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Here you can announce if you are writing articles for zines on a specific topic or are looking for contributions, draw comics, make for others web sites,...or have news, announcements to make. Just email me (elke [at] grrrlzines [dot] net) and I will post your request! (Sorry, sometimes it takes me bit to update this, but I am doing my best and will get back to you sooner or later.)



Grrrl Zine Network
posted: February 21, 2008

Rebel Girl, Rebel Worlds: An Anthology of International Grrrl Zines

By Elke Zobl (Austria) with Red Chidgey (UK),
Sonja Eismann (Germany/Austria) and Haydeé Jiménez (Mexico/USA)


We are zine activists who believe that the cut'n'paste revolution is an important part of contemporary movements for social change – whether it’s talking about messed up beauty standards, how to change rape culture, or how to fix the wheels on your bike, zines are crucial documents for everyday change, empowerment, and education.

To create a living archive of feminist zines from across the globe, we are working on an overview of the international Grrrl Zine Network; bringing together primary documents on a wide range of topics with analyses of the strengths and challenges of the Third Wave feminist movement. Based on Elke’s web site GRRRL ZINE NETWORK - A resource site for international grrrl, lady, queer and trans folk zines, distros and DIY projects (, we are compiling this anthology to document the variety and fierceness of pro-girl zinesters’ voices and are looking for your contributions!

The Book
Part grassroots history, part activist anthology, Rebel Girl, Rebel Worlds is a pioneering text, consisting of a mix of essays, interviews with zinesters, visual examples from zines, documentation of zine events, scene reports from various countries, resource guides and manifestos - all from a global viewpoint. We believe that zines are a vital form of alternative media that provide stories, art, critiques and reportage lacking from the corporate-run, male-dominated presses. Zines help us to resist the status quo, engage with our feminism, and make a difference. This book hopes to provide a comprehensive overview of this culture in order to introduce zine-making to a broader audience, and to collect together some of the most inspiring writing from grrrls and their allies today.

This non-profit book hopes to represent a wide range of voices and experiences from the grrrl zine community. We do not strive for uniformity of opinion, but hope to build a picture of dissent, skill-sharing, collaboration and network building. This book will illustrate that grrrl and ladies in many countries are working on zines and keep the feminist movement alive and well! It is our aim that young women, feminists, trans-folk and their allies across the world will gain a sense of personal and political empowerment from reading this book, when they discover that they too can take the tools of cultural resistance into their own hands and contribute to the global feminist effort of dismantling patriarchy and effecting social change.

Please submit!
We are eager for this project to be as collaborative as possible. Please send us your zine, contact us if you know a cool zine you’d like to see included, let us know if you’d like to do an interview or are just curious about the project! We are open to suggestions and ideas!
Submissions are welcomed from feminist zine producers, editors and distributors from all parts of the world (covering zines from 1980 to the present day).

Potential contributors could submit:
Feminist zines (electronic or print) via email or postal mail
Digital images from feminist zines (images, covers, photos, illustrations, comics etc.) via email
·         Interviews with grrrl zinesters
Essays on the grrrl zine community and Third Wave feminism
Scene reports - what is the history of grrrl/feminist zines in your country?
Comixs on third wave feminism/riot grrrl/girl zine culture

The call includes, but is not limited to, zines which address the following topics:

The personal is political
Let’s smash patriarchy! Riot Grrrl, Feminism and Activism
              DIY revolution! Music, art, pop culture, and comics
  Ethnicity, race, colonialism
Gender identities
Women’s Bodies and Health, disabilities
Zinemamas: Motherhood and alternative views of parenting
The Beauty Myth: Body image and self-esteem
Sex and Sexualities
Survivor Culture: Abuse, Violence against women, self-defense
Class, work and education
Travel and leisure
Religion and beliefs
Environment and animal rights
Protest, Dreams and Utopias

All submitted zines will be listed at A selection of zine articles, interviews, essays and scene reports will be chosen to feature in the anthology.

Please include, a short biography, full contact details, date of birth and nationality.

Zines should be submitted to or via postal Mail to:
Elke Zobl, Roemerweg 22, 5061 Elsbethen, Austria (Europe).

by Monday, March 31, 2008. Many thanks!

We expect to complete the book by June 30, 2008. (The book proposal will be submitted to a feminist publisher in the USA)

Biographical notes on editors:

Elke Zobl, Austria (*1975) created the online resource site Grrrl Zine Network ( in 2001 and has been part of the Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go collective conducting zine workshops with girls and young women in San Diego, USA ( Since her return to Austria for research projects on feminism and alternative media, she has conducted many zine workshops and exhibits. She is currently working on a comprehensive web site on Grassroots Feminism: An archive and resource platform of the feminist movement today, (up soon).

Red Chidgey, UK (*1979) has been involved in zine cultures for the past ten years, including running the pro-girl zine resource fingerbang distro. She received her MA in Critical Theory from the University of Sussex, where she re-trained as a Life History researcher. She curated last year’s ZineFest! at the Women’s Library, London, and recently published a chapter on riot grrrl writing in Riot Girl: Revolution Grrrl Style Now! (Blackdog, 2007).

Sonja Eismann, Germany/Austria (*1973) works as a pop culture journalist and academic. She was a founding member of femzine nylon in Vienna and is writing on feminism and pop culture
( Recently, she published the anthology Hot Topic: Popfeminismus heute (2007).

Haydeé Jiménez , US/Mexico (*1981), grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. She studied International Relations with a focus on Latin America and is interested in issues such as human rights, gender issues, environment, and migration. When she is not working with Elke on, she puts out her own electronic music projects (,


Event Announcement

Edgy Women Festival
posted: February 21, 2008

Studio 303 presents the 2008 Edgy Women Festival
Feminist flair, live art, and conversation.

Studio 303 celebrates the 15th anniversary of Edgy Women from March 3rd-16th with an array of diverse activities, in the intimacy of its studio. Unabashedly queer, this edition focuses on dialogue and development, featuring new enveloppe-pushing creations by two artists in residence (Lazlo Pearlman and Dayna McLeod), creative workshops for artists, a screening-discussion and one outreach activity targeting youth interested in a career in the arts.

Guest artists: Dayna McLeod, Lazlo Pearlman (UK), Jennifer Miller (USA), Ivan Coyote, Choeur Maha, Nathalie Claude, Alexis O'Hara, Clara Furey.

Don't miss our main events:
March 14th: Hot Hot Gossip, a live-theatre lesbian soap opera by Dayna McLeod
March 15th: Madame Pierre's Other Tongue by trans artist Lazlo Pearlman

And the Edgy Party at the Social!

A festival like no other, Edgy Women offers fresh feminist perspectives, celebrating audacity above all through workshops and forums, risky performance events, and of course, socializing! We hope you will join us!
Please visit our website for more details:
Mélissa Guay
Coordonnatrice aux communications et à la production
Studio 303, danse et arts indisciplinés
372 Ste-Catherine Ouest
Montréal Qc  H3B 1A2
Tél. (514) 393-3771
Télec. (514) 393-3154



Grrrl Zine Network
posted: January 15, 2008

Call for Submissions for a Proposed Edited Volume

Feminist Grassroots Media in Europe: An anthology

Edited by Red Chidgey ( UK), Jenny Gunnarsson-Payne ( Sweden) and Elke Zobl ( Austria)

Women have always played an important role in movements for social justice. Using media to transport their messages, to disrupt social orders and spin novel social processes, feminists have long recognised the importance of self-managed media to forge resistant identities and build coalitions. In fact, as Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi has found, “almost by dint of their existence alone, autonomous media controlled by women with women-defined output offer a challenge to existing hierarchies of power; when these media take up specific issues and campaigns, and align themselves with larger social movements, their political potential is significant” (1996:234).

Autonomous media cultures are currently gaining in critical attention. Over recent decades, scholars have developed conceptual frameworks such as ‘radical media’, ‘alternative media’, ‘activist media’, and ‘citizens’ media’ to help explain the unique characteristics and working models of grassroots media production – and to ask whether self-managed media can effect social change, foster critical consciousness, and aid in participatory democracy (Atton, 2002; Bailey, Cammaerts, and Carpentier, 2007; Byerly and Ross, 2006; Downing 1984, 2000; Rodriguez, 2001; Waltz, 2005).

Within this burgeoning field, however, documentation and in-depth studies considering feminist grassroots media from a specifically cross-generational and European perspective and have yet to emerge.

The Feminist Grassroots Media in Europe anthology proposes to address this lack in research, bringing together activists and academics to re-evaluate existing theoretical frameworks and to portray activist projects in light of feminist media production. As such, the book will be of interest to a broad audience, such as activists and researchers within the fields of gender and media studies and will serve as an undergraduate textbook for research on feminist ‘radical media’ praxis whilst delivering a much-needed archive of DIY media projects, networks and producers from the 1980s to the present day.

The Book Project

The term ‘Media’ is employed broadly here to include traditional broadcasting channels (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, films, photography) and non-traditional genres (zines, blogs, vlogs, websites, wikis, posters, burn stations, podcasts, textiles). ‘Grassroots’ refers to self-managed media, produced outside of a commercial agenda, by a collective and/or individuals working from a community or social movement perspective.

The editors seek a variety of submissions from throughout Europe. The anthology aims to represent feminists from a diversity of age cohorts, backgrounds, races, classes, genders, geo-social regions and political priorities. The book seeks to ask what possibilities, limitations and vulnerabilities – with attention to class, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexuality and gender dynamics – feminist grassroots media projects currently engender, and to map the histories, successes and challenges of women-led grassroots media in the late twentieth century and beyond. The editors are also keen to explore the links and discontinuities between ‘second’ and ‘third wave’ feminist media production.

The call includes, but is not limited to, work which addresses the following topics:

European Feminist Grassroots Media and:

  • Aesthetics
  • Activism
  • Alternative Economies and Media Logics
  • Organisational Models, Structures and Processes
  • Comparative Analyses and Histories
  • Volatile Relationships to the Mainstream (culture, media, funding and the state)
  • Community Building and Mobilisation
  • Dissemination Networks and Archives
  • Alternative Public/Private Spheres
  • Empowered Feminist Subjects and Citizens
  • Consciousness-Raising Strategies and Social Movement Media

Contributions can include:

  • Academic essays (5,000- 7,000 words)
  • Reports/overviews from countries (2,000 – 5,000 words)
  • Comparisons of ‘second wave’ and ‘third wave’ media projects
  • Technology-based case-studies
  • Interviews with grassroots media producers or distributors
  • Examples from grassroots media (e.g. excerpts from grrrl zines)
  • Visual commentaries
  • Images

From these submissions, a free directory of grassroots media projects will be made accessible via the website Grassroots Feminism: A resource site for the feminist movement today (currently in planning)

Submission of Abstracts

Submissions (in English) are welcomed from feminist activists, community media producers, and scholars from a variety of disciplines. Potential contributors should submit:

  • A 500 word abstract outlining the scope and themes of your proposed contribution, as well as possible inclusion of images.
  • A brief author biography, indicating any particular institutional or group affiliation, and recent publications or projects
  • Full contact details, including date of birth and nationality.

Deadline for Abstracts:

Abstracts should be submitted to book [AT] by Monday 17 th March 2008 .

