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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Dop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines:


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Zine Distros

Bite the hand that feeds you
"Each little folded zine is a response to aspects of the media that I feel have a negative effect on society. As you read through the zine, it folds out to reveal a positive message of resistance."Quoted from Sara Charms myspace website http://www.myspace.com/sarahcharms. The zines are available through the distro at
(added 13/7/2006)

Boobs & the Milk Cart: The Circle of Life
"There was a girl who had a boyfriend. They were five & one day he picked another girl to help him hand out milk from the milk cart at school. This same girl, at the age of nine lost her best friend to boobs & popularity. After many years of girl hate she was handed a cassette with the words "Revolution Grrrl Style" scrawled across the front. This is that girl's story." Quoted and available to order from My My Distro.
14p & 1/8 letter > .50c

(added 28/06/2006)

Beautiful Bras and Bodyhair

"This zine is about studying and challenging our perconceptions of bodyhair, bras, and related topics. In this issue, Nadine, Colleen and Shane tell us about their histories about growing up and growing hair. Then we are treated to two guides: one about the various tools of hair eradication, and about one's bra personality. The big finally, is a comprehensive survey about bodyhair: quantity, quality, effects on dating, sexuality, etc. Some surprising answers to inquitive questions are found!" Quoted and available to order from Great Worm Express Distro
Size: half-letter, 36 pages, $2.50
(added 21/06/2006)

A Band of Minor Heroes "#1 Split into three sections [love ("love") letters, personal essay/journal/stuff, and fiction], there are superheroes, a dead fish comic, and a quarter-size supplemental zine of interviews with Of Montreal, The Microphones, Little Wings, and Wolf Colonel. If you care to be featured as a minor hero, check this zine out and write Meg!" Quoted and available to order from Tastes Like Newsprint Distro
(added 21/06/2006)

Burnt Zine "A thoughtful zine put together by a variety of writers. There are articles in here about feminist pornography, race, and lots of record reviews. What's unique about burnt zine is the variety of opinions, the different tones of voice and just the overall coolness of the subject matter." Quoted and available to order from Fortune Cookie Distro.
(added 2

Black and Blue "In this issue it includes information on all sorts of women artists. It also has all kinds of artwork from various artsits and collages." Quoted and available to order from Dreamers Distro.
$2, 2oz
(added 20/06/2006)

Born in Flames
"New great zine by Phoolan Devi sxe women collective from Austria focused on feminism, straight edge and hardcore! First issue contains: womyn in hc/punk, abortions in Brazil, street harrasment, personal stuff, womyn self-defense, abortion is a humyn right, NY City Radical Cheerleaders, a poem for men, silenced voices in punk, stop sexist pornography, ONE DAY KILLS all girl vegan sXe band from Brazil), WAGE OF SIN, POINT OF NO RETURN." Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Distro.
56pgs A5, 4zł
(added 16/06/2006)

Broken records

"Jessica, who also wrote the zine 'Cross Examination', has created a zine that deals with her experiences working in a record store.  I love reading stories about people's mishaps and weird things that happen at their workplace.  Jessica's style of story-telling is captivating and I could not put this issue down. This issue also comes with a great CD filled with music." (Quoted in Driving Blind Distro) This Available to order from Driving Blind Distro.

Bitches Brew Beer Collective
"Come join the bitches brew crew and homebrew with us! We are a collective of feminist women and men in Phoenix who get together monthly to brew our own beer and other d.i.y. crafts. We produce zines bi-monthly that include: tips and tricks, recipes, photos, non-beer recipes (mead anyone?), and more! Each zine comes with stickers! " Quoted and available to order from Desert City Death Distro.
(added 31/05/2006)

Blood, Sweat, & Ink
"A short cute comic zine about boys, baseball and sex. I love the way she draws." Quoted and available to order from Desert City Death Distro.

