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an introduction to zines: what is a zine, where and how can I get one,
how do I do one?

Questions and Answers about Zines from the Action Girl Newsletter
Sarah Dyer answers questions like "What exactly is a zine?, Why do people make zines?, How can I do a zine?" and much more!

How to do your own zine from the Action Girl Newsletter
Sarah Dyers tips on doing your own zine.

Sarah Dyers advice in zine etiquette Info on how to order a zine.

Grrrl Zine Project

A great site on girl zines!! Lots of information what girl zines are, their claim of the American dream and articles on differtent girl zines topics such as music, self-perception and activism! (webpage inactive 22/02/2006)

Underground Press
(formerly Zine World
"A Readers Guide to the Underground Press is a good intro to zines, info on "What are zines and how do I get them?", resources, libraries and infoshops, events and more is provided on this site. "A Reader's Guide covers culture outside the corporate confines. We review zines, books, comics, newsletters, one-shots, videos, posters, spoken word recordings, or anything else in almost any media on any subject -- except music. Our focus is on material that's not available through normal commercial channels, so you'll find reviews of hundreds of hand-made magazines, newsletters, and books you won't find anywhere else. Every review includes ordering information, so you can get this material direct from its publishers."

The alt.zines DMZ"This is the reborn home of the alt.zines demilitarized zone, the unofficial web counterpart to the newsgroup alt.zines. The following goodies await you:
archives - some on topic conversations from alt.zines
faq - ninj's shiny new alt.zines faq, updated monthly
how to - how some zine publishers began their zines
publishers index - dan rhatigan's guide to zine publishers' internet addresses
review zines - karl thomsen's regularly-updated list of zines that review zines
tips & tricks - a potluck of zining advice" (by Zine Syndicate)

Zineorama "Zineorama specializes in carrying a variety of books that directly relate to or inspire "A Culture of Resistance." Amongst this very broad description one might find books about various forms of political alternatives, US history, globalization, the criminalization of a generation, biotechnology, and among other topics, culture. Most of our small but select array of books come from small press distributors." (website under construction, 22/02/2006)

Shemadethis (see under: Reads/Articles/ Zine Making and other articles) "She Made This was started as a resource for gRRLs who create their own small businesses and independent projects in February of 2000. (...) I'd like to see SMT grow into a community of women who stand up for their art. Who accept all things that aren't often viewed as art because of standards that people create based off their opinions of what art "should" be." (by Elaine) (website inactive 22/02/2006)

How to publish a fanzineA huge resource site by Chip Rowe (don't overlook that there are 4 pages), you'll find info on archives and lots and lots of articles (list with archives page 1, zines discussion lists pafge 2, list of reviews, zine news&reviews page 4). See also "how to publish your E-Zine, links and addresses, Rowe's collection of events, hang-outs and gatherings (page 3), furthermore: Roll Your Own: Online and Print (page 4). A definite check-out!

The how-to guide comics
(no longer)
"Links about how to cartoon, self-publish or both. Page maintained all-too-infrequently by Ampersand. Last updated November 1999. The purpose of this site isn't to include every comics-creation-related website that's out there, but only the ones that I believe are especially useful." This is an extensive resource with lots and lots of links and information! (no longer)

Creating ComicsAn extensive resource source of links for comic writers, artists, letterers, and self-publishers. Here you will find links to various resources on the Internet for practically every aspects of comic creation, including a reference section to jump start any researching you have to do. Run by Dave.

cutnpaste "It's a touring exhibition of Australian self-publishing, specifically, zines, ezines and comics. There are over 100 publications exhibited, though this may vary from state to state depending on the Literature Classification guidelines and laws of each state.
The Cutnpaste website is made up of:
1. ABOUT CUTNPASTE: what cutnpaste is all about, the design perspectives of the people who worked on it, censorship of publications, credits, sponsors and friends.
2. TOUR: dates, venues + the virtual tour that evolves as the tour progresses
3. EXHIBITION: - profiles of all exhibited publications
- highlights from the National Young Writers Festival
- a search engine that lets you search the content of exhibited publications
- 'zine etiquette' information, like how and where to get zines and comics
4. FEEDBACK: send your comments, questions or contributions here and read other people's in the Mailbag.
5. RESOURCES: online self-publishing resources and information from zine directories to copyright to zines in libraries. These will be regularly updated, feel free to send in contributions.
6. SITE MAP: the whole cutnpaste site at a glance" (website inactive 22/02/2006)


[archives, review and resource zines in general]

Rum & Monkey

This is a zine,e-zine, and distro index. Zines are searchable by category or keyword.