Biographical notes on editors

Red Chidgey (*1979) is a member of the Feminist Activist Forum in the UK, and publishes widely on feminist zines, riot grrrl and Ladyfest cultures. She received her MA in Critical Theory from the University of Sussex, where she re-trained as a Life History historian. She is currently involved in third wave media and feminist history projects.

Jenny Gunnarsson-Payne (*1976) completed her doctorate in Ethnology at the Department of Culture and Media, Umeå University, Sweden, and currently teaches Sociology at the University of Essex, UK. Her publications on ‘alternative media’ focus primarily on representations of gender and sexuality, and collective mobilisation, in Swedish feminist zines.

Elke Zobl (*1975) created the online resource site Grrrl Zine Network ( in 2001 and has been part of the Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go collective conducting zine workshops with girls and young women ( After finishing her doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria, Zobl pursued postdoctoral studies at the University of California at San Diego. She is now continuing her research on “Young women as creators of new cultural spaces” at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

The book proposal will be submitted to Routledge.


Event Announcement

Feminism & Dessert
posted: January 14, 2008

What could be better than smart talk, swell people and sweet food?
This month we're digging into fat & feminism with Marina Wolf Ahmad,
Founder & Director of Big Moves.

Feminism & Dessert, the first Tuesday of every month, is our monthly
series of engagingly informal talks about subjects that impact our
daily lives. Feel free to bring your dinner, but dessert's on us!

Feminism & Dessert
Fat Is Still A Feminist Issue
Thursday, January 3 @ 7:00PM
CNW, 7 Temple Street, Cambridge
Free and open to the public!

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to your
friends and colleagues! We hope to see you!


Forever 29
posted: September 27, 2007

Deadline to be received: October 15, 2007
Theme for the 2008 Chicago Hand Bookbinders members exhibit is Forever 29. As a
member of CHB, I plan to create a piece for the annual show that will begin at the
University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in January 2008.
I'm always looking for ways to spread the word about mail art and plan to create a book
that will display mail art received through this call. The book style is called "Storage Book"
and was taught to me by Hedi Kyle. Won't you help me? Please mail me a piece to include
in the book.
Size: A6 flat card (41/2 x 6 1/4, thickness up to 1/8 inch)
Documentation to all participants.



Zine Yearbook 2007!!!
posted: September 27, 2007

The torch of editing the zine yearbook has been passed to us at Microcosm and we are
beginning to assemble the 9th annual Zine Yearbook for 2007! "Wow!" you're saying to
yourself "I sure wish my zine was in there!". Well, it can be! Simply send a copy to us with a
note explaining your intentions. All you need to qualify is a print run of less than 5,000
copies and to have been published in 2007. Deadline for submissions is Dec 31 so hurry!
Space is limited so not every submission will be included. Make sure to provide all of your
contact information and get in touch with questions. Please also let us know if you could
hang up posters in your town! You can also print out your own copies here. Thanks to Richrd
for making the posters!

Microcosm Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor based in Bloomington, IN
and Portland, OR. We distribute & publish zines, books, pamphlets, stickers, buttons,
patches, t-shirts, posters, films, and more!



Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair
posted: September 27, 2007

The 2007 Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair, bringing together radical and independent
publishers, distributors, bookstores, and authors for a weekend of workshops, panel
discussions, and performances, all free and open to the public, will take place on October
20th and 21st. As an added bonus this year, we're also organizing a Radical Film Festival on
October 19th to kick things off.

The bookfair will be taking place in Baltimore at 2640, the new cooperative events venue and
social center launched this year by Red Emma's, which also serves as one of organizations
behind the Bookfair.

Questions? CONTACT: bookfair [AT]



Books through Bars
posted: September 27, 2007

Donate your zines or books to prisoners

For further information,
or to arrange a donation of books:
btb [AT]
212.254.3697 ext. 322 (voicemail)

We are always looking for new books and used books in good condition on the following:

African-American history, especially 20th century
Native American history
Latin American history
Radical politics
Social sciences and psychology
Dictionaries, thesauruses, and Spanish-English dictionaries
Learning world languages
How-to (drawing, chess, sign language...)
Mayan and Aztec history
Memoirs and fiction by people of color
Poetry anthologies
We prefer paperbacks since most prisons do not accept hardcover books, and they are
expensive to mail.

We do not take: religious books, including Bibles; legal books (except legal dictionaries);
old magazines (besides National Geographic); white supremacist literature or anything
advocating racial animosity, sexism or homophobia; business books; encyclopedias; mass
market fiction (such as Danielle Steele and Stephen King).



The Fence
posted: July 31, 2007

Now that issue #8 of The Fence (a bi women's zine) is complete, it's time to
start thinking about issue #9.... So please send me your writing and/or
artwork!! This includes but is not limited to - short articles, rants,
personal narratives, lists, stories, fiction, poems, quotes, reviews,
comics, drawings, photos, collages, and so on.....I'm accepting submissions
for #9 until December 1, 2007.

Zines are small, so keep your submissions under 2000 words please. Artwork
needs to be easily reproducible in black and white. (This is a low tech, cut
and paste, photocopied type production.) Previously unpublished stuff is
much preferred.

Anything that has to do with bi women or that might be of interest to bi
women is welcome. I'd like to have submissions for the next issue in hand by
December 1, 2007. I'm looking forward to many excellent submissions as

Send stuff to:

Cheryl Dobinson/The Fence
#705-88 Isabella St., Toronto, ON, Canada, M4Y 1N5
email: cheryl_dobinson [AT]

And don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already. A handy dandy
subscription form is conveniently located at the bottom of this email.


24 Hour Zine Thing
posted: July 19, 2007

The 24 Hour Zine Challenge asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine from
conceptionto final product in 24 hours straight. Zines should be of
suitable size and technical difficulty
so that this truly is a challenge for individual zinesters.


Zine Librarians Caucus
Virginia Allison

posted: June 20, 2007

Zine Librarians Caucus

Facilitated and Presented by

Virginia Allison
Julie Herrada

This caucus for zine librarians (in the broadest sense of the term) is a
place to meet up and share resources, best practices, and zines! Join
our open discussion on the pleasures and hurdles involved in creating
alternative media collections. Zinesters, Distros, and Info-Shop
affiliates interested in building relationships with libraries are also
invited to come. Resources for starting a zine collection in a public or
academic library will be available in addition to guides for getting
your zines into library collections. Such collections operate through
collaborative efforts with the zine and library community. Come together
and strengthen our mission to bring alternative media to the public

This caucus meeting will take place on Friday, June 22, 8PM, off-campus
at Beans & Bytes cafe, 4200 Woodward Ave. at Willis.;hl%3den%26amp;saddr%3d

Really long URL, map from Wayne State to Beans and Bytes


Sour Grapes Zine
Sam, US
posted: April 20, 2007

SG is looking for full time writers. Submissions will still (as always and fucking forever!) be accepted but were looking for a few super awesome zinesters to add to our team. If you know something and something and would like to tell the world through SG, write us! :)

If your into writing:

Record reviews
Zine reviews
How-to guides
Survival guides
Bike Repair

or as always would like to submit:

cover art

Write us if you would like to take a stab at becoming a part of our full-fledged zine staff! We'd love to have you.

sourgrapeszine [AT]
or girlnamedsam [AT]




Evolve Zine
posted: April 20, 2007

Evolve, a new feminist/progressive hardcore zine, is looking for interested progess-minded
individuals to contribute this new nationally distributed zine!!

We are looking for any type of submissions your creative little minds can come up with: letters, poetry, visual art, responses, FREE ads for your store or band, hate mail, WHATEVER. We will also be doing music reviews, so please send us your records/cds/tapes for review!! The idea here is to publish ANY progressive ideas relating to gender/race/sexuality/etc., and our format is very flexible!! Send us a message if you are interested in contributing!!

Further, we want to keep this zine COMPLETELY FREE OF COST to anyone who is interested in reading it. That being said, we are forking out the dough ourselves to collect, publish, and distribute this zine. So, if you are interested in supporting us and want to make a DONATION, please send us a message!!

E-mail us at evolve_zine [AT]!!



DIY Feminisms Zine
Jayne, US
posted: April 5, 2007

Hello everyone

As part of my submission for my PhD on DIY Feminism, I want to put
together a zine that provides a snapshot of the vast range of
feminist activities/practices/politics that can more broadly be
described in terms of DIY feminism. That being the case, what i'm
looking for are contributions that express perspectives on DIY
feminism. Contributions could include personal statements or
accounts, manifestas, poetry, criticism, art, photographs, letters,
recipes, cartoons, songs or collages.....or whatever you feel enables
you to creatively express what DIY feminism means to you.
Contributions may be collaborative or personal, it is entirely up to

Copies of DIY Feminism will be sent free to everyone who makes a
contribution (however small) to the zine.

Contributions can be emailed, posted or faxed (depending on your
preferred form of communication)

If you'd like to contribute, please contact me as soon as poss to let
me know what form your contribution will take. Thanks.

jellytrollop [AT]


Intensive Writing Class!
posted: April 5, 2007



SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JUNE 16th & 17th in Madison, Wisconsin?

Do you know this is a two day class designed especially by our
official class monitor, Kelly Hogan, for night owls and sleepy
heads? Check out the late-start hours! Saturday 1:00pm-7:00pm and
Sunday noon-6pm!

OK! We know about the hours and the food, but what about the
class?? THIS IS AN INTENSIVE WRITING CLASS! It's not a social
situation at all! Actually, you can be completely anonymous in this
class! You don't even have to make eye contact! And you don't have
to be a writer to be part of it! In fact, this is a class that works
especially well for 'non-writers' like bartenders and janitors and
anyone who has given up on 'being a writer' but still wonders what it
might be like to write. Lynda teaches a specific way of working she
learned from her teacher, Marilyn Frasca, in the late 1970's and has
used ever since. She says it will work for anyone who has any kind
of curiosity about writing or remembering, especially people who have
always wanted to write but were too confused about how to even start.

HARD WORK! It is not jive! It is for real! (It is also, actually,
pretty fun too, but not in a social way!) Can you dig that? If so,
we can dig YOU!

All students must figure out their own transportation and lodging.
We'll tell you the classroom location and other details when we
confirm your reservation! Come to Wisconsin! Come to Madison! Come
to Lynda's writing class! Kelly Hogan describes the class this way:
"Blow your mind with..... your own mind!" GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!

Lynda's eBay store -- SHOP SUPER MARLYS!!!

Questions??? Contact class secretary BETTY BONG at
fromthedeskofmarlys [AT]

Come on! Let's go!



Girlistic Magazine Summer Issue
Jaymi, US
posted: March 23, 2007


Our Summer issue of Girlistic Magazine is open for submissions.

We're currently looking for articles, interviews, profiles, etc for the issue. The theme is Feminism & Marriage.

Some of the topics we already have covered are name changes, gender roles within marriage, tradition-breaking wedding ceremonies, and legal issues with marriage and partnerships.

Other ideas are very welcome!

If you're interested in submitting, please check out our submission guidelines.

If you have any questions after reviewing them, please feel free to contact us!