Barbie war


"Barbie War is fierce and femme. Barbie War is about a grrrl being proud to be a grrrl, writing a zine (and how empowering it is), crushes, being anti-body hate (and why), "The other woman", anarchism/anarchist resources, her thoughts on Iraq, "Love story revised" (how Romeo and Juliet should've went), etc.
...A solid zine that blends the personal and political nicely."(Quoted in Basement Freak's Distro) Issue #3 is available to order from
Basement Freak's Distro.
$1.00, 48 pgs, 1/2 sized

broken logic vol. 1


"This is angel's first go at making a zine, and she's done a really good job. broken logic has something different on every page, and is filled with short stories and anecdotes. a real cutxpaste zine." by Amethystangel . Available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
$2 AU/CA - $1 US
20pp, 1/4 sized, 14g

(added 02/05/2006)

BirlZine! is an ongoing 8-1/2 x 7 compilation zine of personal writing, essays, poetry, photography, art, news, and resources for and by boyish girls (birls) who enjoy riding the gender wave and don’t let their gender dictate how to act. A birl can be a hetero tomboy, an FTM, or anyone in between. This is a safe space for birls to share our work and find relevant news and resources. For more information, please visit http://www.birlzine.com or write to julie [AT] birlzine.com . Issues are available for $1.20, which includes postage.
(added 11/

Baby Bloc: For Activists in a Family Way
(Vancouver, Canada)

"This site is about taking kids to demonstrations, rallies, protests, civil disobedience actions, parades, marches, and places like that. It's about parents and others raising and protecting children safely, while shaking up the unjust foundations of our society." Currently Laurel Dykstra and Bruce Triggs are editing an Activist Family Handbook. Zines $2. By Laurel, the twins, Papa Bruce. babybloc [AT] yahoo.com. www.babybloc.org
(added 11/16/2004)


The Body + Other Checklists: Guidebook to the future
"The S.C.U.M. Manifesto and Kathy Acker are ancestors of this stellar document. In the future it becomes apparent that language is inadequate and preloaded with sexism so it must be replaced by tattoos and rebuses. Queers are driven to reproduce by Xerox instead of biology. Profusely illustrated throughout." (review from queer zine explosion #20)
(D-52/$?) Lisa Bonet, 926 N 3rd Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705, USA
(added 04/07/2004)


"Bejeezus is a pro-girl zine that is dedicated to supporting and promoting independent music, art, and culture--whether it's made in big cities or the tiniest of towns. Publisher/Editor: Hillary Harrison.
PO Box 575 Louisville, KY 40201. email:
hillary [AT] bejeezuszine.com
(added 11/17/2003)


“The boys all say they want to fool around. I do; too.”Anna had an intense relationship that came to an end. She seems to be doing fine. If you want to try to sort it out yourself then pick up this zine....
peaches48228 [AT] yahoo.com
PO Box 7987
ann arbor, MI 48107-7987

(added 09/18/2002)

Betty Magazine
A new online zine featuring "A Man Explains Things That Annoy Women, Romance Readers Unite!, CUNT: An Interview with Inga Musci" and articles "The Strive to be Pencil Thin, Self Help For Twentysomethings, Women Who Love Sex, Geeks Are People Too!, Violence on Women, Getting a Life Coach, Women and Casual Sex, The Origins of Mother’s Day" etc. $1 per month. Jaime E Fischbach, Editor-in-Chief editor [AT] bettymagazine.com
Betty Magazine
1175 Marlkress Road
PO Box 1032
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, US
(added 05/26/2003, website inactive 02/02/2006 )

big mountain support organizing manual

"We put this zine together after months of working closely on supporting dineh (navajo) resistance in arizona. we wanted to share as much as possible of what we learned in the hopes that it will help others doing this type of vital work." By the Olympia Big Mountain Support Group which "is a group of Evergreen students and community members dedicated towards raising consciousness concerning the historical relationship between colonialization and indigineous people." You can order the zine at: planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT] pscap.org
(added 05/16/2003)


"My intent is to tell you how to grow healthy food in the city."By Emily Smith. You can order her zine at:
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT] pscap.org
(added 05/16/2003)


"A short novel, or a long story, or four short stories, depending on how you look at it. Schizophrenia, eating disorders, self-defeat. This does not have a happy ending." Order directly: Heather Lynn, PO Box 1671, Athens, GA 30603. $1
(added 5/9/2003, website inactive 2/2/2006)


"All you ever wanted to know about femstruation." A zine about radical menstruation/femstruation with reviews on alternative menstruation/femstruation products and herbal remedies with tipps how to make your own cloth and heating pads. By Lacy Crews, $3
crewslc [AT] hotmail.com
(added 05/09/2003)

