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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines:


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Zine Distros

Xtra Tuf
"Moe Bowstern writes about her experiences as a commercial fisherwoman in Kodiak, Alaska. Her fishing zine includes poetry, artwork, and diary entries by her friends as well as Bowstern’s songs and fiction about skippers and boat cooks." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
Moe Bowstern
Kodiak, Alaska
(added 26/7/2007)

Xerography Debt
"#7: I throw caution to the wind and joy to the world (while trying to avoid clichés like the plague) and review half-a-dozen or so zines. This is a great zine. Along with Zine World and a few others, I always find something good to read. Besides, there's nothing like sending a dollar or two in the mail and receiving someone's heartfelt work. Also explains why Davida had to change the name from Xerox Debt: the Xerox Corp. found it too threatening." Quoted from and reviewed in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet,
PO Box 963
Havre de Grace
MD 21078

(added 21/5/2007)

x SIGH x
"Drawings,text,and design. 12 pages wierd technical drawings.cute depressed bunnies and of thought fun size." Zine by Nitai Cook.
San Diego, CA,
mysticmarmot [AT]
(added 18/09/2006)
dedicated to the empowerment of xicanas

"There is a New Generation of Xicanas taking over Cyberspace --- Xicanas with an indescribable beauty, incredible courage, tremendous strength, unbreakable Pride, and the drive and passion to be Great Leaders! Somos Xicanas Chingonas- Somos Xica.Org.
I can't really put into words what this site is about... I don't want to make any false promises here. What I can say though, is that this site is my attempt at empowering Xicanas to use their voices and to make people aware of issues that confront us as Mujeres and as Xicanas. As you browse through this site you will find things that I hope are empowering to all Xicanas... poetry, Resources, Herstory, Role Models.. etc."
(website inactive 14/02/2006)


“So this issue is basically kicking off my senior year in high school, thankfully the last year I will ever have to be here!” Issue#1 is an excellent laid out collage accompanied with words. Price: $2.00 Postage Paid or Trade. By Alisa.
(added 11/30/02)

You Know Better
"This is a half-size perzine about living in New York City and the physical and mental repercussions of breaking up with a boyfriend. There are small illustrations and short pieces with a common thread about dim sum, vegan shoes, alcoholism, and biking." Quoted from Columbia Univ. Libraries online Catalog.
(added 25/7/2007)

The Year of the Kaet
"The Year of the Kaet is a tri-annual zine review of the life and times of Miss Kaetlin Perna seeking out adventures in a small city with nothing to do but stare out her window and imagine the back of the building next to her looking like hanging tea candles. Always an urban adventurer, Kaetlin ponders her life through columns, correspondences and other random musings." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 18/7/2007)

You Can Work Any 100 Hours Per Week You Want (In Your Underwear)!! Zine "We have been fans of microcosm for a long time and this zine is full of memories!! here's their description: 'The history of the first ten years of Microcosm Publishing, told in graphic detail! For the first time ever, read about how we got to where we are today through working long hours at low (or no) pay! Join us on our journey through starting out in a bedroom, putting out records, growing, moving to Portland, publishing books, growing, moving into an office in Liberty Hall, amassing more zines than anyone could ever konw what to do with, and more. A fun foray into getting inspiration and perspective for making your own projects. Entries written by Joe Biel, Alex Wrekk, Franco Ortega, Marc Moscato, Siue Moffat, Peter Aaron "Thug" Green, and more. Cover by Alan Lastufka.'" Quoted and available to order from Valiant Death Records.
(added 3/5/2007)

Ya Da Do
"Ya Da Do. Ya Da Do. Say that over and over, maybe 10 or 12 times, and see what sort of mind frame it puts you in. That's sort of the mind frame of the whole zine, this very floaty, nonsensical kind of world. The zine only serves as a vehicle to help you maneuver down a stream of consciousness. For example, "I blended into the holograms…He cuts the sky with a knife." It's always nice to hear people read from their zines in real life, but it's especially true with this one. This stuff is meant to be read out loud, it's just more fun that way. Of course, then you wouldn't get the sloppy-cool little drawingsYa Da Do. Ya Da Do. Say that over and over, maybe 10 or 12 times, and see what sort of mind frame it puts you in. That's sort of the mind frame of the whole zine, this very floaty, nonsensical kind of world. The zine only serves as a vehicle to help you maneuver down a stream of consciousness. For example, "I blended into the holograms…He cuts the sky with a knife." It's always nice to hear people read from their zines in real life, but it's especially true with this one. This stuff is meant to be read out loud, it's just more fun that way. Of course, then you wouldn't get the sloppy-cool little drawings…" Zine by Kate Jones and Kelley Carr. Quoted and available to order from Loop Distro.
yadado [AT]
(added 19/2/2007)