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you,

The Girlistic Team


Make/Shift Magazine no.2
Jessica Hoffmann, US
posted: February 28, 2007

Deadline: March 23

Make/shift, a new feminist magazine launching this spring, is seeking
submissions for its second issue (fall/winter 2007). The first issue
features fiction by T Cooper; an interview with Loretta J. Ross; a love
letter to Ugly Betty; dispatches from Beirut; a photo essay of immigrant
hotel workers struggling for a living wage in Los Angeles; columns by Randa
Jarrar, Erin Aubry Kaplan, Nomy Lamm, and Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein
Sycamore; and much more.

For Issue 2, we are seeking

--investigative journalism
--critical essays
--personal essays
--profiles of feminists activists, artists, projects, and thinkers
--fiction and poetry
--art and photography
--book, maga/zine, film, art, and event reviews
--hybrid pieces

We are also seeking content for the following regular make/shift features:

--Everyday Actions: scenes of feminist action in everyday life (200 to 400
--Documents: documents of feminist discourse in progress (doodle-covered
meeting minutes, e-mail exchanges, notes on recent actions, and the like)
--Make/Plans: listings for our international calendar of upcoming events
(submit info for events occurring between September 2007 and March 2008)

Finally, we¹re searching for a crossword-puzzle artist in need of a venue.

Make/shift pays $.02/word plus two copies.

Send pitches or full-draft submissions to info [AT]
Deadline: March 23

The editing and publishing collective behind make/shift is Stephanie
Abraham, Jessica Hoffmann, and Daria Yudacufski.



Make/Shift Magazine's Premiere Issue!
Jessica Hoffmann, US
posted: October 5, 2006

Deadline: November 1

Get ready for make/shift, a new magazine scheduled to launch in spring 2007
that will feature creative and critical work by progressive feminists and
radicals who are feminists (just not, you know, radical feminists in that
gender-essentializing form of the term).

We know feminism isn¹t dead, and we also know it¹s not all about ³women.²
We¹re challenging the gender binary and all other oppressive systems by
bringing together writers, artists, scholars, and activists from around the
world who are transgressing supposed borders, connecting issues, and making
change. Make/shift is about action and cross-pollination, intersections and
creative divergences.

Want to read about how hotel workers in LA are linking issues of gender,
labor, class, and immigrants¹ rights in their unionization campaign? Or how
a radical-queer single mom navigated her morning? What¹s happening in
Lebanon since the mainstream media lost interest?

And why have you still not found a home for that politicized short story
you¹ve been sending out for months? Or that genre-defying feature about

Sounds like make/shift is just what you¹re looking for.

Our first issue will feature columns by Randa Jarrar, Erin Aubry Kaplan, Emi
Koyama, and Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore.

We are currently seeking

--investigative journalism
--critical essays
--personal essays
--profiles of feminists activists, artists, projects, and thinkers
--fiction and poetry
--art and photography
--book, music, film, art, and event reviews
--hybrid pieces

Send pitches or full-draft submissions to info [AT]
Deadline: November 1

The editing and publishing collective behind make/shift is Stephanie
Abraham, Jessica Hoffmann, and Daria Yudacufski.


Artist Book
Tamara Wyndham, US
posted: September 7 , 2006

deadline: NO DEADLINE

theme free - tema libero
free size - qualsiasi dimensione
no return - le opere ricevute non saranno restituite
no fee, no jury - nessuna selezione nè giuria
exhibition every 100 books - received mostra ogni 100
libri ricevuti doc.
no deadline - nessuna scadenza
all books must be sent by post with postage stamps
tutti i libri devono essere spediti per posta con
francobollo postale


daliobaracchi [AT]


MAIZ Chronicls
posted: September 4, 2006

Yes, you can still send them in. I'm including the original call out.
The deadline has been extended so you can still get your stuff in.
Maybe you have an idea but don't know if it'll fit? Let me know and
we'll talk about it. Maybe you started but didn't finish. Here's your
chance-a few more weeks to tie it up and send it in to this amazing &
important zine.

The MAIZ Chronicles

I've recieved a few great entries, but I still need your input-I've
extended the deadline to August 1st so if you're planning on sending
anything in please let me know.
What to send in?
stories, articles, artwork, relevant zine and book reviews,
commentaries and more.
MAIZ-Mujeres Artistas/Activistas Insurgentes y Zine-istas
(women, artists, activists, insurgents and zinesters)

Submissions are being accepted for the first issue of the The MAIZ
Chronicles. This is an invitation to be part of the zine. If you are a
mujer(women of color) and would like to submit to the zine, please
contact me at noemi.mtz @ gmail . com
*This comp zine is accepting submissions from all women of color, not
only Latinas and Chicanas. The term Person of color is according to
you--if you label and call yourself a POC, you are more than welcome
to submit.

There is no theme but we would like to publish pieces from unique
perspectives by mujeres on issues concerning mujeres and folks of
colors- - issues that are hardly covered in zines.
Submissions can be in any language, providing translation.
Let me know if you would like to help by passing out flyers, layout,
submissions, or including the call out in your zine, message board or
your friends and students. Anyone can help out with the process.

more info here:


CFP FemTAP 2.1 Race, Gender, and Social Justice
Kazukai, US
posted: August 20 , 2006

FP: Race, Gender, and Social Justice
Deadline for Submissions November 6, 2006

Submission Guidelines: email attachment only to
ikerlee [AT];
Chicago manual style w/limited endnotes; full guidelines at

In the recent past we have seen an increase in violence against
communities of color and LGBTQ communities, some televised and
others completely ignored by mainstream media. We have also
witnessed a conservative backlash against models that embrace
intersectional analysis and a critical look at privilege from all
sectors. Yet, we believe feminist models are uniquely capable of
addressing increasing inequities, particularly those models that
argue that we must put the most oppressed women at the center of our
analysis (see Smith 2006, Brenner 1998, Anzaldua 1984, etc.). As
such, FemTAP is accepting submissions that critically engage models,
methods, theories, and practices of feminist social justice that
highlight race, gender, class, and sexuality as co-equal.

All essays should include intersectional analysis including the
critical interrogation of whiteness, heterosexuality, and/or class
privilege where applicable. We are particularly interested in
grounded studies and ethnographic essays but accept essays from a
feminist perspective across disciplines.

COVER ART - art related to the topic of Race, Class, and Social
Justice (sorry no films) are also being accepted at this time.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. A feminist response to un/natural disasters: Katrina, mining on
indigenous lands, environmental degradation and environmental
racism, etc.

2. reproductive justice in communities of color and working class
communities of all colors - we are particularly interested in
responses to sterilization projects that target poor women,
incarcerated women, etc., holistic projects that seek to deal with
multiple-intersecting issues, any feminist organizing around
transgendered and same-sex parenting rights or reproductive justice,
and scientific examinations of the impact of use and/or research on
NRTs for women of color, working class women of all colors, and LBT
women of all colors.

3. Rural feminisms: rural vs. urban queer organizing, rural women's
organizing as specific and generalizable, rural feminists' responses
to poverty, etc.

4. alternative spaces: women of color and LBT women of all colors
resource centers, women of color and/or LBT women of all colors
grassroots organizing, LBT women of all colors and/or women of color
organizations or retreat-conferences as alternative feminist
visions, artist collectives, etc.

5. Historical essays - examination of "unknown" or unwritten
histories of women of color, LBT women of all colors, and/or poor
women's organizing

6. Models and methods: successful cross-cultural and/or cross-class
feminist organization models, successful trans-feminist organizing,
successful rural-urban organizing, etc.

7. confronting current issues impacting women of color, LBT women of
all colors, and/or poor women of all colors - urban renewal, funding
collectives, food collectives, welfare reform programs, parenting
students organizations, police and/or court watch programs, housing
safety and security programs, programs confronting the rise in hate
crimes, etc.

8. academia - the impact feminists of color, working class feminists
of all colors, LBT feminists of all colors on policy, curriculum,
and organizing (please note the summer edition is on pedagogy so
pedagogy essays will be given the least importance in review ranking
for this edition but will *still* be considered; if we believe your
essay would be more appropriate for the summer edition we will
advise you)

9. DEFINING FEMINIST SOCIAL JUSTICE - theoretical essays that
examine what is or can be meant by "feminist social justice," praxis
essays that examine the meaning of "feminist social justice" and the
means by which to actualize it in feminist practice.

We accept essays from graduate students, PhDs, and community
scholars. For full guidelines, review policies, and guidelines, see
appropriate links on website.

Questions contact: ikerlee [AT]


LOUDmouth Winter Issue
Irina Contreras, US
posted: August 16, 2006

LOUDmouth magazine -- a feminist magazine coming out
of Cal State LA -- is seeking essays (critical and/or
personal), reportage, research, poetry, prose,
fiction, photography,illustrations, artwork (including
cover artwork) and more for our Winter issue on News.

Topics may include but are by no means limited to:
* Looking at feminism in the media: how is feminism
portrayed today and who is listening? How should it
be portrayed etc.? What can we do as media makers,
artists, mothers etc.?
* How have the different labels created even by the
supposed "alternative papers" created how feminism is
looked at? In particular, we are thinking about the
"waves" of feminism, riot grrrl, zapatismo, 70's
academic feminism etc.?
* a research based piece about who decides what airs.
Where does our news really come from? How is it
* Independent News Projects/radical media all over the
world, country, city, and your backyard.
* Old News. What happens to it?
* Portraits of who should be in the news. Community
* Tabloids. Celebrity Gossip, particularly a critical
piece about how and why it so important (or not) in
our culture and everyday life right now. Looking at
race/class/gender in celebrity gossip.
* Zines, artists looking at news or manipulating news,
comics like Boondocks/Simpsons use of news.
* Anchorwomen: how many are there really? And the
barrage of the "hot weather girls".
* "Ethnic News" such as Hoy, Al Jazeera, Watts Times.
What news is being delivered? And, how are we mislead
to think (that in the case of Watts Times) that these
are actually made in the communities they claim to be?

*How has the news been or not been democratized by the
* Blogs, podcasts, cable, ham radios, reality t.v,
cb's etc.
* Is the news really changing as the demographics are
*How the news diverts or attempts to divert our
attention from what is really happening. How do we
end up watching news about Mel Gibson while Atenco,
Lebanon, immigration struggles take place?
* And can a journalist really be an activist in this

Deadline for pitches: September 1st.
Deadline for unsolicited drafts: August 27th
(What this means: If you want to write about any of
the above topics or another topic related to NEWS,
send a pitch regarding your idea as soon as possible.
Just send a brief note about what you're thinking and
we'll start a back-and-forth about how it might work
for this issue.)

Please note: Contributors need not be students nor
Angelenos nor members of any particular identity
group. Contributors do need to write from a feminist
perspective that takes as a given the
interconnectedness of multiple systems of oppression
and that consciously avoids reinforcing whiteness,
heterosexuality and the like as invisible/normative.
Contributors who are enthusiastic and good with
deadlines are greatly appreciated.

Please send all submissions to Irina Contreras, Editor
in Chief, at
poopstarr [AT]

feminism: fem'e-niz'em -n. [The]
movement to end sexism, sexist
exploitation and [all] oppression.