"Issue 2 of bizarreassociateions is about mind, body and culture as seen through the eyes of an Asian sex worker with schizoaffective disorder. it's 18+, with signed age statement, because there is adult content." Excerpt from zine: "This zine is about self-representation, this zine is about interplay between mind, body and culture $ about what happens when all three of these things are totally fucked up. This zine is about me." cost: sliding scale, min. $1. By Batty.
email: bizarreassociate [AT] aol.com

(added 05/08/2003)

For this issue, I decided to write it in the form of letters. Sothere's a whole bunch of unsent letters in this zine, directed towardsfamily (including the grandfathers I never knew) and friends who moved away. I don't really know how to describe it any better than that. Um, it's 18 pages, half sized and the covers will be printed on red paper. You can get a copy by sending $1 to:
Sue Taylor
PO Box 4316
Philadelphia, PA 19118

If you would like to trade your zine or something else (I like mix tapes/CDs, pins, patches, candy, etc) please contact me first.
[AT] kiwi-tree.net
(added 1/5/03, website inactive2/2/06 )

Bamboo Girl
Bamboo Girl “challenges the issues of racism/ sexism/homophobia from the point of view of smart loud non-traditional girls of color, especially from that to feminist Pinay (Filipina) mutt point of view."It's manifesto: To challenge the issues of racism/sexism/homophobia from the point of view of smart, loud, non-traditional girls of color, especially from that of the feminist Pinay (Filipina)-mutt perspective. There's more to life than straight white male patriarchy.Pro-Asian/Asian mutt, pro-female, pro-fuck oppression." This zine has been around a long, long time and continues to be one of the best ones, thanks to it's "editress" Sabrina Margarita Alcantara-Tan.

“Bitch | Feminist Response to Pop Culture is a print magazine devoted to incisive commentary on our media-driven world. We feature critiques of TV, movies, magazines, advertising, and more—plus interviews with and profiles of cool, smart women in all areas of pop culture.” A MUST. Read the interview we did too!

Your not-so-typical NYC grrrl zine featuring
art, acticles, poetry, rants and raves. Guaranteed to
satisfy. price: $2 (to cover photocopying, etc.)
Made by Sarah. Email her at: brainsandbeauty [AT] email.com


Three issues of the genial Brillo with wonderful Tampon-graphics! It has been around some time by now but it still works...
http://brillomag.net/ , http://brillomag.net/index2.html

Bunnies on Strike
this is resistance the way we see it


"This is number one of Bunnies on Strike magazine. Kicked off girl-engined: made by and edited by girls.
Our motivation for kicking off the zine girl-engined? We have a riotgrrr-lady heart! (...) We want this zine to inspire girls and boys, and we will definitely print articles by girls and boys in the next zine (...) We want girls and boys to be open about their feminist minds!


for women with something off their chests
Once a zine, now more like a magazine, but still devoted to gRRRls:"BUST is the magazine of choice for today's sassy girls who know that Vogue is vapid, Glamour is garbage, and Cosmo is clueless. Fierce, funny, and too smart to be anything but feminist, BUST is "the Voice of the New Girl Order"--and the only magazine for women with something to get off their chests." Also quarterly published in print in NY. Now back in print! http://www.bust.com/

Big Boots
words and images from the front lines

big boots …. words and images from the front lines
"big boots is a zine about resistance on paper, about the power of silent words and art to inspire change, about women of colour reclaiming their voices and telling their own stories. it is about experiences of oppression, identity struggles, and disillusionment. but it is also about creation, survival, decolonization, and dreams. we felt somewhat failed by the promises of zine culture. zines are fundamentally democratic, participatory, and represent a conscious rejection of mainstream media. yet, the inherently political act of choosing to "do it yourself" does not, as we have observed, result in an extension of this challenge into the content of zines and the homogeneity of zine culture. so here we are, hoping we can change all that. this zine is not latently political, but rather an act of blatant resistance in both medium and content. we are against oppression in any form, but more than that, you'll read about our experiences with its various manifestations and our efforts to fight it."
send submissions and inquiries to:
big boots, Woodbridge, ON, CANADA
bigbootszine [AT] hotmail.com



