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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Dop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

Glue Binding Instructions
"glue binding instructions: this is a little book describing the glue binding meathod i 'invented' [50¢ us or cdn or a stamp] it is also available through Static Cling Distro." Quoted and available from Zine created by Dystatic, who also manages Static-Cling Distro.
dystatic [AT]
(added 13/7/2006)

Girl in a Box

"...I'd like to say we made up with romantic kisses under it' s beautiful twinkling lights. But instead I stubbornly refused to admit I was wrong and lost what could have been a beautiful Parisian moment..."
A travel zine about a trip to France. Cultural differences, the pressure of traveling across the Atlantic to meet your boyfriend's family, and other interesting observations." Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
$1 / 36p / quarter / 1.5 oz
(added 29/06/2006)

Girls With a Cause
"Tainted words of wisdom in the form of poetry by April Kelland, in sisterhood with Dj Goldilox, background photos by April writes some of the most profound poetry I've ever read and it is my pleasure to distro her." Quoted and available to order from MyOwnBrain Productions.
$2.00 plus $1.50 S+H
(added 29/06/2006)

Grrrl Noir
"'Four years with the Basement Brigade'! The best four years of my life were spent rediscovering zines, activism, and veganism. The kids at 500 N. Salisbury Street taught me the real reason to protest. A quarter size pocket zine filled with two-wheel politics, Spirit of '77, and punkish short stories during the best riot grrrl years of my life. Black and white gritty collage and brief text.[Reviewed by Kim Riot]" Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

"Cristy Road has a new incarnation to her zine now more personal and with themes, this issue has the themes of Freedom, Mine, Boundaries, Friends, Home, Activate. Accompanying the themes are correlating pictures and stories from her and her friends. This zine represents community and its ability to heal. It's best friends and bus trips, protests and moms, and assaults, and healing, its being alone, a million best friends, and orgasms at 11. its about never giving up. DISCLAIMER: may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
$2.00 with postcard-4oz
(added 26/06/2006)

Go Fuck Yourself
"DIY? Sex? at the same time? IN A ZINE?!!! yup here it is an awesome guide to getting sexy DIY style included are how-to’s for pasties, whips, bondage gear, strap ons, vibrators, dildos and much much more." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
$2-2 oz
(added 26/06/2006)

A Girl and Her Bike
"#9 Featuring a beautifully printed color cover in pink and purple, A Girl and Her Bike was written by Angie who is now on a topical acne gel, Clindoxyl. This personal zine relays stream of conscious writing composed while riding her bike, although that doesn't always seem to be true. What this zine is, is a zine about Angie - her life and struggles." Quoted and available to order from Echo Zine Distro .
$, 2oz
(added 20/06/2006)

Galatea's Pants
"#13 This zine hails from Pennsylvania and has a lot of great articles and topics in t to keep one interested for quite some time. In this issue some topics include globalization, politics, rape, vegetarianism, and much more." Quoted and available to order from Dreamers Distro.
$2, 3oz
(added 20/06/2006)


"This time, [Heather] shares her poetry that she wrote during her senior year of college.  In the introduction, she writes: 'these poems are the record of a month, a story that's shaped a little differently from the way the same story would be if told in prose.' I don't usually enjoy poetry, but these are really great.  Some themes she writes about are gardens, writing, dancing, observations, saying goodbye, and so much more." Quoted and availble to order from Driving Blind Distro.
(added 1/06/2006)

Geraniums and Bacon
"This is quite possibly the best comic zine I've ever seen.  Cathy draws really well, and the layout is professional.  In this issue, she includes comics about little kid dreams, self-esteem, pop culture, and her 'faith crisis.'  That last comic was my favorite, as I can really relate to feeling confused about my religion and beliefs.  Awesome comic zine that I think everyone would like." Quoted and available to order from Driving Blind Distro.
(added 1/06/2006)

The Gulper
"You can learn DIY punk rock cutting and hairstyling in this mostly personal zine written throughout the spring in portland. It's good how there is diversity in between the personal text with articles like how-to vegan fast food and a small comic. 'I'm not gonna have anymore boyfriends in portland because its too small a place to have ex-boyfriends in. Tou will see them and their bikes around town and go out with your friends, the ones they hadn't already dated before they knew you.' " (Quoted in Beyond A Joke Distro). Available to order from Beyond a Joke Distro.