MAIZ Chronicles
Noemi, US
posted: July 25, 2006

I've recieved a few great entries, but I still need your input-I've
extended the deadline to August 1st so if you're planning on sending
anything in please let me know.
What to send in?
stories, articles, artwork, relevant zine and book reviews,
commentaries and more.
MAIZ-Mujeres Artistas/Activistas Insurgentes y Zine-istas
(women, artists, activists, insurgents and zinesters)

Submissions are being accepted for the first issue of the The MAIZ
Chronicles. This is an invitation to be part of the zine. If you are a
mujer(women of color) and would like to submit to the zine, please
contact me at noemi.mtz [AT]
*This comp zine is accepting submissions from all women of color, not
only Latinas and Chicanas.

There is no theme but we would like to publish pieces from unique
perspectives by mujeres on issues concerning mujeres and folks of
colors- - issues that are hardly covered in zines.
Submissions can be in any language, providing translation.
Let me know if you would like to help by passing out flyers, layout,
submissions, or including the call out in your zine, message board or
your friends and students. Anyone can help out with the process.

deadline: August 1st.

more info here:

Call for Grap
hic Novelists/ Cartoonist
Lambda Legal
posted: July 25, 2006

Lambda Legal is seeking an illustrator cartoonist or
graphic novelist to create a commissioned series.

Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to
achieving full recognition of the civil rights of
lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and
those with HIV through impact litigation, education
and public policy work.

The series will be based around our Courting Justice
campaign ( Lambda
Legal's Courting Justice campaign defends fair-minded
judges from political attack and supports the
legitimate role of courts to address civil rights

The selected artist will work with Lambda Legal to
help expand the concept and provide a series of 8-10
color strips with illustration and writing for use
with the campaign. The series may be featured in
Lambda Legal publications including our triquarterly
newsletter with circulation close to 50,000 and on our
website which receives approximately 80,000 visits

Please send all portfolios and bids to Ben Riskin
(briskin [AT] Samples of work submitted
electronically should be in pdf format. Physical
submissions will not be returned unless sender
provides a SASE. All bids should be received by August
11, 2006. Bids received past this deadline will not be
considered. Please direct all inquiries to the email
listed above.

Zine Lecture Announcement

Dan Hager, US
posted: July 17, 2006

Hello All,
My name is Dan Hager. I couldn't call myself a true zinester, but I have
stapled together a chapbook or two. I used to go to meetings of Grrrlzines A
Go Go. I have a very important announcement to make. Donna Barr, legendary
underground cartoonist and creator of The Desert Peach, Stinz, and other
tales, is going to lecture on her craft at San Diego State University this
Wednesday, July 19 at 7pm. She will be in the library, room LA 2203. She
will also be signing copies of her work after her talk. Please come to this
special event.


Northwest Zine Works
Caroline Tigeress, US
posted: May 11, 2006

With a gracious thank-you to our beta testers, we're finally up and running! is finally accepting new zines and comics for consignment! With new goodies coming online most every day we're getting to be quite busy, which is a good thing :) There are still a few blank pages here and there, but overall, I'm really pleased with how the website is going, and we're ready to take on some new projects.

We're more than a distro of course, we do a lot of full-service reviews and serve as a clearing house for people wanting to contact one another. If you're an author/creator, we want to distro you or give you a review, if you're a distro, we want to link to you. Right now we've got about 80 zines in queue and hope to have those up within the next month.



The Basement
Marion, UK
posted: May 9, 2006

Hello, I am a volunteer at the Basement radical bookshop and social centre in manchester (UK) and am looking for zines to stock on the following topics:

- feminism and gender politics
- queer/lgbt
- anti-racism
- anti-capitalism
- environmental politics
- anti-authoritarian politics
- peace/anti-war
- dis/ability and health
- fiction and poetry
- perzines
- comix
- music zines which promote independent/underground music
- any other progressive and/or unusual topic!

At the moment we are particularly short on feminist, queer and anti-racist material, stuff on dis/ability and health and poetry and fiction.

Ideally we would like to take stuff sale or return, about 3 copies of each edition. If you want payment up front please send us a sample copy first so that we can decide whether or not we think it'll sell.

Please email me if you think we would be interested in your zine or - even better - if you run a distro which has a few zines we might be interested in. If you've already given us some of your zines and not received the money for them please drop me a line also! And I'll sort it out.

thelovelymarion [AT]

About the Basement: The basement is a little bookshop,a vegan / organic cafe, radical library, exhibition space, computer hub and meeting space for grass roots groups working towards a better and fairer world. We are 100% voluntary run and not-for-profit.



Knockengorrach festival
Michelle, US
posted: April 28, 2006

Hi all - Just want to let you know that I will be heading up to Scotland in a few weeks to the lovely Knockengorrach festival (World Ceilidh - have a look here: - highly recommended to come if you are free that weekend), and will be running a DIY creative space with my sister in all things handcrafted, Shaz (maker of incredibly beautiful bracers, armbands, crowns, swords, and other accoutrements befitting a warrior queen/king of old).

Shaz and I will be hosting an ongoing weekend-long zine making workshop that will result in a big old festy zine that is compiled from everyone's contributions and mailed out after the weekend is over...and in addition I will be taking various zines, comix, and independant media things (recent copies of Schnews letter etc) up there with me to make sure there is a presence of interesting, informative, and inspiring reading material.

If anyone has a zine/comic/little paper thing that you ran off at work last week when you were pretty sure no one was looking, and you'd like me to take it up there for you to distribute through the 'zine stall' bit of our DIY haven, then please get in touch asap and let me know!!

I am happy to sell them for you if you are after a bit of coin for your efforts, but of course free is also always a lovely thing to do - up to you. I can do basic bookkeeping, so no worries if you'd like to sell.

I can take maximum 20 copies of any one zine, and am open to all and any as long as your publication is of a DIY, non-sponsored, independant nature (no media studies glossy end of year project with becks logos on in, roight?)

I will be going up there on Friday 19th May, leaving at stupid o'clock in the morning, so need to have your stuff in my hands by Thurs 18th at the very latest!! If you're in Manchester we can meet up, if not, post, or if you will be at Knock (fraiser?) then come by the tent anytime and drop off your wares.

Please and thank you for your works of love and pritt stick -
superfluf [AT]

The MAIZ Chronicles
Noemi Martinez, US
posted: April 21, 2006

Submissions are being accepted for the first issue of The MAIZ Chronicles. This is an invitation to be part of the zine. If you are a mujer(women of color) and would like to submit to the zine, please contact me at *noemi.mtz [AT] gmail . com

There is no theme but we would like to publish pieces from unique perspectives by mujeres on issues concerning mujeres and folks of colors- - issues that are hardly covered in zines.

Let me know if you would like to help by passing out flyers, layout, submissions, or including the call out in your zine, message board or your friends and students. Anyone can help out with the process.

Deadline: July 1

The MAIZ Chronicles is being edited by Noemi Martinez, who writes the zines Hermana, Resist, South Texas Experience and Homespun and runs C/S Distro. Noemi is a Chicana/Boriqua activist writer & poet, single mama living on the Texas/Mexico border. She works as a VAWA (violence against women act) caseworker, helping undocumented women who have been abused by their US citizen or legal permanent resident spouse attain their working permit and legal status.

MAIZ-Mujeres Artistas/Activistas Insurgentes y Zine-istas



Jacinta Contreras, US
posted: April 17, 2006

Anyone know of a fun performance spaces/cafes/collectives in Chicago, Toronto, Buffalo or Washington DC?

Booking a summer tour with one zinester/author and 3 accoustic musicians.

Thanks for your help!!

Jacinta Bunnell

Romanian Zine Archive
posted: April 17, 2006

We are a collective of Romanian grrrls starting a travelling zine-library. If you are a grrrl and make you own zine or have some zines you would like to donate please get in touch!!!

nitamocanu [AT]


LOUDmouth Summer/Fall Issue
Irina Contreras, US
posted: April 11, 2006

LOUDmouth magazine -- a feminist magazine coming out of Cal State LA -- is seeking essays (critical and/or personal), reportage, research, poetry, prose, fiction, photography,illustrations, artwork and more for our summer/fall issue on TRASH.

Topics may include but are by no means limited to: *
What it means to waste or discard
*Consider phrases like, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" or "One (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure
*The idea of being "trashy"
*Disposable Peoples, whether it be related to racial profiling, the citizens affected by Katrina or the homeless
*the Privitization of Trash
*Fashion masterpieces from the Trash or the fact that people wear things like, "distressed" jeans ie. trashy-looking jeans for top $$$
*Getting Trashed/Wasted *Unusual Global and/or local Trash Facts
*Littering Policies
*Geography that is intertwined with trash, whether it is a place like the Albany Landfill that is taken over or a real-estate marketing fiasco that is built on top of trash
*Food in the trash/dumpster diving/Composting
*Trash Diaries, either written or photographic essays
*the outmoding of technology, which eventually ends up in the trash
*Habits to trash
*Invisible Trash and Environmental Racism
*Political Trash Talking
*Pack Rats vs. Minimalists
*Sanitation Department and can LOUDmouth Magazine find a Trashwoman?

Deadline for pitches: April 30th Deadline for unsolicited drafts April 25th (What this means: If you want to write about any of the above topics or another topic related to TRASH, send a pitch regarding your idea as soon as possible. Just send a brief note about what you're thinking and we'll start a back-and-forth about how it might work for this issue.)

Please note: Contributors need not be students nor Angelenos nor members of any particular identity group. Contributors do need to write from a feminist perspective that takes as a given the interconnectedness of multiple systems of oppression and that consciously avoids reinforcing whiteness, heterosexuality and the like as invisible/normative. Contributors who are enthusiastic and good with deadlines are greatly appreciated.

Please send all submissions to Irina Contreras, Editor in Chief, at poopstarr[AT]

feminism: fem'e-niz'em -n. [The] movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and [all] oppression.


Eleanor W., US
posted: April 8, 2006

Hi Grrrl Zine Network! The riffRAG issue #2 FINAL submission deadline is coming up a week! We are looking for innovative and/or political writing and art by emerging and under-represented artists around the world. If your work fits this description, we would like to feature you in our next issue.

We accept digital files. We accept small prints for our limited edition print version. We are looking for videos and performers for our upcoming release party next fall at Local Project ( Submission info is below, just scroll down.

Great opportunities are abound--riffRAG has recently been spotted at Artists Space in SOHO, Jigsaw NYC, Sarah Lawrence College, and Snapshot NYC. riffRAG will also be part of a radical urban zine show at Local Project on May 13th and will be partnering with Snapshot NYC at Bar 13 for a benefit celebration on May 16th. Email riffRAG [AT] to receive updates about these events or bookmark our blog, located at

***Please do us a HUGE favor and follow the submission guidelines. We've put a lot of time and care into mapping out exactly what's with submissions. We all have fulltime jobs and make riffRAG in our little bits of free time. Last time we received many submissions that did not include bios or artists' statements and had to hunt people down for this info. This is why we can only take *complete* submissions this time around. Your artist's statement is especially important because riffRAG emphasizes the meaning behind the art. Even if writing is not your strong point, a few sentences on your piece will be really helpful to us.

** xoxo riffRAG


Sarah R., US
posted: March 25, 2006

Zinetopia is now accepting zines/comics for review, as well as calls for submission, distro, project, and pen pal listings. These need to be in by June 30 so that I can get Zinetopia #1 printed by July 15.

