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Grrrl Zine Network

Lost & Found
Of Losses and Strategies of Cultural Self-Empowerment

The Riot Project

Opening: May 11 2007, 7pm
Exhibition dates: May 12 - July 15

in Zürich, Switzerland

Haydeé Jiménez and Elke Zobl
on invitation of
Alice Cantaluppi, Isabel Reiss, Anna Voswinckel

Supported by a Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant within the 6th European Community Framework Programme.

"'Lost & Found' is an exhibition about Pop and about how artists deal with a matter, where borders between appropriation and absorption quickly blur. 'Lost & Found' talks about lamented losses and happily shared discoveries. "Lost" - means the loss of contumaciousness and glamorous exceedance. Both only seem to be melancholy memory as pop got lost in common sense. 'Found' - is the emancipatory code conversion and the enthusiastic distribution of pop cultural fragments. They stem from all over the world and offer something for everybody.

The diminishing power of definition of culture redactors, about what good, new and subversive in music or films, the new distribution channels such as file sharing platforms, web logs, and pod casts are opposed. We, who assiduously recorded mix tapes and thereby also exchanged opinions, today exchange digital data back and forth. This connects us with unknown people with whom we exchange data for a short time, but do we also share the same political views? Therefore we ask: Where is the politicisation of a receiving or/and producing individual accounted today? Where can anti-hegemonial life and/or gender concepts and feministic issues in the cultural production be located?

In a consciously un-nostalgic way 'Lost & Found' looks at how cultural production can be received actively and what actual possibilities of cultural self-empowerment are there?

The consumer as a cultural producer opens up a productive space in which pop creations can be re-discovered under a subjective perspective and re-interpreted in a feminist and/or queer way. The project "Lost & Found" is also about proclaiming an alternative historiography and about ing pop-feminists networks into the cultural memory."

The Riot Project

Edited by Anne-Marie Payne/Miss Amp, freelance musicjournalist (Plan B Magazine), London at Passenger Books (Berlin/Zurich)

Riot Grrrl is a feminist musical movement that reached its apex in the early 1990s.

"The Riot Project aims to document the phenomenon from its beginnings to the present day, with a particular focus on its development and influence within the UK and Europe. Initially, the project will take the form of a wiki - a collaborative, internet-based platform for the sharing of data, original archive material and information about Riot Grrrl. In time this collection will be published as a book with the dual aims of documenting the movement in a historic sense, and examining ist modern-day cultural legacy.

Feel free to bring your material along - a scanner is ready."

The Riot Project and Women in Punk Archive

The Grrrl Zine Network participated by setting up a grrrl zine exhibit and reading lounge. Also, as part of the Riot Project Archive Meeting, which took place on Saturday May 26, 2007 at the Shedhalle Zurich, Haydee Jimenez made a presentation of the web site by Elke Zobl and Haydee Jimenez and of the print and online archive of grrrl zines from around the world.

Other photos from Lost & Found
(various artists)

Exhibits of the works by Dimitrina Sevova (left) and Andrea Thal (right)

Didi Neidhart's "Poesie-Alben (Der Wust, Pt.1)

Exhibit of the work by Anne Käthi Wehrli

Stella Glitter and "The Golden sixpack - Jukebox

Melissa Gordon's "Genealogoies und Duchess of Malfi"

Rote Fabrik
Seestrasse 395
CH-8038 Zürich
info [AT] shedhalle [DOT] ch
Opening: May 11 2007, 7pm
Exhibition dates: May 12 - July 15

Email me if you would like to know more at elke_zobl [at]


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