en estos temas." Quoted from
c/Santa Bárbara nº 7, Madrid.
C.P. Apdo. 18251 - 28080, Madrid.
info [AT]
(added 10/7/2006)

Kataclisma Distro

"Kataklisma is an online distro, a project started by me, Laura, to allow people from all over the globe to buy 'zines and other diy stuff. I'm a 22 years old girl, i'm studying fashion design in Milan and i've always been into 'zines, art and creative activities. When i first started to be interested in 'zines and the world of diy the biggest problem was having the chance to buy international 'zines 'cause there weren't many distros who provided international expedition. Especially in Europe there were just small distros and it wasn't possible to have many infos about the 'zines they were selling. So i decided to start my own 'zine "kataklisma" and after that i thought it could be a great idea to start a distro to allow european people to buy and sell their 'zines. I accept any kind of 'zine submissions: music related ones, political ones, personal ones, comics, art and photogrpahy related 'zines, and any kind of diy stuff (records, clothing, accessories...).Well, i hope this project will develop a lot...i'm just waiting for you to help me doing it." (Quoted from Kataclisma Distro)

To submit your stuff please send everything to:
Kataklisma c/o Laura Lupivia V.Emanuele III n.15-19020 Vezzano L. (SP) Italy or send an email to:

(added 13/06/2006)

Else Joffi Distro

"Else Jofi Distro is run by Johannes Dechant, a deeply involved zine community member in Germany. He writes for his own zines, "Katzilla" and "Today", and several other fanzine projects. He also distributes grrrl zines.
JohannesDechant [at]
(added 13/06/2006)

Sisters Distro
"Sisters Distro is a non-profit webpage with one single purpose: to make it easier to find and buy demos and other stuff made by grrrls." (Quoted in Sisters Distro)
order [AT]
(added 12/06/2006)

Ladies First
"Läs det här först, plz! Det här är Ladies First, stylish feminist ghetto bling-bling distro. Om sidan ser för jävlig ut är det antingen fel på din smak, eller på din dator. Ladies First drivs av en enda person, en person med ett liv utanför distrot. Därför är det inte okej om du mailar mig och mailar igen efter en dag och är helt ”hallå, jag mailade faktiskt igååår!”. Sidan kommer inte att kunna uppdateras stup i kvarten, så saker och ting som finns på sidan kan vara slut. Jag är ingen supermänniska, du får stå ut med att det kan ta lite tid för dig att få det du beställt, eller att få mail besvarade. Du får helt enkelt ha överseende med detta. Jag startade det här distrot för jag var lite trött på alla tråkiga punkdistron som bara hade massa skit som jag inte ville ha. Finns det något bättre sätt då än att förse sig själv och andra med det man vill ha? Jag hoppas att du ska gilla Ladies First lika mycket som jag gör! Du kommunicerar enklast med Ladies First genom att maila ladiesfirstdistro [AT] Om du undrar något om sidan eller så kan du maila cristian på somuchtrouble [AT]"

(added 11/21/2004)

Diffusons! Distribution et édition de lectures subversives
Villejuif, France

"Pour être informé-e-s des mises à jour du site (nouvelle liste, nouveautés, nouveaux liens, etc.), vous pouvez vous inscrire sur la liste de diffusion en envoyant un message vide à: diffusons-subscribe [AT]" By Nathalie diffusons [AT]

(added 11/17/2004)


bad ass fantastico
en feministisk distro

Formerly (her) riot. Run by Stina. Read an interview with her! "so när var hur? bad ass fantastico hette innan (her) riot distro. då vi blev två i projektet bytte vi namn för att få en ny fräsch start. sedan augusti 2001 har denna distro, fast med olika namn, försett sverige med förstaklassiga feministiska fanzines och musik. vad distrar bad ass fantastico? bad ass fantastico distribuerar feministiska fanzines, musik, tygmärken, tshirts och annat pyssel som vi tycker är helt fantastiskt fint och bra. inget annat. inget transfobiskt, sexististk, etnocentriskt, homofobiskt eller på annat sätt hatisk dynga. vi har en förkärlek för kvalitet, fint hantverk, smarta lösningar och söta saker. tackar vi nej till att distra dina grejer betyder inte det att det du gör är dåligt, bara att vi inte blev våldsamt förälskade vid första ögonkastet, eller att vi helt enkelt inte har råd. det finns numer ett ständigt ökande antal bra distros runt om i landet som säljer feministiska ting."
her_riot [AT]
(added 9/10/04, website disfunctional July 2006)

Kaiho Zine Distro
(Turku, Finland)

"One of the few zine distros in Finland, started fall 2003. Kaiho sells perzines, feminist and queer zines, hardcore/punk zines etc. I sell zines in gigs and also do mailorder. Majority of the zines I sell are in english and only some in finnish. My main reasons for starting this distro were desire to do something meaningful and to make the international zine culture a little more familiar for some people in Finland. by the way, the word 'kaiho' is finnish and it means 'longing' or 'languishing' (for something) and 'wistfulness'." By Karel. E-mail: kaihozinedistro [AT ]

(added 9/10/04)

all that glitters distro
(nottingham, england)
"All that glitters is a non-profit zine distro created because of the lack of distros in the united kingdom. we try to carry a wide range of zines from all over the world and are always looking for submissions and expanding. we aim to bring zines to a wider audience and make them more available to people in britain." all that glitters distro is run by sophie and rob.
and the e-mail is atg_distro [AT]
(added 02/02/2004)

NOVA recordings and zines
(Koeln, Germany)
NOVA recordings vertreibt jetzt neben Musik und Buechern auch Zines!!
Nova Recordings and Zines
email : info [AT]
NOVA RECORDINGS, Xantener Str. 99, 50733 Koeln, Germany
(added 09/01/2003)

Porca Madonna distro/ Vidalocarecords
(Rome, Italy)
"Vida Loca Records is a brand new yet old fashioned queerious punk girl label from Roma, Italy. The bilingual website will be uploaded as soon as I'll take my time to fix it. It will host the porca_ma_donna zine distro catalogue + the fine records of 16, AgitProp!, Harlan, Paroxysm, Plan-it-X, Romeg and many other international d.i.y. labels."
For contact urgency: wopey [AT]
(added 07/24/2003)

Emancypunx records
(Warsaw, Poland)

"Emancypunx records & mail-order is an anarchofeminist project existing since 1995'and it's aim is to give access to independent creativity and promotion & cultivation of independent women culture. The activities Of Emancypunx records include also organising shows, festivals and tours. So that's why accept information's about our releases you can also find a site about concerts. Our project is d.i.y and stands in an opposition to the commercial music business. We want to share passion and spread communication. Independent structures like mail-orders, d.i.y labels, zines and so on are basic if we want to build a community and keep control over the results of our creativity..." By Jennixxx. Zamówienia slij na adres:
J. Ramme
Po Box 145
02-792 Warszawa 78
lub mejlem:
emancy-jen [AT]
(added 07/24/2003) 

synthesis zine & distro
"Synthesis is a non - profit, diy hardcore distro
If you have a non-commercial hardcore (preferably straightedge) zine, I might be able to distro it for you."
PO Box 23272
London SE14 6XD UK
e-mail xsynthesisx [AT]

"We run a small distro for political and subcultural literature (books, brochures, pamphlets, zines, comics,...) since 1998. We are especially searching for inspired and inspiring zines outside of Germany and Europe. Please send us a sample of your zine at first! If we like it, we can take 5-20 copies or even do the wholesale distro for your zine over here in Europe. We are also searching for other distros to get in contact with us about distributing the output of your own small press label... Please get in contact!" They also have lots of grrrl zines!
Run by: Chrrristian
M99, Manteuffelstr. 99, 10997 Berlin, Germany
email: flatline_imperium [AT]
Berlin, Germany

Poptartz distro
(West Yorkshire/UK)
"A UK based pro - grrrl distro covering zines (personal and music based), comix, tapes, tee shirts, patches, stickers, short films, and other grrrl diy goods. Wanting zine writers, artists, bands, and kewl grrrls and bois to get in touch to be addes to the catalgoue as its not really ready yet, just anything pro-grrrlxxxx contact me. " Run by : Hollypop
mick [AT]

Yummy ( - a record stores in Austria that stocks zines (such as The Assassin and the Whiner, Food Geek etc.)
(added 11/13/02

A Swedish distro. Stocks T shirts, books, patches, music, zines and so on. Most of them are in Swedish.
(added 11/13/02

Essential Nutrients
(Muenster, DE)
(In English and German)