Sarah R.
PO Box 816
North Tazewell, VA 24630
piratesarah (at) gmail (dot) com

PS. Zinetopia #0 (the prequel) is available for $1. It has over 20 reviews, distro listings, a few random resource/project/pen pal listings, and an interview with Lisa from Sweet Pea Zine Distro.


Jack & the Assasin
posted: March 6, 2006

We encourage you, yes YOU, to help us by submitting articles, features, artwork, stories, poems, underwear, toenail clippings and the like to jackandtheassassin [AT] Why? We'd like to think that it's because Jack&TheAssassin broaden horizons, explore peoples' minds and showcase unique styles of work. It may also be because we're far too lazy/not talented enough to do it ALL by ourselves.



Christine Petit, USA
posted: February 18, 2006

Hello! LOUDmouth (a feminist zine out of Cal STate LA) is seeking photography and other artwork for our upcoming Food issue. Things we´d like to receive:

* pictures of feminists, girls (and/or grrls), women and other loudmouths enjoying food *garden images* other food-related goodness

Digital images should be fairly large (several hundred KB to a few MB, the largest size/highest resolution possible).
Please reply to _activistgrrrl [AT] Submissions received by Monday evening will be given priority.

Thank you!
Christine Petit Editor in Chief

feminism: femè-nizém-n.
[The] movment to end sexism,
sexist exploitation and [all] oppression.
- bell hooks

_activistgrrl [AT]


for librarian zinesters archive
Alicia Sellie, USA
posted: February 15, 2006

Are you a zinester librarian? Do you make a zine about your life as a librarian, about your library or about what you do when you are not busy daydreaming about Dewey? I am in the process of creating a fully cataloged zine collection at the School of Library and Information Studies Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that is entirely devoted to works by, for and about library workers and libraries. This collection will work to share information by and about librarians and library workers for the students of our library school and with the greater library community.

Please send a brief description of your zine as well as ordering information to: aasellie[AT]

Also, if you are aware of any titles that you do not create but that I might want to add to this collection, please get in touch as well.

Thanks so much!
Alycia Sellie
SLIS student

Mailing address for the SLIS Library:
SLIS Zine Collection
SLIS Laboratory Library
University of Wisconsin-Madison
4191 Helen C. White Hall
600 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53706


Introspect #2
Tamara Tornado, Lithuania
posted: January 29, 2006

Hello all! the zine "Introspect" based in Lithuania is waiting for your artwork!!! deadline for issue #2 is upcoming winter. i'm interested in your collages, graphics... anything! also need your articles - mail-art theme and such. the interview is possible. i will review your homemade experimental music. contributors will get a free copy. zine published in english language. SPREAD THIS MESSAGE!

ALSO - i'm trading handmade postcards.

contact: Arma, Po Box 3, Jonava LT-55002, Lithuania kachifugetsu@...

Ladyfriend #10
Christa Donner, USA
posted: January 12, 2006

Hello hello, friends of Ladyfriend, We're celebrating our 10th issue by focusing on exactly what Ladyfriend is all about: female friendships. You're getting this e-mail because I've extended the deadline until February 10th, and you're invited to help make a little Ladyfriend history! As always, we're looking for a diverse range of submissions from ladyfriends and lads who like a little fun with their feminism.

WHAT ARE WE LOOKIN' FOR? This is the "ladyfriend" issue of Ladyfriend, and we're looking for interesting angles on that theme. We'd love to read your essays on scheming sisters, comics about friendship faux pas, stories about good influences gone name it. Whether you were clued in to cliques, bonded with bandmates or were recently reunited with a long lost pal, Ladyfriend wants to hear from you. Photo-essays, comics, how-tos, reviews, and activity projects are all more than welcome, too. Please pass on this call to anyone you think might be interested, and feel free to run your ideas by us first at ladyfriendzine [AT] .

WHEN'S IT DUE? All submissions are due by February 10th, 2006!

*Not all submissions can or will be included, but we'd love to have as diverse a range as possible, so send us your stuff!
*Text-based submissions should be e-mailed as microsoft word documents, and must be less than 1,000 words in length.
*All contributions are subject to our editorial scrutiny, but we'll run any big changes by you before we go to print.
*Comics, photos, illustrations, and other artwork should be either physically mailed (a good-quality copy is fine) or e-mailed as a 300-DPI jpg or gif file. Keep in mind that our page size is 8.5" high by 5.5" wide!
*Because Ladyfriend is a small-press (self-published) endeavor, we unfortunately can't pay our wonderful contributors. We can, however, send you a free copy of the issue your work is published in. We'll also send electric psychic love beams your way and will encourage hundreds of readers from all over the country to do the same. And if you're not too shy, we might ask you to read your work the next time we go on tour!
*If you have any questions or want to run your idea by us before you get started, feel free to drop us a line at ladyfriendzine [AT]

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!

Christa Donner
Editor, Publisher, Etc. Etc.
Ladyfriend Zine

Ladyfest Toulouse, France
Gouine Lola, France
posted: January 7, 2006

Hi all of u, we are organizing a LADYFEST in TOULOUSE (France) for septemberoctober, and we are looking for grrrlz playing music, doing zines, painting, sculpting, dancing, doing workshops, graphic arts, videos, films, visual arts, and any other thing u think that could fit in a ladyfest. For more information and the submission forms, get to , our first support party is taking place friday 13th (films + concerts by Sky, Prisce, Quasar et La Vodova Giovanna), and of course u are all welcome!!! (this is an only-girls party at La Gavine, 2 rue joutx-aigues, Toulouse).ú

The Fence # 7
Cheryl, CANADA
 posted: January 4, 2006

Hello all! I'm just starting to work on the layout for issue #7 of The Fence (the bi women's zine I edit), and I'm still looking for artwork for the cover.... So if you have any lovely creation(s) that you think would work as a cover image for The Fence (photos, drawings, paintings, collages, whatever - as long as it can be reproduced in black and white) please get in touch with me asap. Multiple submissions are welcome, as there is always room for more visual work inside the zine as well. thanks! cheryl


Become an F-WORD minion!
 posted: December 30, 2005

Hey, all! So, we're putting together the first print version of the F-WORD ( and we're looking for people to help with the grassroots distribution of said print version. If any of you would be interested in helping with that, please let me know! An individual F-WORD distributor would get 15 copies sent to them for 20 bucks... to distribute amongst friends and such, for money or for love or whatever. (and if you sell them instead of giving them away, we're asking that people not go over 3 bucks.)

We're also looking for zine distros now... so if any of you had ideas for that I'd greatly appreciate your leads! :-)

Thanks! and happy (I guess) new year to all! (I mean, could it be any worse than this past one??? don't answer that...) peace~

a radical feminist handbook for the revolution

Looking for Submissions for Excerpts from Perzines #2
Elizabeth, USA
 posted: December 14, 2005

I'm looking for writing that has been previously published in your paper perzine. It does not matter how old/new it is, or if the zine is still available. It must be a work of non-fiction. There is no minimum or maximum word requirement. It may be accompanied by artwork, photographs, etc. Payment for acceptance is a copy of the zine when it is completed.

Please send submissions either as an attachment or in the body of the e-mail to: zine398 at

IMPORTANT:***Please include your name as you'd like it to appear in the zine, the title of the work, the perzine's title and issue, whether the zine is still available and if so, its price, and your contact information as you'd like it to appear in the zine, including any relevant e-mail addresses/webpages.***

Deadline: May 2006

If you'd like a copy of EFP..1, it's $1. Contact me for my mailing address. (zine398 at


Thereby Hangs a Tale
Margaret Foley, USA
 posted: December 6, 2005

Here is a call for submissions for a new zine. I'm one of its editors.

Thereby Hangs a Tale is accepting submissions for its first print issue, due out in Spring/Summer 2006. Each issue of Thereby Hangs a Tale focuses on a word and the stories that word inspires. For the first issue, the word is expatriate. The print deadline is March 1, 2006.

For details, visit the website at On the webiste, there is also a web feature "Show and Tale" for which we are accepting submissions. That deadline is December 31, 2005.

it's not just boys' fun #4
Elena, Germany
 posted: June 15, 2005

the fourth issue of the zine will mostly deal with rape/sexual harassment in whatever way. but i cannot do it alone, i need your help. of course it is hard to write about the above mentioned things and most of you out there would never write or talk about it, but can we go on pretending it is not there, it doesn’t exist? no. i want to write and talk about it because –statistically speaking- every 1 out of 4 womyn in europe alone will be raped or sexually harassed during her lifetime. and i get the feeling that nobody ever talks about it and that people pretend it’s just not happening.
so if you feel like (anonymously) expressing your thoughts/ experiences/ etc., drawing something, writing a poem..., please get in touch with me. i have collected a few texts so far, incl. my own ones about a rape a few meters away from the apartment i lived in, someone making a joke about raping a deaf and blind womyn, and probably more, which will be put together to an A5 or probably A4 zine (all in english, if possible). just get in touch, communication is always much appreciated."

elena [AT]

Julie, USA
 posted: March 11, 2005

BirlZine! is an ongoing compilation zine of personal writing, essays, poetry, photography, art, news, and resources for and by boyish girls (birls) who enjoy riding the gender wave and don’t let their gender dictate how to act. A birl can be a hetero tomboy, an FTM, or anyone in between. This is a safe space for birls to share our work and find relevant news and resources. For more information, please visit

BirlZine! is currently actively accepting submissions!
BirlZine! needs contributors! The reason I launched the zine is because I was astounded by all the talent I'd see in the community journal at Without that talent, I've got no bricks to build with. Don't be shy--send your work in--it will inspire other birls out there, the younger ones and older ones alike! We're looking for:

* Art, comics, and photography, black-and-white only—preferably high-contrast pieces.

* Personal stories (really important), essays, fiction, plays, rants, or poetry.

* Birl-interest articles, including GLBTQ news, famous birls to watch out for, activism, how-to guides (how to make the perfect pompadour, how to bind, how to use the women’s bathroom without getting kicked out—-JEESH!), etc.

* Resources, Reviews, and Recommendations, including GLBTQ sites; book, movie, zine, magazine, and music recommendations (artists we can support!) and reviews; news about conferences and drag king shows, etc.

Upcoming BirlZine! themes will focus on drag kings, FTMs, genderqueers, body modifications, and activism. Please send your material on these themes, as well as ideas for future themes!

For more information, please visit or e-mail julie [AT]
I look forward to hearing from you!

per zine compilation zine
Elizabeth, USA
posted: March 11, 2005

Do you write a perzine? If yes, then I need your help! I'd like to
put together a compilation zine of excerpts from already published
perzines, entitled Heart. I'm looking for submissions of your
favourite writing piece from your own perzine, or a part of your
perzine which you feel will be able to stand on its own in a
compilation zine - personal prose that has been published in
perzines. I think it'd be nice to have a bunch of personal voices
all in one place, and it would also be a great way to let others
know about your zine and what you are writing. Also, if you would
like to write something about perzines (previously published or
new), that would be good too. I'd like to be done this project by
August 2005. When submitting please include your name, the title of
the zine the writing is from, the issue number, and the date
(doesn't matter if it's recent or not), and if the zine is still
available, your contact info and price. Payment for having a
submission accepted will be a copy of the zine sent to your mailbox.