Granny Square Woman
"These new zines are great for the crafters out there. Put out by Anastacia from Dudley, MA, who learned to crochet as a kid Games, puzzles, word searches, cross word puzzles, knitting quotes, and more for the crafter, crocheter, knitter, and jewelry maker." (Quoted in CS Distro). Available to order from CS Distro.
12 pages. half size.
1 oz. $1

The grey streets, issue three: the music issue
"distro review: this zine has influenced me so much. it's opened my eyes to some other kinds of music, and yes, has got me hooked on rilo kiley. layne writes so well, and somehow coaxes you gently into her world and her music. fan-fucking-tastic."(Quoted in Fatcheeks Distro) Zine created by Layne. Available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
$4 AU/CA - $2 US
24pp, half sized, 35g
(added 02/05/2006) 

"from the writer: it's a 50-pager, mostly fiction, sci-fi, some buffy ramblings, très spunky with cool layout to boot. distro review: there's something about this eccentric zine which whisks you away into a frenzy of articles, stories, and sex with the female cast of buffy. not one to be missed with its neat cut'n'paste layout, and well-written blurbs. check it out! "(Quoted in Fatcheeks Distro) Zine created by Georgia . Available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
$2 AU/CA - $1 US
50pp, half sized, 72g
(added 02/05/2006) 

"This issue is sub-titled "The Blood Issue". As you can probably guess, there is some writing about menstruation, but also about relationships, egg donation, being a child abuse caseworker and self injury. There is a warning on it that says that it may be triggering to those with a tendency towards self-injury. So, take that warning if you need it, and don't try this at home, kids! ."(Quoted in Wasabi Distro) Issue #3 and others available to order from: Wasabi Distro.
26pp - 1/2 size
105 yen

(added 01/05/2006)

"Candace is from Australia, and produced all the writing and artwork in this zine herself. There's three short stories, a few non-fiction quickies, some nice sketches and paintings. This zine is really excellent: well thought-out and mature writing." ( Quoted in Wasabi Distro) Issue # 5 available to order from: Wasabi Distro.
59pp - 1/2 size

210 yen

(added 01/05/2006)

Gender Subversion Poster Kit

"Part poster, part zine, and made to be deployed in almost an infinite number of environments, the Gender Subversion Kit #69-B is a huge 23"x14" two-color poster on the outside and a line art illustrated gender-fuck coloring book road map for both kids and adults on the inside. Inspired by and adapted from the excellent boys will be girls will be boys . . . coloring book by JT and Irit, we decided to take the parts we loved the most, make a few small changes here and there, and mass produce it as inexpensively as possible to be disseminated around the world. These were printed on a web offset press onto real white paper (not newsprint). We are charging almost exactly cost for these, and part of the reason they are so expensive is that 25 copies weigh over one pound, and thus require $1.84 just for postage alone." Available to order from: CrimethInc. Cyberian Market
comes in bundles of 25
One bundle is $4
2-4/$3 each
5-10/$2.50 each

(added 25/04/2006)

Green Tit: The Magazine for Alternative Parenting and Resources
"Offering articles and resources for Breastfeeding, Attachment Parenting, Cloth Diapering, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Natural Living, Simple Living and so much more..... Connecting Alternative Mothers to Business, Resources and Products that reflect their lives. "What is the Green Tit?" The Green Tit is the Herbally fortified breast. One of power using Women's allies, and herbs to enrich and encourage breastmilk. These are the traditional, nutritive recipes used throughout history. I am an herbalist so this is the name that spoke to me. I am not implying that herbs or anything else is needed for successful and plentiful breastfeeding." By Demetria Clark: demetria [AT]

(added 11/04/2004)

getting louder everyday...
"#5 of getting louder everyday was finished as of 01/10/03. what #5 is like: 34 pages, half size, of mostly political, partly personal writing. a substantial part of the zine is taken up by an article i wrote called "are you stuck on 'manarchy'?" and some other commentary, which is a response to documents written by some anarchists on their critique of what they call "manarchy" or "manarchists"- well, it's interesting and is better explained in the article. in the zine also is an article about the vibrating harry potter broom toy, something about paranoia about being watched, retreating from the world, why reform sucks, and something about activists/anarchists and dehumanization.
how you can get it: i'm charging only a dollar or so. 2-3 stamps are fine. and i'm into fair trades. send a trade or $ or stamps to
PO Box 3438
tempe, az 85280-3438
Stacy also created the resource site Anarcha-Feminsm & Gender Anarchy:
(added 08/15/2003)