"Essential nutrients is a zine distro from germany. we distribute small press and self-published magazines, the items we distribute include visual art, fiction, rants, poems, true stories or political essays. among others. the aim of this zine distro is to provide a forum for writers, artists and activists to share their work and to make it accessible for an interested public. these expressions, whether it is in a magazine, a piece of art, a poem or a love song are rising out of the do-it-yourself grassroots underground, mainly the punk- and activist-scenes. though we don't want to be limited to these areas. our name - essential nutrients - refers to a song by the british band red monkey, and talks about the importance of ideas, words and inspiration in (my) daily life. that creativity is an essential nutrient. doing a zine distro is not a marketing scheme, but it is not necessarily a revolutionary tool either. we know that we won't change the world by publishing zines. our vision is to build an inclusive community where the sharing of ideas, where communication and a dedication to radical and progressive social change is imminent in our thoughts and actions. this is not an easy thing to accomplish. let's start.
if you are interested in finding distribution for your zine, please get in touch. you can ask for a mailing address. if you look at the catalogue, you can get an idea of what we are interested in and if it makes sense to offer your zine. thanks for your time! (we are into feminist, queer, personal and political zines mostly. no music-only zines, please.)

contact [AT]

(added 6/14/05)

"Bei handelt es sich um ein Web-Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Fanzines. Das Ziel dieses Verzeichnisses ist es, allen Interessierten - sowohl Lesern als auch Fanzine-Machern und Autoren - einen Überblick über die schier unüberschaubare Vielfalt an Fanzines zu bieten, wobei es sich auf deutschsprachige Fanzines beschränkt, denn allein in diesem Bereich dürfte es Tausende mehr oder weniger regelmäßig erscheinende Veröffentlichungen geben."
(added 6/14/05)

Latin America - Mostly Anarchist- GRRRL Friendly Distros
Anti-Todo Distro
Distro from Puerto Rico: distributes anarcho-punk music and fanzines, including grrrl zines.
ENVIEN SELLOS Y $1(por el zine #1 o #2 c/u)
Envios a:
Gustavo Diaz (PEPE CRASH)
Humacao, PR
naldyoi [AT]
gustavo833 [AT]
(added 12/

Krea Sin Limites RQS
This distro from Peru is anarcho-punk and distros music and zines.
konrabia [AT]
(added 12/7/2006)

Ediciones Santiago es Gris
Distribucion de material antagonista: musica y fanzines.
Chile. Distribution of antagonist material: music and fanzines. Chile.
stesgris [AT]
(added 12/7/2006)

Traidores Distro

Traidores Distro "Punk, política, fuego, distribuidora y webzine".
(added 12/7/2006)

Bibliotéca Social Reconstruir

"La Biblioteca Social Reconstruir es un espacio anarquista que se ubica en el centro de la ciudad de México, y que cuenta con más de 3,000 libros de los cuales más de 850 son anarquistas, algunos muy viejos como la Pornocracia de Proudhon, editado es España en 1892. 4,700 revistas, algunas históricas como la famosa "Revista blanca", además de contar con algunas que se editaron durante la guerra civil española de 1936, así como publicaciones mexicanas muy antiguas como el número 13 de Regeneración editado por los hermanos Flores Magón el 7 de noviembre de 1900." Quoted from

Bibliographic consultation center specializing in Libertarian themes. Their catalogue includes books, periodicals and fanzines. Their location also serves as the headquarters for Grupo de Apoyo a la Cruz Negra Anarquista.

Morelos '45, Despacho 206,
Col. Centro,
México 06002 D.F.
Apartado postal 909
sitioweb [AT]
biblioteca [AT]
(added 10/7/2006)

(added 7/7/2006)

El Libertario
This Chilean periodical, El Libertario, is inspired by anarchist ideals. The creators of this periodical also have a distro in which they sell anarcho-punk and other DIY stuff from Chile.
"El Libertario es un periódico inspirado en el ideal antiautoritario del anarquismo. Desde 1995, es editado por la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA-AIT), un colectivo que trata de informar sobre la teoría y práctica de los ácratas en América latina y potenciar lo que de libertario tengan los movimientos sociales de nuestro entorno...La autogestión económica permite a las publicaciones alternativas total autonomía política. El Libertario se financia de la venta de sus ejemplares y de otros materiales producto del intercambio y del apoyo mutuo. Apoya nuestra prensa alternativa adquiriendo estos materiales.
" Quoted from El Libertario.
ellibertario [AT]
(added 7/7/2006)

Anti-Civ Distro
This Distro is from Mexico and distributes fanzines, t-shirts, music, pins and other stuff all in support of the anti-authoritarian ideals of the primitive anarchist movement.
"Este proyecto nace con la idea de difundir mas el ideal del anarco-primitivismo dentro del movimiento antiautoritario y por la necesidad de unir por medio de la literatura y el pensamiento la lucha global contra el capital.
Pensamos que es necesario buscar alternativas al ideal anarquista y renovarlo con las nuevas ideas
libertarias y de lucha contra toda forma de opresión humana animal y medio ambiental pues formamos parte de un todo y el capital lo asesina todo.
Estamos interesados en distribuir todo el material libertario que comparta nuestras ideas, escríbenos y nos ponemos en contacto.
¡si el capital asesina todo! ¡nosotros asesinemos al capital!" Quoted from
Anti-Civ Distro.
anticivpress [AT]
(added 7/7/2006)

Maldita Cruz

Distro from Chile that distributes anarchist literature(including zines) and music.
"La intención de Maldita Cruz es facilitar la llegada a la gente de cualquier material ( ya sea escrito, sonoro o visual) que apueste por una nueva forma de hacer polítca o cultura. También, es nuestra inteción, facilitar la distribución del trabajo de cualquier proyecto, que como nosotros, tenga algo que decir, dentro de los márgenes de la autogesti´n, el repseto y la rebeldía. Para intercambios, ionformación, pedidos, consultas y valores para fuera de Chile, no dudes en escribir a:"
malditacruz [AT]
Quoted from:
added 7/7/2006)

(US/Latin America)
"Our collective is publishing this bilingual (Spanish/English) journal called Incendio (wildfire). It is our intention to use this journal to connect English/Spanish speaking anarchists throughout the world to anarchist, indigenous, ecological, and social struggles occurring throughout Latin America...anarchist publications from different parts of Latin America: we are making them available to create a central location for distribution of these publications, primarily for those outside of Latin America. We want people in other parts of the world to see what sort of activities and discussions are happening. We are selective with what we distribute. If you would like us to carry your journal, get in touch." Quoted from
PO Box 993
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
United States

incendio [AT]
(added 7/7/2006)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"We promote an underground press where there is none; literacy and awareness in a cultural wasteland. We believe in the f-word that feminism is not a dirty word and that the personal is political. We support passion over passiveness and other good stuff. We're located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and hope to eventually cater to the whole Middle eastern region, where a zine culture is almost unheard of; through this distro we aim to help establish one, bringing independent literature in from around the world, while also getting local voices heard. This distro is run by Rahel, though we're always looking for volunteers, especially in the Gulf/Greater Arab regions."
distro [AT]
MSN: ieatpropaganda.
PO Box 1989, Dubai, UAE.
(added 9/10/04, website inactive July 2006))


Knockout Press
Knockout Press is a distro run by Sabrina, who also writes "Sabulous " zines.
Sabrina, 9804 Cardinal, La Porte TX 77571.
sabrinadarling [AT] gmail dot com
(added 1

Fridge Magnet Press "Fridge Magnet Concotions has been the world’s #1 supplier of refreshingly idiosyncratic comics and handiwork by Suzanne Baumann." Quoted from Fridge Magnet Concotions.
suzanne [AT]
(added 18/7/2006)

AK Press
"AK Press Distribution is part of AK PRESS, Inc., the American branch of AKA Books Co-Operative Ltd., a workers’ co-operative wholly owned by its members. Our goal is to make available radical books and other materials, titles that are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants, titles with which you can make a positive change in the world." Quoted from
Distribution in USA:
AK Press
674-A 23rd Street
Oakland, CA 94612
info [AT]
Distribution in Europe:
PO BOX 12766
ak [AT]
(added 17/7/2006)

Gimme Brains!!! Distro

"Hello there, my name is Mae Undead. I don't care what you call me just don't call me babes because it does not define me. I write You're Insane Honey and zombie zine: CERVEAUXXXXXXXX....I (heart) distros and diy community. I made this distro because San Jose needs more zines!" Quoted from:
yourinsanehoney [AT]
(added 17/7/2006)

"A micro press and distribution center for independent publications (i.e. a zine distro) that is largely geared towards an alternative audience that covers such topics as
eroticism, suffering, death, gothic cultural parody,
queer, trans, & gender activism, philosophical systems,
and theological speculations. This zine distro focuses mainly on creative expression, and eccentric sub-cultures. It also sells merchandise such as toys and t-shirts for promotion purposes.To promote community involvement, the company hosts shows concerning the bizarre and provocative side of the independent arts, specifically spoken word." Quoted from

nekusis [AT]
(added 17/7/2006)

Towanda Distro

Distro with girl-positive, gender-positive, and sex-positive zines.
(added 17/7/2006)

Static-Cling Distro
"Static Cling is a distro located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
ALL profits go to charity."
Quoted from
static cling distro
PO Box 20083 RPO Beverly
Edmonton, AB Canada
T5W 5E6
static-cling [AT]
staticcling [AT]
(added 17/7/2006)