Please send submissions (in the body of the e-mail or attached) or
any questions to: zine398 [AT]
Please pass on!



for zine distro
Noemi, USA
posted: March 1, 2005

C/S Distro is looking for zines--accepting zines by people of color-
regardless of gender. I'm looking for more zines-literary, personal,
political, rantful by POC and by zinesters who live in the Rio
Grande Valley aka South Texas.

We are also now accepting zines in the following categories-

diy +self help zines
recipe/cooking zines
literary zines

If you are interested in having your zines or project distroed by
us, please send a copy, along with your name, email, wholesale price
and retail price, name of project, and a brief description to:

Noemi Martinez
Re: C/S
PO box 621
Edinburg, TX 78540
Questions? Check out the site or email me at csdistro [AT]

Mental Health for the zine Pandor's Cunt
Arwyn, USA
posted: March 1, 2005

Call for Stories of Mental Health The point of my zine, Pandora's Cunt, is to create a place for women to share their knowlege and support eachother in taking charge of their bodies and healthcare. the next issue will be about mental health and will include living with mental illness, living as teenage/young adult woman, ways to feel better, dealing with sexual assault, etc. this means I need submissions!!! I am looking for stories of women taking charge of their mental health and living well as a result. Stuff about having a healthy relationship with doctors or other health care providers, or ways you changed your life to better live mental illness. Or anything else I mentioned in the above paragraph!!! You can email me arwyn [AT] for more info, or to submit something.


for zine on mothers-daughters
Kate, UK
posted: January 10, 2005

I'm putting together a comp zine about the issue of
mothers and their daughters' appearance (weight,
looks, etc). I was inspired because I know that this
issue is still affecting me, and I know it affects a
lot of my female friends.

I hope other women and girls will be willing to write
about their own experiences from whatever angle. The
definition of "mother" and "daughter" is of course up
to you and not restricted to biological mothers and
daughters. It may be that you managed to find ways to
deal with this problem or you may feel that it is
still with you even if you mother
is far away - I'm interested in all perspectives.

Even if your mother wasn't critical of your weight or
looks I would welcome articles about any friends who
experienced this problem or viewpoints on the problem.
Pieces by mothers about how they hope to encourage
their daughters' self-esteem or daughters on how their
mothers helped them overcome body image
problems/lookism would be especially welcome.

I can of course change names or publish your
contribution anonymously if you wish.

If you're interested in contributing send
contributions to kate_galactic at or
email me for postal address if you wish to send art


for Queen zine
posted: November 3
, 2004

Flipping through the newest copy of Jen Angel's The Zine Yearbook, I am aware of how great the structure is. There are no reviews, only excerpts
from exemplary zines published during a particular year (this is the 8th volume of Zine Yearbook).

I've always had a problem with reviews, particularly with me reviewing books or zines that I've enjoyed. But I like the idea of a zine in which ALL the
zines featured merely include excerpts along with contact information and information on that particular issue's contents.

So, instead of the locally based Queen Zine Newsletter, I will be expanding its perimeters to inlcude all current zines and zine culture. Every zine featured will be featured as an excerpt, along with contact and contents info.

What you can submit:

Your zine. I will feature all zines that come my way Eventually. I am not going to limit myself to choosing the "best" or limiting the zines to "my

An article that you've written (interviews, rants, etc) about zines or zine culture. Note that these I will be more particular about. I will be looking
for thoughtfulness and effort above all.

An article about zines/zine culture that you've found and want inlcuded in this zine.

Any distro advertisements that you would like to include.

Any zine websites that you would like to inlcude.

Basically anything zine related can be submitted. Just contact me via e-mail first with a short informal proposal.

I hope to make this zine full size (8 1/2 x 11), and will send out free copies to any contributors (which include zine contributors. So, although I
will not pay for your submitted zine or its shipping, it will be for a trade for this zine when its finished.

For more info contact queenzine [AT]
And keep up with the zine's progress at
Visit also my messageboard

All zines submitted will be placed in the Queen Zine Library, located in Southern Ontario. Already there are almost two hundred zines in that collection. Thanks everyone! I'm very excited about this project.


for Ladyfriend’s Health issue
Christa Donner
Deadline: November 10
, 2004

Hey ladyfriends and friends of ladies,

Feeling a little under the weather? Let Ladyfriend zine’s HEALTH issue cure
what ails you. You’ll feel like a million bucks when you contribute to LF
#8, what with its focus on health, illness, injury, and everything in
between. As always, we’re looking for a diverse range of submissions from
ladyfriends and lads who like a little fun with their feminism. Home
remedies gone awry, gynecologist reviews, tales of injurious adventures and
medicated delusions, comics about your wierd food allergies, home birthing
how-tos, acupucture essays or photos of flesh wounds are all right by us.
Just follow the doctor’s orders and get ‘em to Ladyfriend by November 10th,
2004. If you know someone who’d add something valuable to this issue, please
feel free to pass tthis e-mail their way. Thanks!

1. Ladyfriend can’t include every submission that comes our way. If we can’t
fit your stuff in this time, that doesn’t mean we won’t next time. Feel free
to run your interview or article ideas by us first at
ladyfriendzine [AT] If you need an extension, let us know.

2. Text should be sent as Microsoft Word or AppleWorks documents, and should
be between 300 -1,000 words in length. If we decide to use your stuff, we
may do a little editing, in which case you’ll get a chance to okay the final
version before it goes to print.

3. Be sure to tell us it’s coming: sometimes our lame hotmailbox gets full
and bounces stuff back to you. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to see it! If
you’ll be sending a large file, drop us a line so we can work out the

4. Since we’re a small press, cut & paste kinda zine, Ladyfriend can’t pay
contributors, no matter how much we’d like to. Anybody whose work is
published gets a free copy and much love from the LF offices.

For those that care, you can now find photos and stories from this summer’s
zine tour adventures on Ladyfriend’s website, with more to come:

Ladyfriend and her new zine pal Free Advice hit the West Coast this January
with the Perpetual Motion Roadshow. Christa’s teaming up with Canadian
rapper More or Les and cartoonist Stephen Notley for DIY madness from Los
Angeles to Canada. Yikes! Come say hello.



for exhibition
Grrrl Zines a-go-go
SEPTEMBER 27, 2004

In collaboration with the Media EmergenC conference organized by the San Diego Independent Media Center, we Grrrl Zines a-go-go
( are putting together a zine exhibition that will feature zines from all over the world promoting
free speech, anti-censorship, and independent media. CONFERENCE WILL TAKE PLACE OCTOBER 6-9TH, 2004 IN SAN DIEGO.

The conference itself is a reaction against the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) happening simultaneously in San Diego on October
4-8th. The NAB was a major force behind the FCC's deregulation of media ownership guidelines and continues to lobby for the ability of a
relatively few corporations to control a majority of the media outlets available to the American public.

Join Media EmergenC for three evenings of discussion, performance and protest, followed by a full day of speakers, workshops and connecting
with democratic media activists and organizations.

Guidelines as follows:
Any Dimension accepted.
Any language
We would like to see a wide range of topics having to do with censorship, radical politics, feminism, anti-corporate media, BUT all
topics are welcome.

If you would like your zine returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with zine name clearly written on envelope. Zines
will not be returned after the exhibition, but donated to the West Coast Zine Collection at San Diego State University, so we hope you'll
choose to donate your zine. Please visit:

Donation of a $1.00 or stamps welcome, but please do not let that deter you from submitting.

Include your email somewhere with your submission.


All submissions can be sent to:
605 Normandy Road
Encinitas, CA 92024

Please check our website for photos of the event after October 9th. We will be facilitating a zine workshop on independent media for the
event and will be creating a zine with the participants.

This should be a great event, please get your zine in the mail today!!!

Information contact:
Mailing list:



to Lit Vision
(general literary magazine)
Patrick Simonelli
September 2004

Lit Vision is a new online monthly literary magazine.
We are seeking submissions of fiction, non-fiction,
poetry, and artwork. If we accept your work, you'll be
paid a modest fee. LitVision is dedicated to promoting
good writing, and we do it with a sense of humor and
down-to-earth editorial style.

Check us out at



Dawna Bass
August 2004

Im going to start a zine. finally. and hopefully i will stick with it.
I need stories. from girls.
it needs to be about how you were there for another girl when she was in need.
Or when someone was bothering her (harrassing her) and you were there for her.
Or i want to know about a time when a girl helped you when a guy was bothering you.
Or when you didnt know how to stick up for yourself at the time.
I want to hear about how there was a situation that you didnt do anything about at the time but look back on now and wish you wouldve done something. or wish you could have done something.
I want stories of how you have overcome something, such as things having to do with body image and all that whole-wheat goodness.
i want to hear about your lists that you write to yourself reminding yourself that you can do whatever you want, lists that you write for self-empowerment.
i want to hear about a time that made you realize it is not bad to be a female.
I want to hear about how you are having a hard time being okay with being female.
I want to hear about the things that you do that keep you going everyday.
i want to hear about how a NOT-famous female has inspired you.

they can be very simple writings-- or not, write however you want, and for sure there will not be any editing going on.

Basically i want stories of how you have helped to SPREAD GIRL GERMS.

Send all questions and ideas and stories to me at


Distro in Montreal, Canada

Heidi Chan
August 2004

I am opening a zine distro in Montreal, operating mostly online, I am calling for
submissions, my interests go mostly towards comics, perzines and poetry
zines, I also like zines with crafting ideas and that sh*t, but anything goes
really... I have a special interest in distroing zines that reflect more excerpts of
society than just white-middle class-american...
I am interested in zines in spanish and french too.
Also crafts that are easy to ship like buttons, t shirts, wallets, stickers, patches...

For more info please please please contact me:
ohsombra [at] hotmail [dot] com


August 2004

Attn: LGBTIQ writers and artists:

Seeking submissions for queer publication coming out winter 2004. Visual art, poetry, essays, photography, etc.
Email in rich text format, and jpegs to:
groundswell_muse [AT]
or mail a of CD your work to:

2522 Piedmont Ave. #3
Berkeley, CA 94704

Please include you full name, email address, title of work, where you are from, and any additional information
you wish to provide about your piece. If your submission is not in english,
please submit accompanying translation into english. Thanks!



Red Jewel Emporium/Distro
elizabeth sim peña
ellingham, Wa

August 2003

red jewel is an emporium/distro that distributes zines, music, diy products,
chapbooks, hemp jewelry, etc done by women that speak to radical,
revolutionary social change. this is a new endeavor almost a year in the
making thus we need your help and talents! in the future, red jewel is
seeking to become a community center and organization, small press, music,
and apparel store, meeting spot, art gallery, and small venue for the
community in bellingham, wa. please help us stock some of the best radical
and revolutionary zines out there!

red jewel site: - visit for more info
red jewel garage sale and fundraiser:

send samples of zines, music, crafts, etc to:

red jewel
c/o elizabeth
2401 orleans st #6
bellingham, wa 98229

or email: for questions



for radical menstruation shop
Heather Webster
Portland, US

August 2003

I'm putting together a radical menstruation shop. We are going to carry homemade unbleached cotton pads, non bleach tampons and sea sponges, the keeper, and we are looking for MUCHO INFO!! I'm looking to carry zines about fertility awareness, menstruation, herbalism and menstruation and birth art and empowerment advice/methods. I wanted to do a shout out to all the zine makers out there. If anyone has a zine or would like to put one together (personal accounts welcomed) concerning these topics I would be ultra interested. I may also be interested in reprinting zines we find exceptionally useful to give for free or charge (we could arrainge that with each individual) for.

