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DIY Publishing and the

Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project

Sunday, October 26, 2003

at the
World Beat Center at Balboa Park in San Diego, California

The event DIY, TO GO!: DIY Publishing and the BOOKMOBILE PROJECT was hosted by the Grrrl Zines a go-go, Grrrl Zine Network, and the Independent Media Center and featured:

Projet Mobilivre – Bookmobile Project
+++ Showcase of local DIY publishing, tabling opportunity and scrap-lounge
+++ Bookbinding workshop by the Mobilivre Projet collective
+++ Zine Readings
+++ Bake sale and Vegan Food by Cramped Kitchen!

View photos from the event:

- the bookmobile
- the DIY to Go exhibit and scrap-lounge
- tabling
- workshops
- readings

The day when ash was falling from the San Diego sky... so, no this is not snow --- but ash!

View a video by the Independent Media Center from last year (2002):

Projet Mobilivre - Bookmobile Project at the Underground Publishing Conference at Bowling Green, Ohio in June 2002

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