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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Dop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Zine Distros

"In the vein of Maximum Rock and Roll, but a little more DIY, covers hardcore punk, crust, garage rock, thrash, and folkpunk and less of an ad fest.
Issues to pick from:
#33: Traffic, Unholy Grave, Article on Global Justice
#38: The Education Issue, Guyana Punch Line, Countdown to Putsch
#39: Death Squad, Del Ceilo, Umlaut, end on end, Evasion
#42: Vitamin X, Das Oath, The One Am Radio, The Great Redneck Hope, Threatener, Mischief Brew, Chainsaw
#43: 1905, Ghost Mice,Stop It!!, Career Suicide." Quoted and available to order from HousewifeXcore Distro.
50 cents-3oz
(added 26/06/2006)

Heart and Crossbones "The only way i can describe this beautiful little zine: so it's three a.m. and i'm pissed off at myself for liking a boy so much, especially when he's really terrible at times, and i'm so alone and i hate how he's distracting me so i take a walk and smoke some cloves and think of something half pretty half ugly. it's all too musical, too bittersweet, the symphony of sighs and longing, of realizing that my frustrations are petty, and that what really matters is how my record player still spins, how it's hypnotic like a beautiful thing of nature. this is the type of feeling i get when i read heart and crossbones. it's also bound together with red thread and pretty and lovely and yesness." Quoted and available to order from Fortune Cookie Distro.
(added 2

Hard Knox
"Sage, who also writes Tattooed Memoirs, discusses her past abusive relationship in this zine.  She writes about the emotional and physical abuse she endured, as well as what she did to get out of the relationship.  This zine is very graphic, so survivors of abuse should know it *may be triggering*.  I really think that Sage is so brave for writing this, and it will definitely open many people's eyes to the nature of domestic abuse."(Quoted in Driving Blind Distro) This Available to order from Driving Blind Distro

Hot Pants: do-it-yourself gynecology-herbal remedies

"An informative diy zine. Disclaimer from zine: this booklet is not intended to provide diagnose or prescriptions. It is an information guide to help you better understand your body and health.Keep in mind that plants are not drugs, though they an be very powerful, and their effects cannot be guaranteed as they vary from woman to woman. The remedies contained in this booklet are based on personal experiment of the authors, however, they cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the use of these treatments. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult an herbal practionor, naturopath, physician or gynecologist.
If you don't plan on using the remedies, the info here is still very good to know."
halfsized, longside. 56 pages. wt. 2.5 oz. $1.50. (Quoted in CS distro). Available to order from C
S Distro


"Issue [#3] of 1/4th size with a neato plants and garden layout throughout. You'll find inside what happens when you don't have a stove or oven and how you improvise; recipes for Three-Berry muffins, cherry chocolate crockpot dessert, crockpot rice pudding, pico de gallo, borracho beans; what to do with old clothes and jeans; green thumbs, coffee and plants; zine reviews and a piece by Regina Walker. A cool little read. 75?. 1/4 size. 1 oz." Compiled by Noemi. (Quoted in CS Distro). Available to order from CS Distro .

How to Start a Revolution "How to Start a Revolution is described as a 'light-hearted political zine' and beyond the political is also the personal. Jen answers the question, "What is a revolution" in this issue (her mom even writes her two cents on the subject!), and beyond the definition we read about various types of "revolution", the Riot Grrrl revolution, 'personal' revolution, The Revolutionary Knitting Circle (based in Calgary), a brief history on "revolutions", sexual revolution, and more more more!! Jen's cut n' paste skills are fantastic and this zine is Canadian! Hooray! Jen also writes´Escaping Suburbia´." (Quoted in Basement Freak's Distro). Available to order from Basement Freak's Distro
$2.00, 32 pgs, 1/2 sized

Heart Vs. Brain
"In this zine Aubrey writes about her two alter-egos which sort of took her over during high school , Hazy Jane and Holy Nora, complete with character sketches and drawings of each of them and writings about how they affected her actions + decisions. Powerful + compelling. Unedited, written by Aubrey in one sitting. ´Eventually, I settled into living a monologue. I narrated, while Jane and Nora recited my lines for me. I watched while they took the reins. Nora spent overcast afternoons in the park, writing and crying. Jane waited until the house was empty to kick a hole in the wall. Nora sang to herself in a crowded locker room and spent all her free time on the window seat in the school library. Jane skipped out on train fare. And I was stuck in the middle-- I was the push, the pull and the inevitable backlash´." (Quoted in Basement Freak's Distro). Available to order from Basement Freak's Distro
$1.00, 20pgs, 1/4 sized
(added 25/05/2006) 