Starting Small Distro

Missy Kulik runs a zine and charmful craft distro. Many zines and comics she distros are created by her and/or by friends of hers. Very cute!
Missy Kulik
1350 spring valley road
Winterville, GA 30683
missyk [AT]
(added 17/7/2006)

Safe Warm Place
This is a very nice girl-friendly distro run by Jon. "I like perzines. especially perzines dealing with gender/mental health/queer issues. personal comics are also one of my faves!" Quoted from
send your orders/submissions to:Jon Delz
Box 7
2943 e. 46th st.
Indianapolis, IN 46205
riotgrrrlboi [AT]
(added 17/7/2006)

Girl Gang Distro
"Rae makes magic happen" in her distro. Quoted from
girlgangdistro [AT]
girl gang distro
c/o rae
PO Box 8023
Omaha, NE 68108-0023
(added 14/7/2006)

Before Midnight Distro

"Welcome to before-midnight store/disto. It was a full out distro for about a year. In the decision that I didn't have the time to run it anymore, I just put up a collection of personal zines I've got here. Look around, poke in and out, take a gander. If you have a zine that you want up here, feel free to send me a consideration copy, or to get in contact with me. Get your pens ready and re-write the thesis with me. Your love letters, hate mail and anything else you'd like to." Quoted from Before Midnight Distro.
lisa [AT]
(added 14/7/2006)

Frenzy Distro
Run by "that Grrrl
frenzydistro [AT]

Joyous Ladi-FrEnZY
3290 Whitesand Court
San Jose,CA 95148
(added 14/7/2006)

Stranger Danger Distro
"If zines are a labor of love, running a zine distro proves that love is masochistic. We make absolutely no money from this. We do it because of our love for DIY publishing. Please support underground publishing!" Run by Jamie, Shaun and Toby (the cat). Quoted from
Shaun Allen (not Stranger Danger)
Stranger Danger
submissions [AT]
(added 14/7/2006)

Learning To Leave a Paper Trail
"I'm 26 years old & i've been involved with zines since i was about twelve... primarily specialize in personal zines, but those which come from a punk, anarchist, or d.i.y. background." Quoted from

29 evergreen st. #1
jamaica plain 02130

learningtoleaveapapertrail [AT]
(added 14/7/2006)

Adore Zine Distro 2001

Run by Tina in Calgary.
(on hiatus, June 2004)

Beer for Girls

“100% D.I.Y shirts, stickers, patches, magnets, bondage, music, zines, and vintage all dirt cheap.”
(webpage disfuntional July 2006)

Basement Freak's D.i.Y Distro

"Canadian based distro run by an odd little grrrl who spends a lot of time in her room and daydreaming with her boi. continuously re-newing/adding to zine stock. Zines such as "The Pleides", "Safety Pin Girl", "Stolen Sharpie Revolution", "Girl Swirl", etc. Write for a list of titles/mini catalog or check out website online. Always looking for new titles. Esp. punk lifestyle, riot grrrl/feminist, bike-positive, grrrl positive, queer/trans, personal, and political type zines. D.i.Y crafts welcome as well. Send zine to above address with contact info and wholesale rates. *riot On*--- Ashley."
mailing address:
Basement Freak Productions
C/O Ashley Lambert
PO Box 1417
Revelstoke, BC
V0E 2S0
(added 11/24/2002) 

broken record distro
"Looking for canadian creative kidds wanting//needing an outlet. broken record distro hopes to become a large directory to help canadians get their zines//projects known. i'm just starting this up and i would totally love it if you'd use broken record to your own advantage! the first catalog is expected to just be one page, front and back, folded into quarters for easy mailing. please please please help broken record distro get onto its feet by emailing me or sending me a good ole snail mail letter with your address and project(s) or if you have any information about canadians who might want to become part of this directory. Cost: $0.50 or trade." Run by Karin:
starkarin [AT]

"ComuFEM isn't just a mag, it's a DISTRO too. ComuFEM is a feminist mag about comix and punk rock, and a distro carrying things by grrrls for grrrls. Interested in getting yer shit distro'ed? Email Daphne
or send samples and info to:
PO Box 2632
Easthampton, NY 11937. USA
aelfie [AT]

(added 11/13/02)

Cafeisme – Java Turtle

"Cafeisme Zine Distro: French slang for "excessive coffee drinking" by Lynne Lowe: "Desperately seeking personal, travel and political zines and independent comics."

C/S Distro
(formerly Chicana Stuff Tiendita)
C/S is run by Noemi, who writes the Hermana, Resist zine. "CS Tiendita is a distro center for women and women of color (mujer) projects, centralizing on Chicana and latina and people of color produced projects. We have carried personal zines, literary, radical zines, parenting zines, craft zines, food zines as well as chapbooks, buttons and pins, stickers, pillows, seasalts, face and body scrubs, and many more crafty items." English/Spanish/Spanglish, by Noemi.
Noemi Martinez
Re: C/S
PO Box 621
Edinburg, TX 78540
email: csdistro [AT]

Desert City Death
"Desert City Death focuses on zines from the Phoenix area - and primarily feminist/queer/transgender/chicana zines. We are new so we only have a couple zines (all feminist authors) and so we are always looking for more. Our Motivation for doing this - We love zines and wanted to help create a larger zine community in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Phoenix’s independent spirit and culture is growing and starting to come into its own. Before it was ruled by corporations intent only on selling. We started this distro to provide the greater US (and other countries) with the great zines being produced in Phoenix and we also wanted to show other Phoenicians how great their zine community is. Like we said, we love zines and the independent spirit of creating zine. Being creative, having fun, and enriching your community is central to zines and we just wanted to help by distributing zines on a larger scale." By sisters Jacki and Camilla.
desertcitydeathdistro [AT]

Desert City Death Distro
PO Box 2326
Phoenix, AZ 85002

(added 09/08/2004)

Driving Blind Distro
"Driving Blind distro distributes zines and crafts that are created by people with physical and learning disabilities. It is run by me, Erin, in hopes to create awareness within the disabled and non-disabled communities. If you would like your project to be distro'ed here (and you are disabled), please click on the "Get Distro'ed" link on the left. Want to join the mailing list to get updates on new zines and crafts? Send an e-mail to erin [AT] with the subject "db mailing list." Check Erin's zine Driving Blind and the interview I did with her too! For submissions send your zine to:
Driving Blind distro
c/o Erin H.
PO Box 656
Keyport, NJ 07735, USA
(added 11/13/02)

Dreamers Distro
Offers a wide variety of zines and comics, 1" buttons and does custom orders as well. "Dreamers Distro is a distro that I decided to make after I fell in love with zines and wanted to help out the community as much as I could. I myself like all sorts of topics and issues so felt the distro should help reflect that. That's why you'll find zines and comics of all different nature. Dreamer's is always going to be looking for new zines so if you'd like yours distroed please go here." Run by Lisa.

Dorky Distro

"Want your zine to get a bigger audience? Maybe a Canadian Audience? I would love to carry your zine or merchandise in my Distro. Send a me a sample of your zine and your information such as your name, your zine's name and your wholesale prices. Also be sure to include a way for me to get a hold of you. I am not too picky on what I would like to distro, just nothing racist or sexist etc. I would be interested in distroing pins, buttons, stickers, or any hand crafted goods. I would love to hear from you email me at:
Dorky Distro
c/o Katie,
Oshawa Ont., Canada
dorkydistro [AT]

Echo Zine Distro

"We are a small non-profit mailorder committed to promoting the small press in Milwaukee, WI and beyond. If you're interested in reading topics ranging from personal to political, literary to artistic, punk to quirky; we carry a wide variety of underground publications." Many different kind of zines, some of them feminist/grrrl." Run by: Michelle.
email: echozinedistro [AT]

The Evil Toaster Pastry Brigade

Formerly RawDaylight Distro. "I'd like to focus on riot grrrl/boi zines, political zines, sarcastic/humorous zines, etc. The Evil Toaster Pastry Brigade is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. We (the singular we?) specialize in underground zines and local music from all over the world. We're striving to help out the little guys and girls who still need a helping hand. I'll be adding all the stuff to this site in the very near future. We try to make our selection as wide as possible to please all tastes. Any questions or comments can be directed to Bri at
rawdaylight [AT]
(on Hiatus)

Fiend or Faux
"We are a group of friends operating out of a collective art/work/event space in Seattle. We do this distro. to get our favorite zines, music, personal projects, & ideas out, and also to help us afford the location where everything is based. Since FoF is still very new, we're adding stuff all the time. Orders are usually taken by bike to the post office the day after they are received if not sooner. Oders are sent via First Class mail via the U.S. Postal service. We re-use packaging when possible and have been known to pack some orders in actual popcorn (un-salted of course!). We're nice people who strive to make the world we live in a better place for everyone... and have fun in the process."
orders [AT]
PO Box 30785
Seattle, WA 98103-0785

