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Women, Action & the Media 2007 (WAM!)

March 30 – April 1, 2007

Boston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stata Center

International Grrrl Zine Library (Room 56-169, all weekend)

Presented by Elke Zobl and Sonja Eismann

Grrrl zines represent a continuation of the long tradition of feminist alternative and grassroots publishing. When in 1991 the riot grrrl movement emerged out of the alternative and punk music scene in the United States, thousands of young women began to produce personal and political zines with explicitly feminist themes. Nowadays, many have found a place on the internet and are available as e-zines. Although both print zines and the riot grrrl movement have been declared dead, they are very much alive and are serving as important tools for demanding and achieving female, queer, and transgender rights, empowerment and liberation.

The International Grrrl Zine Library had its own room at the Ray and Maria Stata Center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was open throughout the whole weekend of this fourth edition of the conference Women, Action & the Media that was attended by more than 400 people. The symposion aimed to bring together women from fields as diverse as media, academics, activism and education to reflect upon the status quo of female media representation as well as to devise tools for effecting change towards gender equality. During the three days, numerous sessions on topics ranging from feminist media activism to female video bloggers were held, discussions were conducted and documentaries were shown.

In between or after the breakout sessions, conference attendants could gather in the impromptu library space and sit down to read the zines, walk around the room and look at the different genres of zines that were grouped together thematically, talk to each other or network with other zinesters.

This is how WAM! announced the International Grrrl Zine Library:

“Don’t miss this incredible collection of woman- and girl-made zines from around the world, dealing with pop culture, women’s bodies, health and sexualities; personal and political issues.”

Email me if you would like to know more at elke_zobl [at] yahoo.comt


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