The Happy Loner
"from the writer: the perzine of an urban solitaire [me!] with a french-canadian twist. [includes] things you do when you're a happy loner, the connotations positive & negative associated with the "loner", about summer & [in]tolerance {to noise, crowds, activity, etc}, a "ratty" incident that took place on the bus, a former neighbour I keep seeing around, crossworld puzzles, bus schedules & other stuff happy loners relish, anatomy of a day, vignettes of urban life. distro review: this zine encapsulates what i think zines are all about, all cutxpaste randomosity. i suppose it helps that there are bits and pieces in french, which makes my heart flutter wistfully. a zine for all the loners in the world - be proud!" (Quoted in Fatcheeks Distro). Zine created by Iza . Available to order from Fatcheeks Distro.
$3 AU/CA - $2 US
40pp, half sized, 48g

(added 02/05/2006) 

Hot Pantz
"Hot pink booklet chock full of excellent herbal advice which is helpful if you run into problems with your little lady. Legendary compilation of remedies, written by Isabelle Gauthier who is based in our hometown, Montreal. She created Hot Pantz many moons ago before we hit the scene here. It is well organized with a clear index of health problems with their remedies, alongside a glossary of herbs and their properties. It is a handy resource to share with a friend in need. Ladies love to have their Hot Pantz in their bathroom for a quick reminder peeks. Only $5 dollars, free when you buy one of our fabulous power pad kits!!" Now distributed by blood sisters (Canada):

(added 28/03/2006

Hermana Resist

"Living in the Rio grande valley, the holidays & new year's, renewal and winter, being hungry, numbers, the working poor, obligations, Durham-a sea of nice white crisp whiteness, elite hipsters, cubicles,revolution-when it meant something to me and a primer on racism- - and so much more. half size. 40 pages. wt: 2 oz. $2.00 plus 60¢ shipping within the US. Email for other countries." Noemi also runs C/S distro:
Noemi Martinez
Re: C/S
PO box 621
Edinburg, TX 78540
Questions? Check out the site or email me at
csdistro [AT]
(added 10/04/02, updated 3/1/2005)

Hausfrau muthah-zine
"Hausfrau muthah-zine is about the roller coaster of passion that is parenting. It's chock full o' cartoons, essays, reviews, and rancid sippy cups. Contact Nicole Chaison, Hausfrau muthah-zine,
P.O. Box 10383,
Portland, ME 04104.
One-year subscription: $12. Individual copies and back issues: $4." Currently in its 8th issues (winter 2006). Email Nicole:
nchaison [AT
(added 10/04/02, revised 1/3/06)

Hathor the Cowgoddess and the Evolution Revolution

"Hathor the Cowgoddess is a character created by me, an artist living in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a superhero who wants to save humanity through the combination of nurture, sustainability and bonding inherent in the practice of attachment parenting. Her movement is called the Evolution Revolution, her breasts are her superpower and her sidekick is her baby, always carried in a sling and prominently (politically) suckling at her exposed breast. Hathor is a mother who stays with her children yet works as a woman of and ruling the world. I borrow iconography from the current anti-globalization movement, to present her as a manifesto writing, protest marching, puppet carrying, flag-waving mother." By Heather Cushman-Dowdee: hathor [AT]

(added 11/04/2004, updated 07/02/2006)


"Our vision of HA! is to provide a venue for women's voices and self-expression, as well as a forum for feminist issues. We recognize the diversity of women and therefore the existence of multiple feminisms. The Collective seeks to empower women by creating and strengthening connections, providing information and a community to enrich women's lives. Enjoy the stories in our Web site. We've given you selections from the first issue, The Meaning of Words: What Does Feminism Mean to You?, and the second issue, Sexuality. And we've just finished putting the entire third issue, Women, Money, Work, and Housing, on-line! Check it out!!" Issue #1~ The Meaning of Words: What does Feminism Mean to You?, Issue #2 ~ S e x u a l i t y, Issue #3 ~ The Work Issue.Brought ot you by the Lilith Collectiv: "We are a group of women who live in Chapel Hill, NC. We have busy, busy lives; we're the kind of women who take on projects because we feel passionate about them and then every once in a while remember that we need to eat. We work or play as writers, editors, Web designers, dancers, artists. The list goes on and on. (...) But we all have one thing in common: we want to make time to connect women with other women whether it be through stories, articles, poetry, or helpful resources. If you are interested in writing for us, or would like to receive a copy of our print publication ($3 each for mailing costs please), just write to this address:The Lilith Collective / HA!,
PO Box 1282,
Carrboro, NC 27510, USA. email:
gmonster [AT]

(added 07/04/2004)