You Don't Get There From Here
"Carrie McNinch, the (in)famous author of the assassin and the whiner returns with you don’t get there from here, which is her new zine which is drawn in the style of “snake pit” comic. This issue is full of nothing but three scene mini strips each of which ponders and expands on different facets of life." Quoted and available to order from Stick Figure Distro.
(added 2/2/2007)

You're Not As Weird As You Thought You Were
"This is one of my all-round favorite zines so far. Not only does it entertain, but it reassures, letting you know that if you are a freak, then so is everybody else. Collaged with interesting (and informative!) pictures, and filled to brimming with things to make you blush." Zine by Martine. Quoted and available to order from Blank Page Distro.
(added 2/2/2007)

yes darling, but is it art or arse? "When I first read this zine, I was amazed by Tukru's layouts. Prior to this zine, I've seen her website and it just astonished me! I was really surprised that she submitted her zine to me :) I hardly get any well done art zines. The story of Debbie and Joey, "she was in love with joey ramoney, wants to be his one and only, joey ramoney, whenever your lonely all you have to do is phone me, there's a girl who loves you on the other side of the world, when he counts to four its like a nuclear way" there's a lot more but i can't spoil it! this zine is very pleasing to look at and you wouldn't want to put it down!" Zine by Carl and Turku. Quoted and available to order from Gimme Brains!!! Distro.
(added 31/01/2007

You're Insane Honey: Purest Love
"I LOVE this zine and I want everyone to order it! Mae talks about the special people in her life, and does it in a way that it doesn't matter if you know them or not. She has immense love for people she has known, and this zine is about them!"
Quoted and available from Sweet Pea Distro.
(added 10/10/2006)


"A box of yes! magazines were donated to Sweet Candy! I found the contents to be impressive, educational and yay for it being printed on recycled paper. The articles and topics inside are:
"From Abandoned To Beautiful"  - bringing art to vacant lots in Philadelphia, "Give Your Neighborhood a Makeover", "Speaking Up For Cities", "Appalachian Ecovillage",  "Global Shift" - in Brazil, Community Land Trusts, Mapping Social Patterns, How to build an Eco-home and so much more!" Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

You Live For The Fight When Thats All You've Got
Available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
(added 26/06/2006)

You and Me
The most recent issue of YOU & ME #4 contains: thoughts about personal evolution; myths about homosexuality; life from a lab animal perspective; the truth about coke, pepsi and others; the global trafficking of women; visions for a better future by michael albert; plants feel too? (from a vegan perspective); animal experiments; the history and concept of sexology; story about pa-akop (priama akcia - anarchokomunisticka organizacia prague); myths and facts about domestic violence; stories and interview with minx grill - comedy and striptease star (otherwise known as jane shag stamp); a personal account, from a female perspective of pissing and shitting for a sexual pleasure; hot story (great erotic fiction); a review of the live art festival in copenhagen; history of anarchism in ex-yugoslavia; a sex-positive primer (some thoughts on pleasure, empathy, multiple orgasms, bdsm, erotic talk, g-spot, fisting, bisexuality, and much more); a girl's guide to condoms; antimilitarism and feminism in turkey: practice and ideology; story and interview with kaos gl (turkish anarchist organization promoting lesbians, gays and transgenders); sexual identity and gender identity glossary; studies that discover clues to the roots of homophobia; g-spot play; masturbation; thoughts on gender and sexual orientation; real and ideal body image; a brief introduction to organic gardening; letters; stories; personal bits and more... By Teo.
ordering info:
PO Box 18,
M Sredisce, 40315
youandmepress [AT]
(added 5/14/2003)


"YOU ROCK MY WORLD“ - feminist queer Zine, engl.&german., 48 Pages A4 * female hip hop (hothead mc + duldung)* genderfuck & boygroups * riot grrrlz* aktuelle interviews (veruska outlaw, misster dean, laura litter – fabulous disaster, lynn breedlove – tribe 8)* riots not diets*queer films * comics * feminismus* textversion (engl.) of the Documentary "Step up and be vocal- interviews about queer punk and feminism"* and much more…….
Fragen? Questions?
Mail: stepupandbevocal [AT]
Bestellen? Orders?
Am liebsten dein Zine (oder was anderes) im Tausch!! I´d love to trade!
Oder 3 Euro in Briefmarken (z.B.: 3x1Euro, keine 3 Euromarken)
Step up and be vocal
Postfach 10 13 26
28013 Bremen