Grrrl Project
"An online Resource for info on the Riot Grrrl Movement and related events. The Origin of Grrrl Project is something I have been working on for a while now. If you've participated before, you'll probably notice that I had slowed down a bit on the project for a bit. I've found the time recently again to become fully active in the project over the summer. If your new to the project you are probably wondering what exactly it is. Well basically, its a collection of interviews, materials and personal stories. Riot Grrrl was very important to me when I was younger and it was important to a lot of other people too. But what exactly happened to everyone who was involved? What were the details, events and people that were Riot Grrrl's lifeline? Thoes are exactly the questions I am trying to answer. The Origin of Grrrl Project is a ongoing collection of personal stories/ pieces of personal history. If you were involved please help out! Right now I am working as hard as I can to make highlights of interviews I've done avaibale online, as well as all the materials I was sent, in the new zine/flyer collection. The Zine/Flyer Collection has complete and incomplete zines related to Riot Grrrl as well as manifestos and flyers related to Riot Grrrl. Its not very large yet, but I am just starting. So please visit there and check it out, tell me what you think. The interviews section contains highlights of some interviews and will be updated in an ongoing basis, so if you don't see your info up there yet don't fret, I will get to it! If you have any ideas about the projcet, any info, comments, or complaints about the sites resources, please contact me immediatly so I can respond to the problem or comment etc. Thanks for visitiing, take a look around! Inzombia [AT]
(added 07/04/2003)


Gnosis by Bri Zine, out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA: This zine is made by a young grrrl out of c-town who plays in a semichick (meaning there's one guy) punk band called So Ricki. The zine was originally titled "culture sh*ck" when bri went by the alias "kiki d. ries". Both "culture sh*ck" and "gnosis" include random things like poetry, comics, zine reviews/music reviews, rants and raves, interviews and more. Slightly humorous, hopefully entertaining, I guess the easiest description is to call it a "perzine". The zine can be obtained by emailing Bri at (note that RawDaylight Distro, bri's old distro, became The Evil Toaster Pastry Brigade, webpage inactive 08/02/2006). Each issue is usually half-sized, sometimes maybe full, and will most likely cost $1 and two stamps. Only one issue of "gnosis" out as of June 25th, but a second is in the works. Also, issues #2-5 of culture sh*ck are available as well. Just email Bri for more info. Also, snail mail can be sent to Bri Zine c/o Darkwood Enchantments...16004 Damon Ave....Cleveland, OH 44110, USA
(added 07/04/2003)

Girl-Mom" is designed and moderated BY and FOR young mothers. is a politically progressive, left-aligned, pro-choice, feminist website. intends to support young mothers, of all backgrounds, in their struggles for reproductive freedom and social support. We believe that all teenagers are sexual beings the ability to love, procreate and nurture. We believe that teenagers have the innate ability to parent well, but are socially conditioned to believe that they are irresponsible and reckless. We believe that such social conditioning often creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, in which teenage parents believe that they cannot parent well and move on to not parent well. We believe that in order to solve the "problems" associated with the "epidemic" of teen pregnancy, we must reassess and change our collective social attitudes towards teenage childbearing. We believe that in order for teen parents to succeed, they must be encouraged to do so and assured that they are capable. Degrading, vilifying, marginalizing, and rejecting teen mothers (as is customary in our society) is counterproductive and illogical. Teen mothers will succeed if allowed the opportunity. When a teenage girl finds herself pregnant it is one of the few times during her life course where she will not only be expected to fail, but socially encouraged to fail. We believe that encouragement and support beget success." (Allison Crews)

Issue #5 is about "doing low-paying work, remembering a dead friend, inspiration for artists, personal writing about being disabled, more memories, the death of riot grrrl, much more." By Nina Cunzio.You can order her zine at: planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT]
(added 05/16/2003)

Girl Noire
"It's not just being a gal or turning 30. It's about my role. The position I take on all this. I've made muself to this place. I felt the need to do these painstaking pages. I am in such an akward position in my existence. Tightrope walking between being young and careless and mature and contained. I would like to reflect a little on that with image and text. Spoken from a single, kid-less liberated motorcycle chick."Issue #1 full of color collages and articles on femme fatale, latex librarian and Motobitch is out now and soon #2 will follow! Contact Kim at:
hexestarr [AT]

(added 02/13/2003)


- the zine that likes to say "DRAG"


glamour queens, rock'n'rollers, revolutionaries, fuckups,role-models, pop-trash culture and real life
It's about drag and personal/transgender politics, yeah? But it's about trash drag culture, movies, rocknroll and punk fuckin rock, too. And a general outlet for my ME and MY INTERESTS and ACTIVITIES. I've been doing zines and comics and stuff since 1984. It's kind of a d.i.y./punk bug; and this is the latest manifestation."
By Mona (last updated in 1999).

