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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

"Kat’s artistic zine is a series of letters to a beloved about coping with her move from New York to California. Celebrity name dropping, including Ethan Hawke, Ryan Adams, Uma Thurman, and Francesca Lia Block plays a prominent role, and the differences between New York and California are deconstructed." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Kat. Asharya
San Francisco, CA
(added 25/7/2007)

Eye of the Kudzu
"Eye of the Kudzu was a zine created in the early '90s by Priscilla, a student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. EK featured interviews, music and zine reviews, poetry and articles. "Religion of the Month," was a regular feature." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

Everything I Touch Turns to Shit and Garbage

"Writing and performing as Queen Itchie in the 1990's, Jennifer Nixon produced this zine at that time. She has been featured in Index magazine, and now writes for New York Press. She also edited the 1999 Fantagraphics release Spice Capades, which featured comics and articles by zinesters such as Mike Diana, Jeff Koyen, Robert Kirby, and others, including herself. She is perhaps best known as a contributor to Rollerderby in the 1990's." Zine by Queen Itchie.
Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

Entes Anomicos Fanzine
"Entes Anomicos Fanzine was conceived after the editor contributed a number of articles to fanzines and then decided to do a small fanzine of their own. 100 copies of the first issue of Entes Anomicos Fanzine were released. Happy with the response, the editor decided to continue with the fanzine and published 7 issues of this fanzine in Peru. Upon relocating to Germany 2 more issues were released, in English and German. The editor is planning to do a special issue in Spanish again. As well as a zine, Entes Anomicos is also an independent record label, releasing punk and Riot Grrrl recordings and the editor is also host of a radio show." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

"Elabeth is a zine made by Rachel Mischief that involves the life and doings of a winged elephant named Elabeth and her pet ferret Winter. Rachel also publishes the zines There There and There There's Backyard." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 6/6/2007)

This is an art/fiction-zine which contains a short story and drawings to go along.
Write to Tami Demaree.
tamidemaree [AT]
(added 29/5/2006)

The Exploding Girl
"Good piece on cancer and fish in Maryland that reminded me of Terry Tempest Williams' Refuge and Sandra Steingraber's excellent Living Downstream. Being an extra in a John Waters film, poetry, friends, jobs, women in rock'n'roll. When you next get all your change in dollar bills and are cursing your luck, sit down and send Jessica (and Cindy above) a couple." Quoted from and reviewed in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet,
Jessica, Serema Park, MD 21146
(added 21/5/2007)

Exploit Me Zine
"This is Abby's first personal zine, Exploit Me. In her introduction she confesses that she has struggled with a fear of exploitation, as she feels it is widespread both in culture and art and she has isolated herself to avoid such situations and circumstances. This is also a catharsis for her complex and other fears as it delves into deep conversation about the subject and how it has come to shape her and her life. It's about attempting to find a safe feeling, a safe place, fulfillment, and confidence in life on a personal, social, and artistic level." Quoted and available to order from Valiant Death Records. This zine was first distributed in February of 2007.
(added 3/5/2007)

Educational Tourist
"Cuba is splitting the left like no other country (except maybe Israel). Dara Greenwald visited Cuba with a college class and on her "educational" journey she wrote this great document, which is more than just a diary!" Quoted and available to order from Else Joffi Distro.
(added 16/2/2007)

The Evil Eye
"This zine is the compilation of essays, poems, and rants originally from seven smaller issues of The Evil Eye, of which there were printed only seven copies. Each issue had a different theme--creation, experience, delusion, transience, fascination, observation, and inspiration. Here, in the Evil Eye: Fully Loaded!, each theme blends seamlessly from one to the next. Love Drew is a powerful writer. Her words can shock you, seduce you, make you sad or hungry or scared. She is an enchantress of the pen. This zine is a must-have for anyone who likes to read, for someone who is looking for something new and timeless. I feel almost guilty saying this, but this is probably one of the best things I have read all year." Zine by Love Drew. Quoted and available to order from Blank Page Distro.
(added 2/2/2007)

E-Rot: An Explanation of The Erotic "'I`m coming up on five years of self-imposed sexual sanctions: celibacy'. This handwritten zine has a sweet & simple layout that I really like. Christine shares a story about her encounter with an attractive female, some tips for tasty treats and boosting your heat, and lists of sensual books and sexy screenshots. Also, she explains her decision to go celibate. A sweet & simple zine with a deep meaning." Quoted and available to order from Avocado Tree Distro.
(added 1/02/2007)

everyone has a summer
"This is one of my projects that have been postponed for years but I finally got around to finish it. It's about sex, what I like, my effects from the Pill, also a story contributed from my lover. It's quite fun, I think." Zine by Mae Undead. Quoted and available to order from Gimme Brains!!! Distro.
San Jose, CA.
(added 31/01/2007

