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Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project

in San Diego, California

August 23-24, 2002


Other fotos from zine workshops and exhibits:

Fotos from the exhibition "First Story" in Porto, Portugal (2001)

Fotos from the Zine Workshop in Porto, Portugal (2001)

Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project at the Underground Publishing Conference at Bowling Green, Ohio in June 2002

Fotos from a small zine exhibit at the Pacific Southwest Women's Studies Association Conference, Pomona, CA (2002)

Fotos from the Zinefest in Santa Barbara (2002)

Grrrl Zine Making, Distributing and Collecting: A Round Table and Do-It-Yourself Workshop (Pomona, CA, 2003)

Let's make a zine! A workshop at the 7th Annual Young Women's Spirit of Leadership Conference (San Diego, 2003)

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