Please contact Heather via email personalispolitical [AT]

We do not reprint or use zines without the author's permission.


Shades of Gray ZINE
Alice B.
New Jersey, US

August 2003

I'm Alice B. from central Jersey. I've been itching to put together a New Jersey zine. I want it to be based on Jersey's scene and culture tarketing all ages. I know that a lot of things go on in Jersey, and that there are a lot of talented people out there...and this is a good way to promote their stlye weather it's music, writing, film, sports, from the usual to the unusual; underground or above. I'm interested in all the areas of Jersey. Some ideas that I had included sections called "Keeping It Real" which will contain art forms that will be submitted from all over, "Hot Topic" which will be the big story for each issue, "What the Kids Have To Say" which will allow people to speak their mind/vent about anything good or bad, "Fashion?" self explanitory but not like contempo fashion, like how to make home made clothes, crazy cool suggestions etc., "Whats Under Your Ground/Post No Bills" which will include some interesting info about what's going on in other towns or listings of shows etc...I know that this is a short discription, but this zine can come alive with your help, so if you have any ideas, interests or questions email me.
Shadesofgreyab2003 [AT]
or click the link at the bottom of page

What I'm looking for:
writers and researchers
...or anthing you think you can help out with

-ART...any form
-WRITING...poetry, stories, etc...
-Anything Under Your ground...anything interesting that is happening in your town
-What the kids have to say...anything you would like to express or talk about on any subject good or bad

See more at:



*green* ZINE
Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2003

*green* is a zine being constructed by the all-powerful-yet-anxious
two-person Zine Committee of Ladyfest Halifax (October 2-5, 2003). It's
green because we are green. You can take that however you like, just please
take it. Then send your green-colored thoughts, poems, stories, and
pictures to:

zines [AT]

----> Submission deadline: August 1

Any and all proceeds from *green* sales will go to help support Ladyfest
Halifax, a multidisciplinary arts festival happening October 3-5 in Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada.

Erica & Jo


Los Angeles, CA
July 2003

hey. i run a clothing company called blackheart. we make diy style punk clothes. i'm lookin for zines that are:
1. looking for articles on diy companies run by chicks. (sisters no less!) and/or
2. looking for people to advertise in their upcoming issue.

my site isn't up right now (it will be, but if youd like to see a sample of what we do, look at our auctions:

thanks kids!

BlackheartCo [AT]


Chelsea, Ohio
June 2003

I am looking for contributors for a new comp zine. I want to include stories, poetry, essays, comics, DIY, etc. Pretty much anything goes. You will design your individual page(s). For more detailed information, including the theme of the first issue, please email ebonyblue [AT] or blessedhome [AT]

Before you open your mouth to speak,
please make sure it's an improvement upon the silence.



Kitchen Sink 'Zine Distro, Canada
May 2003

Kitchen Sink Distro is a canadian 'zine distro dedicated
to the distribution of socially progressive 'zines.

Topics may include
health, queerness, food, feminism, books, education,
pregnancy & birth, parenting, sex, anarchy, gardening,
farming, art, community, race, abilities, poverty,
economics, environmentalism, d.i.y. projects,
'culture jamming'...

Please send submissions to:
c-cup productions
101 spruce hill road
toronto, ontario m4e 3g5

or e-mail ccup [AT] for more deets

you could check out
but there ain't much there just yet.




a 'zine about Pregnancy, Birth & Breastfeeding, Canada
May 2003

If you are an amazing mama, or someone else with experience in childbirth education or related fields, we are looking for writing and art about (but not limited to) any of the following topics:

Getting pregnant * Pre/postnatal Yoga Perineal massage *
Kegel exercises * Birth balls * Birth accessories * Home birth * Water birth * Writing a Birth Plan * Birth Partners * Doulas
Midwifery across Canada (and around the world) * Pain management during labour, Breathing * Inducing labour * Nutritional and herbal recipes * Herbs & essential oils during pregnancy and lactation * Tandem breastfeeding * Breastfeeding after surgery
* Bottle feeding * Reviews of pregnancy books and websites *
Book, video, internet & contact list

This 'zine is supportive of choice, "alternative" birthing methods &
queer parenting.

Submission deadline extended to June 27, 2003.
doula [AT}


May 2003

Like sex?

submit to the fifth issue of Beating Around the Bush
a 'zine about sex, sexualities, and sexual health

We want your writing, art, cartoons, jokes, photography, rants, how-to's... pretty much anything to do with sex & sexual health.

Need ideas? Consider the following:

abortion . anal sex . birth control product reviews
book reviews . coming out . dental dams . erotica . exhibitionism . fisting . food & sex . genital piercings . getting pregnant . HIV/AIDS . natural birth control . non/monogamy, partnerships . porn/sex movie reviews .
power play, bondage, s/m . queer identity . sex toy reviews .
sex & disability . talking to kids about sex in a positive way .
"virginity" . web site reviews ...and send in yer art, too!

Contributors receive a free copy of the zine.

Submissions are due July 31, 2003.

contact: pussywillow [AT]



Stephanie, US
May 2003

Any info you'd like to share on getting cheap/free vegan food, gardening, where you shop to find bargains, scavenging, dumpster diving, cheapo recipes, breadmaking, haggling, mooching techniques or anything that has to do with cheap vegan eating/shopping/cooking. If I use your submission you'll receive a free copy of the issue it appears in. Please don't heisitate to submit. My e-mail is:

nurdsteph [AT]

My postal address is:
P. O. Box 715
Weatherford, TX 76086

thanks! steph


Krazygirl, US
May 2003

Open call for submissions for female anthology. Non-fiction essays and poetry needed. More essays than poetry. Subjects include: concepts of love, self-abuse, sexuality, abusive behaviors towards others, peer-preesure, body image, and self- esteem. I guess I am looking for writing about how abuse etc,etc will affect a women's whole being. ( does that make sense?) If you or anyone you know are interested please e-mail me at krazygirl87013 [AT] or check out my website:

krazygirl87013 [AT]


Shannon, Australia
May 2003

I'm looking for submissions for Woami zine, #2. Its a Melbourne (Australia) zine focusing on womyn's music, feminist issues, womyn's art, writing, and lives. This issue will gloriously feature Carrie from Sleater-Kinney (whom I met at their Melb show in December), Ember Swift and some local Melbourne grrl bands. I am looking for articles, stories, poetry, rants, artwork, and ideas... Perhaps you can tell me about the womyn's music scene in your hometown, important issues where you live, or even write something about yr zine and why you're inspired to do it. Just a few ideas for ya :) Please dont be shy!

Send stuff to Shannon at fieryrockbabe [AT], and let me know if you need a postal address.


Calling all ZINESTERS
West of the Mississippi and South of the U.S.- Mexico

May 2003

We are building a West Coast Zine Archive in Special Collections and University Archives at SDSU, a repository for fine, unique, and unusual books, periodicals, manuscripts, oral histories, and other documents. The Archive's aim is to provide a protected space for D.I.Y. collections while advancing public access to these important works. Zines won't circulate but anyone can use the Archive. Allow someone 100 years from now to read what life was like for YOU and have your publication live on indefinitely. Have a look at our online finding aid and send us your zine! We are especially interested in the following subjects: Girls, Women, Gender issues, Feminism, Trans, Politics, Music, Local Scenes, Alternative Culture, Popular Culture, and Comics.

Expand access to D.I.Y. publications and promote their

Please send your inquiries and donations to:
Zine Collection
Special Collections and University Archives
Malcolm A. Love Library
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-8050

ezobl [AT]

Call for Zines:

Please forward and circulate this information. Thanks!


April 2003

****** - feminist women's internet portal is planning to build up an Online-Flyer-Museum showing
women's flyer-culture worldwide. We are looking for flyers and pamphlets of the lesbian scene and the feminist women's scene! new - old - coloured - black & white - angular - round... If you'd like to contribute and help us building up a real thrilling and
diverse collection, send us your fantastic flyers!

If possible, add the following details:
+ flyer words
+ year of publication
+ name of graphic artist / customer
+ place where print-flyer is kept
+ name of contributor

+ data file format: .gif, .jpg. or .png
+ maximum size: 400x600 pixel
+ high resolution

We also welcome feminist E-Cards.

Please send contributions to:
patricia.wendling [AT]
Many thanks for your support!



April 2003

We want to put together a diverse collection of lady-made and/or ladyfest-friendly zines, comics, pamphlets and the like for a stall at Ladyfest Manchester and events in the run-up. We don’t have much time because it’s already gaining in momentum, with more benefits being planned every week. So we need your help. We need your zines! If you’d like to donate or sell your zines (we’ll give you the money and return unsold copies after the fest), please send them to:
Jo Turner
114 Heald Grove
M14 4AJ

Any queries or if you run a distro and/or want to
help to collate or run a stall please write to me at
thelovelymarion [AT] or Jo at the address above.

Your zine doesn’t have to be recent, and you can send as many different editions of it as you like. The number of copies you send is also up to you (but no more than 20). We’ll let you know if we sell out. Please state the price, a contact address, and a brief description so that we can print it in a zine-list too (yet more publicity for you). Also state whether you want to donate them to Ladyfest or you want the money back afterwards (either is fine).

Please pass this on to your friends and contacts and spread the word!

September 2003



Christa Donner, USA
TOPIC: 'shoes'
April 2003

DEADLINE: MAY 15th, 2003
CONTACT: Christa at ladyfriendzine [AT]

"Ladyfriend," the zine for ladies and all their friends is still accepting submissions for its upcoming SHOE issue. We're looking for non-traditional takes on this seemingly girly topic. What's it like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes? Anybody know much about Chinese foot-binding? Tell us about your foot fetish, or interview a shoe saleswoman, pro runner, or ballerina for us. Whether you prefer pumps or hiking boots, we welcome your articles, comics, essays, interviews, how-to's, black and white photos, things to review, etc. Submissions are due by May 15th, 2003 (some flexibility there, e-mail for more info). Kick around your ideas wit us or just sent your footwear foibles to:

ladyfriendzine [AT]
Ladyfriend Zine
P.O. Box 606118
Cleveland, OH 44106

Not all submissions can or will be included, but we'd love to have as diverse a range as possible, so take a chance and send your stuff!



Sandra, USA
February 2003

QueerRamblings zine for QUEER WOMEN
seeking submissions on Gender

Photography, art, poetry, writing, etc. all welcome! What do I mean
by "Gender"? Gender Fuck / Fuck Gender. I leave it up to you to interpret.
Have you hugged a queer today?
Email Sandra R. Garcia at:
sandy [AT]


Elena, Germany
January 2003

*** it's not just boys' fun #3 ***

ok, after so many months i have decided to do another issue of one of my zines and i am not sure whether my call is a crazy and silly one but i am trying anyway... i am searching for people who want to write a column (a personal one or whatever you have the need to write about) and i want my zine to consist of these columns only so it will look like a huge diary/letter/collection of thoughts and ideas, whatever. so if you have any suggestions or want to get rid off something that is bothering you, feel free to send everything to me or just get in touch. i would really appreciate that!
love, elena

elena [AT]



Meredith, USA
January 2003

MINE: An anthology of women's choices

A zine of women's abortions, surgical and otherwise, pre and post Roe v Wade is in it's second edition... Issue one will be reprinted simultaneously as issue #2 is printed. I am looking for comics, stories, etc about your experience.