"Elizabeth had, in my opinion, a great idea when she compiled the pieces for this zine. She has gathered together pieces from a bunch of different perzines and here they are in one zine for you to read! It's like a giant zine sampler! Pieces from "Twenty-Eight Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine #10", "cHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #2", "Kanker Fit #2", her own zine "398 #7", and many, many more. This is DEFINITELY one to check out!"
Quoted and available from Sweet Pea Distro.
(added 10/10/2006)

Emma Goldman Zine

"The is the first issue of my new zine. I discuss education, politics, as well as some thoughts on pop culture issues. The writing is interspersed with photos from a cemetery in West Philly." Zine by Rebekah. Quoted from
Philadelphia, PA,
rebekahb [AT]
(added 13/09/2006)


"I can't explain how awesome it was to make this zine with my daughter Emily. This is her first zine and she dictated while I wrote. Emily includes a list of her favorite things, books she is currently reading, her favorite recipe and craft as well as random thoughts of a 4 1/2 year old. All artwork in this zine is by Emily and the magazine cut outs were chosen by her as well. This zine also includes a coloring page!" Zine by Emily and Sage. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Eye Candy Zine

"Spring 2006, themed "eat me"
Interview with Steph of Whammy Industries
Interview with Ellie Epp
Articles: "Cooking With Kids" by Sabrina Simon
"Dear Edibles" by Hannah Neurotica
"I Just Don't Like It" by Nicole Introvert
"Taco Tator Tot Casserole" by Kimberly Sparks "Easiest Bread Ever!" by Stephanie Scarborough DIY Recipe - Pumpkin Empanadas
"Jesus Christ Coffee" by Sage Adderley
Food Art!!
+ variety of recipes
Plus music, zine and movie reviews as well as wonderful literary, visual arts and photography submissions!!" Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Eve Art Tarot "I love to see diverse artists depict their vision of the tarot. It is always so cool to see someone else's interpretation of it. This zine does just that. Over a dozen artists have done their version of the Major Arcana cards of the tarot and have given a brief description to go along with their art. Very cool indeed. " Zine by Nicci and various contributors. Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Electric Mariposa

"Cassie's zine blurs the line between fiction and reality so the reader is never sure if what she writes has actually happened or not. She has a very poetic style and recounts memories and stories through prose, poetry and a number of 'short talks'." Issue #2, by Cassie. Quoted and available to order from All That Glitters Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)


"Eyeliner is a queer party in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a small queer indie proyect for fanzines generation and distribution, and other activities as well...Since the early beggining we started to collect and share independent gay, lesbic, transgeneric, queer, feminist material we found intresting. Some of the material are also here in the site ready to be downloaded! The most of it is in spanish, but thanks to the great help of friends specially Marky Rowley we have here some zines in english. At the moment you can download [from their page]: Nada es Natural- fanzine of the queer group Resaca space (July 2003) English, Buenos Aires, and Somos Magazine -historical Magazines of the first Gay Liberation Front from Latin America, the FLH (1975) Spanish, Buenos Aires." Quoted from
(added 26/06/2006)

Every Heart a Time Bomb "By Rote Zora (1981). 'For us, it is clear that the women's project can't do without the organization of subversiveness and counter-violence. The women's movement has already written enough analyses about how women are educated to endure violence, but to not protect themselves.'" Quoted and available to order from Diffusons Distro.
diffusons [AT]
(added 16/06/2006)

Extreme Noses
"In the middle of the stories and poems, there is a how to on being your own best friends, It caught my eye because there are actually 14 things a person can do to be their own best friends. It's cute, and it sounds useful. It's of love and getting separated from it, even though love wasn't given back, it still hurts. Quoted and available to order from Def Crew Distro. Zine by Salome and JJ.
(added 2/07/2006)

"This is a teriffic first issue (but not first zine) for Breaunna.  Her style of writing is poetic and flows nicely.  She writes about moving, wanderlust, childhood friends, examining her personality, and the death of her father and how she felt/reacted.  Here is an excerpt: 'I've determined that my favorite time to fall asleep is eight thirty on some random Thursday, the television tuned to cartoons, all snuggled up in between my lion king blanket and earth-tone comforter and full from Chinese food and no-more-worries.  Then when I wake up on Friday morning at four AM even though I don't have to be at work for hours, I cuddle up with zines and an old journal and some chocolate milk and wait for the sun to rise.'"
Quoted and available to order from
Driving Blind Distro.
(added 1/06/2006)

"Star's zine is one of the best I've ever read.  She discusses her time in New Zealand, the people she met, the places she's been, her body, growing up, transition, movies, and more.  It's all put together in a neat cut-and-paste layout with lots of pictures.  The writing keeps your attention and you might even read this big zine in one sitting." Quoted and available to order from Driving Blind Distro.
(added 1/06/2006)

"A tendency toward disorder by Camilla
excerpt: 'Love will triumph over beauty always. I thought. But it turns out that the body rules the mind. WHen Justin cheated on me that entire concept shattered. There goes my belief in true love. I can honestly follow it back to that experience. The moment I tood him back i signed my belief in unconditional romantic love away.' " Quoted
and available to order from Desert City Death Distro.