A Handbook on Discussing Michigan Womyn's Music Festival for Trans Activists and Allies
"This 64-page 'zine is the ultimate handbook on the controversy surrounding anti-transsexual policy at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. The booklet is made up of the first 16 pages or so that will bring newcomers up to speed on what the issues are, and the next 38 pages archiving all the important documents ever written or distributed about the controversy. Additionally, the booklet includes the "bonus track" of the debate on this topic that Emi did for Bitch magazine, and a list of resources for more information. Most of the materials included in this 'zine can be read online for free, but having a hard copy may come in handy when you are talking to your friend (or enemy, for that matter) about the issue."
Order via Emi Koyama,
PO Box 40570,
Portland OR 97240.
emi [AT]
(added 05/14/2003)

here i am
"So there's this boy. there are times where you promise yourself you won't do something. where you tell yourself over and over again that you're not going to subject yourself to something. well i'm going against my better judgement and writing this. this is about a boy, but mostly this is about me." Mini-zine by Kannan $1
kannan [AT]

(added 5/14/2003)

How I learned to do it bloody murder

"I wrote this novelette five years ago and it is still the piece of writing I get the most feedback for. 15 year old Molly Tremble has an ax to grind with everybody. Find out why." $1 Order directly: Heather Lynn,
PO Box 1671,
Athens, GA 30603
. $1
(added 5/9/2003, webpage inactive 07/02/2006)

The cover of melissa's zine says "beauty is...a battlefield," and that's what this is about. from her own perspective, melissa writes about the myths and stereotypes of "beauty" & learning that "beauty is more than skin deep." $2. Honeypot #5 now available. Honey B. Temple,
PO Box 5605,
Berkeley, CA 94705-0605, USA.
Write to Melissa at:

(added 5/8/2003, updated 7/3/2006))

Her Tongue
(Brisbane, Australia)

"…A Funky Women’s Zine…. Her Tongue is here!! Her Tongue. Her Voice, Her Sexuality. is a community magazine for women of Brisbane and beyond. It has been created to give women a voice, share their stories, ideas, politics, articles, poetry, & artwork with other women in the community. It will also give women an opportunity to list any events and/or issues they know of that are coming up so other women can hear about them. It is open to ALL open-minded women, politically-minded women or not…you don’t have to identify as lesbian or bisexual but if you do that’s great too! We are hoping to start a fortnightly or monthly collective for our zine for those women interested in contributing to the zine with their words and also their ideas about the zine. If you are interested in submitting something, getting publicity for your band, your small business, or events coming up or being part of the collective please email:
hertonguebrisbane [AT]
Her tongue supports non –sexist, non-racist and non-homophobic material."
(added 01/30/03)

hip mama
"Hip Mama is a magazine bursting with political commentary and ribald tales from the front lines of motherhood. The brain child of Ariel Gore, the 30 year old mother of a grade-schooler, Hip Mama began as Gore's senior project, a 500 copy publication created from a $1000 student loan. The print zine quickly gained national renown and a large audience of fans. (...) The zine started as a forum for young mothers, single parents, and marginalized voices, but has grown to represent progressive families of all varieties. Hip Mama maintains the editorial vision that qualified it for the title "conservative America's worst nightmare." Articles about legislative reform, raising a draft dodger, and guerrilla mothering rub shoulders with celebrity interviews, heartfelt reader essays, and evocative poetry.


"This per-zine is a collection of rants, raves, & observations in the life of a very busy person. this zine is filled with stories & experiences, as well as photos i've taken. 32 pages (half-size), color cardstock cover. the price is $2, though i'm very willing to do trades for other zines." Order Heather's zine at HeavenSentZine [AT]
(added 04/28/2003, webpage inactive 07/02/2006)

Harmful Matter
"Welcome to harmful matter online!!! i'm your webmistress jennie mutation (formally known as jeff subhumyn/jsub). i'm a queer identified bisexual/pansexual genderfluid/genderfuct vegetarian/vegan(freegan) free-thinking agnostic-atheist anti-racist pro-sex nonmonogamous/ polyamorous anarchist feminist porn star who hates labels. tee hee. but seriosly, i think it's important to be able to define yourself rather than let "the man" do it for you! but i'm looking forward to the day after the mythical (r)evolution when we can all just be humyn beings."

Heartless Bitches International
"Because we know that BITCH means: Being in Total Control, Honey!" Read their manifesto and become an official HBi or join the "I'm not bitter club"! A prettry ironic site!

House of Fun
"The home of Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin's Action Girl, Dork!, Fun Strips, Hectic Planet, Kid Blastoff, Milk & Cheese, Mad Planet, and much, oh so much, more." Sarah Dyer started to publish the famous Action Girl Newsletter back in 1992("AGN was/is a newsletter dedicated to networking girls who do zines and comics, and bringing information about zines done by girls to the people who want it") ! The web site was originally created by her in1996. The front page now serves as a bulleting board...a definite check out!

