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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Voluntary Transaction
"Trying to figure out who you are - feeling in the middle of just about everything and bauncing back and forth. I think we've all been there. Ami shares her own feelings on the subjects - eating habits, body image, sexuality, mental illness, school, life, death and more." Quoted and available to order from Moon Potatoes Distro.
$1 / 48p / quarter / 2 oz
(added 29/06/2006)

"Keri makes this comp zine about vulnerability and sexuality to help others find their voice and create empowerment thru letting go of the guilt. from street harassment, assualt,abuse, and a critique of "behavoir modification" and a listing of resources in her community for survivors. DISCLAIMER: May be triggering to survivors of abuse and/or assualt." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

A Vegetarian State

"Emily tackles the issue of animal liberation in this essay turned zine. Vegannism, factory farming and modern american culture are all dissected and critiqued." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

The Vancouver Five: armed struggle in canada
"J.Campbell. In 1981 and 1982 several bombings against a hydro sub-station, an arms manufacturer and three pornographic video stores) were carried out in Canada under the banner of Direct Action and the Wimmin’s Fire Brigade. When five members of the Vancouver anarchist scene were arrested for these attacks they became known as the Vancouver Five – this is an account of the politics and practice, successes and errors of the Five and their supporters."
Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Distro
20pgs A5, Kersplebedeb - 6 zł
(added 16/06/2006)

"...dripping with sentiments of sisterhood. There is a thing about traveling the world with another girl, poetry, emotions, a really good quote about what could have happened from “Go Fish”, a cool comic about safe sex, being jealousy of boy celebritydom, a reprint of “Falling in Love: A Passion Play”, a “Xena” conterfold, which thrilled me!, lots of thoughts on Christianity, women in punk, anti-biphobia, an inspiring article about how one of the editors got involved with Riot Grrrl and what it means to her, and more. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 40 pages." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
4, write to:
16737 Flanders St. Granada Hills, CA 91344
$1 and 2 stamps? or trade
(added 31/03/2006)

"Rebecca writes about her new baby alot this time, what she’s being doing since he was born, stories about her grandmother, thoughts on censorship from her readers, fashion gripes, craft ideas, and more. Rebecca’s drawing style is really swell! 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 32 pages." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #
25, write to:
828 Brownwood Dr. Roanoke,
VA 24017
$1 + 2 stamps
(added 31/03/2006)

"The cover says “100% Femina Anarcho Zine”. The whole thing is in Polish, so I can’t read it, but it looks pretty cool. The cover is a vewry angry-looking woman spewing massive chunks. Yum. 6” x 8”, 48 pages." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #6, write to:
PO Box 145 02-793
Warszawa 78 Poland
(added 31/03/2006)

Viva la Mama! The Radical Parenting Zine
(Seattle, WA, USA)
Summer 2003, Issue #2: Affirmative Action, Bookmobiles, The Zen of Being Ten, TV Free, Mothers of the Revolution, Resistance in Palestine, Lactivism
Women's Health, Book, Music, and Zine Reviews & more... Individual zines are $2, One-Year Subscription (4xyr) is $8. Issue #1 is also available! Mail well-concealed cash to: Viva la Mama! P.O. Box 28476 Seattle, WA 98118. Or Paypal to: wildcraft [AT] Viva la Mama! is also available at these locations in Seattle: Left Bank Books, Confounded Books, Bootyland.

(added 11/16/2004)

The Village Bike
(Brisbane, Australia)

"Feminist, cultural, personal musings, catharsis, creativity, spreading the word."
'What impact have zines had on your life? By finding out about zine culture I have totally found what I have been looking for all my life. An outlet and a place to read the real opinions of people who matter and to see amazing creativity and create." Email Loocy: loocy_n [AT]
(added 6/1/2004)

A "contagious fiction " zine by Heather Lynn. Verbosa conists of five short stories about five kids tortured by their own minds. In a great writing style heather lynn gives you an insight into their worlds. "a collection of 5 short stories ("imaginary numbers", "the savior", "the dance", "the basement", and "monster") written and compiled several years ago.a few essays on my philosophy of writing (dubbed "word terrorism") and lots of hott polaroids." A great read! Order directly: Heather Lynn,
PO Box 1671,
Athens, GA 30603
(added 5/9/2003, website inactive 13/02/2006)

Vena Cava
Vena Cave is a summer documentary of life in the Northland: Alaska and beyond. Every summer I come home and learn more about this beautiful crazy place. I have included journal entries from my hitch hiking trip from Haines, Alaska to the Yukon Territory of Canada. There are other letters, thoughts, photographs, and drawings from my 3 months spent in the last frontier." By Patrice. honeymoontonight [AT] Her livejournal is located at:
(added 5/8/2003)

Venus Zine
"Amy Schroeder started Venus when she was a freshman at Michigan State University in 1995. It started as a 12-page rant-and-rave rag that covered topics ranging from radical feminism to her friends' bands to the discovery that Schroeder was in fact a Midwesterner with a funny accent. Venus now publishes four times a year, and each issue is about 50 pages. Venus is a feminist resource and focuses primarily on women who make music. Venus also covers do-it-yourself culture and women artists and writers. More often than not, Venus includes interviews with female musicians who do things the hard way: independently. The majority of artists covered in Venus (past issues have included interviews with Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker, Hanin Elias of Atari Teenage Riot, and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth) record for independent labels or are major contributors to the do-it-yourself community." One of my favorite zines!!! Now based in Chicago.

Valiant Vocabulary

“Last night I was thinking about someone else entirely. Someone very real, very tangible, very alive, and even very special…thought not really to me. But I had myself convinced otherwise, and that was the real point. I wasn’t thinking about you.” Love rubs, and it also knows how to scrape. By Ollie.
allamericanzero [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

Violet Crimes
Publishes not only her zine but also runs a zinester discussion list. zinestuff.html 


This zines is about feminism!! Molly
dugs deep into the feminist movement and shares facts and her ideas. She ends ironically: "Given the problems heterosexuals face, would you want your children tp be heterosexual? Would you consider reparative therapy?" Cool gRRRl zine!!
mollyt [AT]

(New Zealand)

"Vortex 4.0: the writing in this issue is typewritten documentation of my 2001, and includes pieces about personal geographies, bars and transience, relationships as dramas that can't completely be controlled by a single actor, sportsfighting, the writing process, my relationship with my father, the improv theatre i'm involved in, communications and connections and cyberspace & an appendix of influences. some stuff's reprinted from my online journal, while other bits are new. it is 40 pages, a6 landscape, and has a geometric aesthetic, with typewritten words over mathematical page backgrounds taken from a book about sacred geometry. it's NZ$1.50 to anywhere in new zealand [plus a stamp if you're nice], & $2 US ppd to anywhere in the world. email me before sending trades. p o box 7793, wellesley street, auckland, new zealand."
PO Box 7793
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1036
New Zealand
Email: amanda [AT]


"I am dangerously informed op shop wise."
PO Box 1879 Strawberry Hills 2012

Varla's passed out again...
A grrrl zine from Essex, England. Cool cut-and-paste collages, scribbles!
red_chidgey [AT]


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