Geekgirl – The worlds first cyberfeminist hyperzine

A great Australian web site with lots of fun and interesting stuff (like gallery: wallpapers - sound - bugs - archives - monthly cycles: news - hot flushes - arts - entertainment - snitch city)! Has also a very good news section with plent of announcements. Very recommendable.


"Grrrl:rebel is a riot grrrl/feminist punk zine. Our missions are simple – to promote underground female acts from all over the world, to raise awareness among the girls in the punk/HC scene. We write about lotsa things including women’s issues, punk, DIY, riot grrrls etc. Also, you could find scene reports, columns by out contacts from all over the world, comic strip, music, zine and gig reviews, girl bands pics etc. Take note - We would only interview all-grrrl bands, not that we are sexists or fascists but the girl bands don’t get much exposure. We have 3 issues to date. Please make sure the money is well-hidden.
Rizal/carol/elise, Kuala Terengganu. MALAYSIA

Read more about this zine in the interview.

Glue Magazine

"We will reclaim the tradition of women's crafting circles and aim to encourage sisterhood, inspire each other with ideas/skills and promote kick-ass women and their passions! Glue spotlights women's crafts but we'd like to clarify that although we will include handi-crafts as a large component, we are using the word craft in its broader sense. One lady's craft can be designing groovy latch-hook rugs while another's could be traveling on a modest budget. Whatever the craft, we want to give praise to the woman it belongs to. We strongly believe that women naturally support, encourage and inspire one another and hope that this publication becomes a portable crafting circle through which we can connect and learn a thing or two from our wise girlfriends." By Claudia and Shirley. In the first issue: Interview with the girl-centric art and action group, the S/he Collective, Summer Hair for the Lazy, Learn how to make these cute grocery bag creatures!
PO Box 928197
San Diego Ca. 92192
connect [AT] (webpage inactive 06/02/2006)

"It is my first 'zine, and I am extremely excited about it. It contians poetry, pictures I've drawn, photos I've taken, a comic strip, articles about different topics ranging from the goofy and random to issues facing teen girls today, reviews and recommendations for music, things to do, movies, books, and websites...I hope to get other people to contribute to it in the future.My first issue is 22 pages and half-sized. It will come out monthly and be around 20 pages in legnth." By JD Warhol.

"Anyone can slap together a zine, but not everyone is willing to stay up way past her precious bed time to do it! This is the best collection of stuff I've found and written on topics such as lucha libre, scary dolls, evil puppets and more!" 7 issues of Grrl available in print, by Bonnie.

Good Girl
"Good girl is an independent Canadian magazine written by and for women. our mandate is to provide a space for women to celebrate, share and develop their ideas. good girl is open to all people who support women's strength." The latest issue (Winter 2002) is about "all things sexual..." (Toronto, also print issues)

"Ladies, when you read a fashion magazine don't read it in contempt because it is idealistic. instead, read it for inspiration.... wear what you want and don't fear pushing the envelope - innovation doesn't occur when everythin is homogeneous. break our of your style box." (#4)
"Wear what you want and don't fear pushing the envelope - innovation doesn't occur when everything is homogenous." “ It’s purely diy projects and tips for all you gals who don’t have the cash to spend on clothes and accessories.”
glue is a zine dedicated to diy projects. glue answers the age old question, "how do i do that?" inside, you will find a plethera of ideas, tips, and projects to transform that piece of crap into gold (call it alchemy). Currently, there are 4 issues of glue Chrissy shows us how to make cool DIY stuff, from bags to shirts and pants. Do It!
Email Chrissy at:
cnaloha [AT] (link inactive 1/30/2003)

Girls Guide to Touring

"I got the idea to do this zine while i was in the middle of booking a tour. i kept wishing that there was some sort of girl-friendly venue database that i could access. that was my initial goal.... what i am trying to do in this zine, is to have people share ideas and experiences about touring, to sort of demystify the whole process of booking shows in other cities, finding the time, money, and means to do it. etc. everytime i talk to people about touring." (Erin)
Erin is right: "more girls need to tour!" This zine provides you with essential information on booking, tour planning etc. What a great zine!!!! You can order it by writing to Erin at:
PO Box 7012
Olympia, WA