FBI Distro
(Females Battling Ignorance)
"FBI DISTRO is not exclusive to girls. We distro personal, political, and humorous zines, and a comic or two. our prices are nice and low. send zines or ask for the catalog." By Kathy.
email: cornflakegerl [AT]

Great Worm Express Distribution
"Great Worm Express Distribution sells various types of independent media. The focus is on zines, however I also sell music, and I have plans to sell books and videos in the future." By Fandroid.Great Worm Express Distribution
PO Box 19013
360A Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 3C9, CANADA
(added 09/08/2004)

Gluestick Distro
"Gluestick Distro was started in January 2004 by two girls who want to bring you beautiful & brilliant zines!" Gluestick Distro c/o Alli
.PO Box 761,
Mountain View, CA 94042.

gluestickdistro [AT]
(added 09/08/2004)

HousewifeXcore Distro
"HousewifeXcore Distro specializes in distributing feminist, DIY and self sufficency zines, Radical Parenting, natural med and self care gynecology zines, radical mensturation zines, zines by ladies grrrls, and womyn, queer and trans people, sex worker zines, midwifery and doula zines. We also sell crafts like buttons, stickers, patches and diy menstrual pads. Our goal is to empower womyn, queer and trans people through zines and take back their bodies, and self image while encouraging acceptance and community in the zine underground. My goal is to provide an extensive catalog as possible so i am always taking submissions."Run by Ari.
housewifeXcore [AT]


Look in the zinestand "over 150 music, film, comic and personal zines to read or buy." Have zines like Sarah Dyers Action Girl Comics, Bamboo Girl...Great resource/distro also for music!

Mamas Unidas Distro
Jackie, zinester of Esperanza has opened a distro! "Mamas Unidas is Spanish for United Mamas. I chose it for the distro title because I think that Mamas should be working together to better life for all mamas, and that's part of our philosophy here at MUD (nice acronym, huh?). Too much in society and this world is working to tear us apart and divide us against one another, so we say let's join and fight the good fight together, for mamas everywhere! Super Mamas and our baby/kid sidekicks!" Email Jackie at: mamasunidasdistro [AT]
(added 05/06/2003)
ON HIATUS, June 2004

Maybonne [online store]
Sarah, from Richmond Virginia, runs this online store where she sells zines, posters and crafts she makes.

Microcosm Publishing
"We publish and distribute stickers, pins, patches, t-shirts, zines, books and more. We also manufacture custom 1" pins, patches, t-shirts, and stickers. This project has existed since February of 1997. We had these bands and we put out their records. It's a pretty ironic deal, really. It took a long time to sell a worthwhile amount of records and then the bands break up. Then you have to start over again. In any event we eventally decided to quit and are now changing the focus to stickers, buttons, books, fanzines, and t-shirts. I'm very fortunate to have had the oppertunity to go on tour with Cripple Kid, Chalkline, The Fla Flas, Mid Carson July, Bedford, and The Flotation Walls and to have met many amazing people via this project. We no longer release records. We now focus on books, zines, stickers, buttons, patches, and t-shirts." By joe biel and alex wrekk .
joebiel [AT]

Makaiju Distro
" This groovy little distro is just waiting for awesome zines, great music, stickers, buttons - whatever DIY project you may have - so we can start having a real catalog! At the moment, we will take all your submissions, and we have a dinky little distro that you are welcome to order from. Send whatever DIY you want to:
PO Box 20370
San Jose, CA 95160 USA
and our resident experts will quickly decide whether we'll carry you or not."
email: leelee [AT]
(Distro closed with plans to re-open, updated 26/06/2006)

My My
"My My was started on Tuesday, June 22nd 2004 in the early morning hours. It was created by me (Taryn) to sell my own zines (Girl Swirl, A Girl Called Mike, Home) & 1" buttons. I soon decided to add other items to the shop including zines my friends were making that I thought were fantastic as well as other cute items I wanted you to have. I have recently enlisted the help of my 14 year old sister Veronica with running the distro. (...) Taryn writes the zine Girl Swirl and has been since the cold winter months of 1998. Before Girl Swirl Taryn wrote a zine called Sophisti-Femme that is no longer in print and thankfully so. The chances of you seeing that zine are slim, unless you were around during the days of Pavlov's Dogs, Bread Riot & the rockin' Bucks County scene "back in the day". Let's just say, it was your typical riot grrrl zine. Taryn is recently married to Joshua who runs & In her spare time Taryn does free-lance web design, reads young adult fiction, listens to No Doubt & hangs out with her 3 year old neice Annabelle."
tarynhipp [AT]

(added 09/08/2004)

MyOwnBrain Productions"MyOwnBrain Productions started about 7 years ago with a small, DIY literary zine. Since then it has grown and expanded to 8 separate literary publications, a line of independent video and an extensive line of revolutionary fashion designs. M.O.B.’s aim is not only to promote our own projects, but also to expose people to all aspects of the DIY culture via video, written word, design, dance and artwork. My Own Brain is truly living the Do It Yourself lifestyle, with clothing that is a slap in the face of the mall shopper, sinful experimental videos and imperfect literature. Please keep checking back with us as we add new products and update our site. Keep rockin the revolution!!!" ~Kristen Day (Goddess behind M.O.B.)

Out of This Town

"A new zine and music distro based and focused around Minnesota. All the items sold are created by Minnesotans or involve the state in some way. I also try to keep the distro off the internet as much as possible, which is why there is no website and only a print catalog." By Ashlee. PO Box 576,
St. Bonifacius, MN
55375 USA.
asregeneration [AT]
(added 09/08/04)

planting seeds community awareness project
"We are a group of people collectively working for non-violent social change. our goal is to play a significant role in rebuilding human society based on values of respect, love, communalism and an end to oppression. it is our belief that all people are intelligent and have the ability to solve problems which face their communities but are often held back by powerfull self-serving institutions (economic, political, social, religious, and cultural). our main goal is to aid in the process of self-determination and healing for all living beings by fostering open and honest communication between people." A great project with a great zine catalog!
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 12243
Seattle, Wa 98102, USA
plantingseeds [AT]

Papergirl zine & music distro
"papergirl music and zine distro is a catalog of zines, music, & cool diy merch, motivated by active youth and thoughtful minds. especially interested in animal rights, youth activism, diy, lo-fi self-empowered writers-singers-artists' work. papergirl wakes up real early in the morning to distribute fine writing, music and goods that make you think, that inspire activism and positive change. papergirl is a quarterly papercatalog." Run by: Joanna.
email: papergirldistro [AT]

Powderbox Zine Distro
"Powderbox zine distro (PzD) is a feminist/queer/trans/ friendly zine and craft distro. it is my goal to bring independant media to you from hardworking zinesters of all ages, races, and backgrounds."
powderboxdistro [AT]
(added 21/06/2006)

Red Letter Distro
I prefer revolutionary, beautiful, life-embracing zines, especially the-personal-is-political type zines made by people from all walks of life. Also partial to zines/music/DIY crafts made by people of color, poor kids, sex workers, trans and genderqueer individuals, parents, children...I’m especially partial right now to zines about radical feminism, the sex industry, sex-positive erotica, gardening zines, mental health issues, zines addressing ableism, and people talking about enforced heterosexuality, the harem complex, competition amongst wimmin, and sexual compulsion. I like recorded spoken word and poetry comps and pretty much any music incorporating classical-style strings. I am especially looking for all kinds of DIY crafts, so send me details on what you make! Nothing misogynistic, transphobic, ableist, classist, fatphobic, or racist. Send items to be reviewed to:
C/O Olivia Pepper
PO Box 12258
Eugene, OR 97440 USA
(Include self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your zine/recording returned to you)
or email redletterdistro [AT] with any questions. By Olivial.

(added 1/5/03)

Sew True
"Sew True first came about as an idea sometime in the summer of 2003, right after I made the first issue of my zine A Million Birthdays. The thought train was relatively simple, I like making zines, I like reading zines, I'd like to do something that would put me closer to the zine community, I'd like to get to know more zinesters, I'd like to be exposed to more zines. A distro was the answer I got when I combined all of those wants."
amillionbirthdays [AT]

livejournal: sewtrue, Kathee;
PO Box 777;
Willoughby OH 44096-0777.
(added 09/08/04)

Stalker Distro
"Stalker Distro attempts to bring you high quality handmade items such as bags, earrings, and knitted items, as well as zines. We are small but growing. Email me for an address if you would like to submit something. I'd love to see what you have." By Meg.
meg [AT]

(added 06/12/2004)

Starfiend distro
Stocks many zines and has a paper catalog. Jenn also does a life journal.

Supernova Distro

Some zines but also Supernova looks for handcrafted DIY stuff.