DEADLINE IS MAY 11 2003 send contributions to

or merrydef [AT]



Bookmobile - Projet Mobilivre, USA/Canada
January 2003

POSTMARK BY February 1, 2003

The BOOKMOBILE has finished its tour and is getting ready to do it all over
again. We would sincerely like to thank all the artists that graciously let
us take their books on tour, all the host venues and any visitors that came
and helped make our tour a success. A major shout out goes out to all of you from the MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE Collective!

In Spring 2003, a new collection of 300 book works will hit the road in a
converted vintage Airstream trailer and visit community centres, schools,
festivals, artist-run centres, libraries, and book stores all over North
America. Since its debut tour in 2001, the BOOKMOBILE has enjoyed great success as an annual touring exhibition of artist books, zines and
independent publications. Organized by a collective, the project travels
across the United States and Canada visiting public spaces and attracting
audiences in many urban and rural communities.

Now the time has come to invite you to participate once again. Yes, its time
for our annual CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. Please send us your artist books, zines and independent publications in time for our FEBRUARY 1st deadline to the US or Canadian address. The books will be juried in February and we will let you know in March whether your work has been accepted. All submissions must include return postage (SASE, or cash, cheque or money order made out to BOOKMOBILE) for the return of your submission. If you do not include money for return postage, please consider your work to be a donation to the BOOKMOBILE. You will find the 2003 submission form attached to this email.

Please circulate this email to anyone you think would be interested in
submitting to the project or hosting the BOOKMOBILE.

If you have any suggestions for venues or would like more information on how to host a Bookmobile visit in your area please contact us via email:
tour [AT]
For more information on the project check out our website:
info [AT]

Thanks for your support,
Much love,
C.P. 42062, Montreal, QC H2W 2T3 Canada
1026 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19107 USA
submit [AT]



January 2003

i'm looking for:
informative articles
creative non-fiction
short stories and possibly poetry
rants/opinion pieces
music/movie/book reviews
all other creative ideas

*zine will be in b&w

deadline for first issue is feb. 1 or thereabouts.

Email Andrea at:
hellokittienyc [AT]




Jen, Canada

November 2002

My name is Jen and Im a zinester from Southern Ontario. I've recently started a zine library at the local youth centre to increase awareness of the zine scene, encourage creativity, and community, and to provide a reliable slource of alternative media for youth. My only problem is I don't have many zines, and I don't have any money to buy the zines since it is not for profit. If there are any zinesters who would like to have their zine seen by many, this is a great way to get exposure. So I would be happy if you submitted your zine(s) to the library.

Also if you run a distro and would like to donate, I can put advertisements up for your distro in the youth centre to help you get business.

If you have any escess, old, or random zines lying around please help out a fellow zine lover and donate them.

If you have any questions please email me at:
tiki [AT]
of you can just send me the zines to:
11 Ascot Ct., Welland ONT
L3C 6K7, Canada

thanks. hope to hear from you soon.

P.s. anyone who donates will receive recognition at the library unless they do not wish for it



Theresa, USA

November 2002

Sex Nerds would love to
include your thoughts, essays, poems, drawings, etc.
(the first in a series of zines about sex)

Some questions to think about:
What is you definition of consent?
What does sexual consent mean to you? What form does it take?
Does consent need to be verbal? Can it be eroticized?
How does your sexuality inform your politics (or not)? Vice Versa?
What role does consent play in changing, expanding, limiting or defining
sexual and emotional boundaries with your partners?
Do you think education about consent can prevent sexual assault? How?
What messages about consent do you get from the media, and how do you
think this has influenced your sexual relationships?
Do you think anyone is incapable of consent? Who? Why?
What would a culture or society based on consent look like? Feel like?
How would it differ from the one you inhabit now?

The deadline is December 1st 2002, but may be extended.

Send stuff to:
sex_nerds [AT]
or: Sex Nerds
300 Allen St.
Austin, TX 78702



By queer punks, for queer punks, USA.
October 2002

Want to be involved?
KCI is looking for queers in the punk scene to contribute the following:
*reviews of queer punk (oi, hardcore, emo, indie rock, etc) music, shows, zines, movies, etc.
*music, films, zines, etc to be reviewed
*artwork, tattoo flash, and photos connected to the queer punk scene (anything that will look good when copied on a photocopier - so no highly detailed color work, please)
*rants on anything that comes up in your life - scene politics, the effect on your life of national politics, personal angst, queerbashings, etc.
*interviews with queers making noise in punk (zinesters, distroers, musicians, etc)
*scene reports on your town: is there a queer-friendly infoshop? bookstore? venue? promoter? or are there a lot of attacks on us in your area?
*stories/articles about any aspect of queer/punk life: riot grrrl in your area, protests that went well, current issues facing us, how to attract shows to your area, tour stories/diaries - whatever you feel others need to know

KCI also provides small free ads to queer punk projects. Larger paid ads are also available - contact me for information.
Feed the scene and see your name in print. Free copies to contributors.

To get involved or buy copies, contact me at:

KCI c/o Hank
P.O. Box 3411
Tallahassee FL 32315-3411
kweercorps_intl [AT]

or check out the Xerox Revolutionaries Distro web site at




October 2002

I'm working on the first installment of my zine "CounterBlast". The subject is school, mostly focusing on the negative aspects of the system. So if you're currently a student, graduate, drop-out, teacher, whatever, and have strong feelings about the school system, please submit your articles, poetry (maybe), prose, ramblings, rants, and/or artwork. Keep in mind, this is published in b&w.
Send in your submissions, or questions & comments, to me, Kate, at:

counterblast_zine [AT]

Deadline is on/around November 15, 2002




September 2002

submit to the boots! we're now accepting submissions for issue #5.
please send us your reflections on immigration, emigration, diaspora,
relocation, travel, and home. we're looking for photography, artwork,
prose, poetry, and zine-style stuff. you must be a woman of colour to
submit. for detailed guidelines please visit
try to submit by mid-october, but we're flexible.
contributors receive a 1-year subscription to big boots,
and our undying affection.

big boots

bigboots [AT]
91 Friuli Court, Unit 22
Woodbridge, ON



Sara Schaefer
September 2002

Check out SATSUMA! on-line at

ARTWORK: Drawing, photography, collage: keep in mind SATSUMA! is photocopied in black and white.

WRITING: Non-fiction, photo-essay, short fiction, prose, humor, rant, profile, memoir, short play...please no poetry.


Send all submissions via e-mail:
satsuma_zine [AT]



Ariel, USA
September 2002

I am calling for submissions for the second issue of the women's self-defense zine (comming out in January!). Submissions can be anything from stories, to journal entries, poems, art, comix, articles, photos, rants, resources etc... dealing with self-defense and how women/trans deal with/keep ourselves safe through sexual harassment, assault, etc.

Ariel Clemenzi
po box 2433
Champaign, IL 61825-2433

mspippilotta [AT]



August 2002

I'm working on my zine "Wonderfluff", and I want to put together a collection of "first times". When I say first times I don't necessarily mean when you lost your virginity. It could be the first time you had to buy condoms, take a pregnancy test, heck, even your first kiss! Do you get where I'm going here?

If you would like to submit something to my zine *or even if you just have a question*, you can email it to me at pinkswirl [AT]

I hope people actually help me with this... I don't want another one of my zine ideas to go down the tubes!


Claudia, USA
August 2002

We need women and grrrls to submit articles on DIH (do-it-herself) projects/crafts/ventures of all kinds.
The unconventional is encouraged!

Please send your submission to Claudia at:
connect [AT] and/or
PO Box 928197
San Diego,
CA 92192

Glue Magazine



for its ‘ isms’ issue!
August 2002

good girl is a Canadian magazine dedicated to publishing ideas that challenge, critique, and break the rules of the status quo. Showcasing young writers of all genders, colours, dimensions, persuasions, tastes, ages, and abilities, good girl magazine explores perspectives on youth, genders, politics, fads, pop culture, and feminisms.

the goods on issue #4: “ISMS ”
What do we mean by ‘isms’, and why the heck would we want to think/write/make art about them? Some of the biggies, like racism , classism, and sexism, may be the most obvious topics for this theme, but don't feel confined to writing on simply one 'ism,' or the first one that pops into your head. Why not write about places and spaces where racism meets sensationalism and romanticism? Where classism collides with journalism and hedonism? What does it mean to play with language, challenge or create new meaning, and mix up ideas in new ways? These are some of the things that we can’t wait to hear from you.

good girl wants your view:
Read any brilliant books lately? Read any terrifically bad ones? good girl magazine is always looking for reviews of books, movies, music, zines, etc.

Any and all queries should be directed to

goodgirlmagazine [AT]




River Says Activity/coloring zine will be a full size (comicbook size or full magazine size), activity/coloring book-zine written by Noemi with the input of her 2 yr. old son, River. He will select some drawings and make sure all pages are color-able.
July 2002

Will include Spanish, English words and Spanglish sentences. Activities will include: fill in the picture, connect the dots, puzzles, mazes, cut-outs, find the word, and other simple activities.

Age range: 18 months to 6-7 yrs.
Consider submitting artwork by either a child in your care(or a kid you know), your own artwork or activity, captions, etc. either in mail form or email. Email before mailing out a large piece of art or drawing. Looking also for the cover artwork.

Some things to consider: alphabet (both in English and Spanish or other language), seasons, outings, what is family; who cares for the child; I live here (showing differences in living arrangements and housing structures); food; simple toys; animals and so on.

In addition, there will be a supplemental to River Says, for parents/co-parents/caretakers. It will include recipes, d.i.y. type toys, simple outings that can be planned; activities that can be shared with kids. You can submit articles, tips, recipes, photos of activity/playdates, simple crafts, reading and book reviews and advice, instructional sheets; information on topics of interest; integrating the *other* language...
Supplemental will be in halfsize or 1/4th size. email contact:
noemi [AT]




...a new anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist zine (& ezine) for atlantic canada's non-str8 and transgender communities!

June 2002

deadline for the fall issue: august 1st, 2002

the TONGUES in COMMON feminist web collective
tonguesincommon [AT]



"Love Letters To Bethany
March 25, 2002

The editor of the zine "Love Letters To Bethany" is looking for contributors to a one-shot zine about rape. She wants it to be a place for girls to be able to open up about their experiences of rape and how it feels to survive such a tragic ordeal. Every contributor will have a an A4 page to do what they wish with. Artwork, poetry, lyrics, prose, letters or whatever. Contributions can be made anonymously. Anybody interested in contributing should send an e-mail to: love_letters_to_bethany [AT]




"Rebel Grrrl Zine"
September 25, 2001 and March 22, 2002

Rebel Grrrl (blanatly ripping off Bikini Kill) is all about the grrrlz who changed your life, feminism, etc. The Rebel Grrrls have released their first issue but are always looking for stories, comics, poetry, drawings, whatever!

rebelgrrrlzine [AT]

Rebel Grrrl Zine,
PMB 417, 6167 N. Broadway,
Chicago, Il, 60660, USA


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