"the world is a stage, blah blah blah…" Two tiny zines (#15) packed in a tiny newspaper envelope! Alex puts her love and friendship stories into wonderful cut-and-paste collages. Order this zine
Microcosm Publishing: "Number 13 has sewn on handmade paper covers with block printing. Edited again and again until it's perfect this zine is 100% content. #14 has a more literary format telling stories in the manner of Al Burian or Aaron Cometbus and contains the infamous, yet poorly named "Anti-Girl Manifesto". Demonstrates a lot of real life experience and Alex draws from old stories to make good points...#15 is two mini zines in handmade envelopes about an old relationship and moving on. #16 is a split issue made in one night with Joe about Fall, marriage, and funny stories. #17 was a split issue with Korinna Irwin made the following night. #18 is brand new and contains more about thoughts marriage, misinterpretations of life, androgeny, thoughts on feminism, age, and the usual musings and reflections on relationships. Alex also did a split with her sister about her upcoming surgery and how such things are not documented in zines. It's called DON'T SEND ME FLOWERS and is 50 cents."
PO Box 14332
Pdx, Oregon 97293
Email: brainscanzine [AT] ureach.com
$1.00 each= Issue #7,8,9,11,
50 cents= 12
$2.00 each= Issues #13,14


"Booty is my angry indie comic" ($1.00 plus 55 cents postage) Anne draws this beautiful zine and put hers life as a graduate student and rebelling young women into little cartoons (#16). Check it out! To order booty email her:
[AT] udel.edu
Anne, Newark, DE, USA

Baxter and the Amazing Wombat Presents

"This is the first issue where I feel like I really got things right. It's half sized with 54 pages, a gray cardstock cover, and a little envelope of fun stuff glued inside. Over four months of my life are covered, plus photography, fiction, a new Dead Fish comic, Jimmy stories, and randomness. January 2002. $2/trade.? Baxter the Amazing Wombat Presents Issue 8
This is the first issue where I feel like I really got things right. It's half sized with 54 pages, a gray cardstock cover, and a little envelope of fun stuff glued inside. Over four months of my life are covered, plus photography, fiction, a new Dead Fish comic, Jimmy stories, and randomness. January 2002. $2/trade." (Issue 8). Soon out of print (June 2004). Meg also runs Gladys Sells Things :
Email: meg [AT] stalkerdistro.com
Meg, Gorham, NH, USA

Born Ready

"This zine is an attempt at resuscitation." “Somehow, writing all this, purging these thoughts and emotions, eases my mind, gives me strength, and keeps me sane.” by Zhenelle
Email: bornreadyzine
[AT] hotmail.com


San Diego, USA. no email, sorry.

Blackgirl Stories

“I believe in the power of dreams.”
Lynne L.
PO Box 20028
Santa Barbara, Ca 93120
javat [AT] silcom.com
$1 each = Issues #1,2,3

“And then when you realize that what you are doing now isn’t making you happy, change it.”
Taryn H.
PO Box 641
Warminster, Pa 18974
taryn [AT] girlswirl.net

Kyle Bravo’s Punk Rock Guide to Saving Money, Fighting Capitalism and Having Fun While Your At It

“Get rid of your car and get a bike.”
PO Box 14523
Richmond, Virginia 23221

Browsing Room
“Welcome to browsing room, where the library meets home.”
Tara, Richmond, VA, USA
Email: taramoyle [AT] hotmail.com
$2.00= Issue #1, $2.50= Issues #2

Bone Dancers (MA/US) Bone Dancers is the name given to the package if you receive both zines which are: A Renegade’s Handbook to Love & Sabotage/Make Waves. “This is an unusual format for a split zine, inasmuch as it’s not so much a split as it is two zines in one.” Sliding scale - $2 - $5, four to ten stamps, equitable trades
Ciara and Tom
PO Box 100
Medford, Ma 02153

Broken Glass/Chalant

This is a split zine. “I’m probably gunna contradict myself because I don’t know what I’m doing or saying I’m just trying to be comfortable with myself” and “mad ravings of a mad individual that just so happens to be me.” $1.00
Lauren, Oakland, California, USA

B.B’s Revenge

“It is hard to keep caring about a world that keeps handing back the same hatred and bigotry and homophobia and racism and sexism and classism and every other awful thing you can think of as you walk with your feet swooshing through the fallen leaves.” Want to mend your thoughts, and come to terms that you aren’t alone when it comes to holding memories instead of material goods. Issue #4 proves that it is o.k, to be 24 and eyeballing “stickers and play-doh and litebrites.”
PO Box 895
South Hadley, MA 01075
(added 09/18/2002)