Tastes Like Newsprint Distro

Tastes Like Newsprint Distro is a not-for-profit distributor of independent publications, who also distributes grrrl zines.
TastesLikeNewsprint [AT]

Tastes Like Newsprint Distribution
6 South Barn Road
Hopkinton MA 01748

Unbound Books
"Unbound Books is a mailorder distro with plans
of becoming a collectively-run worker-owned
bookstore, resource center and community space
located somewhere in Chicago. We feature books,
zines, music and films from a diverse range of
cultural backgrounds and perspectives. We are
anti-racist, anti-authoritarian, pro-queer,
trans-inclusive, sex-positive, fat-positive and
feminist. We don't believe in waiting until after the
revolution. We believe that if you want a better
world you should start acting like it now. That
is why we choose to work within a non-
hierarchical, anti-authoritarian structure. All
decisions are made through consensus. There are
no bosses. None of us wants to have a boss, and
none of us wants to be a boss.
Email Addresses: (any or all of these will work)
FreedBiArt [AT]
Unbound Books
PO Box 146672
Chicago, IL 60614-6672, USA
(added 11/17/2003)

Undecided Distro
"I've got over 100 zines and lotsa music too. I take all zines into the distro to support the DIY publishing scene, but I can usually only do it on a trade basis, x zines for x zines from my distro (you choose). Send in zines or e-mail me. I've also got zine packages and zine boxes consisting of all zines in the distro. Check out the website for more details." Nicole
undecided [AT]
PO Box 713
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Xerox Revolutionaries Distro
"I carry personal zines, scene zines, and various one-shots. All are of queer or semi-queer content. Trades and/or submission ALWAYS welcome. FREE paper catalog." Has also riot grrrl zines. Run by: Hank
PO Box 3411
Tallahassee FL 32315-3411
xeroxrevdistro [AT]

Zinesters Resource Guide"Welcome! Ah yes, the purpose of this site, its quite simple. To provide you, the zinester, with a comprehensive list of everything you need in order to fulfill your zinely duties, to become inspired to create further projects, and to support your fellow zinesters, independant publishers & artists, etc... Please enjoy." Has a great list with distros.
A great comprehensive list of current zine distros!

That's the sad chapter of zine history - but sometimes it's necessary to move on to other projects (and with our lives!)... so for the record I am listing here all the distros which once upon a time existed (with the date when I checked last, in the hope of some revival).
Commander Keen Zine Distro
commander keen zine distro
einhornallee 59
81377 munich
commander_keen_distro [AT
(added 17/7/2006, website not updated since 2004)

Mister Bear
Started in September 2004, looking for submissions: " I'm mostly interested in zines, but I'm not opposed to carrying diy crafts or even music. Whatever you want to send, send it on over to:
mister bear distribution
c/o jenny grobelski
PO Box 408070
chicago, il 60640
Email jenny at
foovies [AT]
(added 09/08/2004, website inactive 26/06/2006)

Beyond a Joke Distro and Zine
"Beyond A Joke Productions is a zine distro run out of noVA, in the DC metro area. Keeping it strong since June '99, this one lady run non profit distro, does not tolerate any sexist, homophobic, racist, or degrading material of any sort. Instead, we like to see DIY projects and working with kids who are creating them. We do mailorder and I can be seen around DC area shows tabling. Feel free to get in touch for anything and everything." Lots of great zines as well as links! (CLOSED, June 2004)
A great comprehensive list of current zine distros!

youth in revolt zine distro
megan runs the youth in revolt zine distro which has been around for a few years. she took over for a friend of hers about a year ago and carries great personal and political DIY zines. it's based out of northern california.
PO Box 268
Loleta, CA 95551
theantifi [AT]

(added 04/24/2003)

Supernova Distro

Some zines but also Supernova looks for handcrafted DIY stuff.

Stalker Distro
"Stalker Distro attempts to bring you high quality handmade items such as bags, earrings, and knitted items, as well as zines. We are small but growing. Email me for an address if you would like to submit something. I'd love to see what you have." By Meg.
meg [AT]

(added 06/12/2004)

Spy Kids Distro
"Spy Kids is run by Pixie of LoveScars zine and is located in Moore, Oklahoma. I consider this distro an all around distro because I do not focus on one main thing, I want to sell everything! Spy Kids was started waaay back in early 2000 and by October 2000 we had an offline catalog, a website, ads, etc. Looking for: Everything! Esp. Erotica zines,comics, audio zines, video zines, movies, zines in other languages, and political zines (only because I do not have alot of these, but I would like to). This distro is a strictly non-profit organization. I started a distro because zines and music have always been passions of mine. The idea of this is to find some great zines, music, and crafts and to make sure people know about them. I'm not making any money. It's purely for my enjoyment."
KillGirl81 [AT]

raw daylight distro
"I am currently working on building our catalog with more zines, since most right now are my own. people seem to think i don't like submissions. i am not afraid of submissions! i doubt i'll even reject it! click "submit" below to read up on it and find my contact info. here you can browse the catalog, learn the (short) history of raw daylight, order, submit, and find out what's new with the distro." Run by: kiki
rawdaylight [AT]

Red Jewel Distro
"My name is Elizabeth Peña. I embody the identities of feminist, antiracist, socialist, anticolonialist, antihomophobic, antisexist, vegetarian, queer, and of color. (...) The mission of Red Jewel will change little by little over time but Red Jewel is intended to serve a revolutionary purpose. I do not intend to ever change that. It is a project rooted in my own beliefs of feminism, antiracist, anticolonialist, and antihomophobic theory. I will never allow Red Jewel to become something that does not serve to educate and inform the public (and those involved in Red Jewel) about social, political, and economic inequalities. If anything is to change, it would only be the addition of more revolutionary identities. (...) Whenever possible, Red Jewel will not feature clothing, jewelry, or any assembly parts that were made in a sweatshop. I'm trying to do as much research as possible to make sure button parts, hemp, and everything else was made justly. If ever Red Jewel features shirts or other apparel, it will only be union made apparel whenever possible. Zines and any other paper products must be printed on recycled paper. I feel very strongly about this. Sending stuff to me that's been made out of recycled material is always welcomed and encouraged (re-use dammit!)."
redjewel [AT]
red jewel, c/o elizabeth, bellingham, wa

Rhine-Stone Press
"Formerly Redcore Distro. The name has changed, but the distro hasn't!" By Karen S.,
PO Box 21,
Holmdel, NJ
07733, USA.
press [AT]
(added 09/08/04)

Pleasant Unicorn Store

"A girl-run distro dedicated to food zines and not much else. We carry cookzines, vegan zines, food literature, zines about food obsessions, food and pop culture and anything else food related. We also carry food-themed notecards, handmade envelopes, and hair chopsticks. Print catalog available soon."
Postal Address:
PO Box 715, Weatherford,
TX 76086 USA
nurdsteph [AT]

(added 7/15/2003)

pander zine distro
"Pander is not a zine it is a zine distro. through pander i distribute wonderful zines (as well as a few other things) by wonderful kids from all over the world." Many great zines a (by Ericka Lyn Bailie) Read an interview I did with Ericka Great distro!!!

Operation Kitty Kitty Zine Distro

"This is the site for the Operation Kitty Kitty Zine Distro. OKK has been around as a mailorder catalog of zines and other self-made forms of expression since 1998, and has now only recently been put up here on the web. You will find lots of great zines listed in the catalog, just click on the Catalog link and then on the Information link to find out how to order. Most of the zines carried here are of the personal/political and personal categories, with some travel journal, fiction and comics zines. There's also some older out-of-print stuff on sale, so be sure to check out the Fifty-Cents, Reduced, Fiction, and Music sales on the Sale link of the Catalog page.
Thanks for checking this site out! Please sign the mailing list to be updated via email on changes and additions to the catalog. OKK is happy that you are interested in zines."
katrina [AT]

Northstar Distro
"Who. kelly[a nineteen year old girl.] what. northstardistro[a distribution mainly for zines.] where. canada[the big landmass above the united states which has very few distributions.] (i am most interested in personal zines, then literary -not poetry- zines. my mind is not closed to other types of zines, however, i do prefer more personal/literary zines to any other kind. also, i tend not to like music or review zines. oh, and do not even bother sending zines with racist, sexist, homophobic, etcetera content because i will not accept it. ever.) " By Kelly. email: kellybeliveau [AT]

(added 09/08/04)

Oh Sombra Zine Distro

"I run a zine distro in Montreal, operating mostly online, I am calling for submissions, I'm interested in distroing comics, perzines and poetry zines, I also like zines with crafting ideas and that sh*t, but anything goesreally... I have a special interest in zines that reflect more excerpts of society than just white-male-middle class-american, but that doesn't mean Idon't like this zines...I am interested in zines in spanish and french too.Also crafts that are easy to ship like buttons, t shirts, wallets, stickers, patches, etc."
ohsombra [AT]

(added 09/08/04)


Moon potatoes distro
"...and that's why i started this distro. i wanted to help those zines i love get a little more exposure and get more people to enjoy zines as much as i do."(Amanda has also some stickers, postcards,..)