Yo Mama Says

"Yo Mama Says The Parental is Political.
Yo Mama’s Maternal Feminist Agenda
So you’re tired of politicians who never listen, administrations that ignore public opinion? Well, if Yo Mama were president, she’d revolutionize government from top to bottom. What’s her platform? It isn’t her platform: it is YOUR platform:
1. Unity: don’t let anyone monkey-wrench your revolution. Beware of danger from without and within; stand with your sisters; take care of each other.
2. Money, Food, Shelter, Daycare, Healthcare: Basic Human Rights. All children everywhere should have food, a place to sleep, safety from violence, and access to medicine. No exceptions, no excuses.
3. Equality and Respect: Everywhere, all the time.
4. Education: Free, high-quality basic education for every child in every neighborhood. Music and art lessons for all, safe schools, well-paid teachers, and free public higher education.
5. Real Democracy: We have a good system with bad managers. Vote. Run for office. Go to school meetings. Stage a protest. If you talk to your neighbors you will find there are more people on the side of Democracy than Tyranny. Identify common goals, build coalitions, create community, exercise your rights. Speak out.
6. Demilitarization and Decriminalization: Prevention before aggression. Feed the poor, heal the sick, render aid, and in matters of sex and religion, mind your own business.
7. Human and Environmental Justice: Humans need clean air and water. Pay attention to the lessons of the past to avoid devastation in the present.
Wondering how she’ll accomplish all this? Then you’re being too damn practical. Yo Mama has something no other politician can lay claim to: a functioning brain and a magic wand. Read her hips: She’s from a place called Reality; she’ll end patriarchy as we know it, offer tax breaks to all radical fringe activists, and guarantee a tasty tofu stir-fry in every pot.
Yo Mama is here, there, and everywhere, tending her kids and fomenting her maternal feminist revolution.

This site is edited and produced by Kara Spencer. is published by Bee Lavender and is a Hip Mama project."

Yellow Three

Poetry, articles, photos, rants by Jackie Joice
and a variety of contributors !
Jackie Joice
1218 E Broadway # 100
Long Beach, CA 90802

jackiejoice [AT]

Yard Wide Yarns

"I am one of those “a lot of people” who are out of the loop of “traditional” parenting. Choosing a different life and parenting style, in the face of the mainstream pressures and expectations that dictate whether you are a “good” or “bad” mother, itself dictates a need for support and networking with others who have similar, progressive views.” Alternative views and methods of raising a child is what Jessica writes about in Issue#8.
PO Box 12839
Gainesville, Florida 32604

yardwideyarns [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

Your Mama’s Not Home

“This is the premiere issue of Your Mama’s Not Home. It is a collection of work by my favorite people in the world.” Issue#1 has an assortment of themes that touch on daily affirmations, masturbation, Wancox Disease and so on.
PO Box 2366
New York, New York 10009
(added 11/30/02)

Yvonne and George Chen. (Chinese-American) "Both sweeties, this is an awesome (and beautifully designed) music zine." Quoted from Race Riot Zine.
PO Box 449
Berkeley, CA
(added 20/3/2008)

"Zinetopia is a resource/review zine edited by Sarah Rose. It includes interviews, resource listings, pen pal ads, and of course, exhaustive reviews." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 23/7/2007)

Zines Make LIfe Easier

"Zines Make Life Easier was a perzine by Kelly Larson published in February 2007. Published in Michigan, [it] featured childhood stories, art, and comics. Pulp comics were used as backgrounds and with hand-written text on top of them." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 23/7/2007)

Zesty Tang
"Like it says on the cover... 'a collection of youth zines from the Banyule... uh... area...' Zesty Tang contains excerpts of zines published by youths in banyule and is distributed to other youths in banyule. there's actually an entire program run by the banyule council so youths can create their own zines without having to pay for photocopying or whatever. all the zines created in this program are available through distro.e, for easy access, here they are: they're all FREE, take advantage!" Quoted and available to order from
(added 16/2/2007)

Zine World
"After a year's hiatus, Zine World is finally back, proving itself once again to be an indispensible resource for zinesters and zine readers. Zine World combines news, columns, and reviews to create a forum-in-print for the zine community at large. This zine is a must-have for anyone even remotely interested or involved in zines. Use Zine World's lengthy and well-compiled list of reviews to find new reading material, make new friends, and trade your zine with others." Zine written/edited by Jerianne & Contributors. Quoted and available to order from Parcell Press Distro.
(added 1/02/2007)