Escaping Suburbia

"Escaping Suburbia #1begins with a piece called "How it all began" in which Jen describes how she came to be as she is now.
´My own personal revolution was when I changed. When my attitude and perception broke through the conformist barrier I was raised in, and I became freee...I did it on my own. Through exploration, reading, thinking, and realization. I started to wonder if there was more to life that tv and consumerism, more than the mainstream`...
From which she goes on to explain how she found punk music and alternative lifestyles (that differed from the consumeristic pop iconic mecca from where she came).
Then the  zine goes onto a travel diary of sorts as Jen writes about her camping trip, travelling with her family, and more. A very solid read from a riotous pirate grrrl zinester." Quoted and available to order from
Basement Freak's Distro. Zine by JenP.
Welland, ON,
tikijen [AT]
(added 25/05/2006) 

"from the writer: coming to terms with love, life, God and things i learned while growing up. i hoped to capture the confusion and acceptance of all that in this one. i hope you like it..." Quoted in Fatcheeks Distro. Zine created by Sandy. Available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
(added 02/05/2006) 

Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine
"I'm currently on issue 40. It's a digest sized, text heavy free perzine, usually around 32 pages, and includes lots of poems. I talk about identity, relationships, body image, and power a lot. [It contains] autobiographical material and provocative quotes. It can be ordered directly through me or through Sweet Candy Distro."
Sacramento, CA
robotmad [AT]
(added 7/3/2006)

esperanza: where hope springs maternal
adventures in teaching, motherhood, writing, and staying creative in the midst of chaos


"It's a perzine written entirely by me, a stay-at-home mama raising 6 month old twin girls. i write about being a feminist who stays at home and is considering homeschooling, a white girl trying to raise bilingual (we hope) hispanic babies, and whatever other contradictory, difficult issues i'm trying to work out for myself at any given time. i also try ot mix in some more lighthearted stuff, zine reviews, a book review per issue, and other random bits and bobs. the first issue was free but i am out of copies, so if you would like the second issue, let me know!"
PO Box 33441,
Baltimore MD 21218.
By Jackie. esperanzazine [AT]

(added 11/16/2004)

Endemoniada Webzine
"Endemoniada 'zine is dedicated to giving exposure to female bands and artists of the metal, hardcore, punk, industrial, gothic, and bizarre genre. Women in the scene aren’t our only focus we balance our zine with interview of male oriented bands and other underground personalities. We seek to balance the gender role within our musical scene. For a long time females performers, bands and artists of this music were barely covered and we decided to do something about it."
EndemoniadaZine [AT]

(added 08/15/2003)

Eyeliner Optional Magazine
"Eyeliner Optional Magazine stylishly captures the independent, girl-power spirit. It aims to provide a solid media outlet that reflects real, everyday girls by celebrating real life, style, and fashion and features cutting edge DIY makeup and fashion tips, looks ideas, and interviews with independent, young, sassy, chic culture-makers. Eyeliner Optional is looking for pieces brimming with spunk, attitude, and style; we welcome all submissions that reflect you-- your life, your style, your attitude, your likes, and your kinks."
email: eyelineroptional [AT]
(webpage inactive 06/02/2006)

(added 09/01/2003)

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest #2: "The new girrrl lovin' edition of my zine. It explores various topics that relate to life as a female, and especially life as a queer female. Topics range from the Chicago dyke march, to hazardous things that women do to make themselves appear "beautiful." I've also included a handful of new poems, and a short story about an older woman who rediscovers her sexuality."
ThisIsHerMagic [AT]

(added 07/16/2003)

Evolutionary Girls Club
"The Evolutionary Girls Club is an INCLUSIVE group of artists and activists with a focus of passing on voice, access and opportunity between its members and to the communities we live in and visit. We have many genders within our membership. You need not identify as female to belong. Women have been contained within the ranks of man and his/story for years. The name began as a play on the idea of the “old boys club”. The group recognizes privilege, both visible (such as race and gender) and invisible (such as sexual/gender
orientation, class) and works hard to give inequities voice so that the entities and individuals that reinforce fear and ignorance are not allowed to maintain power through our silence. Even privilege given around visible
traits tends to go unacknowledged. We publish a catalog with images, articles and creative writing about once a year. The group has done shows in Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, the USA.......We attempt to do shows that help groups with social activism, shows that brings art into public spaces as well as shows in more traditional gallery settings. Many of us are involved in direct activism and
we sometimes form groups to attend protests, forward petitions, etc. We work together to inform and expand each other." Founder and Co-Director: Erica Eaton,
spiraltri [AT]