My own two hands

 A small stock of zines, books, t-shirts, DIY stuff...
(website inactive 26/06/2006)

Mad people distro

"The idea for MAD people distro began with a love for zines. A zine is a person's creative outlet of the mind. The mind is what makes people human. Humanity, in turn, is often odd and weird and MAD." Jen distributes also distro items, music, stickers. Run by Jen
email: webmaster [AT]
(website inactive 26/06/2006)

Ladymen Distro
Ladymen is a small distro that carries a variety of zines and music meant to both entertain and educate. We are interested in feminist, anarchist, queer, and punk zines, but are open to anything. Contact Steph at
OlafianCheeze [AT]
(added 03/04/2005, website inactive 26/06/2006)

"A distro of poetic proportions. anything amusing, funny, crazy and laughable. comics, thoughtful zines, cds & records. fortune cookie distro is a non profit distro, who's mission is to spread zine love, mix tape/cd joy, and music-you've-never-heard-of to the world. Or at least random places throughout the US. I'm interested in any type of zine, as long as it's proves to be cool and interesting. however, I must say I do enjoy perzines a lot, and compzines. For music -- anything goes. So send me your projects...! "
fortunecookiedistro [AT]
(added 11/13/02) Defunct July 2006

heaven sent distro
"Here you'll find plenty of items, including personalized & diy products, as well as diy kits. this site was made w/ people like you in mind, people looking for the interesting & unique. heaven*sent distro debuted on february 27, 2003. it was created by one girl, heather, with an unhealthy obsession with angels." Email Heather at HeavenSentZine [AT]
Heaven Sent Distor
PO Box 3103
Lakewood, CA 90711-3103
(added 04/28/2003, website inactive 26/06/2006)

Girl + Distro (formerly Sassafrass Distro)
"Chelsea is a girl running this little operation in her spare time. she probably loses money doing it, but she likes reading and getting mail so it's okay. when she is not counting money or writing friendly notes she is reading, rollerskating, learning how to be a good person, sewing, serving food to rich people at the country club swimming pool, trying to skateboard, writing a novel, wishing someone would invite her to be in a cool electroclash band, or thinking about the future.i am partial to perzines and feminist/political zines. however, as far as political zines go, i don't want anything that reads like a textbook. ultimately, i want zines that are personal if not in content then in tone. i just think that makes things more interesting. also, i don't accept only girl-made/focused zines, but i won't take anything sexist, homophobic, racist, or otherwise prejudiced. so save yourself the stamp and don't bother sending anything hateful." By: Chelsea
email: sassafras [AT]
(website inactive 26/06/2006)

Everything Matters Distro
New by September 1, 2004.
everythingmatters [AT]

(added 09/08/2004)

You and Me distribution
You and Me distribution a great list of zines. By Teo who also does a zine. "Infoshop is the place where you can find informations you are looking for. Currently we have more than 1600 different magazines, fanzines and brochures, and around 250 books. You can visit reading room every day at: Infoshop Tabula Rasa, Poljska 29, 40315 m. Središce, Croatia. If you've ever published a magazine, fanzine, book or a video (or you have such things collecting dust on your shelves) please send a copy on before mentioned address, and allow to others to read or see yours or somebody else’s work. Besides reading room, in same place you can find also You & me distribution. Check every two weeks updated distro list if you are looking for some good stuff to read, some good band to listen or some good video to see.Currently, I am looking for personal, political zines and zines dealing with sexuality."

Email Teo: youmepress [AT]
You and me distribution,
PO Box 18, 40315 M. Središce, Croatia.

(added 11/13/02)

Bombshell Distro

Write with a stamp for a catalogue fpr DIY/girlzines from UK and other countries and 'sticker sisters' stuff or if you want to be distroed: Wirral, UK.

diy mailorder online
"TILT! is a mailorder/distribution for (HC/punk fan-)zines, (independent) political literature (books/pamphlets) & (limited) D.I.Y. vinyl (some CDs -only if vinyl is not available-) of political bands." Stock ineresting European feminist zines too! (Brob, Bart, Tijs)

Finger Bang distro
Red of Varla's Passed Out Again has created her own feminist, anti-capitalist distro. She explains: "We're a not for profit distro (distributor) of ladymade goods and DIY/political resources. This is a feminist, anti-capitalist project which aims to showcase womens talent and creativity, inspire, inform, and politically activate/empower individuals. Email Red for a catalogue.
red_chidgey [AT]
(added 07/24/2003) 

Red Envelope Distro
Turku, Finland
"Red Envelope distro was born in the spring time of year 2004. It took its first breath because I didn't find enough interesting zines and music in Finland and also because I wanted to have a project of my own. So far I've mostly forced my friends and their friends (and family members and relatives and dogs and cats etc.) to buy zines and music that I think would interest them too, but I wish to get more orders from abroad in future. I also try to get some Finnish zines and music to sell — something that maybe isn't so easy to get in your hands somewhere far away. In zines the communication and possibility of many friendships fascinate me the most. Getting an interesting zine from someone you may have never heard of is like receiving a nice letter from someone you have missed without even noticing it. I also love it how zines are something everyone can make. It's not about knowing how to or not being good enough — anyone can make a zine and it always interests some but never everyone.
I'm personally most interested in perzines and artzines, but I try to get different kind of zines for the distro. Actually my main criterion is that I like the zines myself. Like in zines, also in music I'm interested in diy ethics. I'm open to different kind of music as long as it has something to say, but I think I like the most singer/songwriter kind of music and indie in general. If you'd like to get your zine or music to be sold here, don't hesitate to contact me (all the contact information you can find below). I'm trying to get more items to sell all the time. At the moment I'm especially looking for zines that discuss environmental issues and singer/songwriter women.— Katja K."
redenvelope [AT] hauenleuka dot org
(added 11/21/2004,website inactive 13/7/2006)

Electrocution distribution

"electrocution = publications of distinction. a brisbane, australian based distributor of zines, comics, magazines, indie books and other diy publications. all styles, huge range!! come by the web site or email/write for a print catalogue!" Run by: riva
email: electroidriva [AT]
po box 716
fortitude valley
QLD 4006, australia

Vox Populis
(Sydney, Australia)
"Vox Populis is a new not-for-profit zine distro. Started in October 2001 it was run by Shani and Amelia who both live in Sydney and have a mutual passion for zines. Now Candice who writes the Consumptive zine is running it with Amelia instead of Shani. It was started because there was and still is a lack of zine distribution in Sydney. The only places to get distributed were at Red Eye, which was not fantastic. It is a module for free speech and advocates the growth of art, ideas and indie media within Australia, particularly in the Sydney area. So through Vox Populis you can find awesome indie publications from talented individuals all over the world, but particularly in Australia. We aim to provide a reliable service for all people that are interested in zines and the zine community. That's about all kids..." voxpopulis_ [AT]
PO Box 253
Roselands Sydney
NSW 2196

Hybrid Distribution
c/o Dinslife, Blk 419, Bukit Batok West Ave 2, #04-213, S’pore 650 419, singapore.

SicknoiseAsia Productions
c/o Shaiful Blk 554, Bedok North Street 3, #08-241, Singapore 460 554 SINGAPORE,
(I don't know if this is specifically a grrrl distro)

Humblestart Distro

c/o Bernard Low, Blk 451, Tampines St. 42, #05-222, S’pore 520 451, SINGAPORE,
humblestart [AT]
(I don't know if this is specifically a grrrl distro)

fivecentfridays distro
(kuala lumpur, malaysia)
"Fivecentfridays distro focuses mainly on zine distribution. our international manifesto: giving south east asia the zine and DIY subculture exposure it needs, due to the lack of distros, especially ones dealing with personal, literary and art zines. we are a small, non-profit mailorder outlet based in kuala lumpur, malaysia. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact miss friday*, the girl who runs this distro, at fivecentfridays [AT]"
A brandnew distro!!
(added 11/30/02, website inactive 17/02/2006)
NOTE: taking a break, back end of July 2004

Livinghood Distro
(Hong Kong)
'Livinghood distro is a small non-profit organisation aimed at getting some 'small' creation to much more exposure, promoting independent DIY projects and alternative cultures. The idea of setting up a distro, specialising in distributing zines from all over the world, was driven by the fact that there are only a few zine distros in this Asia/South east Asia region which sounded a bit ridiculous to me. I know there should be someone to pick up this task, serving the people living near us, promoting the indie underground voices to people all over the world and let people hear our voices. ' Run by Bonnie.
Bonnie C.
PO Box No. 44174
Shaukeiwan Post Office
Hong Kong
distro [A] (website inactive, 17/02/2006)
NOTE: taking a break from 10 July 2003 until early September. COMING BACK?

Chinese Whispers
Run by Peishan, who writes Red Letter Day zine.
pumpkineyes33 [A]

(added 06/04/04)
DEFUNCT (June 2004)?