Zombre vs Slappy: Megathunder Showdown "THIS IS A SHORT GREAT COMIC. It's about sober (from eating brainsss)friendly Zombre befriending a skinless reckless zombie Slappy. A friendship starts to ensue by laughing at the most random things when suddenly Slappy's skinless ass is in deep crap when his ways get in the way of Zombre's so a battle brews. Although it was very short, this was a very fun comic. (But I do have a very huge soft spot for zombies)" Zine by Ansis. Quoted and available to order from Gimme Brains!!! Distro.
(added 31/01/2007

The Zoo "This is the fourth and best issue of The Zoo, with lots of sex and poetry, some fashion and ecology, and various other specimens and oddities." Zine by April Voss. Quoted from
aprilvos [A
(added 13/09/2006)

Zine Scrapbook Vol.1

"The Zine Scrapbook is a collection of work by zine writers from around the world. Each writer contributed a page to showcase their art, writing and creative expression.  You'll find work by Christoph Meyer (28 Pages...), Bryce Warnes (Things in the Dark) and nine others. This compilation project is published by Valiant Death." Quoted and available to order from Sweet Candy Distro.
(added 11/9/2006)

Zen and the Art of Brownie Baking "A map to the brownie revolution! Illustrates socio/political issues and subcultural interaction through talking about making and eating brownies. It goes on to diagnose brownie politics, the ultimate brownie recipes (including vegan receipes), some mutant brownie creations (such as brownie pancakes and brownie/cadbury creme sandwiches). Also includes a fabulous hand-stenciled poster that declares 'I LOVE BROWNIES!'" Quoted and available to order from Distro 42.
(added 28/7/2006)

Zuzu and the Baby Catcher

"Zuzu and the Baby Catcher is a zine written by me, Rhonda Baker, about my life as a midwife and mom in Portland, Oregon. It's full of fun stories and fabulous illustrations, and even a column by my husband, Randy. I intend to put out this zine four times a if you'd like to subscribe or if you have comments, questions, or suggestions - please contact me. Wanna check it out? Click on the "Volume 3 Sample" on the left over there. Or send money! Zuzu and the Baby Catcher is $2 per issue. If you'd like to subscribe, send as much money as you'd like, and I'll send you as many issues as you have coming. ($6 will get you 3 issues, etc.) PayPal button below or send checks or money."
rhonmama [AT]
(added 11/04/2004)

Zie Zine

Zie Zine: The Zine all about transgender cultural production was made in a Women's Studies class at the University of Minnesota by Karly Turner (turn0177 [AT] and covers the history, definitions, role models, links on transgender. ziezine.html

(webpage offline 14/02/2006)

ZinesRUs (TM), the new and upcomming non profit 24 hour zine review and resource center
"What we do: Each month a lucky zinester will have their zine posted on our home page, including it's cover image, description, order information, and a brief review.
Requirements: The only thing we require is a link to us from your paper zine's webpage -or- if your zine doesn't have a webpage, you must mention us somewhere in a future issue of your zine.. Please direct your links to Only zines that we deem appropriate for our page will be reviewed (I.E. No porn, hate, or terrorist zines please).
Categories: adventure, anime, art, comic, cultural, DIY, entertainment, fashion, fanzine, grrrl, journal, mothers, miscellaneous, music, pop culture, rant/rave, retro, riot, spiritual, teen, or other."
PO Box 3782
Southfield, Michigan 48037-3782

zinesRus [AT]
bpage inactive 14/02/2006)

A Zillion Chronicles of Near Love

“These stories are dedicated to those gorgeous creatures among us, who have been hurt and love better because of it.” Volume#2 offers stories, quotes, and chronicles of near love.
sxannn [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

Zine Librarian Zine

“ZLZ feels it is vital to see ourselves reflected in print* to provide a forum for alternative information and lifestyles* to challenge ourselves to unlearn what we have been spoon fed * to share the skills and the knowledge we need to live our chosen lives to the fullest* to inspire ourselves and each other to ACTION.”“ The first of Zine Librarian Zine is a zine about zine librarians… and the people who love them."
PO Box 12409
Portland, Oregon 97212
zinelibrarian [AT]
(added 11/30/02)

(dead link, January 2003)

That's s what you'll find at Brandys site:
"quirk: my creation and the queen of zines. brash bold and always girly to the core. updated!
rag: my new project, a girl zine guide.
comp announcements: find a comp to contribute to or announce yr own.
girlzine discussion: my forum for girl zines."


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines:


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