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Fight Together!
An Italian queer feminist zine

An interview with

Tanina punk
from: Catania, Sicily, Italy

by Elke Zobl

September 2008


Can you tell me first of all a little bit about yourself? How old are you, where are you originally from and where do you reside now?

My friends call me Tanina punk because i love anarcho-punk (Crass, of course!) and they take a joke about my name. I live in the southern town of Catania by now in Catania – Italy - when i was born many many yeas ago...

I love drawing & painting but also I work in the street... in the past I collaborated with a local graffiti artist called Kozen.

What do you do besides your zine? For many years I worked in the GLBT Open Mind center, where I grew up as a person and began a radical activist.

After 10 years I decided to leave the centre and put my experience in a new project.



Are you currently in any other projects involved? I have so many projects in my head and some other already in development. If you want to know more about my next one you can go to-->

What is your zine Fight Together about? What topics do you discuss most often?

Fight together is a queer/feminist zine and it’s was created to give more visibility of arguments like feminism, sexism, radical activism, queer artists, gender deconstruction... through my comics& drawings, too!

How did you come up with the idea and the name?

Fight together is a DIY solo project. I planned to create FT zine in 2007 but first issue came out in february 2008 ( i’m working on the 3th). My zine is called “Fight together”’ because it is the title of Hanin Elias’s song. I've always loved this song that speaks about sexism and says to women don’t compete but work together!

What do you hope to accomplish by making and distributing your zine?

I want to fight patriarchy, sexism, racism, homophobia & transfobia... we need to fight especially in this age when in Italy neo-fascism is growing with the complicity of politicians .

What do you love and find challenging about zine making?

Since I created FT I met a lot of new people, read many new zines, worked hard on my drawings, share selfmade stuff....and this was what i wanted!

What are some of the zines you read and admire?

Trouble X - comics zine ---

Il pleut des gouines ---

Flapper gathering ---

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a zine?

Zines are powerful. Make it!

I am very interested in feminist zines in different countries. Could you please describe a little bit the (feminist) zine community or network in Italy in general?

I don’t think there is a (feminist) zine community but if you live in the south you couldn’t have the right perception of what’s happening in the rest of Italy. You work and act locally.

Do you consider feminist and genderqueer zines as an important part of a social movement? Do you think feminist zines, resource sites, and projects can effect meaningful social and political change at large - or do they have significance mainly in individual lives?

I think zines, resource sites, ecc.. are important and gives voice to feminist/queer community and this really can make the difference.

What role does the Internet play for you in relation to your zine?

Internet is important way for me and my projects and of course for spread my zine!

Do you define yourself as a feminist Yes, I’m feminist! what else?

What do you think about feminism today? In italy there are many groups that doing a lot of good things and we need to act to save past achievements threatened by actual political class.

What would a grrrl-friendly society look like in your view? How do you think society might be re-thought and transformed to come closer to an “ideal” world for women, grrrls and queer folks?

Ideal=Utopia... we are very far away from a “ * -friendly” society . Every day we must fight against new and old ghosts... but we continue to fight!




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