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Grrrl Zine Making, Distributing and Collecting: A Round Table and Do-It-Yourself Workshop

at the Thirteenth Annual Pacific Southwest Women’s Studies Association Conference

"Feminist Activism: Linking Theory and Practice"

at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona on April 5, 2003.



Kim Schwenk (San Diego)
UCSD Special Collections librarian and editor of Girl Noire. (San Diego)

Claudia Lucero (San Diego)
Editor of Glue Magazine: Sisterhood Down to a Craft and S/he Collective Women's Art and Action Organizer

Discussant: Janni Aragon

Angie Knight (Riverside)
Editor of Digress magazine featuring and promoting local artists from Riverside as well as other communities.

Britton Neubacher (San Diego)
Women's Studies Master's Candidate at SDSU, Author and Publisher of Skew and Wive's Tales zines, S/he Collective Women's Art and Action Organizer (San Diego)




Jackie Joice (Long Beach)
Jackie Joice is a freelance writer, substitute teacher, documentarian, and activist. In 1997-1999 she was involved with the women's group Una Mujer Como Yo which conducted several public forums and attended protests regarding the treatment of women in Afghanistan. In the year 2000 she created and produced the feminist punk documentary Punk Pretty. Punk Pretty belongs to several university women's studies departments throughout the states and has been used for thesis research. Jackie also belongs to the artist collective Viejaseskandalosas. The Viejas are involved in educating the public about the ongoing abduction and slaughter of the women of Juarez. Her zine is called Yellow Three. Yellow Three is a vehicle for Jackie's expression and issue # 6 is currently in production. Jackie Joice resides in Long Beach, CA and is currently working on several writing projects and second documentary entitled Swedru.

Elke Zobl (San Diego)
Creator of the web site “Grrrl Zine Network” and student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria with research on grrrl zines.

Other fotos from zine workshops and exhibits:

Fotos from the exhibition "First Story" in Porto, Portugal (2001)

Fotos from the Zine Workshop in Porto, Portugal (2001)

Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project at the Underground Publishing Conference at Bowling Green, Ohio in June 2002

Fotos from a small zine exhibit at the Pacific Southwest Women's Studies Association Conference, Pomona, CA (2002)

Fotos from the Zinefest in Santa Barbara (2002)

Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project in San Diego, CA in August 2002

Let's make a zine! A workshop at the 7th Annual Young Women's Spirit of Leadership Conference (San Diego, 2003)

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