Madness In The Spring
A new (2003) distro based in Singapore and run by Rebecca, who does Paperclips from Heaven zine." I decided to open Madness in the Spring Distro for simple reasons.
1. the lack of zine distros in Singapore
2. the difficulty of first time zinesters to get distroed
Madness in the Spring is about spreading the word. No profits will be made except that of bringing new zines into the world especially this part of South East Asia.I am looking for the following
- first issue zines that have never been distroed
- zines made in singapore or asia
- perzines
for more info look under the submission section.
email: madnessinspring
(added 06/04/04, website offline 17/02/2006)

Angelfood Zine Distro
(dead link, February 2003)

"The distro is a strictly non-profit organization. I, Nisa, run it. I started a zine distro cos zines have always been a passion of mine. I spent a lot of time wanting to do this, but I never did. I also have my own zine, Monologue. The idea of this is to find some phat zines, make sure people know about them, and also to find a lot of new zines for myself. I'm not making any money. It's purely for fun." (Has a small stock)

My own two hands
(dead link, February 2003)

A small stock of zines, books, t-shirts, DIY stuff...

random word zine distro
(dead link, February 2003)

Kat stocks a few zines but is mostly busy with her Slinkster Patchwork, have also a look there! (Katherine Bridges)

Poor Girls Dreams
(dead link, February 2003)
A distro and crafts catalog by Sarah: "I started up Poor Girl's Dreams because I have always wanted to own my own business, and be my own boss. I chose Poor Girl's Dreams as my first business because this is one of my life long ideas. I have been thinking about a teen orientated site, one particularly that offers shopping at low prices (b/c what teen as a lot of cash) as far as I can remember. So basically that's where it all originated from." Have a look at "Dazed&Distro'd" (opens July 1st)

Stellar Distro
(Leipzig, Germany)
(out of business, January 2004)
"Stellar Inc. sells handmade zines (and hopefully other neat stuff pretty soon) from smart, idealistic, cool people from Europe and other places. It is all a one-girl project who is grateful to receive some help from nice people around me. Headquarters are situated in the idyllic rockin’ ciddy of Leipzig, Germany. Stellar Inc. is very much influenced by the original D.I.Y. philosophy derived from hardcore and punk and therefore is NON-PROFIT! Whatever you pay only is what I had to pay beforehand as well, not even counting the “working hours”. Stellar Inc. wants you to READ good stuff, whether it’s fun comics, intelligent arty stuff, delicious recipes or political ideas. You are supposed to THINK about what you read and respond to it in one way or the other.Stellar Inc. wants you to PARTICIPATE by making your own zine, books, music, crafts and send it to me.I want to offer YOU arty, feminist, political, pesonal, vegan, animal friendly musical ideas." Melanie sells zines that talk about hardcore music, feminism, veganism and personal/ political topics. Write her at stellarincdistro [AT] and support her brandnew distro!
(added 07/16/2003)

Apito Zine and Distro

(closed, June 2004)

The distro no longer exists. APiTO is currently only a label and fanzine.

Dig Me Out Records distro
(London, UK)
(closed, June 2004)
A punk, HC, pop underground mailorder. "We carry many, many CDs, tapes, vinyls, videos, zines, books, tee-shirts, patches... from all around the world. Whether you need your fix of Crass or are eager to find out about queer emo core bands from Brazil, we will be able to help you! You said punk? You said HC? You said underground/indie pop? That's all in here! We also have an online zine..." (Freewheel Zine)

Dig Me Out Records
496 Abbey Rd
ph: 07951 363 718 (Natalie)
nat [AT]
(added 07/24/2003) 

Ladybomb distro
(closed, June 2004)

"Ladybomb distro was started in january 2001 because was really frustrated because of the lack of feminist activism in finland and i felt like i needed to do something. i thought a great thing would be to start a distro because there isn't any feminist focused distros in finland and i wanted to let my finnish friends to get a chance to also read some amazing zines from abroad. and i wanted to let my american and other european friends to be able to get their hands on some great finnish music. i want women to also to be active participants in our communities, especially politically and i believe that grassroots activism is a great way to affect on the society and influence people. a good explample of this is zines. and i hope that the distro customers won't just become passive cunsumers, but that they would be inspired and make their own zines, start bands, make art. do something. this is how i started." Run by riikka, read an interview I did with her in the interview section.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME! ladybomb [AT]

(her) RIOT distro

(closed??, June 2004)
"The fairy tale about (her) RIOTdistro started when riikka Ladybomb, in august 2001, asked stina to join the ladybomb crew and help her out with her distro. she said yes of course and started ladybomb swe. after a short while they decided that stina should start her own distro since she found so many swedish zines and since she was ready to go her own way. her riot distro was born and ladybomb swe was both Ladybomb and (her) RIOT distro was started because there where no distros in our countries that distroed feminist fanzines and demos and we saw it as our mission to change that. and we did.(her) RIOT distro is a non profit distro (but if yr nice you'll give me a copy for free as a little thank you gift for the work i do.) i distro feminist zines only! (although i do some few compromises if the zines is really REALLY good and is political in some other sort of way.) for me it's important to get girls (yeah there are boy feminist too but i haven't found anyone who writes a feminist zine yet so until then i write girls and nothing else) voises heard, it's hard to convince the punk boys with distros to distro yr radical feminst zine.. i don't wanna see any sexism, nor in the stuff i distro or in my own organisation, so i don't bann boys. but you'll have to write more than a short "the patriarcal system suchs" to charm me." Run by Stina. Read an interview with her! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME!

Paper clip distro
(closed??, June 2004)
"Paper clip is a small zine distro based in finland. it was started in february 2002, but it's been in the "thinking cap" so to speak for a very long time. it was started by me, ursula. i have always loved zines, but unfortunately there wasn't any distros (that i knew of) based in europe with the kind of zines i liked reading. not to mention exchanging us dollars is rather expensive when the bank takes a huge fee for it. grr. so, the idea about paper clip came about. and here it is, finally. :)" Run by Ursula

(added 02/02/2003)

Airy Fairy Zine Distro
(closed??, June 2004)

BratGrrrl DIY Distro
(closed, June 2004)
BratGrrrl is a zine and DIY distro run for and by grrrls. BratGrrrl is a zine and DIY distro created, operated, and funded by the contributions of female talents (and those
inspired by them) Our organization continues to serve as a creative outlet and community resource within the
global scene. We welcome and encourage girls of all ages to join the efforts of BratGrrrl Distro in further
supporting the independent women in liberal arts.We're always looking for zines and craftiness for distro consideration. The types of zines we're looking for are pretty much any grrrl positive zines, personal, political, music or whatever. Run by Rayne H. Check out the website at

raynegrrrl [AT]

Burning the letters distro
(closed, June 2004)
"The name is derived from the sylvia plath poem of the same name. this is a distro focused on personal zines/literary/political zines that deal with mental health issues/personal issues, especially from a standpoint of feminism(s)(the personal is political), creativity/art/words as life support/diy/inspiration, being a survivor/healing, etc. think for yourself." Run by Miranda who also writes the zine "The Pleiades."
miranda/burning the letters distro
po box 1800
spokane, wa 99210-1800

distro [AT]

Keep in touch!

bottom drawer
(closed, June 2004)

"This is an online catalog for handmade items by nidhi, as well as music and zines by nick and nidhi. we are pro-fat, pro-queer, pro-peace, pro-labor rights, pro-veggie, and all sorts of good stuff. we started bd to share our artsy things at a reasonable price. all the paper and cloth items on the site are handmade. we have a small print machine that allows us to print on paper and fabric, as well as screen print shirts. bottom drawer is small with hopes of becoming medium. please look around, order things if you like 'em and thanks for stopping by!" check out nidhi's t-shirts with the fabulous zine love design on it!
bottom drawer
309 cedar st #550
santa cruz, ca 95060

bottomdrawer [AT]
(added 04/24/2003)

Drown Soda Distro
(Toronto, Canada)
(closed, June 2004)

Drown Soda Distro is dedicated exclusively to zines made by Canadian girls, grrls and young women. We ship anywhere in the world, but only take Canadian currency. Canadian girl owned and operated. By Sara Jane. " What is so special about Drown Soda Distro? Well, there are only a few on-line distros in Canada, and many, many, zines. The Drown Soda Distro is dedicated to Canadian girl zines – unlike all others, who carry mostly zines from the U.S. or those made by men. We already have zines from Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec, as well as from Ontario. So you see, it’s a great way to try out the zines you can’t find in your local stores. Drown Soda Distro is not meant to be competition for other distros or stores. Rather, it is meant to provide an easy and accessible place for zine-lovers and feminists to find zines that are otherwise hard to get across this great-big country of ours. Ordering is easy too! I take only Canadian money, which you can simply slip in an envelope and send. Taa-daa, just like that."

