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third wave feminism
On: Third Wave Feminism, Riot Grrrl, Grrrl Voices Articles on Thid wave feminsim, riot grrrl and grrrl voices from the personal page of Haley. I recommend the site as a whole!!
(website inactive 21/02/2006)

The 3rd WWWave
feminism for the new millenium

"We are a group of women who feel passionately about women's issues, and we decided to put up a site that would reflect the unique view of women's issues and feminism in the generation of women who came of age in the 80's. You'll find historical information that you might not have known, discussion of politics, sexuality, daily life, sports and hobbies . . . and lots more! Feminism is not dead; in fact, it's on the rise again, but in a new form.(...) We offer facts that you probably didn't learn in school; opinions about issues we face at home, at work, and in our relationships; rants about our frustrations-- which may help you identify some of your own frustrations; and solutions for a more woman-friendly world." Take a look at their bookshelf!

cyberfeminism - women + technology
Constant VZW

"Where is feminism in cyberfeminism?" This a pretty fancy site on cyberfeminism and among other things a "place for unpublished material on cyberfeminism - women and technology - gender critique - on-line art". Not a "zine" but lots of great cyberfeminist links!

Cybergrrl "Informing, inspiring and celebrating women: the voice of women". A site by Aliza Sherman (founder of Cybergrrl Inc. and Webgrrls International), now also RV girl, who has also written a book on cybergrrrls. Has fun, views, tech sections.


"Hi! I'm Alex, a CyberGrrrl activist!
Using the internet for feminist activism empowers women to use technology while working toward feminist social change. It is CyberFeminism.
By exploring these 6 areas of CyberFeminist activism, you'll learn about activism on the internet and how to use the internet in your individual or group activism. This website is practical, fun, and hopefully will make these activist resources more approachable. Be empowered--be a CyberFeminist! I'll see you along the way! -Alex " (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Cyberwomen Have digital postcards with works by female artists, extensive info on health, especially STDs, on relations and girlsites. (Now for sale.) (website inactive 21/02/2006)

digital eve "DigitalEve is a global, non-profit organization for women in new media and digital technology." DE is commited to providing a supportive, educational community for women. Have chapters across the US, Canada, UK and Japan.

girl incorporated Links for "chick professionals" (job boards, books, organizations, capital resources).

MetaGrrl "Hello. My name is Dinah Sanders. I'm a web geek. I like it that way". Dinah Sanders is a web site designer in San Jose, CA. Posts daily "blogs", has a MetaGrrlcam, radio and a web version of her former bookstore Inkspot.

Modem Grrls

old boys network "Old Boys Network is the First International Cyberfeminist Organisation, a virtual and real coalition of Cyberfeministists. OBN consists of a core-group of 3-5 women who take responsibility for administrative and organisational tasks, and an associated worldwide network...OBN is dedicated to Cyberfeminism. OBN’s concern is to build spaces in which Cyberfeminists can research, experiment, communicate and act." (founded in Berlin 1997)

RV girl Aliza Shermans traveling site and diary while promoting her newest book "Cybergrrl@Work".

Silicon Salley – the web magazine

WebMagazine. "SiliconSalley asks the Questions: Who are the women who are building the world wide web? Could you be one of them?...Our objective is to become the one-stop resource for all things woman and computer. We will provide information and resources that will help women make informed decisions. (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Surfergrrrls Crystal Kile and Laurel …authors of "SurferGrrrls: Look Ethel, An Internet Guide for Us!"...we wanted to have a space on this site for us to continue to ramble on about the cultural state of the we work through being women who work in the computer science industry, how the world of technology is changing, etc." Lots of women related links and hotspots. (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Techniquelle "Techniquelle's mission is to create dynamic opportunities for women and girls to explore, learn, and achieve in the fields of art and technology."b(San Diego, CA)
VNS Matrix
VNS Matrix emerged from the Cyberswamp during a steamy Southern Australian Summer, circa 1991. From 1991 - 1997 they presented several installations and public art works in Australia and overseas, working with new media, photography, sound and video. Along with Sadie Plant, they coined the term 'cyberfeminism' in the early 1990's. The impetus of the group was to investigate and decipher the narratives of domination and control which surround high technological culture, and explore the construction of social space, identity and sexuality in cyberspace. The project which they pursued was one of debunking the masculinist myths which might alienate women from technological devices and their cultural products. They believe that women who hijack the tools of domination and control introduce a rupture into a highly systematised culture by infecting the machines with radical thought, diverting them from their inherent purpose of linear topdown mastery.”

Webgrrls International – the women’s tech knowledge connection "Webgrrls International provides a forum for women in or interested in new media and technology to network, exchange job and business leads, form strategic alliances, mentor and teach, intern and learn the skills to help women succeed in an increasingly technical workplace and world." (founded by Aliza Sherman 1995 in NYC)

Women In Technology International (WITI) "The WITI Foundation, founded in 1989 is the premiere association dedicated to advancing women in technology. The WITI Foundation is dedicated to:increasing the number of women in executive roles in technology and technology-based companies;helping women become more financially independent and technology-literate; andencouraging young women to choose careers in science and technology."


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