Factsheet 5 "Here is a archive of material that we've put together over the years. Starting it off is a collection of Zine Reviews from past issues of Factsheet Five. We also have a page dedicated to E-zines with more ezines than you can read, and ezine resources. If you're ready to publish your own zine, but don't know where to start, we have a collection of how-to pages and Zine Making tips. If you still have questions, you can get the FAQs. And if you wish to acquire some of the paper-based zines, obscure books or generally unheard music, we have Online Catalogs. And if you publish a zine or work for a store that carries zines, this List of distributors may or may not be useful to you. Finally, to get some ideas about this whole zine thing, we have an articles and events page." Formerly published by Mike Gunderloy, have a look at the resource center.
Rowe’s ZinebookA zine resource center with HUNDREDS of links, "contains some of the more popular zine and ezine resources" (by Chip Rowe, updated). A great site, lists e.g. also feminist articles on zines, books on zines, an endless resource site, I tell you you'll get lost!!!

Alternative Press Review"Your guide beyond the mainstream": "Alternative Press Review is a new consumer magazine of reviews and reprints from the alternative press. Published quarterly, APR seeks to promote the alternative press as well as other alternative media. APR features both full-length essays and a selection of article excerpts in each issue, along with original coverage of alternative press issues, institutions and personalities." Have a look under "Links", there's a zine database and also a Women/Feminist/ Grrrlz section.

Amusing Yourself To Death
Zine Resources
AYTD reviews, reports on and promotes zines. Check here for Zine Libraries, Distributors, Review Zines and alt.zines Newsgroup in general.

Underground Press (formerly Zine World)Has also a long list of resource/reviews zines(under Resources) (description of site above).

The Etext Archives

John Labovitz’ E-Zine list“This is a list of electronic 'zines around the world, accessible via the Web, FTP, email, and other services. The list is updated approximately monthly; this edition was updated 08 Mar 2000 and contains 4392 zines.” (no longer maintained but the site has an archive, since 1993)

The Zine Hall of FameMUSEA: "We're the monthly newsletter that is leading the ART REVOLUTION AGAINST the handful of CORPORATE ART AND MEDIA CONGLOMERATE WEASELS (there are only less than 9 now) who control virtually all of the arts and media in the U.S.; and we are FOR the best of all the "Indie" (independent) artists outside of corporate art." Houses the Zine Hall of Fame with losts of reviews.

Zine NetShould be coming back!

Znet magazine – a community of people dedicated to
social change
"Z Magazine is a monthly print periodical. This facility allows you to browse or search over 800 archived articles by contents, author, topic, and, more recently, issue table of contents.You can also access some information about staff and writers and Z policies, as well as Z affiliate organizations and projects...and you can access facilities to donate or subscribe. (...) Z is an independent political magazine of critical thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the United States. It sees the racial, sexual, political, and class dimensions of personal life as fundamental to understanding and improving contemporary circumstances and it aims to assist activist efforts to attain a better future. (...)"

broken pencil –
The Guide to Alternative Culture in Canada
"broken pencil reviews alternative alternative publications, books, CDs, tapes, and vinyl published in Canada. All the listings in broken pencil are organized by province/region. Any location with more than five publications originating from it will receive its own sub- category.(...)International and US listings are given very brief listings. There is an also index that lists every publication featured in broken pencil by alphabetical order." Look at Zine reviews!

Low Bandwidth A database of ezines, newsletters and journals

"Right now this site lists zine distributors, stores, and libraries in an effort to provide an aid for people who make zines." (taken from Nate, the creator of


[zine discussion
lists and life journals]

Zinesters "the zinesters list is a discussion-based mailing list hosted by yahoo and moderated by madame wallachina/catherine of the zine violet crimes.
major topics: any and all aspects of zines, many aspects of radical left-wing politics, semantics, education, literature, and anything else that comes up in the minds of over 300 individuals who have an interest in zines."

Chip Row’s collection of discussions (see page 2)

zine_scene: The Zine Resource Community lifejournal


zinesters lifejournal


zinescene: Zineophobia lifejournal


stolensharpie lifejournal
A DIY community, with lots of talk about zines and the DIY culture/lifestyle.
comicsandzines lifejournal
A promotional community for comics/comix


startmeazine lifejournal
Help for the beginning zinester


distrokids lifejournal
A support community for distro owners (not for promotion).



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