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On April 20, 2002 I had a small zine exhibit at the Twelth Annual Pacific Southwest Women's Studies Association Conference, held at the California Polytechnic University, Pomona, which was entitled "Feminist Solidarities: Local and Global.
Thanks to Janni and Tanya for the pictures, Catherine and Patricia for the exciting ride, and again to Janni for inviting me and everything else!

Other fotos from zine workshops and exhibits:

Fotos from the exhibition "First Story" in Porto, Portugal (2001)

Fotos from the Zine Workshop in Porto, Portugal (2001)

Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project at the Underground Publishing Conference at Bowling Green, Ohio in June 2002

Fotos from the Zinefest in Santa Barbara (2002)

Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project in San Diego, CA in August 2002

Grrrl Zine Making, Distributing and Collecting: A Round Table and Do-It-Yourself Workshop (Pomona, CA, 2003)

Let's make a zine! A workshop at the 7th Annual Young Women's Spirit of Leadership Conference (San Diego, 2003)

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