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[girl publishing]
Girl Press

An all girl publishing company dedicated to publish strong books for strong girls. (website inactive 21/02/2006)

[girl/ women search engines, message boards and networks]
The Feminist Webring "I created this webring for many different reasons. I feel that the word "feminist" has many negative connotations, and that the fear many people have of identifying as "feminist" (...) is one of the reasons for a lack of unity among people who believe in women's rights.(...) I wanted a diverse webring - one that gathered many, many types of people, including but not limited to boot stomping lesbians, professional women, wives, mothers, homemakers, and... *gasp*.... men! I wanted any web surfer who came upon this webring to be able to see a varied group of people who might have nothing in common with each other except for their identification as feminist.I believe that every person who identifies as a feminist is taking a stand for women's rights. The act of saying "I Am A Feminist" is, in itself, a feminist act. Through this webring, people from the Bikini Kill fans to the homemakers can exercise their feminist voices." (Jess)

GirlHoo! You can search for Girl Arts & Humanities, Business & Economy, Computers & Internet, Education, Entertainment, Government, Health, News & Media, Recreation & Sports, Society & Culture...

Women of independent minds
"We are: A women-supportive environment. This is a place where women can talk about the issues that matter to us, everything from world peace to fashion. We strive to make She-Net a place free of sexism and stereotyping. Men are welcome here, but women take the primary role in shaping the community. A pro-diversity environment. Women and men of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, and physical appearances are welcome. A sex-positive environment. Sexuality is an important part of being human and is discussed openly. There is no shame in feeling sexual or having nontraditional desires and interests. A community-driven environment. Forum members have a strong voice in how the site is run. A business. You can make money without compromising your deeply held beliefs." (Ayesha and Tanith)

Femina "Sites for, by and about women. FeMiNa was created in September of 1995 and debuted online to provide women with a comprehensive, searchable directory of links to female friendly sites and information on the World Wide Web." (Created by Cybergrrl. Inc.)


You can either "Read top headlines from the week about women and women's issues" or "The latest features on with links to sites for, by and about women, sites for girls, and miscellaneous sites for everyone" or "Read articles by women, published on the Web." (website inactive 21/02/2006)


"At self esxpression equals empowerment. And we are here to help you find the most expressive ways to do that." This site presents Hillary Carlip's book "Girl Power: Young Women Speak Out" (1995) and also has a chat and message board.

Female City A women's serch engine. (webpage inactive 21/02/2006)

gURL " is the leading online community for teenage girls. It contains stories, games and interactive content. You can become a member (for free) if you want to contribute to the site, participate in chats and posting boards, create a profile, build a homepage or sign up for an email account. Find out more about the benefits of membership. gURLmail is our free, web-based email service. gURLpages is our free homepage hosting area, which also features a directory of's homepages. (...) gURL is a different approach to the experience of being a teenage girl." (since 1996)

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