Frida loves Diego Zine Mailorder
(closed, June 2004)
"Frida loves Diego Zine Mailorder opened its doors (mailbox) in February 2000. It provides distribution for zine editors and great alternative reading materials. The zines I stock range in content, but all combine the personal and political in some way. Please email me for availability, postage information, and distribution information. Thanks! Celia"
perezeeb [AT]

Five Minute Romance zine distro
(closed, June 2004)
"Five Minute Romance is a Philly, PA based zine distro...check us out online or send your zine or other diy project to the address below...we are always, always, always looking for submissions and more cool kids to send our projects out to."
Email Andrea:

Grrrl Style!
(closed, June 2004)

A one womyn distro operated by my friend Jenny "with the mission of getting grrrls heard". "grrrl style! is a distribution project that sells zines, music and various forms of art with messages of personal and social empowerment by grrrls and people of all genders. through our words and art, we create revolution!" I always get fabulous grrrl zines from Jenny, she is incredible and so is her distro. She not only carries zines, but also music, cloth pads, buttons, T-shirts and other stuff. Take a look!!!
bY jenny
[AT] yahoo . com


High Heels For Low Lifes Distribution
(not a distro anymore, June 2004)
A not-for-profit distro carrying independent publications and crafts, run by Dani. Send 2 stamps for a print catalog.
PO Box 366
Arnold, MD 21012-0366
highheelsforlowlifes [AT]

independent thought brigade
(closed, June 2004)
"right now, i carry mostly zines & [some] music, which are sold primarily through mailorder. i'm not taking anything unsolicited right now, but note [especially you zine makers!] ]that if you are really hard up for distribution help, send one & take your chances. be forewarned that it might be a while before i get back to you. & oh, the plain but complete catalog can be had for one 37c stamp."
run by: charisma
distro [AT]
PO Box 27714
washington dc 20038-7714

Lady Project Distro
(closed, June 2004)

The Lady Project is a London (Ontario) based distro that was born in March of 2001. I started The Lady Project as an outlet to distribute nifty stuff like shirts and zines and hopefully music as well someday. Ideas of starting a distro had been circling around in my head for about a year so it’s exciting that I‘ve finally gotten things underway. I’m starting out small but hoping to grow as I get new designs, new products, and new ideas. I called this distro "The Lady Project" because A) The name sounded rad, and B) A lot of my distro ideas center around feminism and femininity. By no means does this name imply that everything I distribute deals with feminism or that my products are for girls and not for boys. The Lady Project is for everyone." By Anne.

Ladies Art Revival
(closed, June 2004)
"Ladies Art Revival was conceived in the summer of 1997 as a personal mission to create local feminist film screening. Since then, the project has gained momentum and many participants who have helped me orchestrate an ongoing film festival, touring east coast universities and alternative exhibition spaces. As well as the screenings, the concept fueling Ladies Art Revival is to make independent, feminist, queer video and art more accessible through this web page and our mail-order catalog."

Members Only Zine Distro

(closed, June 2004)
"Starting about a year ago, MOD specializes in distributing DIY publications with small circulations". (by Chewy Boese, Music zines or Personal, political, humor, literary zines. or Comics)

mgz distro
(closed, June 2004)

mgz distro is a distro specializing in mini paper zines **formerly mini goat zines, but shortened name for a few reasons**zine catalog * ordering information * submission information * flyer exchange * links
contact Elizabeth :
zine398 [AT]
(added 04/26/2003) 

June 2004: I will still be making zines though. For info you can go here:

pisces catalog
(closed, June 2004)
"Handmade and handcrafted zines, clothing, crafts, candles, jewelry and more! (...) pisces catalog is a zine, craft & novelty distro. (...) when i started pisces, i had no idea the impact it would make on other people, let alone myself. i hope to create a place to empower women and strengthen self-esteem through zines and handmade crafts. a place where voices can be heard and talents can be seen!" (since 1996 by Kerith Elizabeth Henderson)

pink kitty star press
(closed, June 2004)
"I started this in 1995. At first, it was just a zine distro. In years since, I have added other print materials. In the past year I have added fabulous homemade soaps." (Kerrri)
P.O. Box 26 Manchester CT 06045-0026
astridiana [AT]

Paper Exlosion Distro
(closed, June 2004)
A zine distro by Marie, with message board and great link site!

Rebel Grrrl distro
(closed, June 2004)

"REBEL GRRRL IS... first and foremost a feminist distro. We are anti-sexist, anti-racist, pro-queer/trans/etc. We are political, liberal, and anti-authoritarian. We are pro-choice. We are environmentalists. We believe in challenging learned behavior, especially -isms (racism, ablism, classism, and so forth). We are (safe) sex-positive. We are anti-copyright. We believe in change through creativity, community, and the exchange of information." email:
info [AT]
Rebel Grrrl
pmb 417
6167 N. Broadway
Chicago, Il. 60660
(added 11/17/2003)

Screamqueen distro
(formerly Curbster Zine Distro)
(closed, June 2004)

 "Screamqueen Distro is a not-for-personal-profit distro. That means any money that I make from selling these zines, goes back into the distro for paying off consignment and buying new zines and postage, and occasionally catalog envelopes and Scotch tapeI named my distro Screamqueen Distro because I love horror movies, good and bad. And I love zines." \What used to be Curbster Zine Distro is now Screamqueen Distro (since August 2001). The site is run by Sarah and features many great zines!
c/o Sarah
PO Box 14556,
Richmond, VA 23221 USA (mailing list) (track your order) (message board)


SKANK - a zine distro
(closed, June 2004)
"Welcome to my brand spankin new zine distro. My name is Lin-z and I am running this thing. Since this distro is brand spankin new I need some zines to sell. So if you have a zine I'd be glad to take a look at it. Just click Submit Yr Zine and mail me a copy. As soon as a get a few zines I'll post them up and start the distro. But for now, most of the pages will be blank until I get some zines. Thanks for taking a look and come back soon when I have some zines posted. Also If your lazy, like I can be, and you want me to email you when the distro is up, sign the guestbook and I will gladly email you. :)" Run by Lin-z. x0riotgrrrl0x [AT]
Send your zines to:
PMB 131
40575 Cal Oaks Rd., D-2

(added 4/1/2003)

Starfire Witch Distro
(closed, June 2004)

"I started this distro as a method to bring light to more zines that are really excellent but don't get much publicity. There are so many zines out there that it's hard to find the diamonds in the rough a lot of the time. Thus it is not repetative to add another distro to the world, because there is never enough light shed on the really good underground zines. My focus is finding good zines that don't get as much credit as they should. Distros are a way to get the word out, to allow others to get more involved in the underground movement, to share what you've created, and to receive what others have created. Because of that, Starfire Witch is completely not-for-profit." (Jennnyrose) Great stuff!

Smarty Pants
(closed, June 2004)
This is an offering of homemade and handmade items. This project is handled by each of the individual people who contribute their art and ideas. We are spread out over several states, and each handle different parts of the process. We know from experience that it'll be hard work, but well worth it.
There are many motivations behind this project, some obvious, some not so. Mainly there is something inside of us that needs to create to survive. We love art, music, books, zines, movies, food and clothes. We figured we might as well have an outlet for that devotion.

Vanilla Star Distro

(closed, June 2004)
Features zines, crafts, and more! Rn by: Jessica
jess [AT]

Winged Rollerskates Distro
(closed, June 2004)

"Winged Rollerskates is a zine and DIY distro.(...I especially like personal zines with good creative writing." (Last update 2000)

Women are People
(closed, June 2004)

"A little store/distribution for the benefit of the Afghan women (...) In September '96, an extremist militia known as the Taliban took control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Since then, the lifestyles of the women living in Afghanistan have been altered dramatically (...) So this little store is my attempt to raise money for the cause. All proceeds go directly to support the Feminist Majority Foundation's campaign to stop gender apartheid to give these women and girls back some of what they lost. At the moment, we are working on raising the funds to adopt a girls' home school for six months." Stock DIY items, zines and shirts, so help this good cause!

The Yellow Cape Revolution [a zine distro]
(closed, June 2004)

A distro by Sara who does herself zines (Uriel, Clandestine, Girl Fridays Mutiny) too. "She is one of the creators of Faces of Feminism and The Yellow Cape Revolution zine distro!"

passionate resistance
(Muenster, Germany)
(on hiatus since 2004)



A small distro by Markus who - among other zines - also carries Grrrl Zines. "herzlich willkommen zu passionate resistance, einem der kleinsten zine und buch-vertriebe den du dir vorstellen kannst! schön dass du mal vorbeischaust! ich betreibe den mailorder aus meinem schlafzimmer, aus einem alten koffer vom sperrmüll und ein paar kartons unter dem bett... wir sind immer auf der suche nach neuem kram für den katalog: (fan)zines, bücher, broschüren, das demo deiner coutnry-band, dinee selbstgebastelten aufkleber, konzertdaten... von dir, deiner freundin, was auch immer du findest und selber magst... die chance ist schon recht gross dass auch wir das mögen. schreib einfach, du kannst immer ein probeexemplar schicken und dann sehen wir weiter. eigentlich tausche ich am liebsten, und normalerweise nehme ich so drei oder 4 exemplare eines zines... guck einfach durch den katalog, hmpf???" (now "Essential Nutrients" at




more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines :


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