Hot Rock

This is a very nice riot grrrl site with links/info on riot grrrl sleater-kinney, gillian anderson, alyson hannigan
amber benson, sounds, Hot Rocks record collection.... I especially recommend the independent film section! (Manchester, UK) (webpage inactive 07/02/2006)


"Lately I have been thinking about public vs. private, about New York and New Yorkers and how they (we?) carve privte life out of public space. I have been thinking about blurring those boundaries." (from #18) "Nearly a year later, I am still obsessing about public and private space, fascinated by how people establish and maintain their private lives within the context of a large, densely populated city like NYC." “ This zine is about the guerilla subway dance project I did last summer.” $1.00 and a stamp
Elissa, Brooklyn, New York, USA
A wonderful zine by Elissa.

Email: elissanelson [AT]

hard as nails:
the tough girl compilation zine

What does being tough for girls mean? How does toughness reveal itself in girls? Was I a tough girl? Did others perceive me as a tough girl? Lauren asked herself and 18 other ladies about their perception of toughness and put the stories into this wonderful zine! Very recommendable!
PO Box 1550318
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Produced by Girl on gIRL Productions: "Girl on gIRL Productions is a revolutionary feminist publishing 'stunt' deducated to producing handbooks, zines, art, and other media with information about political tactics." (
huesbook [AT]


"Besides, I don't think that there are any short cuts when dealing with a theme as broad as SEX. It's a broad, hot topic that never goes out of style."
Dumpling Press
PO Box 1126,
Makati City 1251

Help, My Snowman's Burning
(New Zealand)

"For me, the whole purpose of underground zines is to challenge preconceived notions of this thing called 'truth' as offered by mainstream media- that the initial interpretation of the written, thus printed word is misconstrued as being accurate and absolute."
PO Box 14562
New Zealand
Email: hmsb [AT]

Have You Seen The Dog Lately

“What did TV do to us that made us act in this way? The TV lied. It told us that it was important, and that we were important because we watched it.” This issue definitely is a response to all of those that have sat in front of the tube feeding off it like if it was a placenta.
Jenny & Serena M. & Meg, Oakland, CA, USA

Price: Send $1.00 or 3 stamps for one, $4.00 or 12 stamps for a four-issue subscription.

How2 Zine
"This zine is about taking positive action."
PO Box 14523
Richmond, Va 23221
How2distro [AT]


“Can anyone please tell me what is better than a warm cup of coffee a chocolate when you’re ovulating.”
PO Box 1204
Santa Cruz, California 95061
xosawuahxo [AT]

Home Economics

“I never got to take home economics in school. I always wanted to though so when I found my mom’s old home ec. manual, I decided to share to it.”
Jessamy, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Email: your-racing-heart [AT]

The Hills Are Burning
“This zine is dedicated to all the animals that died in the fires.”
Jaki L.
PO Box 16
Broke NSW 2330

Heartache Stomachache/The C.P.A.B

Split zine. “I spent the worst year of my life trapped in my own life.”
p.o box 170565
San Francisco, California 94117 – 0565
Email: christufferhbsa [AT]
"a broken bike and a broken heart is never a good combination.” $1.00
PO Box 170565
San Francisco, Ca 94117

Heretic Fanzine

Heretic is a bi-monthly fanzine! It includes Movies, Rants, Poetry, Art, Reviews, Anti Homophobia, True Individualism, Angst, Riot Gurlz, Femme Guys, Geeks, Intelligence, Depression, Self Harm, and Satire… amongst other things. Any zine adverts, contributions and penpal advertisements are most welcome... For a copy of Heretic send 50p + a 1st class stamp to:
Helen, UK. For more information about Heretic e-mail Helen at:
msjamesleer [AT]
(webpage inactive, 07/02/2006) Helen also accept zine swaps.

Haileys Comet

“So when you see garbage you should pick it up. And if you want to see Mother Earth from the stars you have to build a rocket ship and go to space.” Hailey writes her own zine and it is a wonderful one. She writes about our mother earth and how we should care for it.
Spud8910 [AT]
(added 10/04/02)

Happy Pancakes
“There are a couple of controversial items in here I guess, which I considered not printing, until I realized how silly it would be to let the fear of any sort of backlash stop me from printing stuff.” Issue #2 is 42 pages long and it even includes a glossary of terms. Riva also was kind enough to include zine reviews, recipes, and an article defending why Aqua is the greatest pop band in the universe.”
PO Box 716
Fortitude Valley
Queensland, Australia 4006
electroidriva [AT]
Price: Issue#1= $2.00 each
(added 10/04/02)

Hard As Nails

"I put together this comp because I want to challenge and problematize our notions of what constitutes toughness, particularly in terms of gender, race, class, size and sexuality."
PO Box 150318
Brooklyn, New York 11215
Email: ymawl [AT]



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