" is designed and moderated BY and FOR young mothers. is a politically progressive, left-aligned, pro-choice, feminist website. intends to support young mothers, of all backgrounds, in their struggles for reproductive freedom and social support. (...) girlMom is about empowerment. girlMom is about defying social stereotypes, and fighting for our rights as mothers. Founded by hipMama editors Ariel Gore and Bee Lavender, girlMom is edited by 19-year-old mother Allison Crews, and promoted through small, grassroots organizations, including the Coalition for the Empowerment of Teen Parents. (...) girlMom in no way encourages teen pregnancy, as some critics have implied. girlMom encourages mothers. We encourage all young women who have chosen to become mothers. We encourage all young mothers to stand up for themselves, to fight for their children, to empower themselves and to defy the notion that being young means that you are unworthy of parenthood."

Geisha Guerilla

"A collection of words distorted, fondled, and pussywhipped."
Email: Cheena [AT]

Girl in the Hoodie

Becca and Jill
PO Box 93
La Porte, In 46352
Email: Jilll: olympiagowns [AT]
pandorra0 [AT]

Girl Swirl Fanzine

“I wanted to write without fear." A fabulous zine!!
$2 plus postage paid = Issue #6
PO Box 8
Allston, MA 02134
Email: taryn [AT]

Geek the Girl
“This issue is a memorial to those difficult times.”
Alissa, Waverly, IL, USA
Email: janesays5 [AT] (webpage inactive 06/02/2006)
Trade/ $1 plus two stamps

Greyhound Diary

“Holiday in other people’s misery.”
KYEzine [AT]

Goodie Magazine

“We love Penny because she’s a flame of truth and providence burning in the murk of an awful lot of bullshit” I’ll be quick and as clear as possible without complicating the story even more. Romy and Foxy put out Goodie Magazine. In Issue #1 we are introduced to Penny Arcade who Romy and Foxy are very fond of. Well it was Penny Arcade who went to India to meet Phoolan Devi. Are you asking yourself who’s Phoolan Devi? Well for the rest of this story get your hands on this zine.
Goodie Publications, New York, USA
Price: Issues# 1-7 are $3.00 each and $20.oo for the whole set
(added 10/04/02)

Geek Overthrow
“ I love zines, I love their shabbiness and charm, but it is really hard to spew out creative babble, good creative babble, every few months. I would write a piece and then rip it up because it felt half-assessed. Nothing is good enough when you have both high standards for yourself and a big ego.” Thea writes of poetry, stories, the changing look of paper dolls, and also included are several c.d reviews.
Thea, Culver City, CA, USA
(added 10/04/02)

Giant Kielbasa “And then a number of older folx came into my life. Kool, funky, mischievous and full of adventure and spunk. That’s how I intend to hold it down. Fuck all lthose sexist skincare commercials where women declare that they want to “defy old age.” Bring it on, I say!” “Giant Kielbasa, #4: The split issue about food and family. Both complex, challenging, and life sustaining.”
jpawelkiewicz [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

Girl Imperfect “ This is my world.” Girl Imperfect is about a young woman and her brief encounters with life. Our friend writes about her relationship with her boyfriend, lack of culture, and some of her phobias. She has also included a piece on safety precautions women should take.
xosawahxo [AT]
(added 10/04/02)


Girl rights
dead link May 2002
Rachel published two zines: Crosspatch ("Crosspatch fanzine is a zine dedicated to activism for pollitical and social change...") and grrrlfaze (a feminist/riot grrrl rag), (not updated since 1997, San Francisco)

dead link May 2002
music/resource/distro label/zine/radio show (California) Has a great music resource page!

Go Teen Go
dead link May 2002
"WHAT WE'RE ABOUT: Infiltrating mass teen culture. Glamourizing and glorifying the LIFE of the TEEN.
Making sure the adults know what is up and that we're not all dumb and impressionable.
WHAT NEEDS TO DIE: Objectification of teenage girls in mass culture, in this case, teen magazines...Similarly, the objectification of teenage boys in mass culture...WHAT NEEDS TO BE REINSTATED: a. Teens should realize that their bodies help them to do all the fun things teenagers want/need to do, such as: MOVE! RUN! DANCE! CREATE! ETC..." (Theresa)

Grrrl love is good love!
dead link
May 2002 (closed for renovation)


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