(added 06/06/2003)

Billie is a survivor of incest, ritual abuse, government mind control and medical experiments. This zine (2000) by Billie Rain who also runs the planting seeds community awareness project talks about child abuse: "I promised myselfs that if we lived through those years of being someone else's marionette, we would tell the story for every single child that died in front of our eyes, while the puppeteers laughed. We were trapped then, we had no choice but to live in their world, inside their twisted minds. Now I have a choice."
billierain [AT]
You can order her zines at:
planting seeds community awareness project
PO Box 11452
Olympia, WA 98508, USA
info [AT]
(added 05/16/2003)


"Electricfemme is a zine about body image and insanity experienced by a Black Indian Bi-Femme. This issue is more about the effects of living with the negative body image and my struggles with maintaining high self-confidence despite/against the odds." By Qianya, San Francisco, CA. electricfemme [AT]
(added 5/14/2003)

Exoticize this!
south asian + a.p.i. american feminist resources

An extensive Asian American feminist site. It contains articles, resources, and links on a wide range of topics including academics, film, art, politics and activisms, and others.

(webpage inactive 06/02/2006)

eEjit fanzine

Lugwardine, Hereford, UK
(from RG Europe zine)

East Village Inky

"The East Village Inky-- in which the mother of a 3-thumbed fleet-footed baby manages to issue forth another installment in the ongoing saga of their lives in New York City's East Village despite such obstacles as bronchitis, the holidays and dwindling naptimes. Perishables & Dry Goods! Insomnia! Rent-bashing! Obscurities reviewed! East Village babyproofing! A Paucity of Negative Space! Buy this magazine so maybe some day Inky can afford to go to a really top-drawer college and major in business and bail her artiste parents out of their 340 sq. foot apartment." Order a copy at:
The East Village Inky
Ayun, Brooklyn NY

The Edgy-catin' Mama

"The Edgy-catin' Mama is a feminist home/unschooling zine that looks at the world of homeschooling WITHOUT the rose colored glasses. Edgy blows all those myths about homeschooling off the planet. If your kids are not little brain surgeons that read Shakespeare in their spare time then this zine is for you. If you are feminist, single, lesbian, poor, or in any way outside the mainstream and homeschool your children then this is the zine for you. Contributors always needed." Zine by Nina.
npackebush [AT]

Eat Yer Heart Out, Martha

"This is a political zine."
Whereas Candyce's first issue was more on fun D.I.Y stuff, her second one expresses "the more personal side of my politics because I find it incredibly hard, if not impossible to seperate the personal and the political." Zine #2 covers parenting, education, mental health, independent health care and lots more.

Fort Smith, AZ

eat my revolution!

"You must have suffered from poetry again." (Li Po)
A zine in the name of poetry and revolution! Distroed by
GRRRL STYLE! distro.

(The Netherlands)
Featuring LADY!DIE, Barbitch, The Lulabelles, Bambix,... the FIRST riot grrrl zine ever coming out of Holland (as far as they can say and I don't know better either) and it presents bands from Holland and their work at the local Riot Grrrl chapter. Great work!!
madpunk [AT]
Nieuwe, Leiden, Holland


"I am fully aware that I am currently the center of my universe."
PO Box 185
Northampton, PA 18067- 9998
easyzine [AT]

External Text

“I’m stuck wishing I had the historical knowledge and political acumen to have an informed opinion about what is going on. But of course, realizing that all the while that this is not really about ME or what I THINK or how I FEEL.”
PO Box 382552
Cambridge, MA 02238
counternarrative [AT]

“There are indigenous tribes in Central America who believe that time is shaped like a spiral. That everything does come back around. I feel like I’m dropping and forgetting things everywhere- friendships, possession, obsessions and fears. But then life loops back in on itself and I manage to pick them up, to return and leave with another set of heartaches and fascinations only half answered.” Ammi summarizes Issue #4 for us as follows,” So here is the latest issue of my zine, the story of finding one best friend and losing another forever.”
PO Box 72023
New Orleans, Louisiana 70172
ammiemergency [AT]

(added 10/04/02)

Everything You’ve Heard is True

“I usually don’t like introductions, but I kind of fell like one’s needed this time. This collection of poetry began after I wrote the poem of Camille Claudel and I realized I like the idea of basing a poem on someone I really admired, so I decided to make it into a small series.” This is a theme zine with subject matter that is divided in to three sections, each one not by titles but drawings. The title of issue #2 is How I became omnivorous. Jolie
xamybluex [AT]

(added 10/04/2002)


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines:


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