Bagsy the Middle One

“Sometimes I wish I didn’t know half the things I do. Particularly about my family. Growing up I had the image that my mommy and daddy loved each other terrifically, that they’d grow old together and move to the country and have an apple orchard. Or something equally satisfying. But the older I get, the more these images twist and distort until the people hardly resemble the figures in my fantasy.” If your not submerging in Molly’s all too familiar anecdotes about shaving, boys and school dances then you’re probably focusing on some of the D.I.Y projects Issue #2 offers. Price= $1.00 or trade
1045 Mason Street #301
San Francisco, California 94108
molly [AT] sugarfrosted.net
(added 09/18/2002)

Be Concave

“I’ve often wondered why I’m writing a zine. I haven’t come up with a definite answer yet. I think its because I want to show the world I exist and I have something to say.” Rebecca’s zine is true to her beliefs. She writes about the freedom to express that she eats meat and buys make up that is not tested on animals. This is her first zine and she admits that once she feels comfortable coming forth with her thoughts she’ll cut back on submitted pieces. By Rebecca,
Lincolnshire, England

(added 09/18/2002)

Beckyboo82 [AT] hotmail.com

The Birthday Diary

“I love ripping off Office Max.” Cherry found several old journals that she decides to share with us. The zine is based on these journal entries, which she wrote on her actual birthday every year since she was eight years old.
PO Box 911333
Los Angeles, California 90093

(added 09/18/2002)

Blender Children

“I guess some people’s lives are worth more than others. I mean some people risk everything and some people risk nothing. I guess one way to look at it is that some people are cowards and others are heroic, but that is how I see it.” Issue #2 Volume #1 is specifically about Lea Ann’s stab at love and the decisions she makes based on those sentiments.
Lea Ann
PO Box 5959
Topeka, Kansas 66605
(added 09/18/2002)


“Gather a community of resistance for a dangerous journey toward necessary transformations.” Expression at its finest written in a hardcore love tone. . "i wrote breedlove out of the multiracial workshop I facillitated at Desi-Q, the LGBT South Asian conference that happened in SF in June 2000, as well as to record the historic Sri Lankan queergirls meeting that
happened there. meeting other mixed desis and radical Lankan queergirls changed my life. *breedlove* is all about healing the mixed-race ache, mixed femme slut stigma, being passin-as-middle-class class, passing as survival strategy and crazy-maker & radical abuse survivor dreams of revolution.
28 pages legal half size, $2
1071 davenport rd., #b, Toronto, ON M6G 2C2, Canada."
Or write Leah at brownstargirl [AT] riseup.net
(added 09/18/2002)


“However, skin color and accents don’t exactly justify being ashamed of where one comes from. In fact, those are two of the lamest excuses, and whoever is ashamed of their cultures for those reasons, needs to reconsider what is more important to them: fitting in or who they are.” As C. mentions in her zine Brewster #6 she doesn’t intend to come off as being nationalistic she is just very PROUD of her heritage. Hurray for C!!!
Price: Issue#6 = $1.00, Back Issues# 3-5 = .50cents each, or $1.00 for all three.
charisma l.
PO Box 27714
washington dc 20038-7714

(added 09/18/2002)

Butterfly Girl
“My life and I are no longer at war. In this moment I am a butterfly girl. Utterly transformed from what I was once.” Billie who suffers from “fibromyalgia” is able to make life livable by writing on this theme. Butterfly Girl is a motif of healing therapy for victims of mental and physical abuse.
PO Box 33368
Austin, Tx 78764

billierain [AT] hotmail.com
(added 9/18/02, webpage inactive2/2/06 )

bad grrrl
(dead link, November 2002)

Bad grrrl talks about riot grrrl and has lots of great links!


(dead link, November 2002)


Baby Girl
(dead link, November 2002)

Lindsey, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Email: baby_girl_zine [AT] usa.net
$1.00 and two stamps each= Issues #1-4, $2.00=Issue #5

bikini kill
(dead link, January 2003)
A real FANzine by Romy


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines :


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