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Sarah Dyer Zine Collection at the Sally Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture
(Durham, NC)

The Sally Bingham Center at Duke Univeristy (Durham, NC) is actively collecting girl and women's zines and comics, so if you'd like to preserve your zine, contact them! In 2000 they got Saray Dyers Zine collection and have now over 1,500 issues and nearly 1,000 titles. They also offer grants to do research there!!

Denver Zine Library


The library currently has 3,843 zines in the computer
catalog and we are still receiving donations. All of
the zines are sorted into categories and we are
working on giving each one keywords and ratings. The website has an
online catalog as well as other info about the library. Open Hours: Saturday: 11am-7pm, Sunday: 1pm-5pm.
111 W Archer Pl.
Denver CO 80223, USA


(Seatlle, WA)

The Zine Archives & Publishing Project (Seatlle, WA) exists to validate independent publications (extant and defunct, past and present), to promote the perpetuation of the art form, and to champion freedom of speech and creative cultural evolution. Located downstairs in the Hugo House basement Z.A.P.P. collects zines, comics, chapbooks, pamphlets, journals, gazettes, city papers, fan 'zines, art mags, monographs, short anthologies, personal transmissions, and other not-so-easily classified independent publications for preservation and display. If you're interested in volunteering, donating a zine, or have any questions, contact for more information.

West Coast Zine Archive
(San Diego, CA)  
We are building a West Coast Zine Archive in Special Collections and University Archives at SDSU, a repository for fine, unique, and unusual books, periodicals, manuscripts, oral histories, and other documents. The Archive's aim is to provide a protected space for D.I.Y. collections while advancing public access to these important works. Zines won't circulate but anyone can use the Archive. Allow someone 100 years from now to read what life was like for YOU and have your publication live on indefinitely. Have a look at our online finding aid and send us your zine! We are especially interested in the following subjects: Girls, Women, Gender issues, Feminism, Trans, Politics, Music, Local Scenes, Alternative Culture, Popular Culture, and Comics. Expand access to D.I.Y. publications and promote their
preservation! Please send your inquiries and donations to:
Zine Collection
Special Collections and University Archives
Malcolm A. Love Library
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-8050

"Das Berliner ARCHIV DER JUGENDKULTUREN e.V. existiert seit 1998, und es hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Zeugnisse aus und über Jugendkulturen (Bücher, Diplomarbeiten, Medienberichte, Fanzines, Flyer, Musik etc.) zu sammeln, auszuwerten und der Öffentlichkeit wieder zugänglich zu machen. Das Archiv unterhält zu diesem Zweck in Berlin-Kreuzberg eine rund 200qm umfassende Bibliothek, organisiert Fachtagungen und Diskussionsveranstaltungen in Schulen, Firmen, Jugendklubs oder Universitäten und gibt eine eigene Zeitschrift, das Journal der Jugendkulturen, sowie eine eigene Buchreihe heraus, in der sowohl sachkundige WissenschaftlerInnen, JournalistInnen u.a. als auch Szene-Angehörige zu Wort kommen.
Vereinsmitglieder erhalten sämtliche Publikationen des Archivs kostenlos zugeschickt. Die allgemeine Nutzung des Archivs und seiner Bibliotheksbestände ist selbstverständlich auch für Nicht-Vereinsmitglieder kostenlos möglich."
Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V.
Fidicinstraße 3
10965 Berlin
Tel.: 030/69 42 934
Fax: 030/69 13 016
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 10-18 Uhr
und nach Vereinbarung

Feministisches Archiv
(Bonn, Germany)

A feminist archive in Germany which collects, information, posters, books, magazines, videos but also grrrl zines. Right now they have e.g. WIEDZMA, THE UGLY DUCKLING, IDEAS IS MATCHES, YOU & ME,
53113 Bonn

AYTD Zine resources A list of zine libraries in the US.

Underground Press Infoshop list

Infoshops and Zine libraries all over the world!

Chip Rowe: Zine Libraries

DIY and Intistutional libraries from all over (but mostly US)!

“Libraries Preserve the Latest Trend in Publishing: Zines” Article by Ron Chepesiuk (from Chip Row’s zinebook)
Independent Publishing Resource Center

The Independent Publishing Resource Center facilitates creative expression and identity by providing individual access to the resources and tools for the creation of independently published media and art. The IPRC maintains a library of over 3,500 self-published and independently produced materials. Items are available to the public for circulation and for reference use. The library contains materials that are not otherwise represented in public libraries and that may be lost forever without our efforts. Located on the shelves are comics, chap books, novels, catalogs, zines, artists' books, and more. A comprehensive reference section includes artists books, guides, criticism, history and how-to information available to examine and use in the library. Additionally, all materials produced in whole or part at the IPRC are archived as part of this collection. To search the library's database, visit the the library search page.
IPRC Open Hours - MON: 12pm to 12am.
TUE/WED/THU: 4pm to 10pm.
FRI/SAT/SUN: 12pm to 6pm.
Contact the IPRC library at (webpage offline 22/02/2006)


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